100+ reasons to vote Conservative in 2015

Parndorf: Austria finds dozens of migrants dead in truck on roadside

Moneta: Emotional newscast after shooting that shocked millions

Newark: Trump's lean campaign structure breaks the mold

Reuters: 10 automakers sued in U.S. over keyless ignitions

Virginia: Vester Flanagan’s family apologizes for on-air murders as others from his past remember him as ‘a different person’

Shootings 'timed to our live shot': WDBJ-TV news director

New York: Asian stock markets mixed after China rate cut

Sacramento: U.S. student who helped stop France terror train attack arrives home

Detroit: New car technologies often unused by drivers, J.D. Power finds

Karlsruhe: Apple loses 'swipe to unlock' patent battle in Germany's top court

Beijing: China meltdown has burned global carmakers

Havana: Kerry urges 'genuine democracy' at U.S. flag ceremony in Cuba

Athens: Greek PM Tsipras wins bailout vote, faces widening rebellion

PPP poll: Trump's momentum keeps rolling

Cohen and Levin: How ISIS gained traction in the Middle East

Missouri: State of emergency called in Ferguson after gunfire mars protests

Istanbul: U.S. consulate in Turkey targeted as wave of attacks kills 9

Afghanistan: Kabul bombings leave at least 50 dead and hundreds wounded

Abha: Suicide bomber kills 15 in Saudi security site mosque

TPP boat rocking: Obama goes rogue and blindsides NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico in parts supply concessions to Japanese; Japan stunned that U.S. didn't consult its neighbours

Rome: Spain emerges as Europe's economic star after years of austerity

Athens: Greek government concedes early elections likely; stock market suffers losses

Nigeria: Commodities rout erases billions from Africa's biggest fortunes

Beijing: China limits stock market short selling to curb volatility

Charles Krauthammer: George Weidenfeld’s attempt to repay Christian kindness

Toronto: Cerebral palsy linked to genetic anomalies

Paris: Suspected Flight MH370 wing flap reaches France for analysis

Dannemora: Former New York prison worker Joyce Mitchell pleads guilty, agrees to 7-year prison term

New York: Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back 500,000 defective pick-up trucks, 1.5 million Jeeps

Islamabad: Pakistan condemns militant attack in Gurdaspur, India

New Delhi: Rebels attack police station in India, killing 10

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton’s private email practice ’criminal’

Rex Murphy: Don’t blame Trump … blame America

Bar fun: Makers of new machine to make Jello Shots predict huge market

Drunks or terrorists? Paris police open fire on car at Tour de France barricades

Harsh realities sinking in: Crimea is now Putin's problem child

Edmund S. Phelps: What is wrong with the West’s economies?

Sub-Saharan: GE books $2.5B African orders from oil to locomotives

Brave New World: Do new brain implant technologies bring dystopian reality to life?

Jeff Jacoby: Iran can buy a lot of terror with $100B

Jack Kelly: Trump tells it like it is; and he’s willing to take on illegal immigration

Donald Trump: I pay my own way, unlike Bush, Walker or Clinton

Washington: Criminal inquiry is sought in Clinton email account abuse

Ed Hubbard: Now I get it, #BlackLivesMatter

Autopsy: Marijuana in Sandra Bland's system; family ponders civil suit despite suicide history and no evidence of homicide

Texas: Autopsy of Sandra Bland finds injuries consistent with suicide; is family exploiting daughter's sad death?

Washington: U.S. Department of Justice to review videos showing Planned Parenthood illegally selling aborted baby body parts

Contradicts family claims: Sandra Bland previously attempted suicide and was depressed when arrested, say jail documents she filled out

Athens: Greece faces recession warning as bailout talks set to open

Growth continued in 2014: Arctic ice 'grew by a third' after cool summer in 2013

New York: Lockheed to buy Sikorsky for $9B to add military copters

Moscow: The $42B debt trap that Putin has three years to escape

New York: Commodity rout extends toward 13-year low as gold shunned on Fed

Germany: ‘You’re either dead or dead': former ISIS fighter says joining organization is a death sentence

Montvale: A&P files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, 2nd time in five years

Los Angeles: I-10 bridge collapse in California desert cuts off main route between Arizona and U.S. West Coast; forces detours in "hundreds of miles"

Diyarbakira: ISIS suicide bombing kills 27 in Turkish border town

Havana: U.S. Embassy in Cuba re-opens after more than 50 years

Athens: Greek banks open, under restrictions

Athens: Merkel says Greece must act fast as banks prepare to re-open

Tehran: Iran leader vows opposition to U.S. despite nuclear deal; vow ensures leading regional role as state sponsor of terror will continue

Berlin: German Parliament approves Greek bailout plan

Lake Chad: Chad troops kill 19 insurgents after Boko Haram raid on army

Chattanooga shootings: Shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez's trips to Middle East investigated

Why not part of deal? Kerry: 'very, very hopeful' Iran will release detained Americans

Berlin: Back Greek talks or face chaos, Merkel tells German lawmakers

Cairo: Islamist demonstrators clash with Egyptian police, at least 5 killed

Denver: Despite quick conviction, James Holmes theater shooting trial isn't over

Los Angeles: ESPY Ashe award for reality show actor Jenner meets controversy over more deserving athletes who were ignored

London: Syria air strikes conducted by UK military pilots

updated ~ Chattanooga: Shooter identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez; five dead including 4 Marines as terrorist gunman attacks Tennessee military facilities

Athens: Greek lawmakers debate reforms aimed at avoiding bankruptcy

Donald Trump on Iran deal: 'We look so desperate, and it's a disgrace'

Vancouver: Canadian company developing 'breathalyzer for pot'

Undercover video: Planned Parenthood caught illegally trafficking in aborted baby body parts

ISIS puppet: Son of Boston police captain arrested for plotting terror attack at college campuses

Vienna: Iran talks hit final stage but deal remains elusive

Mexico City: Escape by top drug lord a strong blow to Mexico's government

Moscow: At least 23 Russian servicemen killed in barracks collapse

Khost: 25 killed in suicide bombing outside U.S. base in Afghanistan

NY Times: The myth of big, bad gluten

Washington: NSAID pain relievers' heart warnings boosted in U.S.

Toronto: Ferrari IPO filing to come in days: Fiat Chrysler CEO; says no histile takeover plan for GM

London: Is a mini Ice Age on the way? Scientists warn the sun will 'go to sleep' in 2030 and could cause world temperatures to plummet

Why Not? dept: Fox introduces Homer Simpson favourite Duff Beer in Chile

Vienna: U.S., Iran admit nuclear talks could fail

Moneywatch: Subway's woes started well before the Jared mess

Dhaka: 23 killed in rush for charity in Bangladesh

Andrew Coyne: Greece's culture of victimhood

Washington: Will Donald Trump move the needle on illegal immigration debate? He's not being cowed by financial extortion

San Francisco fall-out: Candidates call for changes in 'sanctuary city' policies

Washington: What were the Greeks thinking? Here’s a poll taken just before the referendum

New York: Here’s how much Greece owes Germany, others

Athens: The Latest: Greece to submit proposals 'in next few hours'

Washington: Joint Chiefs nominee: Russia is top security threat to U.S.

Vienna: Iran nuke talks set to bust another deadline

Beijing/Shanghai: Greece crisis: Merkel says debt relief is off table as Tsipras pitches €12B reform deal

Hong Kong: Investors breathe a sigh of relief as mainland China, Hong Kong stocks swing to higher close

Beijing/Shanghai: China stems stocks rout, but market faces lengthy hangover

Vienna: U.S. stocks rebound after big loss; European, China markets up

New York: NYSE suspends trading of all securities due to technical problems

Vienna: Iran says makes new proposal in nuclear talks, West unimpressed

Jos: Extremist attacks across Nigeria leave more than 60 dead

Athens: Greece to propose alternative bailout plan as banks face collapse

Athens: Greece sways on the edge of collapse: How did it come to this?

Tokyo: Euro, stocks hit by Greek vote; China bounces after rescue moves

Vienna: Kerry urges Iran to make 'hard choices', says U.S. ready to walk

Jeff Ritterman, MD: Four decades of the wrong dietary advice has paved the way for the diabetes epidemic

Athens: Greek army and police prepare for street battles

Goldfarb: Five paragraphs spell out the big problem Greece faces after the referendum

London: BBC to cut more than 1,000 jobs as viewers trade TVs for Internet

Houston: BP pays record $18.7B to settle claims in Gulf oil spill

Mark Gilbert: Is anyone ready for a 'No' vote in Greece?

Athens: Greeks prepare landmark referendum on future like it’s 1974

Washington: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: How the 13 Colonies rank today

Baghdad: Iraqi forces say most of Baiji town recaptured from ISIS

Los Angeles: Dodgers open international signing period with a flurry at above-pool prices

Bulgaria: Greece gets little sympathy from poorer neighbors

Sanaa: 1200 escape from Yemen prison, including al Qaeda suspects

Greece crisis: No vote would mean euro exit, leaders warn

Malone: New York prison break saga ends with shooting of second fugitive less than 2 miles south of Canadian border

TPP: Pacific trade pact would link U.S. to fastest-growing economies

Taipei: Taiwan investigating water park inferno as tally of injured put at 498

Malone: Hunt for remaining escaped N.Y. prisoner David Sweat intensifies after escapee killer Richard Matt shot dead

Ketchikan: 9 killed when plane crashes on sightseeing trip in Alaska

Beirut: ISIS kills at least 145 civilians in Syria's Kobani: monitor

Washington: U.S. Supreme Court rules gay marriage legal nationwide

Sitting Sony duck: Inside the hack of the Century, part 1

Washington: U.S. Supreme Court again slices and dices legalities to uphold Obamacare; dissenting Justice Scalia said, "We should start calling this law SCOTUScare."

Paris: France summons U.S. envoy over 'unacceptable' spying

South Carolina: Ben Carson: GOP candidates need to unequivocally denounce church shooting as 'act of racism'

Colby Cosh: Pope’s encyclical on climate change reads like the Unabomber Manifesto

Athens: Greek government confident despite backlash over debt deal

New York: Greece hopes lift European stocks; dollar gains

San Francisco: Google launches free streaming service ahead of Apple Music debut

Athens: Key points in Greece's cash-for-reform proposals

Athens: Greece offers new proposals to avert default, creditors see hope

UNESCO World Heritage site: ISIS blows up 2,000-year-old shrines in Palmyra, Syria

San Jose: eBay to stop selling Confederate Flag products

D-Wave: Huge leap ahead for processing as 1000 qubit quantum computing level reached

London: FOREX-Euro falls Monday as jittery investors eye Greece talks

Belgrade: Serbia claims 'shocked' by Hungary's plans to build border fence

South Carolina: Church massacre suspect identified, was up on felony drug charges

South Carolina: Charleston black church shooting suspect still at large after 9 killed; suspect attended meeting at church, stay for almost an hour before shooting, police say

Seven-month hibernation: Philae lander space probe thought lost contacts Earth

Seoul: South Korea cuts rates as MERS clouds outlook; 10th patient dies

John Scully: Video will be the REAL gamechanger for Apple

Bombshell: Baltimore prosecutor asked police to target area where Freddie Gray was arrested

NY Times: Vincent Musetto, 74, dies; wrote ‘Headless’ headline of ageless fame

Detroit: GM CEO rejects Fiat Chrysler merger

Author of 'Helter Skelter': Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor in Manson trial, dead at 80

Moscow: Russia orders quicker build-up of military facilities in Kurile Islands

Kiev: Fuel depot blazes in Ukraine, explosion kills firemen

Detroit: Worst U.S. bird flu outbreak in history expands to Michigan; Canada Geese diagnosed

Switzerland: 'Russia & Qatar may lose World Cups' - FIFA official

Schloss Elmau: G7 leaders arrive in Bavaria for 2-day summit; about 200 protesters demonstrating outside venue but presence smaller than in past years

Ghana: Update: over 250 dead in Accra filling station explosion

Sydney: Brilliant student uses 'radio eyes' capture images of plasma tubes floating above our heads

Zurich: Blatter's exit prompts call for new face, fresh start for FIFA

Baghdad: ISIS closes Iraq dam gates, sparking humanitarian fears

Switcheroo: Sepp Blatter resigns: 'Smoking gun' at head of Fifa puts Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cups in jeopardy

Sky wasn't falling: The unrealized horrors of population explosion

Hay-on-Wye: Cli-fi authors openly brag about brainwashing children

Seattle: Microsoft releasing Windows 10 as a free upgrade on July 29th

Washington: Surveillance powers lapse with no deal in Senate

Widely mocked: Warner 'fooled' by fake article

Trinidad: Indicted ex-FIFA executive cites bogus article in satirical magazine as he slams U.S.

Soccer scandal: Will UEFA defect from FIFA?

Nomura: India at early stages of recovery, growth to rise to 8%

London: Russia ban shows sanctions are working, Sir Malcolm Rifkind says

BBC: European Union anger at Russian travel blacklist

Japan: M7.8 quake big but deep, so damage very limited

Strike back: Saudi coalition kills 40 rebels in Yemen's Aden

Dammam: Social media tributes pour in for Saudi hero who thwarted ISIS attack

Jeddah: Three killed, but alert security prevents catastrophe by suicide bomber at Dammam mosque

American Thinker: Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates

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Ottawa: Harper Govt ran $5B surplus over first quarter: Finance Canada

At the open: Stocks jump on strong U.S. GDP

Virginia: Gunman kills reporter and cameraman live on air; kills self

Terror: European ministers to talk security in Paris after train attack

Paris: Train attack suspect hit with terror charges

Police lead French train attack suspect, 26-year-old Moroccan national Ayoub el-Khazzani, into a Paris court, Aug. 25, 2015. ~ AP/ITELE

#Elxn42: Conservatives promise tax credit for parents who adopt children

Toronto: Blue Jays fever grips nation from sea to sea to sea

With the Toronto Blue Jays riding a thrilling 11-game winning streak that has propelled them into first place in the American League East, fans from coast to coast to coast are falling back in love with the franchise that captured their hearts with back-to-back World Series titles in 1992 and 1993.

China: Tianjin inferno kills at least 50 as massive fireballs
shot high above the port city's skyscrapers

Fire from two explosions at a logistics facility in Tianjin, China, envelops parked cars on August 12.

#Elxn42: Debate chaos as Mulcair, Trudeau camps waffle, delay;
NDP leader demanded late changes for Munk Debates

#Elxn42: Why Harper & Co. don’t seem all that worried;
rivals' gaffes are mounting, candidates being dropped

Conservative leader Stephen Harper shakes hands at a rally Monday in Brampton, Ontario. ~ Sean Kilpatrick Canadian Press

#Elxn42: Harper will ban travel to extremist hotspots

Neil Macdonald: "Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister.
And he looked like one." in Macleans debate

#Elxn42: Mulcair hesitant in leaders debate, but keeps 'Angry Tom'
at bay with a 'creepy' grin no matter the subject

#Elxn42: Harper effectively defends record, makes positions clear on economic & national security issues as he wins Macleans leaders debate

Harper had the advantage of looking exactly like the current prime minister; otherwise it was more a question of who didn’t look prime ministerial. This was a missed opportunity for Tom Mulcair. Despite his reputation as a seasoned performer in the House of Commons, he seemed uncomfortable for large portions of the debate and was not as engaged as Justin Trudeau, who jumped into the debate assertively and challenged Harper. ~ Frank Gunn Canadian Press

MH370: Malaysia confirms wing part is from missing Malaysian jet

Ottawa: Canada's trade deficit narrows dramatically as exports surge

#Elxn42: Harper steps up attacks on Trudeau, Mulcair;
Canadians face "choice between risk and stability,
between half-baked ideas and proven track record"

#Elxn42: Harper: a re-elected Conservative government will
increase and extend its apprenticeship job creation tax credit

Kingston: Harper brings campaign into Ontario heartland,
takes aim at riding with weak Liberal candidate

Ottawa: Federal election campaign is underway!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at front door of Rideau Hall, announcing the campaign has begun with critical decisions to be made by Canadians on issues of safety and security.

Ottawa: Harper headed to Rideau Hall, election call expected

John Ibbotson: Stephen Harper: The making of a Prime Minister
"He has brought peace to a fractious federation. Under his leadership, Canada speaks with a very different voice in the world."

"He has made the federal government smaller, less intrusive, less ambitious. He has made Canada a less Atlantic and a more Pacific nation."

Election watch: Will Stephen Harper pull plug, drop writ
and join election trail this weekend?

Telegraph: MH370 search: plane debris 'almost certainly from Boeing 777'

NY Times: Debris in Réunion is met warily
amid speculation it’s from missing MH370

Police officers inspecting a piece of debris on Wednesday that appeared to be an airplane part found on the western Indian Ocean island of Réunion. ~ Prisca Bigot/Zinfos974 Reuters

Other side of ocean: Officials probe plane debris
found in Indian Ocean far from MH370 search area

French investigators were probing plane debris that washed ashore on Réunion island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, but officials cautioned it was too soon to say whether it was linked to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing over a year ago.

Leaving Las Vegas: British Airways Flight BA274
forced to land in Montreal after bomb threat

Melita: Huge tornado touches down in Manitoba
as band of storms hammer the region

Giant tornado north of Pierson, Manitoba Monday night. ~ Greg Johnson @TornadoGreg / Twitter

Financial Post: China stocks fall most in 8 years
as IMF warns Beijing to butt out of market

Toronto: TSX and NYSE fall after Shanghai stock exchange dives

Shanghai: After quick 8.5% crash, confusion reigns in Chinese stocks

Liberal leader loses big time: Eve Adams crashes,
Toronto grassroots repudiate Justin Trudeau's judgement

Rhode Island: Newport Folk Festival marks
50th anniversary of Bob Dylan going electric

Bob Dylan plays electric guitar on stage for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. The shockwaves lasted decades. Is he one of 'mystery performers' in the closing-night tribute to that long ago mark in time? ~ Alice Ochs

Washington Post: Toronto will bid for 2024 Olympics; joins 5 others

Mainstreet poll: Conservatives jump to huge lead; NDP, Liberals plunge;
Large sample of 5,000+ voters: CPC 38%, NDP 27%, LPC 25%

Hartley Bay: Beached B.C. orca whale saved by dedicated volunteers

Dedicated volunteer rescuers used buckets, wet blankets and a hose and hand pump to protect the crying orca from sunburn and dehydration for 8 hours until the tide rose and she swam back to her nearby fretting pod.

We've been misled by bad science: Nina Teicholz's
big surprise: 'Fat doesn't make you fat'

Pacific phenomenon: Heavy storms in California signify return of El Nino

Oil warning: Crash could be the worst in more than 45 years;
OPEC continues over-supply in face of slow demand growth

Kelowna: B.C. wildfires force dozens from homes;
lightning storms spark 60 new blazes in 24 hours

Flames from a wildfire close in on Kelowna, B.C. as the forest fire spreads near the Westside Road in West Kelowna by Lake Okanagan Resort. ~ Shawn Talbot Photography

Conference hears findings: Bad sleep habits linked to Alzheimer's risk

Ottawa: Smart parents have been voting Conservative;
they support and gain from child benefits, says CP analysis

Ajax: Blue Jays alumni and minor league players lead Canada win
of Pan-Am baseball gold in dramatic fashion over American rivals

Team Canada's Pete Orr celebrates after scoring the winning run for gold against the U.S. in extra innings. Canada is now the only country other than Cuba to win back-to-back Pan-Am gold.

Toronto: Canada continues to lead Pan-Am medal totals

After the first week of the Pan-Am Games Canada continues to lead medal count. Athletes from the host country are performing at a high level against much larger countries.

Tokyo: Japan scraps $2B 2020 Olympic stadium plan & starts over

The scrapped 80,000-seat stadium, designed by Iraq’s Prizker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid and predicted to be the most expensive ever built, had long been a source of controversy in Japan because of its design and size, which seemed to run against the “compactness” promised by Tokyo’s Olympic plan.

Former ISIS fighter: Better prison in Germany than freedom in Syria

Reputation Institute: Canada 'most admired' country in world; praise for
"effective govt," "absence of corruption", "friendly & welcoming people"

Ottawa: Bank of Canada cuts interest rate to 0.5%

Vienna: Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is wild card in nuclear deal

Wall Street Journal: U.S. stocks rise on Greece deal

Athens: Greece will be on a tight timetable to implement reforms

Greece: Deal reached; economic reforms to cover taxes,
pensions, labour markets, banks and privatization

Harper: Canada will ride out domestic impact of
global downturn with 'strong fiscal discipline'

400 fires raging in 3 provinces: Wildfire threat lessens near Jasper,
and for some Saskatchewan evacuees; B.C. fire destroying homes

Jasper National Park's Maligne Valley remains closed because of this nearby forest fire.

Ottawa: Cancer targeted by 2 viruses in made-in-Canada therapy

Genetic mutations that make cancer cells grow quickly also make them susceptible to viruses.

Petition: Reinstate conservation officer suspended
for refusing to kill bear cubs

The two orphaned bear cubs whose lives were spared; brother and sister Jordan and Athena.

Toronto: PM Harper welcomes Pan-Am competitors from 41 countries

Prime Minister Harper PM Harper plays table tennis with Matthew Buie prior to attending the opening ceremony of the 2015 Pan American Games Friday night.

Athens: Greek lawmakers approve austerity reforms as basis for talks

Toronto: Pan-Am Games to kick off with sold-out
Cirque du Soleil spectacular at the Rogers Centre

Pan Am mascot Pachi runs past Canadian athletes as they attend the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games welcome ceremony at the Athlete's Village in Toronto on Wednesday, July, 8, 2015. ~ Chris Young CP

Athens switch: Greece's Tsipras to sell austerity deal to reluctant party

Washington: IMF downgrades 2015 outlook for global growth to 3.3%

China crisis: Asian markets plunge despite Beijing's measures to halt
financial meltdown; main market index down 30% since early June

Greek crisis: Tsipras pleads for fair deal for Greece in EU Parliament

Vancouver: Iconic WWII-era Martin Mars water bomber
could be pressed into service to fight B.C. wildfires

The bomber is stationed in Port Alberni, B.C. and was originally built for the U.S. Navy for the Second World War, but has spent more than half a century dropping its 27,000-litre load of water on domestic and international forest fires.

Winnipeg: Suspicious package reports prompt more evacuations

Hours after a suspect was charged in connection with explosive devices sent to addresses in Winnipeg, a Canada Post depot and city hall were evacuated after reports of suspicious packages.

Greek crisis: Finance Minister resigns after 61% reject bailout

Athens: Greeks reject bailout terms, choose chaos

Greek crisis: Polls say referendum outcome now a toss-up;
Greece will collapse without fresh aid says head of European Parliament

Another Ontario Govt fiasco? Fears of a Pan Am Games flop:
Toronto faces empty hotel rooms, unsold tickets and angry locals

A cyclist rides past a large banner and temporary seating on the lakeshore near CIBC Pan Am Park, the temporary name for the CNE, in Toronto. With only a week to go before the games open, there are fears that the event will turn out to be an expensive flop.

Delamaide: Greek vote a pivotal moment for Europe

IMF: Greece needs another €50B to prevent bankruptcy and will not
survive without massive debt relief after over-spending for too long

London: UK PM Cameron paves way for RAF air strikes in Syria

Washington: U.S., Cuba agree to establish full diplomatic relations

Socialism fails again: Greece defaults as last-ditch plea for aid fails

History in making? A crowdfunding campaign tries to save Greece

Sumatra: 113 killed as Indonesia Air Force C-130 crashes into hotel

Rescuers surround crashed C-130B Hercules military airplane in Medan, Indonesia, on Tuesday.

Triple threat: Greece, Puerto Rico and China shake world finances

Greek debt: European markets dive, Wall Street slides

Tokyo: Euro, stocks slide on looming Greece default

Athens panic: PM Tsipras calls for referendum at 1 am Greek time;
vote on terms of bailout pushes Greek banks to brink of meltdown

Elections matter: Greek banks and stock exchange in shutdown

Cape Canaveral: Bad things come in 3s as third supply mission explodes

Cape Canaveral: Here’s why today's SpaceX explosion matters

Catastrophic failure: SpaceX rocket breaks apart minutes after lift-off

Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft breaks apart shortly after liftoff at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Sunday, June 28, 2015 in three composite images. ~ John Raoux AP

Kuwait: 25 dead, 202 wounded; mosque explosion during midday prayers

Tunis: Twenty-seven killed in attacks on Tunisian hotels

France 24: Suspect arrested in terror attack on French factory

France: Decapitated body, scrawled with Arabic, found at French blast site

Africa: Canada delivers on 2010 Harper promise to mothers & newborn;
PM's Muskoka Initiative shifted world focus to saving lives;
"The Canadian leadership has been really important,"
said Dr. Mickey Chopra, chief of health for UNICEF

Ottawa: Signing Pacific trade deal is ‘essential’: Stephen Harper;
will protect farmers and Canada’s supply management system

BBC: Iran nuclear talks: Khamenei rejects key U.S. demands

Ottawa: Trudeau says he'd soften how Canada deals with ISIS

Vancouver: Footprints found on Calvert Island off B.C. coast
could be oldest in North America; over 13,000 years old

Impressions of footprints buried at a shoreline archeological site on Calvert Island, B.C. ~ Joanne McSporran Discovery Islands Archeology Project

Ottawa: New charges laid for Lac-Mégantic train brake failure

Kabul: Taliban attack on Afghan parliament ends

Afghanistan: Taliban attack Afghan parliament building in Kabul

The Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack on Afghanistan’s parliament building that prompted the evacuation of lawmakers as they prepared to review the nomination of the country’s new defense minister. The attack began around 10:30 a.m. local time with a massive blast outside the parliament, said Sediq Sediqqi, spokesman for Afghanistan’s ministry of interior. ~ Dr. Naqibullah Faiq Twitter

Toronto: Harper announces $2.6B in funding for Mayor Tory's SmartTrack

Planet watching: Latest in reality TV; live HD video from ISS

Pictured is a screenshot of footage taken from Boston from the ISS at an incredible 3.2ft (1 metre) resolution. This is detailed enough to be able to see cars and even people moving around, and it's only a teaser of what's to come.

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Toronto: TSX set to open higher on strong U.S. economic data

But won't it 'balance itself'? Trudeau says will take "years" for Liberals to re-balance budget after their spending binges

Toronto: TSX set to open higher on oil prices, RBC results

Toronto: Royal Bank reports $2.4B profit on record-high earnings in Canada

#Elxn42: Parties take shots with unique error pages

Calgary: Drivers charged $20 'toll' after fatal crash triggers emergency detour through First Nation territory

Ottawa: Canada wholesale trade rebounds in June, rising 1.3%

Laurie Graham: Harper's son Ben in spotlight on Conservative campaign trail

#Elxn42: Ontario teachers’ unions taking on Stephen Harper with pledges to campaign against Conservatives

David Frum: The delusions of the Canadian mind

Corey Laroque: Stephen Harper won week 2 of election campaign

#Elxn42: Harper tours far north, reiterates local infrastructure and national security are pillars of Conservatives' northern outlook

Crux of the Matter: Like Nigel Wright, ALL politicians & staffers do 'issues management'

Colby Cosh: Of course Justin Trudeau would like to turn this election into a campaign of feelings

#Elxn42: The nerd who came from nowhere: Stephen Harper knows you don’t need to like a politician to elect him

Regina: Justin Trudeau's pie-in-the-sky platform

Toronto: Sexual assault lawsuit filed against former Ontario Liberal Premier David Peterson; when alleged victim complained to Pan Am officials she was told to ignore it

Vancouver: $267309 tax-free: Chief of 90-member BC First Nation may be Canada's highest paid politician

London: Butter is all right, but margarine just might kill you, massive Canadian study finds

Hamilton: Small business body calls Ontario pension plan a ‘job-killer’

#Elxn42: CBC biased headline 'Canada loses 6600 jobs' an outright untruth!!

#Elxn42: Stephen Harper's travel ban won't apply to fighters against ISIS

#Elxn42: Nova Scotia NDP candidate resigns after Israel Facebook post emerges

Paul Wells: Stephen, Thomas, Elizabeth, Justin… and me

#Elxn42: Wynne wants rest of Canada to suffer like Ontarians already suffer; re-directs federal health transfers, blocks pipeline

Parapan Am Roundup: Canada collects 16 medals on Day 1

#Elxn42: NDP star candidate raises eyebrows with oil sands comment; cavalierly endorses killing tens of thousands of jobs

#Elxn42: Canadian Israelis launch crowdfunding campaign to re-elect PM Harper; money raised will support GOTV

#Elxn42: Mulcair’s wage promise minimally truthful

Ottawa: Canadian recall of certain Heinz and Mott's products over potentially defective seal

Ottawa: Canada adds jobs in July, unemployment rate steady

#Elxn42: Quotes from Macleans debate

#Elxn42: Cautious Mulcair, pugnacious Trudeau jockey to be Harper’s main foe

#Elxn42: NDP numbers plateau as Conservatives have strong July: Nanos

#Elxn42: Harper Government fiscal record vs Notley NDP’s $120M tax increase

#Elxn42: Wynne needs to fix her mess in Ontario before she tries to put fix on in Ottawa; Ontario deficit bigger than rest of federal and provincial deficits combined

#Elxn42: Chicken strategy: Mulcair fear of debates raises ugly head again; says he didn't agree to Munk and Globe and Mail debates

Gwyn Morgan: Some vital perspective on Conservatives’ economic record

At midday: TSX gains for fifth day as oil rise lifts energy stocks

Margaret Wente: With Liberals squeezed out, a new two-way race

#Elxn42: Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau confirm Globe and Mail debate attendance on September 17th in Calgary

Toronto: Muzik nightclub shooting: 2 dead, 3 in hospital

Lorrie Goldstein: Welcome to our nightmare; If Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister, backed by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, it's not going to be pretty, Canada

#Elxn42: Which “leader & party can you trust” likely ballot question

Michael Den Tandt: Relaxed, forceful and confident Harper bets extra-long campaign will favour Conservatives

Teviotdale: Tornado hit Ontario village with 220 km/h winds, left 9-km trail of damage, Environment Canada says

#Elxn42: Stephen Harper’s remarks at launch of election

#Elxn42: Opposition AND media versus Conservative Party on election spending; LPC and NDP have been taking free rides

Diane Francis: Why Stephen Harper’s opponents are critics, not contenders

Ottawa: NDP threatens to pull out of consortium debates; Conservatives already pulled out, want to accept broader group of debates; first debate is August 6th, hosted by Maclean's Magazine

Federal election 2015: 5 things that change when the campaign (really) starts

Toronto: U of T to transform regenerative medicine thanks to historic $114M federal grant, the largest in the University's history

Crux of the Matter: The media, not PM Harper, have effectively dropped election writ

Egypt: Cairo court postpones verdict for Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy

Lorrie Goldstein: The fall of Justin Trudeau

Crux of the Matter: NDP leader Tom Mulcair has the audacity & arrogance to play victim after ripping off taxpayers for $2.75M

Peter C. Newman: The centre-left’s divine right: The arrogance of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals

Iqaluit: Sergey Ananov, Russian helicopter pilot missing in Davis Strait between Baffin Island and Greenland, found alive; shared ice floe with polar bears after crash and loss of round-the-world copter

Geoffrey Stevens: Flora MacDonald was an exceptional Canadian; 1926-2015

Toronto: Canadian math whiz wins international competition

Toronto: Mega armoured vehicle made in Ontario by hand attracts the rich and powerful; but not in Canada "because Canada is a very safe country"

Chris Selley: The Liberals are missing the mark: the NDP’s real weaknesses don’t lie with the Unity Bill

Ottawa: Federal government ‘well ahead’ on path to surplus, Harper says; NDP and Liberals shy away from previous commitments to balanced budgets

Says 'no' to abolition: Nova Scotia Senate seats won't be given up says Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil

How low can they go? NDP begs parents to send child benefits to them; NDP puts Mulcair martinis ahead of ending child poverty

Pressure on provinces: Stephen Harper puts moratorium on Senate appointments

Crux of the Matter: Some Canadian media in full “Harper Derangement Frenzy”

David Rosenberg: An NDP federal election win would not be Loonie friendly

Reuters: Canada bouncing back, further rate cuts unlikely, economists say

Montreal: Quebec NDP candidates, including incumbent MPs, having trouble raising election funds, putting seats at risk

Mississauga: Liberal candidate Spengemann called a "proven cheater" by retired Liberal MP Paul Szabo; says he cheated on nomination expenses, and should be barred from election

Terence Corcoran: Media in grip of pre-election Harper Derangement Frenzy, but Canada still tops global rankings in growth, reputation

Anthony Furey: Trudeau fizzles out this summer; dithering further reveals lack of leadership skills

John Ivison: NDP MP will regret saying party’s top priority is toppling Harper government

Loose cannon? NDP Finance critic Nathan Cullen advocates post-election coalition with Liberals; leadership needed during unsettled world economy, not coalition uncertainties

Ottawa: Crime rate up for child porn, ID fraud, sexual violation against children, and abduction; youth accused of attempted murder up 37%

Picton: Ontario Government signs new death sentence for millions of migrating birds; international groups point out the birds "don't belong to the province"

Toronto: What you can learn from the Pan Am Games marketing disaster

Toronto: Ontario PC MPP Garfield Dunlop steps down so new leader Patrick Brown can run for Simcoe North seat in Ontario Legislature

Delta: Safety Minister Blaney says Anonymous threats against RCMP taken seriously

Toronto: Finance Minister Oliver confident about federal budget surplus

Ottawa: Canada’s federal finances in good shape, but provinces not so much: PBO

Ottawa: Modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) announced

World’s most indebted sub-sovereign borrower: Ontario, more indebted than California, ignores S&P in borrowing

Long-time Liberals turn on Trudeau arrogance & incompetence: Warren Kinsella: Team Trudeau: the news is in… and the news is not good

Ottawa: Third-place Justin Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum in polls

Montreal: Separatist NDP candidate in Papineau riding resigns after past comments come to light

Éric Grenier: Poll Tracker: Liberals falling further behind NDP-Conservative race

Windsor: PC leader Patrick Brown consults with auto sector; decries job-killing hydro costs and payroll taxes

Tom Flanagan: The irony of the AFN leadership’s call for an anti-Tory vote

Ottawa: NDP eager to shed big-spender image as party crafts social policies; needs to make people forget 8 decades of tax-and-spend socialist promises

Balanced budget bonus: Conservatives hand out child benefit cheques as campaign ramps up

Ottawa: What you need to know about the Universal Child Care Benefit; or some of it, anyway

Ottawa: Harper scraps Arctic trip, expected to start election campaign early

Toronto: Four Pan Am athletes test positive for drugs; from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic

Ottawa: Gen. Jonathan Vance becomes chief of defence staff, vows to tackle harassment

Toronto: Court refuses to stay federal voter ID rule after late appeal of new proof requirements

Ottawa: RCMP no longer releasing names of crash victims due to Privacy Act

Dawson Creek: Masked man shot dead after confronting police during Site C dam open house

Steve Simmons: Closing Pan-Am Games with Kanye West is wrong because he isn't Canadian

Mulcair pulls a PET: Whistles different tune depending on province he's in; lacks national view

Ottawa: Canadian inflation inches up to 1% in June; held back by dropping energy prices; core inflation up 2.3%

Montreal: Rona buying 20 stores in Quebec, Ontario, eliminating franchise structure

Crux of the Matter: Canada ranked as “most admired” in the world

Transmission maker changes owners: Magna to buy Germany’s Getrag for $2.5B

Vancouver: Canada’s largest First Nations newspaper says it was responsible for offensive Liberal ad which stereotypes natives and ran 3 weeks ago; but only apologizes now, says ad salesperson to be fired

Crux of the Matter: PM Harper on interest rate cut and Canada’s financial future

Bloomberg: Canadian, New Zealand and Australian currencies drop as demand for raw materials dips and interest rates cut

Ottawa: Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose demands action on drug costs; Feds want into provincial buying alliance to reduce prices

Ottawa: New Sovereign's Medal to honour Canadian volunteers

Ottawa: Stephen Harper announces conclusion of Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Ukraine

Ottawa: Employment and Social Development Minister Pierre Poilievre reminds Canadians of coming increases in Universal Child Care Benefit payments, and the need for some to apply for benefits for older children

Vancouver: New grain terminal will allow full trains to unload much more quickly

Ottawa: Canadian Press reporter apparently believes Canada being "pro-European, pro-democratic” is hot news; non-story is old news reported in 2014 at time of Ukrainanian uprising against Putin puppet Yanukovych

Crux of the Matter: Remember, Conservatives enacted Rouge National Urban Park Act!

Pickering: PM Harper announces the expansion of Canada’s first national urban park, adding 21 sq km of new lands to Rouge National Urban Park on eastern edge of Toronto

Forum Research poll: Conservatives and NDP tied at 32%; Liberals continue steep drop, now down to 26%

Toronto: Fiat Chrysler CEO fires warning shot at Ontario

NASDAQ: Unemployment rate holds steady; Canada jobs data eases concerns about economy

Ottawa: Canada gains 64,800 full-time jobs, beats analysts' expectations as part-time jobs drop

Ottawa: Health Canada addresses serious acetaminophen (aka tylenol) overdose risks

Windsor: Wheatley company to build $43M mini-fleet of Coast Guard search and rescue boats

Ottawa: Pace of Canadian housing starts picks up in June, better than expected

Ottawa: Canadian economy in lockstep with U.S. as low energy prices bite production sectors; IMF reduces Canadian growth forecast in 2015 to 1.5%

Montreal: 2 men shot dead Wednesday night; residents nervous as Marieville manhunt continues

Hamilton: Dog attack wasn't cause of man's death, police say

Hamilton: Sharpei Fila dog being walked allegedly kills one of men walking it; nearby residents heard screams and rushed to help, 1 used bat to try to fend off animal

Pinhorn: Newly-discovered Alberta Wendiceratops dinosaur had crown of horns

Kelly McParland: Europe is in crisis, China is in turmoil, ISIL is expanding, Mulcair is gaining. So why isn’t Harper panicked? Canada an island of tranquility in volatile world

National Post: Ontario has to get its house in order now, while it still can

Toronto: Ontario's credit rating downgraded again over heavy debt load, budgeting; borrowing costs go up

Calgary: Man who flew over city in chair carried by helium balloons charged with mischief by police

Winnipeg: Police warn justice officials to watch their mail for next day or so

Winnipeg: 'Harrowing' bomb events in Winnipeg impact many, mayor says; 3 bombs detonated in city on weekend, leaving 1 woman seriously injured

LaRonge: Canadian military called in to help nearly 8,000 forced from their homes by Saskatchewan wildfires

Killer: Paul Bernardo wants day parole in Toronto area

Tasha Kheiriddin: In HarperPAC’s demise, a lesson about democracy; why are only only Conservatives worried about third-party spending?

Thomas Walkom: Justin Trudeau’s climate change plan disappoints; rich in many details but vague on how to curb carbon emissions

Over Uber: Taxi disruption during Toronto Pan Am Games 'possibility'

Ottawa: Canada manufacturing activity expands in June

Calgary: Poll shows 'honeymoon' over for NDP, Notley; Wildrose surges past

Macleans double dipper bombshell: Mulcair’s secret meetings with the Tories; he wanted more money, instead joined NDP from Quebec Liberals

Ottawa: Greece says crisis won't affect tourists, but Canada urges travellers to take cash

Winds of November come early: Cold, rain, wind batter Ontario, Quebec and Great Lakes states; high water destroys docks, flooding on both sides of border

Ottawa: Trade Minister Ed Fast calls TPP compensation reports 'speculation'

Ottawa: HarperPAC, Engage Canada highlight confusion over 3rd-party ads

Ottawa: Harper condemns today's terrorist attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia, offers condolences on behalf of Canadians

Ottawa: Independent HarperPAC shuts down; founder said group glad to have kickstarted a “fevered discussion” around the issue of third-party money in “pre-writ political campaigns”; donations to be returned

Treason: Winnipeg man defends ISIS, cowardly attack on Parliament Hill that killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo, but traitor to his country denies he's a threat; 'They had it coming to them. They deserved it.'

Under appeal: Former MP Dean Del Mastro sentenced to month in jail, 4 months house arrest for 2008 election overspending

Kady O'Malley: New election rules force Elections Canada to put their rulings in 'Opinions, Guidelines and Interpretations Registry'

Toronto: Rogers to buy Mobilicity, Shaw airwaves, sell some spectrum to Wind Mobile

Toronto: Vaughan café shooting kills 2, injures 2

Windsor: 70 Canadian universities receive new federal funding for research in a wide variety of fields

Thomas Walkom: Justin Trudeau’s boldly wrong-headed take on Canada-U.S. relations

Ottawa: Army chief orders mandatory briefings on sexual misconduct

Edmonton: Alberta bans union and corporate donations to political parties; loan loophole remains

Robyn Urback: Trudeau explains 11-month slide in polls, saying it’s not him — it’s you

Kelly McParland: Liberal voting plan requires a leap of faith that would bring change now and plenty of unknown repercussions later

Montreal: Extremist Longueuil mayor wants English banned from city council meetings

Ottawa: Senator Cools says Senate should ask media for help in hunt for source of audit leaks

Calgary: Don't give up on carbon capture technology, Saskatchewan tells Alberta NDP

To replace ship that burned: Ottawa to talk with Davie shipyard about temporary naval supply ship

British Columbia: 'Moose rider' under investigation after video posted to YouTube

Hijacking democracy: NDP and Liberals want to be elected before they'll share details on how they'll change electoral system; Conservatives back previous referendum results

Antonia Maioni: Federal Liberals need more than a facelift to win Quebec

Toronto: Harper announces details of $1B Public Transit Fund

Ottawa: Senator Don Meredith dumped by Conseratives after sexual revelations by Toronto Star

Christie Blatchford: At trial, Mike Duffy’s lawyer paints the suspended senator as victim of a $90,000 gift; no one believes it

Ottawa: Anonymous hackers prove need for Bill C-51 by attacking Govt

Breaks silence: Ader was 'fully complicit in my suffering', Lindhout says

Toronto: Fear of gridlock prompts City Council to keep Gardiner Expressway

Lies our leaders tell us: Mulcair preys on citizens' Constitutional naivete about MPs' ability to dump Senate; Supremes made it clear, provincial consent and dissent matter

Whitehorse: Ice age camel DNA discovered in Canada changes theories on species

Malaysia: Canadian mocks Govt Minister who linked tourist nudity to earthquake; says it's foolish to swallow local superstitions

Edmonton: Hate crimes unit was probing police killer; Raddatz is presumed dead after body found burned in fire

Gdynia: Harper sees shadowing Russian ships in Baltic Sea while sailing on HMCS Fredericton

Ottawa: CBC's firing of Evan Solomon over ethics takes another high-profile public broadcasting TV-radio star off the air under a cloud

Éric Grenier: How Gilles Duceppe's return to the Bloc changes the game in Quebec; former leader's comeback could complicate things for NDP

Gdansk: Harper’s visit to Canadian frigate leaked by Polish PM

Participaction: Canadian kids get D-minus for physical activity

Ottawa: Gilles Duceppe to return to lead Bloc Québécois in upcoming election

Crux of the Matter: Should Canadian taxpayers pay expenses related to Senators' 'community service'?

Toronto: Canada's CPPIB has agreed to buy GE private equity lending arm for $12B

Montreal: Quebec to give police, courts new tools to fight extremism

Ottawa: Canada housing starts jump, bode well for economic snapback

Ottawa: Canada's job gains biggest in 7 months, buoyed by manufacturing

Kelly McParland: Mulcair pledges an infrastructure project in every pot

Gananoque: Teen charged with arson after barn fire kills 30 cattle

Bounceback: Rainfall pushes levels on Great Lakes to their highest since 1990s

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