Leah Libresco - Washington Post: I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

Hurricane Irma Red Cross and TV links formerly right here, now at bottom of this column
Bloomberg: Smartphones are killing Americans, but nobody’s counting; historic spike in U.S. traffic fatalities

Bloomberg: Space wars: From jamming and cyber attacks to “kinetic destruction,” there’s a “full range of threats” to U.S. early warning, Global Positioning System and communications satellites: U.S. Air Force Chief

Meduza: Russian 'troll factory' focus "was to incite racial animosity (playing both sides of the issue), and promoting the secession of Texas, objections to illegal immigration, and gun rights"

AP/CTV News: North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment'

Newsweek: Every excuse Hillary Clinton has given for her 2016 election loss; 'everybody's fault, but mine', she says; fingers Obama and Sanders in long list

Popular Science: Wi-Fi has a serious 14-yr-old vulnerability. Here's how to stay safe

Reuters/Investing: Canada's Trudeau calls treatment of women in Mexico 'unacceptable'

Business Insider: The Mexican peso is tumbling as the U.S. comes out with tough NAFTA demands

Forbes: Is Mexico ready for the end of NAFTA?

CBC: U.S. makes 'aggressive' demands to access Canadian dairy market, wants end to supply management

NY Times: Mexico braces for the possible collapse of NAFTA

Washington Free Beacon: Harvey Weinstein donated $10,000 to Bill Clinton’s legal defense in 1998

AP: Portugal wildfires kill at least 27; 4 dead in Spain

Breitbart: Backlash: Week 6 of the NFL reveals several nearly empty stadiums as fans continue to leave the league

AP: Militants rob bank, attack church in Egypt’s Sinai; 7 dead

Boston Herald: Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion, misbehaviour

The Hill: White House paper: Corporate tax cut would boost wages

AP: Putin halts North Korea ties in line with UN demands

Tristin Hopper - National Post: Did Castro know? Five JFK assassination secrets that may be revealed in new batch of declassified documents

AP: Firm behind Trump-Russia dossier balks at House subpoena

Boston Herald: Black leaders irked with Sen. Liz Warren

Don Pittis - CBC: A modest proposal for the UK as it eyes NAFTA — join Canada instead (not just a trade deal)

Backgrounder - The Economist: The march of democracy slows

Las Vegas - The Record: Mandalay Bay shooting victim, struck in the head, wakes from coma and walks

BBC: Catalonia: No sign of movement as Spanish deadline looms

AP: Trump’s lawyers: Courts have no say over his Twitter feed

Deutsche Welle: Diplomacy to continue with North Korea 'until first bomb drops,' Tillerson says

AP: Lufthansa offers to take over bankrupt Alitalia

NY Post: Shifting Las Vegas massacre narrative has gamblers on edge

Daily Mail: Austria: New leader, world's youngest at 31, says he wants to cut all benefits for foreigners and halt EU meddling

Global News: Austria shifts right as conservative star Sebastian Kurz seals election win

Fox News: It’s time to deploy U.S. ships off North Korea to knock out missiles when they’re launched

ABC: Nevada-based retailer Zappos offers to pay funeral costs for all Las Vegas shooting victims

New York - AP: British actress latest to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape

Luis Fábregas - Pittsburgh Tribune: In last print edition, Pittsburgh Trib editor says 'journalism isn't dead'

Fox News: Harvey Weinstein expelled from motion picture academy

updated Fox News: Truck bomb kills 231, injures 275 in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu; U.S. Govt condemned it Sunday as a 'cowardly' attack

AP: Wildfires, now up to 100 miles wide, threaten more wineries

Santa Rosa - AP: Coffey Park is Ground Zero for California fire devastation

Rex Murphy - National Post: And the Oscar for moral hypocrisy goes to ... Hollywood!

Global News: California wildfires: Gusty winds fan blaze as it approaches Sonoma

Bret Stephens - Calgary Herald: Nobel Committee wrongly confuses pacifism with peace

Robert Fulford - National Post: Feminists are failing to confront Islamic society's treatment of women

Global News: California wildfire: Body-camera video shows officer helping people escape

George W. Iliff, Edward F. Klima - TC Palm: Six reasons we're skeptical about global warming predictions

Straits Times: Vietnam floods: Death toll hits 54

Washington Times: Trump calls on Democrats to negotiate with him on new health care plan

Independent: Iranian general threatens to 'bury' Donald Trump

Washington Times: Black Lives Matter, police-focused NFL protests overlook rising black-on-black homicides

AP: California declares emergency to fight hepatitis A outbreak

Splinter Newst: Layoffs hit ABC as rumours about the network's future swirl

David Harsanyi - The Federalist: It’s about time Trump ended Obamacare’s illegal insurance company subsidies

Washington Times: Two ‘Dreamers’ caught smuggling illegal immigrants into U.S.

NY Daily News: Former Playboy Playmate accuses Oliver Stone of sexual assault after director defends Harvey Weinstein

Toronto Sun: California couple heralded for filming narrow, movie-like escape from horrifying wildfires

Fox News: California wildfires kill at least 31, deadliest week for fires in state history

Daily Mail: Actress Rose McGowan rips Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and Washington Post, says Harvey Weinstein raped her

NBC: Trump order will boost lower-premium health plans

NY Post: Trump signs executive order to unravel ObamaCare; allows purchase of healthcare across state lines

Roll Call: Ryan threatens to keep members in for Christmas to finish tax overhaul: "We have to get this done"

Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review: Borders matter; Trump finally gets his ‘travel ban’ victory; Supremes line up 8-1 to vacate lower-court rulings and associated Ninth Circuit nonsense

France24: Floods, landslides kill 37 in Vietnam, scores missing

Orlando Sentinel: U.S. to pull out of UNESCO, citing anti-Israel bias; Obama stopped UNESCO funding in 2011

Fortune: California gives green light to self-driving cars cruising highways without a human inside

AP/Global News: Spain issues deadline to Catalonia leader on independence declaration

The Guardian: Catalonia's suspended declaration of independence: what happens next?

NY Times: Trump questions NBC News legitimacy over 'fake news' report on nuclear weapons; should networks require FCC licensing?

CBS: Trump expected to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen as next DHS head; was DHS 2-in-C to Kelly

Las Vegas Review-Journal: In a time of unspeakable tragedy, Golden Knights unite Las Vegas

NY Post: Couple married for 75 years killed in California wildfires

Miami Herald: The Florida Keys want tourists to return after Irma. Their unusual approach: show the damage

Daily Mail: Las Vegas killer's brain shows no abnormalities

Paul Mulshine - Newark Star-Ledger: Trial of Menendez and the Medicare-milking doctor shows flaws of single-payer system

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Sheriff shares new details about Las Vegas shooting investigation

CNBC: U.S. trade deal with Canada, Mexico on 'thin ice' as new round of talks begin

Las Vegas Review-Journal: MGM Resorts disputes Las Vegas police timeline of mass shooting

Howard Kurtz - Fox News: Clinton, Obama finally appalled by Weinstein as The New Yorker runs sexual assault allegations

NDTV: Report: North Korea hacker stole U.S. and South Korea war planning documents during Obama Administration

Daily Mail: No deal with EU? UK would join bigger NAFTA in contingency Plan B?

NY Daily News: University of Hawaii sends email titled 'in the event of a nuclear attack'

Ronan Farrow - The New Yorker: 13 Women: From aggressive overtures to sexual assault: Harvey Weinstein’s accusers tell their stories

NBC News: California wildfires: Officials get more than 100 missing person reports

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Las Vegas police say investigation continues on multiple fronts, few easy answers after timeline change

LA Times: Dramatically new timeline from Las Vegas police raises new questions, including about why the wrong info for a week

Timeline change - ABC: Las Vegas police now say security guard Campos was shot BEFORE Paddock started shooting at crowd

ABC: Friend says Paddock was 'caring', can't believe he was the gunman

AP/Global News: Parents of bullies could face jail time under anti-bullying law in Buffalo suburb

Sonoma - AP: Wind-whipped wildfires sweep into California wine country, destroying at least 1,500 homes and businesses and forcing evacuation of 20,000 through smoke and flames

AP/CBC: 'The war on coal is over:' Trump administration to terminate Obama's so-called 'Clean Power Plan'

Alan Dershowitz - Fox News: Trump's 'calm before the storm' is a message to North Korea and Iran

AP: White House to order health care alternatives

Bloomberg: Turkish markets tumble as Erdogan's spat with U.S. escalates

Jean M. Yarbrough - City-Journal: Trump — and Tocqueville?

AP: Fake news is still here, despite claimed efforts by Google, Facebook

Adriana Cohen - Boston Herald: The joke’s actually on the lefties of late night

Washington Times: Trump unveils new strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan

Steve Lopez - LA Times: Even in California, some people think Trump is doing just fine as President

Reuters: Thousands protest in Barcelona against Catalan independence

Bloomberg: Weakened Nate brings rain across South, thousands without power

LA Times: Weinstein sexual harassment controversy exposes Hollywood's double-standard

Daily Mail: Las Vegas prostitute who romped with mass killer Stephen Paddock says he enjoyed violent rape fantasies and boasted: 'I was born bad'

Washington Examiner: If Harvey Weinstein's behavior was an 'open secret,' how many Democrats knew and took his money anyway?

updated CTV News: Police say London taxi crash into crowd that injured 11 'not' terror

Washington Examiner: Shock poll: NFL now least-liked sport, core fans down 31%

Wall Street Journal: Facebook cut Russia out of April report on election influence

The Intercept: Harvey Weinstein urged Clinton campaign to silence Sanders' black lives matter message

AP: Welcome to Vegas: Billboards ask for tips on gunman’s motive

NY Post: California family sues Facebook, Google, Twitter over dad’s death in Barcelona terror attack

CBC: Spain's top court suspends Catalan parliament session, putting independence call in doubt

NBC26: White House, NRA, Congress agree on regulating rifle bump stocks approved by ATF during Obama years

NY Times: Las Vegas shooting: NRA supports new rules on ‘bump stock’ devices

NBC News: Paddock also scouted sites near Fenway Park

Serial stalker - TMZ: In August, killer Stephen Paddock rented rooms overlooking Lollapalooza festival in Chicago

Bloomberg: Catalans stall independence push with leaders divided

The Hill: Senate Intel Committee says hasn't found even a "hint of collusion" but will keep looking; Trump tweets they should look into "fake news networks ... to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!"

AP: Las Vegas investigators "know he had a plan to survive the shooting and try to escape, though would not say how"

Global News: Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock may have ‘had some help at some point’

Bill O'Reilly - The Hill: With Trump, Tillerson coverage, the media takes us all for 'morons'

Chris Bryant - Bloomberg: Ford needs less McKinsey and more Mustang

AP: Netflix raising U.S. prices by 10% for most popular plan

NY Times: Las Vegas killer chased gambling’s payouts and perks

The Hill: Private survey: Third-quarter job cuts fall to lowest level since 1996

AP: U.S. trade deficit narrows to $42.4B in August

Bloomberg: Amazon is testing its own delivery service to rival FedEx and UPS

Politico: 3 Russians named in Trump dossier sue Fusion GPS for libel

Bloomberg: Vegas killer's girlfriend says he left her in the dark

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Las Vegas Strip shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, source says

NBC News: Investigators looking for mystery woman seen with Vegas killer in the days before massacre

Daily Beast: Unarmed hotel security guard Jesus Campos took on Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock and saved lives

LA Times: Trump to families of Las Vegas victims: 'We will never leave your side'

AP: Tillerson slams NBC report as erroneous, affirms he never threatened to resign

National Post: Three researchers win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing 'Google Earth for molecules'

Las Vegas - National Post: Details emerge on Paddock background, he was once an IRS agent, but still no motive

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Las Vegas gunman’s girlfriend arrives in U.S.; met by FBI at LA airport

Daily Caller: Sheriff Lombardo: Las Vegas shooter Paddock may have been ‘radicalized’

CNBC: Amazon ordered to pay $300 million by EU over 'illegal tax advantage'

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Golden Knights players lend a hand to their grief-stricken city

Reuters: Yahoo now says all three billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

BBC: Ford to move away from traditional cars, boost plant automation

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed Valium in June; anti-anxiety drug can lead to aggressive behavior

The Verge: After its 4chan slip-up, is it time for Google to drop Top Stories?

BBC: Catalan referendum: Region's independence 'in matter of days'

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Route 91 clears Twitter, Instagram to make single statement on attack

CTV News: Once an obscure device, 'bump stocks' are in the spotlight

AFP: 40% of U.S. cancers linked to excess weight: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Daily Beast: Gunman's first target choice may have been rap concert the previous weekend blocks north of Mandalay Bay; rented condos there

Banality of evil - NBC News: Did failed liability lawsuit against Vegas casino lead to gunman's murder rampage?

The Hill: Las Vegas gunman wired $100,000 to girlfriend's home country: report

Reuters: Railroad owner Warren Buffett bets on trucking businesss, to buy majority of Pilot Flying J, largest U.S. truck stop operator with 750 locations in U.S. and Canada

Melbourne - AFP: Last Australian-made Toyota rolls off production line

Bloomberg: Automakers plan electric car blitz as Tesla burns billions

AFP: Skipping breakfast may double risk of hard arteries: study

Bloomberg: Guests scanned at the Wynn in glimpse of Las Vegas’s future

McClatchy DC: ‘We can’t protect ourselves from everything.’ Security officials cannot see what prevents another Vegas

Bloomberg: Now that Saudi women can drive, Uber wants them

Reuters: Toshiba buying back 10% stake in Westinghouse unit for $522M

McClatchy DC: U.S. to expel two-thirds of Cuban diplomats amid sonic attack probe

Bloomberg: Gunman had 'bump-stock' device that could speed fire

Fox25Boston: TV station has first police photos from Las Vegas hotel room showing guns and hammer used by mass killer

CTV News: Tom Petty, rock 'n' roll hall of famer, dead at 66

Las Vegas Review-Journal: MGM Resorts shares tumble after Las Vegas shooting

Sportsnet: Dana White: UFC will donate $1M to those affected by Vegas shooting

AFP: Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock: retired accountant, heavy gambler

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Donors overwhelm blood banks after Las Vegas Strip massacre

Editorial - Las Vegas Sun: A community of heroes

NY Post: Vegas gunman’s ‘psychopath’ dad landed on FBI’s most-wanted list in the early 1970s

Terror in France - CBC: 2 women stabbed to death at Marseille train station, attacker shot dead

Bloomberg: No, Trump didn't botch the Puerto Rico crisis

Jorge Rodriguez - NY Post: ‘Inept’ Puerto Rican government ‘riddled with corruption’: CEO

Margaret Sullivan - Washington Post: Tension between Trump and the media? That’s nothing compared to journalism’s worst crisis

Spain - AP: Melee in Catalonia as Spanish police violently attack voters

NY Times: Canadian Monty Hall, co-creator and host of ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ dead at 96

CBC: Air France Airbus A380 on way to LA makes emergency landing in Goose Bay after engine blow-out over Atlantic

Robert Robb - USA Today: John McCain ran on repealing Obamacare. He broke his promise

Conrad Black - National Post: The War on Drugs has been lost. It's time to try something else

CTV News: U.S. to Americans: Stay away from Cuba after health 'attacks'

Bloomberg: Why it's time to pay attention to the crisis in Catalonia

National Post: Millions of American women — including feminists — disagree with Michelle Obama: Donald Trump is their voice

AP: Iraqi ban on flights to Kurdish capital Irbil begins Friday

updated Financial Post: Elon Musk says his new rocket will fly you anywhere in the world in under an hour for the cost of economy airline ticket

AFP/Yahoo: Iraq forces launch attack on IS-held town of Hawija

Washington - AP: Trump to promote tax plan in address to manufacturers group

Bloomberg: Puerto Ricans hack through a maze of debris to move relief aid

Spain - AFP: Police seize millions of ballots ahead of Catalan vote in latest bid to block a banned independence referendum

CBC: 22 killed in stampede on pedestrian bridge in Mumbai

Engineering: LG launches world's first smartphone with ultrasonic mosquito repellent technology

LA Times: ICE arrests hundreds of illegal immigrants in 'sanctuary cities'

Trumponomics report card - CNBC: U.S. GDP grew 3.1% in Q2

Washington Examiner: Steve Scalise: 'I just started to pray' after the shooting

ZeroHedge: Leaked descriptions of infamous "Russia ads" derail collusion narrative "They showed support for Clinton"

Fox News: Scalise returns to Capitol Hill for first time since shooting, declares 'I'm back'

Washington Examiner: Chuck Schumer: Democrats, Republicans on 'verge' of bipartisan Obamacare fix

Josh Kraushaar - National Journal: Democrats lose touch with America

Fox News: Escape from Venezuela: Colombia border crossing mobbed as starving citizens flee

Thomson Reuters/CBC: White House lifts shipping restrictions to Maria-stricken Puerto Rico

Julie Kelly - American Greatness: More unsettled science on climate change

Washington Examiner: Donald Trump Jr. takes shot at New York Times Magazine writer for being 'surprised' that he flies commercial, economy class to Canadian Yukon

CTV News: Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, dead at 91

Editorial - National Review: An opportunity for pro-growth and pro-family tax reform

Marc Thiessen - Fox News: The Warmbiers are right: North Korea should be back on the State Sponsors of Terror list

David A. Ricks - Wall Street Journal: Why tax American companies twice? The GOP plan would end the 35% ‘repatriation tax’ that makes it harder to compete — and create jobs

Fox News: Antifa leader, teacher Yvonne Felarca, 47, arrested at 'empathy tent' Berkeley brawl

Terence Corcoran - The Yucatan Times: Goodbye NAFTA, hello NATPA

Fox News: Alleged leaker Reality Winner hid NSA documents in pantyhose, report says

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Record $135B a year cost for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in NY

Reuters: Wall St. gains on financials boost, tax hopes

Toronto Star: NHL Nashville Predators star P.K. Subban says he won’t kneel during U.S. anthem; Canadian hockey player would “never” kneel for 'Star-Spangled Banner' because he has too much respect for American flag

Washington Examiner: Trump preparing executive order to let Americans purchase health insurance across state lines

McClatchy DC: Border apprehensions surge as immigrants try to get in before Trump’s wall

Reuters: Senator says Russian internet trolls stoked NFL debate

Wichita Eagle: Trump plan promises huge tax cuts for business and individuals, slashing rates and boosting deductions

Reuters: California moves presidential primary from June to March for bigger say in candidate choice

The Hill: Grasping at straws, Dems now finger Reddit as Russian propaganda tool

McClatchy DC: U.S. to pull diplomats out of Havana but does not believe Cuba is behind sonic attacks on them

Reuters: U.S. student Otto Warmbier held in North Korea died of oxygen-starved brain: coroner

Pittsburgh Tribune: Maurkice Pouncey: Steelers will stand during national anthem

Breitbart: Federal legislation seeking to strip taxpayer funding from sports arenas gains momentum following national anthem protests

AP/Pittsburgh Tribune: Adidas exec, 4 coaches charged in NCAA college basketball bribery scheme

Fox News: Rockets, grenades fired at Kabul airport after Mattis arrival

The Hill: GOP health effort on hold indefinitely; moving on to tax reform

Live NOAA Advisory: Maria now Tropical Storm, max sustained winds of 70 mph; heading N at 5 mph; watches remain along NC/VA coasts

Politico: Moore's win spells trouble for GOP establishment in 2018

The Hill: Moore wins Alabama primary over Trump-backed Strange

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News: Colin Kaepernick's big lie

AP/CBC: Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive for the first time

Fox News: Trump speaks with Cowboys owner after protest: 'Players will stand for Country'

Politico: Donations pour in for woman who lost job after shooting robbery suspect

CBC: Twitter to test 280-character tweets, doubling old limit

Fox News: Donations pour in for woman who lost job after shooting robbery suspect

Politico: Russian-funded Facebook ads backed Stein, Sanders and Trump; very small purchase; unlikely any of candidates aware

Fox News: Embarrassment as Washington Post corrects its 'scoop' about Obama, Facebook and Russia

AP/NY Daily News: Construction starts on models of proposed Mexico border wall

Fox News: Sessions says DOJ will enter legal 'struggle' over free speech on campus, backing free speech

Crazy, man - Bloomberg: California considers combustion-engine car ban

Miami Herald: San Juan airport remains crippled by Hurricane Maria damage

Seoul - AP: Experts: North Korea lacks ability, intent to attack U.S. planes

Miami - AP: Visitors abandon vacations as Maria churns near Carolinas

Indonesia - AP: Fears of Bali volcano eruption spark exodus of 75,000

Miami Herald: The Florida Keys will officially reopen to tourists Sunday, nearly 3 weeks ahead of schedule

Canadian Red Cross: Use this link to donate to Hurricane Irma relief

American Red Cross: Use this link to donate to Hurricane Irma relief

ABC Miami LIVE video link

NBC Tampa LIVE video link

CBS Miami LIVE video link

NBC Miami LIVE video link

CBS News LIVE video link

ABC Tampa LIVE video link

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CTV News: Auditor-General: Ontario Liberals using expensive trick to mislead voters;
taxpayers will pay $$ billions more; inefficient producers to make same high profits

Reuters: Stunning CSeries deal saves Bombardier jobs, gives Boeing the shaft
Now, the jet will be built for U.S. airlines at Airbus’s Alabama assembly plant,
circumventing any import penalties in a move that apparently caught Boeing off-guard

CBC: Europe's Airbus to buy majority stake in Bombardier CSeries program;
HQ will remain in Montreal area, 2nd assembly line will be set up in Alabama

AP: Is the end near? First observed kilonova 764 trillion miles from Earth ripples 'fabric of space and time', sends out deadly rays and heavy matter; seen through telescopes in August

Joe O'Connor - National Post: How an American ex-pat built a DIY
nuclear bunker in Canada from 42 buried buses and plenty of concrete

Born in Kansas, Beach was living in Chicago and working as a general contractor and electrical engineer around the time that President John F. Kennedy was advising Americans to stock up on canned goods and build backyard bomb shelters. He figured a better approach to ride out the coming nuclear war was to abandon the city entirely. So he moved to Canada in 1970. ~ NP

CBC: A first in Canada: Drone collides with passenger plane above Quebec City airport

Deutsche Welle: Austria's new Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: "I can promise you today
that I will fight for change in this country with all my power"

Sebastian Kurz speaks after his People's Party swept Austria's parliamentary election. ~ DW

CBC: Freed hostage Joshua Boyle says captors killed infant daughter, raped his wife

Washington Times: Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, announces new crackdown

Washington: Stephen Harper on trade deal criticisms: "I've looked at the data. These people do not (just) perceive they have been left behind. They actually have been left behind."

updated Toronto Star: Canadian man, American wife & family get freedom, on way home;
held hostage by Taliban-linked Haqqani network for 5 years; Pakistan thanked for rescue

Canadian Joshua Boyle and American Caitlan Coleman were kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2012. The couple and their children have been released, according to the Toronto Star's Michelle Shephard, who spoke to Boyle's father. U.S. President Donald Trump alluded to breakthrough in a speech Wednesday in Coleman’s home state of Pennsylvania. “Something happened today, where a country that totally disrespected us called with some very, very important news,” Trump said. “And one of my generals came in. They said, ‘You know, I have to tell you, a year ago they would’ve never done that.’ It was a great sign of respect. You’ll probably be hearing about it over the next few days. But this is a country that did not respect us. This is a country that respects us now. The world is starting to respect us again, believe me.” ~ SITE Intel Group

SF Gate: Santa Ana wind-driven fires: Toll now 21 dead, 380 missing in Sonoma County

AP/CBC: Northern California: 17 dead, almost 200 injured, almost 200 missing in fires

LA Times: At least 17 dead, 2,000 structures destroyed in Northern California firestorms

The Guardian: Carles Puigdemont sets out Catalonia independence plans - little resolved

updated AP/CTV News: California wildfires: Death toll rises as neighbourhoods levelled

Top: image provided by the California Highway Patrol shows total destruction in Santa Rosa's Coffey Park single family home neighbourhood on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017. Bottom: smoke rises from a home that was destroyed by a wildfire near Monticello Road in the hills east of Napa, California, Monday, Oct. 9, 2017. ~ Michael Short San Francisco Chronicle

Alphr: Half of the universe's missing normal matter has been found

Express Newsline: Neanderthal DNA seen shaping our modern looks

Conrad Black - National Post: Enough with the nonsense: Trump is doing fine

CTV News: Nate dumps heavy rain in Canada and U.S., spares wind damage to Gulf states

Toronto Star: Mississauga teen El Bahnasawy pled guilty in 2016 in New York terror plot;
but Obama Administration kept it secret from public during election year

Unsealed Justice Dept. documents reveal - NBC: ISIS trio planned
to 'create the next 9/11' with New York attacks

NOAA Live: Nate now a "rapidly weakening" tropical storm; surge flooding and heavy
rainfall continue; winds 45 mph, NNE at 23 mph; increase in forward speed expected

updated NOAA Live: Nate made Louisiana landfall as Cat 1 Saturday night

Jetsons - Bloomberg: Boeing bets on robot pilots, self-flying taxis with acquisition

Miami Herald: Hurricane Nate may punch Gulf Coast on weekend

Ross McKitrick - Financial Post: Americans have made hurricane
destruction worse (but not with carbon emissions)

John Robson - National Post: Latest global warming panic is topical, but it isn't science

Hamilton - CTV News: Canadian scientists suggest life on earth began in small ponds

BBC: Could wood pulp make cars lighter and more efficient?

This replica Citroen 2CV was crafted out of fruitwood. Will future cars contain wooden parts? ~ BBC

BBC: Las Vegas shooting: Trump says killer 'sick and demented'

NY Post: ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas massacre

updated Las Vegas - AP: At least 59 dead, 527 injured; shooter Stephen Paddock, 64,
found dead at shooting perch on 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay; multiple guns
in room; deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history

The mass shooting location in Las Vegas. ~ CBS, Fox Google Earth

Las Vegas - AP: Jason Aldean calls attack 'beyond horrific'; was on stage

updated Las Vegas Review-Journal: 58 dead, 515 wounded - 'It was a
horror show': Concert mass shooting by Mandalay Bay sniper on Las Vegas Strip

Shooting in Las Vegas. People fleeing (video from the Mandalay Bay hotel). ~ Eiki Hrafnsson Twitter

updated CBC: Edmonton terrorist known to Mounties and other police
Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, is a Somali refugee; police had interviewed

Edmonton - CBC: 'Was he under surveillance?': Questions
surround 'acts of terrorism': security expert says

Edmonton Journal: 'Acts of terrorism': ISIS flag found in perp car after police chase

Global News: Edmonton police stabbed, U-Haul truck used
to run over people in terror attack [video]

Edmonton police are investigating an act of terror after a police officer was stabbed, several people rammed by the U-Haul truck shown above. ~ Global News

Global News: Edmonton police tell Global reporter to run
for cover during terror attack [video]

Mintz - Financial Post: Trump's tax bombshell is going to blow up Canada's competitiveness

Lac Brochet - CTV News: Canadian bear knows how to relax at the dump

Bear at Lac Brochet, Manitoba dump checks out furniture selection. Photogrpher Stantic says the bear “looked just like a human would, sitting on the couch, chillaxing.” ~ Mandy Stantic

Glenn Greenwald - The Intercept: Yet another major Russia
story falls apart. Is skepticism permissible yet?

WSJ: This crazy camera is the future of photography

The L16 fits in your back pocket, yet packs 16 lenses and sensors to capture a single holy-guacamole shot. Adjustments afterwards are unprecedented, including f-stop adjustment for depth-of-field (above).

New Indian Express: Earth lost 40% of its mass during formation: study

The Guardian: Carbon found in 3.95 billion-year-old Canadian rocks is oldest
found remnant of ancient life say researchers in Nature-published article

Until 3.8B years ago, scientists have determined the Earth was pounded by asteroids and comets left over from the formation of the solar system. University of Tokyo senior researcher Yuji Sano: "Life started on Earth during the heavy bombardment of meteorites, which is amazing.” ~ Guardian Stocktrek Images

Bloomberg: Bombardier dives on blow to $6B bet-the-company jetliner

Ontario - Global News: Wedding photos capture groom pulling boy from river in Kitchener

Photographer Darren Hatt captured photos of groom Clayton Cook rescuing a boy from a river in Kitchener. ~ Hatt Photography

Boris Starling - Telegraph: Why this Invictus Games will be the making of Prince Harry

Reuters: Japan's Abe announces snap election amid worries over North Korea

Cloverdale Reporter: B.C. man’s polite encounter with bears praised for being ‘so Canadian’
Jordan Cote calmly asks 4-legged family to leave because he has to get to work [video]

“Hope you enjoyed my yard, have a good day!” A Vancouver Island man’s encounter with bears in his backyard is getting plenty of attention online for being so politely Canadian. In the clip posted on social media Friday, Sooke resident Jordan Cote can be heard asking the four-legged family to leave, because he has to get to work. The equally-polite mother bear turns and walks with her cubs into the bushes on the left corner of his property. Bear encounters in B.C. are especially common in August and September, but can occur anytime between May and October. They can be active all year in mild areas like Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. When one does encounter a bear in a residential area, the Ministry of Environment wisely urges to remain calm and keep away from the bear.

Goodwin - NY Post: Wiretaps may prove Trump right — and that’s absolutely terrifying

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Pierre Poilievre - Ottawa Citizen: Why Morneau's tax changes are anything but neutral

Globe and Mail: Ethics watchdog contradicts Finance Minister; Dawson didn't advise Morneau not to establish blind trust, it was his decision

CBC: Bombardier shares jump as much as 26% on CSeries deal with Airbus

Globe and Mail: Bombardier-Airbus deal saves CSeries; first all-new single-aisle airliner to come to market worldwide in nearly 30 years

Blogto: Toronto ranked one of the greenest cities in the world

Quinte News: Belleville arena $20M reno almost ready for arrival of AHL Senators

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Tax reform debacle exposes phoniness of Trudeau's populist act

CTV News: Morneau's credibility on the line as Liberals hit reset button on rejected tax reforms

National Post: Incumbents take the day throughout Alberta in municipal elections

London Free Press: GM's CAMI workers accept deal, end month-long Ingersoll strike

Kingston - CTV News: Police lay 330 charges, arrest 33 during Queen's homecoming weekend

CBC: PEI sends 19 tonnes of potatoes to Puerto Rico

TVO: Four things we learned from the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ policy motions

Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star: Donald Trump isn’t all wrong about NAFTA; the three-nation pact does favour low-wage Mexico

Gordon Ritchie - Globe and Mail: Canada must prepare for life after NAFTA

Huffington Post: NAFTA talks: U.S. demands end to supply management for dairy, eggs, poultry

News 1130: Federal Liberals confirm will trim small-business tax rate to stanch political bleeding; will finally get to 9% just in time for 2019 election

Newstalk 1010: Loblaws laying off 500 managers, executives

National Post: Month-long strike fails to pry pledge from GM to keep auto plant jobs in Canada

Ottawa Citizen: 'Mr. Hockey and stem cells' on the agenda at U of O brain conference

CBC: MP Peter Kent calls on ethics commissioner to investigate Morneau over undisclosed French villa; FinMin didn't disclose company that owns his villa in France for two years

Toronto - CTV News: Manager of recently opened pot dispensary murdered outside shop door [video]

National Post: Taliban-linked network that took Canadian and his family captive could face justice in Canada

Ottawa - Global News: Trudeau reportedly switching course again, expected to belatedly honour 2015 election pledge to reduce small business tax to Conservative Govt level of 9%

Raymond Filion - Siver Times: Mid-terms Justin Trudeau: the honeymoon is over?

CTV News: Toronto Hydro: Power restored to 97% of customers after widespread storm outage

Windsor - CBC News: Local impact: 'All teaching is suspended:' St. Clair, Lambton join Ontario college faculty strike

CTV News: Students want tuition refunds as more than 12,000 Ontario college faculty at 24 colleges walk off the job [video]

Janice Kennedy - Ottawa Citizen: So ... what has Trudeau accomplished? (Hint: very little)

CTV News: Growing marijuana industry sparks new research around cannabis, scientists say

Moncton - CBC: High school football game ends after 9 players suffer head injuries

Global News: Calgary Election 2017: New poll pegs Bill Smith to take over mayor’s office; 13-point lead over incumbent Naheed Nenshi

CBC: 100-year-old former Sears store manager's health benefits and insurance axed

Editorial - Toronto Star: Bill Morneau’s French villa controversy couldn’t have come at a worse time; ethics avoidance

Windsor Star: Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown swings through Windsor - again; 10th visit in 2 years shows serious about local seats

Global News: Sears Canada: The rise and fall of a department store empire

Vivian Bercovici - National Post: Why Trudeau's shocking Holocaust blunder caused gasps worldwide

Global News: Joshua Boyle: Freedom a ‘bizarre combination of elation and depression’

CTV News: New mother who lost all limbs to flesh-eating disease sues Halifax hospital

Kelly McParland - National Post: Patrick Brown's victory plan? Stop his own party from screwing up again

CP/Global News: Marc Garneau makes Canadian pitch to Tesla executives; wants more Canadians put at risk from driverless cars

Conrad Black - National Post: Law society confers capricious dictatorial powers on its own administration

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Bill Morneau feels the heat as Liberal support slips

Dr. Jessica Ross - National Post: The legalization of pot is upon us. We haven't prepared our kids to deal with it

Angus Reid: From sunny ways to mid-term blues? Two years after Trudeau majority, Liberals and CPC in dead heat; 29% of 2015 Liberal voters have deserted them

CBC: Coquihalla Highway reopens near Kamloops after snow forces closure

Editorial - National Post: Removing 'chief' from job titles makes reconciliation look ridiculous; the word chief is not of indigenous origin. It comes from French, and from Latin before that. This is not an issue of cultural appropriation.

Don Macpherson - Montreal Gazette: Philippe Couillard shuffles cabinet, and misdeals

Colby Cosh - National Post: $200,000 on a budget cover? That's exclusively Liberal tomfoolery

CTV News: Sears Canada liquidation of final 131 locations approved

CTV News: B.C. researchers develop affordable, quake-resistant spray-on concrete ideal for retro-fitting

Ottawa Citizen: Growing wild turkey population takes bite out of Ontario forests

Vancouver Sun: Surprise guilty plea entered in B.C. Liberals' 'quick wins' scandal

CBC: Finance Minister Bill Morneau waited 2 years to disclose company that owns French villa to ethics watchdog; yet hides behind cloak of 'fairness'

CBC: Montreal actress Erika Rosenbaum latest to say Harvey Weinstein harassed, assaulted her

Wall Street Journal: Trump says separate trade pacts with Canada, Mexico could replace NAFTA

CTV News: CAMI strike: GM may move more production to Mexico

Business Insider: Family freed after 5 years of Taliban captivity now refuses to board U.S. plane due to Khadr link

Toronto Star: Cash-flush Blue Jays fire 23, including actual working staff in media department

Calgary Sun: Taxes top issue for Calgary voters

William Watson - Financial Post: Why Canada’s ‘best’ health-care system just got ranked last — again

Bloomberg: Trudeau’s predecessor Stephen Harper says it’s conceivable Trump will scrap NAFTA

Washington - CBC: After warm welcome for Trudeau, Trump hints at bilateral trade deal with Canada

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Public rejecting Wynne’s wage plan

Minneapolis good news - Ottawa Citizen: One step closer to home: Jonathan Pitre out of hospital in Minnesota

London - CBC: Fanshawe College to cancel classes if faculty strike

Financial Post: Amid uproar, Liberals change wording on employee-discount tax, say will start 'consultation'

CBC: No taxpayer money spent on Sears call centres in New Brunswick — yet

CTV News: Delta says CSeries deliveries may be delayed but not killed by duties

CBC: Trade troubles face Trudeau on trip to Washington and Mexico City

John Ivison - National Post: How the Liberals and the CRA ended up angering two million store clerks

Liz Braun - Toronto Sun: Newstalk 1010 DART Insight poll: 75% of Toronto residents want change; only 11% will vote for Wynne in 2018

Toronto Star: Liberals super-cluster game show pitch will benefit only large companies

Toronto Star: Sears Canada going out of business, laying off 12,000

CTV News: Govt of Canada targets retail workers with new employee discount tax

Barrie Today: Ekos-CP poll: Canadians pessimistic about their economic futures; working class beginning to skew more Conservative

Haley Byrd - Independent Journal Review: Online retailers eye NAFTA talks as make-or-break moment for modernizing trade

CTV News: Trudeau, Harper talk NAFTA in D.C. on same day

Paul Wells - Macleans: Throw another minister on the bonfire: the ballad of Bill Morneau

CBC: Manslaughter charges against alleged fentanyl dealers mount across Canada

Alan Carter - Global News: Kathleen Wynne’s coming Trudeau trouble

CBC: Remnants of Nate expected to "graze" Great Lakes and drop heavy rain on Southern Ontario

CBC: Trump's tough trade talk targets Mexico but his actions are hitting Canada

Lammam, MacIntyre - Macleans: The Trudeau government’s policies reward dependence, not hard work; its actions do not match lofty rhetoric

AFP: Canadian doctors helped 2,000 commit suicide in a year

Toronto Star: Two more staffers leave MMIWG inquiry

Kelly McParland - National Post: Liberals divide country with unflappable Bombardier support, disregard for energy

Michael Harris - iPolitics: 'He's a liar': Why the Left Coast may be writing off Justin Trudeau

Charles Adler - Global News: Montreal mayor dances on the graves of Alberta jobs

CBC: Mortgage carrying costs to rise 8% for new buyers next year, Scotiabank says; rising rates will hit new buyers hard

Financial Post: Tim Hortons franchisees sue corporate parent for $850M, alleging bullying and intimidation

Revenge of the PMO - CBC: New Brunswick MP kicked off 2 committees for breaking Liberal ranks on tax changes

Privacy breach - CBC: Legal files of 5 retired MPs disappear from federal mailroom

CBC: Indigenous residential school records can be destroyed, Supreme Court rules

updated CTV News: Feds announce payout of up to $750M in direct compensation to Indigenous victims of so-called '60s Scoop'; program had at-risk native children adopted by non-native families to save their lives

Joe Oliver - Financial Post: Canadians will suffer the punishment for Trudeau's egregious Energy East failure

CTV News: Shorter residency requirement for would-be Canadians set to take effect

International embarassment - The Guardian: Canada removes Holocaust memorial plaque that failed to mention Jews

CTV News: Victim of head-on crash in Hamilton may have been abducted: police

Global News: Kenney says Canada shouldn’t accept refugees denied asylum in U.S., calls for terrorist Sharif to be ‘kicked out’

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Trudeau erases Jews from the Holocaust, again

BNN: Google parent nearing deal to develop 12 acres of Toronto waterfront: Report

CBC: U.S. to present dairy demands at next round of NAFTA talks

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals face heightened political pressure over North Korean missile threat

Kristina Rutherford - Sportsnet: Bob McCown interview; retirement countdown for the multi-lived Bobcat?

Editorial - Financial Post: Only thing missing from Ottawa's 'evidence-based' tax crackdown is evidence

Global News: Toronto council rejects bid to rename Centennial Park stadium after Rob Ford

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Russia vows reprisal as House of Commons passes Magnitsky bill targeting human-rights abusers

CTV News: Conservatives urge PM to 'explore' joining U.S. missile defence system; Sajjan says not ruling out

Huffington Post: Wayne Long, Liberal MP, skips Liberal Caucus meeting after voting against his party on tax consultations

Toronto Star: TransCanada ends bid to build Energy East pipeline after ‘careful review of changed circumstances’

AP: Spacewalkers installing replacement 'hand' on station’s Canada-built robot arm

CTV News: Justin Trudeau berated at Hill gathering over missing, murdered women inquiry

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: ‘Election of NDP Jagmeet Singh as NDP leader just upped Scheer’s chances

National Post: Liberals, Conservatives statistically tied, NDP a distant third: Ekos-CP poll

Global News: ‘He saved me’: Girlfriend of Maple Ridge man killed in Vegas describes his final moments

Barbara Kay - National Post: Liberals left reeling by clear, rational criticisms of M-103

Bloomberg: UK really blames Canada for Bombardier fight

John Ivison - National Post: Canada needs to stand firm and pass anti-corruption Magnitsky legislation

CBC: No people hurt as plane with 47 aboard strikes 2 deer while landing in northern Alberta

BNN: Marijuana, Couche-Tard shares play a part in Coutu takeover: Metro CEO

CP/Huffington Post: Justin Trudeau suggests $1 per gram excise tax on marijuana; 10% tax on sales over $10

CBC: Somali man charged in Edmonton attacks was ordered deported from U.S. in 2011

NY Times: Canada and The Times: the faraway nearby

CTV News: OPP say 4 factors behind 182 of 239 road deaths in 2017: distracted driving (63), speeding (56), drug/alcohol impairment (32), and not wearing seatbelts (31)

Éric Grenier - CBC: Youngest lineup of political leaders in Canadian history set to fight for youth vote

BBC: Somali on trial in Canada over journalist Amanda Lindhout's 2008 kidnap

CTV News: Tories take aim at Trudeau in taxes attack ad

Ottawa - CTV News: Liberals and NDP reveal extremist tendencies by ganging up to block pro-life MP from chairing committee; force chair role on other MP, over her objection

Bloomberg: U.S. adds wine to its growing list of trade disputes with Canada

Montreal - CTV News: CAQ newcomer upsets Liberals in Louis-Hebert by-election; new MNA due to give birth in 3 months; was a replacement candidate named in early September

Bloomberg: U.S. techies eye ‘boring’ Ottawa over hipster Toronto for jobs

Ontario - Global News: London police investigate "targeted" fatal stabbing on Lansdowne Avenue that injured a second man; fleeing suspects sought

Montreal: Mayoralty candidate promises referendum on baseball stadium, not a blank cheque

Forum Research poll: PCs hold clear lead in every region but Toronto, where they're tied

NY Post: Canadian Vegas massacre victim from Vancouver dies in festival-goer’s arms

updated CTV News: 3 Canadians killed, 7 wounded, 1 missing in Las Vegas mass shooting

BNN: RioCan to sell 100 properties worth about $2B by 2020; in future will focus ownership on large Canadian cities

Bloomberg: Divisive minimum wage experiment goes live in Ontario

Montreal - CTV News: Actions of three ex-railway employees cost 47 lives by causing Lac-Megantic disaster: Crown

updated CTV News: Jagmeet Singh named leader of federal NDP; Ontario MPP expected to resign his seat shortly; win on 1st ballot with 53.8% of vote

Edmonton - CTV News: Terror suspect in custody, police investigating as EPS officer and four civilians injured in series of attacks

CBC: Competing protesters temporarily shut Quebec border crossing as police keep them apart

Ed White - Western Producer: Why farmers are mad as hell at Morneau and Trudeau

Christie Blatchford - National Post: McGuinty aide was warned not to delete gas plants emails, trial told

Oakville - CTV News: Morneau gets an earful at town hall meeting on small business tax changes

iPolitics: National Defence blames 'fiscal restraints' of deficit-happy Liberals for cutting third Navy re-supply ship

Spencer Fernando: Illegal border crossing surge caused internal government fear about threats to Canadians

CBC: Quebec man who tried to join ISIS sentenced to 9 years

Editorial - National Post: New access to information bill falls short of Liberals' promises for increased transparency

Catholic News Service: Vatican diplomat also wanted in Canada on child porn charges

Andrew Coyne - National Post: A much-needed cultural revolution that isn’t revolutionary at all

Toronto - CBC: Obama says U.S. relationship with Canada 'not radically changed' under Trump; hosted by Liberal activist group Canada2020

The Guardian: Canada has spent $110,000 to avoid paying $6,000 for indigenous teen's orthodontics; meanwhile, Trudeau lies to UN

John Ivison - National Post: Liberals' feel-good cultural policy review ignores newspaper struggles; is 'truthfulness of the news' elite-speak for the thin edge of the censorial wedge?

Financial Post: Middle-class families are paying more taxes, despite Liberal claims: report

Financial Post: America’s hard-line NAFTA demands risk scuttling trade talks, insiders say

John Ivison - National Post: Accusations Morneau breached conflict-of-interest screen raise tension over tax reforms

Jerry Dias - Toronto Star: The truth is NAFTA has damaged Canada’s auto industry; Mexico now has nearly half the auto jobs in North America, but only 8% of the auto market

National Post: Oakville town council rejects application to develop Glen Abbey golf course into housing, commercial use

CBC: Ottawa 'abdicated' responsibility to protect French in Netflix deal, says Quebec minister

World Economic Freedom report: Canada drops to 11th spot from 5th in 2017 economic freedom ranking

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Why Wynne deserves to lose

Change in the air - Angus Reid poll: Trudeau still seen as best PM, but Conservatives ‘best to form government’; turbulent summer for stumbling Liberals

Calgary Sun: RCMP police dog fires handgun during search for suspects; no charges against uninjured pooch

Kristine Kruszelnicki - National Post: Liberals and NDP bar pro-life candidates, and now want to control the Opposition's?

Globe and Mail: BlackBerry shares surge as profit rises on software strength

CP/CBC: Canada vs. Boeing: How the fight with aerospace giant began, on Pennsylvania Avenue

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Time to bust the myth. Canada does not have to be in aerospace

Bloomberg/Financial Post: Morneau won't budge on debt-boosting deficits despite Canada's red-hot growth

Sportsnet: Don Cherry calls media coverage of kneeling protests hypocritical

Bacchus Barua - National Post: Canada should learn from countries that do universal health care differently — and better

CTV News: Mother and 5-year-old daughter struck and killed in Toronto

Canada Journal: Cold weather increases heart failure risk, says new study led by researchers at Université Laval and Université de Sherbrooke

Drumheller Mail: Outstanding in our Field: Wheatland Crossing celebrates grand opening of K-12 school

Colby Cosh - National Post: A voice of dissent on Alberta's minimum wage frenzy

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Morneau’s discomfort over proposed tax changes an unnecessary spectacle; some Liberals are covertly encouraging the Conservatives to keep putting the heat on their ministerial colleague says LaPresse

Toronto Star: Boeing may have won a battle, but not the war, says Quebec Premier of Bombardier battle

Bloomberg: NAFTA nations report modest progress as Bombardier tensions grow

Reuters: Royal Bank of Canada using blockchain for U.S./Canada payments: executive

Toronto Star: Netflix commits to spending $500M on producing Canadian content: reports

Reuters: Bombardier overshadows NAFTA talks as Quebec, Britain threaten retaliation

Voyage of the Damned - CP/Chronicle Herald: Govt plans apology for 1939 Liberal decision to turn away ship of Jewish refugees, many of whom died in Holocaust

Globe and Mail: Canada’s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report

Toronto: Amid heat wave, cries for help silenced by hum of Liberal AC units

Marina Strauss - Globe and Mail: Metro says it’s in advanced talks to take over Jean Coutu

Telegraph: U.S. action in Bombardier dispute 'could jeopardise' future Boeing defence contracts, UK's Sir Michael Fallon says

CTV News: UK 'bitterly disappointed' as U.S. Bombardier ruling threatens jobs

CTV News: Ontario schools shut down for cold, but not for heat; Wynne blames others, shows no concern for suffering students

CBC: Ill-advised Boeing Super Hornet jet purchase likely to become 1st casualty in Trudeau trade war

National Post: Liberal government has spent upwards of $13.7M on sponsored Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts

CBC: Ontario's plan to hike minimum wage to $15 an hour will cost the province's economy as many as 90,000 jobs by 2020: TD Bank

CBC: Trudeau to visit Mexico, U.S. amid contentious NAFTA talks

CTV News: Missing, murdered women inquiry hears stories of loss at first B.C. hearing

CBC: Major Trudeau fail as U.S. imposes 220% duty on Bombardier CSeries planes

CTV News: Pilot narrowly avoids crash with glider on Vancouver-to-Chicago flight

CBC: Siemens and Alstom merge rail business in setback for Bombardier

Kelly McParland - National Post: Gaffe-prone Ontario Liberals turn over green policy to California

CBC: Liberals walk out after Conservatives pick pro-life MP for status of women committee chair

National Post: Farmers ask government to delay proposed tax changes, saying they need time to prepare

CBC: Shut sweltering schools, teachers' union tells board

Tom Flanagan - Fraser Institute: The debate about Métis aboriginal rights — demography, geography, and history; the tangled web that derives from Canadian apartheid

CP/Winnipeg Free Press: Year-end deadline for new NAFTA looking impossible, trade experts say

QP Briefing: Brown's PCs at 49% support in Toronto: Mainstreet Research poll

Macleans: Uber set to cease operations in Quebec, reports say

Kevin Carmichael - Macleans: America is making country of origin rules a NAFTA priority. Look out, Canada

Fraser Institute: Extraordinary statement by Finance Minister Morneau captures federal government’s approach to the economy

Stanley Hartt - Policy Options: The flaws in a one-size-fits-all approach to tax policy; assumptions of proposed tax system changes are “based on theories about taxing every dollar the same way” and undermine thoughtful policy

Toronto Star: Canada not ready for second-wave of asylum seekers, union head warns; 5,712 illegal asylum seekers snuck across the Canada-U.S. border last month

Ben Eisen - Toronto Sun: Ontario: Fiscal leader to fiscal laggard

Fraser Institute: Quebec unemployment rate now lower than Ontario’s; more importantly, debt growth almost stopped

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