Health alert: Understanding the connections between alcohol and breast cancer

Jerusalem Post: U.S. to convert existing Jerusalem facility into Embassy for 2019 opening

Catherine Herridge - Fox News: GOP lawmakers demand that 'alarming' memo on FISA abuses be made public

Guardian: Mother and daughter shot dead while immunizing children from polio in Pakistan

Global News: Pope accuses sexual assault victims in Chile of slander

Daily Caller: Congressman says has been "made aware" of "credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border" related to Las Vegas massacre

CBC: Zimbabwe politician jailed during Mugabe era among 5 killed in U.S. helicopter crash

LV Review-Journal: Court claim puts attention on Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend

Daily Mail: Cannabis users are more likely to feel deceived and alienated by others, study finds; increases connectivity in the brain regions associated with psychosis

Fox News: Manhattan DA raids Newsweek headquarters

Business Insider: The House just voted to avoid a government shutdown, but the plan could still crash and burn in the Senate

NY Post: Under the new Trump standard, why wasn't Obama impeached?

CNBC: IBM shares fall despite first growth in 23 quarters

Larry Elder: Under the new Trump standard, why wasn't Obama impeached?

Washington Times: Obama’s doctor says Trump is in excellent health, killing the liberal dream of his ‘incapacity’

CNBC: GOP education task ahead: Polls find a lot of Americans haven't heard of new tax system or its details but assume it will hurt them anyway

Joel Kotkin - City-Journal: Can the Trump economy Trump Trump?

Bloomberg: Intel has a big problem. It needs to act like it

Christopher Buskirk - USA Today: While Trump's critics keep talking, Trump is fulfilling his promises

CNBC: Trump says his border wall stance hasn't 'evolved,' and insists Mexico will pay for it

Bloomberg Businessweek: Are you missing out on the great market melt-up?

CNBC: Cramer calls Apple's $350B investment in the U.S. economy a 'modern-day Marshall Plan'

Bloomberg Businessweek: Tesla’s Model 3: Slowest. Rollout. Ever.

CNBC: GE shares drop to 6-year low below $17

NBC: Snow on ground in all 50 U.S. states for first time since 2010

Bloomberg: U.S. jobless claims plunge to lowest weekly tally since 1973

Toronto Star: Emirates to buy 20 Airbus A380 aircraft in $16B deal

CNBC: Trump hasn't made the dollar great again, and he apparently likes it that way

CBC: Strong winter storm blasts northern Europe, killing at least 2 and grounding flights

Fox News: President Trump reveals winners of his ‘Fake News’ awards; host website crashes due to traffic volumes

Bloomberg Businessweek: This army of AI robots will feed the world

CBC: Ex-CIA agent's arrest means the U.S. has been 'blind in China' for years, says another former CIA spy

Daily Mail: NASA says February 4th asteroid fly-by at 107,826 kmph will safely miss Earth

CNBC: Apple says it will contribute $350B to the U.S. economy over the next 5 years

Axios: U.S.-Canada council calls for more support for female business owners

More Trump bump - Reuters: Apple plans second U.S. campus, to pay $38B in foreign cash taxes

CTV News: Meteor credited for bright light, noise rattling Michigan

ABC: Donald Trump scored top marks in Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, here's what he was tested on

CTV News: Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees temperatures hit minus 67C

CBC: 2 Koreas to form 1st joint Olympic team, march together in opening ceremony

CTV News: Optimism in Iraq fuels revived interest in classic cars

ABC News: North Korea to send 230-member cheering squad to Olympics

Sydney: $260B ‘cryptocalypse’ as crypto currencies plunge 30% amid fresh China, South Korea fears

Washigton Examiner: White House doctor: Trump scored 30 out of 30 on a cognitive exam he requested; first time any President has been scored on Montreal Cognitive Assessment; will media apologize?

Salena Zito - NY Post: Nothing's changed: Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America

AP: U.S. withholds $65M from Palestinian aid programs

AP: Tax law brings big paper losses, long-term gains to U.S. banks

Victor Davis Hanson - National Review: President Nobama; Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy

Fox Business: Facebook's major news feed revamp could exacerbate fake news

AP: Nestle selling U.S. candy business for $2.8B

Leia Klingel - Fox Business: GE faces big charge: Is a break-up next?

Andrea Peyser - NY Post: The #MeToo movement has officially jumped the shark

Reuters/Fox Business: U.S. oil industry set to break record, up-end global trade

Jeffrey Lord - American Spectator: The reflexive racism of the American Left

AP/Fox Business: With a $6B charge comes new thoughts about GE's future

Rich Lowry - National Review: In infamous meeting, Trump spoke of attracting Asian immigrants

CBC: Leading Serb moderate in Kosovo gunned down, spurring police manhunt; Oliver Ivanovic was considered a key politician who maintained relations with NATO, EU officials

Reuters: Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies tumble on government crackdown worries

Bloomberg: China escalates crackdown on cryptocurrency trading

Reuters: Vancouver meeting focus on pressuring sanctions as Koreas once again explore detente

Toronto Star: Colombian suspension bridge under construction collapses outside Bogota, killing 10 workers

Reuters: India's oil imports in 2017 surged to a record 4.4 million bpd

Fox News: Leah Remini defends fellow ex-Scientologist Paul Haggis, suggests Church of Scientology is behind rape claims

Bloomberg: NAFTA trio to gather in Davos as negotiations resume in Canada

Jack Cashill - American Thinker: Obama, Trump, and the silliness of Spielberg's The Post

BBC: Black Death 'spread by humans not rats'

Carl Golden - Asbury Park Press: Promises, promises: Bumps in the road await new NJ Gov. Murphy

Editorial - NY Post: The Martin Luther King Jr. we knew 50 years ago

Ryan Saavedra - Daily Wire: Dick Durbin has a history of lying about private White House meetings

Daily Caller: Daily Beast writer who resigned after first caught, plagiarized more than once

Selwyn Duke - American Thinker: Time to repeal the disastrous 1965 Immigration Act

Washington Examiner: Tax cuts drive business back to the Motor City

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: It's time to sort the good from the bad in the 800,000-person DACA bloc

David Marcus - Federalist: Do Americans still believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?

NY Post: This town is proof that Trump’s wall can work

Indian Express: ‘Danger of conflict between Pakistan, India growing’ claims Pakistan daily

AP: Pakistani army says Indian fire kills 4 soldiers in Kashmir

Breitbart: Donald Trump’s support among Blacks has doubled since 2016, amid racism claims: polls

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump may be digging himself into a hole

U.S. Dept of Justice: Uranium One indictment; 11 counts related to foreign bribery, fraud and money laundering scheme

Fox News: Hawaii emergency officials say ballistic missile threat alert was a mistake

Business Insider: Julian Assange has just been granted citizenship in Ecuador

Fox Business: Wall Street rises again to record highs with oil prices, earnings optimism

Benny Avni - NY Post: Here’s how Iran’s protesters want Trump to help

Piers Morgan - Daily Mail: Trump seems saner as his critics get crazier

Wall Street Journal: Economists credit Trump as tailwind for U.S. growth, hiring and stocks

Editorial - NY Post: It looks like Trump got through to ‘Little Rocket Man’

Project Veritas: Twitter insiders say some users are censored by limiting who sees their tweets; so-called 'shadow banning' has been rumoured for years

NY Times: Robots can’t vote, but they helped elect Trump

Daniel Henninger - Wall Street Journal: Trump proves he’s sane

David Harsanyi - NY Post: The Trump dossier’s credibility is collapsing

Ed Rogers - Washington Post: With Bannon gone, maybe a Trump coalition can emerge

Fox Business: Walmart giving $1,000 bonus payments, boosts entry-level pay and benefits in wake of Trump tax reform; over one million workers to benefit

Michael Kruse - Politico: Heartland Democrats to Washington: You’re killing us; New report blames elitist national party for alienating voters, and threatening the party's chances in 2020

NY Times: A perfect storm is coming to Mexico; U.S. tax changes, NAFTA question marks, and its Presidential election

Christopher Buskirk - Washington Post: Michael Wolff did Trump a big favour

updated LA Times: Death toll rises to 15 in Montecito; 100 homes destroyed by mudslides

Marketwatch: AMD stock drop shows how Spectre will loom over tech

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: This is what happens when POTUS tweets out your email address

Fox News: Southern California mudslides, flooding leave at least 13 dead in Montecito, highways closed

AP: Trump takes victory lap on taxes with rural Americans

AFP: French star Catherine Deneuve defends men's 'right' to chat up women

CBS News: A government shutdown would be a loser for Democrats

CTV News: French President urges China to open markets wider

AP: Another retailer, Target, reports booming holiday sales

Washington Examiner: Democrats' disingenuous dealing on DACA

AP: Turkey renames street following spat with UAE Minister over Ottoman Empire actions a century ago

Editorial - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Federal judge tosses out charges in Cliven Bundy case

AP: Salvadorans fear their country not prepared for returnees

Andrew Malcolm - McClatchyDC: Trump is handling Iran just right

AP: In wake of "deliberate attacks", sonic or otherwise, Tillerson not returning U.S. diplomatic staff to Cuba

David Brooks - NY Times: The decline of anti-Trumpism

AP: Panmunjom: venue for Korea talks is potential flash point inside border

Mollie Hemingway - Federalist: Treat ‘mental health’ talk against Trump like the coup attempt it is

AP: Intel CEO: Fixes on the way for serious chip security flaws; older chips and their computer hosts will remain vulnerable

ZDnet: Spectre and Meltdown: Insecurity at the heart of modern CPU design

CBC: Iran lawmaker says 3,700 arrested in days of protest, unrest; 21 died in protests over unemployment, corruption

Fox News: Charges against rancher Cliven Bundy, three others are dismissed by federal judge

Nashville - Reuters: Trump tells farmers he supports crop insurance

Bloomberg: U.S. equities keep shattering records

Fox News: Dem-ordered study to expose illegal online gun sales backfires

CNBC: Buffett's Berkshire stands to gain $37B windfall from tax plan

Reuters: U.S. moves toward expelling 200,000 Salvadorans

Brooke Singman - Fox News: Grand jury seeks testimony about Bernie Sanders' wife, $10M college loan: report

Reuters: Ex-Google engineer fired over gender memo sues for discrimination

CNBC: Starting January 22nd, some Americans may need a passport for domestic air travel

New York - Reuters: Three injured in fire atop NYC's Trump Tower, officials say

CNBC: Despite Trump threats, vehicle imports from Mexico hit an all-time high

Judson Berger - Fox News: Obamas criticized for lavish library plans, including 'test kitchen'

Zero Hedge: Upcoming OIG report likely to trigger second Special Counsel; Comey, Lynch and Clinton in crosshairs

Detroit Free Press: Embezzlement plagues union offices around U.S., records show

Anthony Watts - Watts Up With That: FAIL: NOAA’s winter climate outlook claimed ‘warmer than normal’ temperature; Global warming/climate change advocates want us to believe that computer models will accurately predict temperature out to the year 2100...

Zero Hedge: Save your money; Wikileaks publishes Michael Wolff's entire sold out Trump book as a PDF

Mark Gollom - CBC: Trump racks up significant political victories in his 1st year; wins include tax overhaul, regulatory rollback and appointment of a record number of judges

CBS News: Trump blasts CNN for Tapper's off the dial full-frontal attack during Stephen Miller interview

Globe and Mail: Steve Bannon says support for Trump 'unwavering' as aides defend President's fitness for office

CBS News: Combat veterans suffering from same CTE brain disease as concussion victims

CBS News: Sen. Rand Paul says injuries from altercation with neighbor left him in "living hell"

Reuters: Iranian oil tanker burns, 32 missing after collision off China's coast

Peter Roff - U.S. News and World Report: Get ready for economic lift-off; a record-setting stock market is just one of the big effects Trump's policies are having

NY Post: UK PM Theresa May says she has no concerns about Donald Trump's mental state; in Trump, she sees someone "committed to ensuring that he is taking decisions in the best interests of the United States"

Lawrence Kudlow: Bannon down, market up signals the resurgence of real American populismt

CBS News: CIA Director Pompeo disputes New York Times assessment of North Korea threat, stands behind intelligence community

ABC News: Iran's Revolutionary Guard claims victory against anti-government protests

Carl M. Cannon - Orange County Register: Fire and Fury signifying nothing

Editorial - LA Times: Losers in the GOP tax plan, blue states are unwisely turning to tax evasion that can be administratively stopped by IRS; tax reform means poor states aren't subsidizing New York and California over-spending

Matthew Continetti - Washington Free Beacon: The book that blew up Washington; Donald Trump, Fire and Fury, and the never-ending shocks to the system

Editorial - Weekly Standard: A deafening silence about new Iranian revolution

Bethlehem - Reuters: Palestinians attack car of Greek Patriarch in protest against land deals

AP: Nikki Haley: Iran, ‘the world will be watching what you do’

Peter Ferrara - Observer: America’s booming economy will smash Democrats in 2018

Byron York - Washington Examiner: What the Trump dossier criminal referral means

Maryland - AP: Trump, GOP lawmakers to take up 2018 agenda at Camp David

NBC News: Tillerson says Korea talks show U.S. strategy is working

Business Insider: Russia gained a 'treasure trove' of intelligence on the best U.S. fighter jets in Syria

VOA News: Trump suggests freezing $1.9B in aid to Pakistan just the start

Tokyo - AP: Ex-Toyota head Tatsuro Toyoda, who led overseas drive, dead at 88

Gulf News: 11 princes in Saudi Arabia arrested; were protesting new requirement that they must pay for their pay for electricity and water consumption

Boston Herald: Dunkin Donuts cuts menu by 10%, dumps smoothies, various breakfast and afternoon sandwiches and flatbread items

Fox News: Trump backs Sen. Paul's plan to fund infrastructure projects with suspended aid to Pakistan

Chuck Grassley: Senators Grassley, Graham refer Christopher Steele for criminal investigation

Deroy Murdock - National Review: The FBI’s dubious probe of Hillary’s emails; FBI did everything but drive Hillary’s getaway car

Copenhagen - AP: Minister: Norway to extradite cleric if Italy convicts him

Washington Post: FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for months; probe started during Obama years, was slowed during 2016 election

WBUR: U.S. Customs and Border Protection sets new rules for searching electronic devices

Riyadh - Gulf News: Saudi King boosts welfare and payouts to soften blow of new taxes and lifting of gasoline subsidies; part of effort to restructure economy amid lower oil prices

Cupertino: Apple admits all of its hardware products except Apple Watch are at-risk from Spectre and Meltdown speculative execution vulnerabilities; their obvious solution? but softare only from Apple

Buffalo - CBC: Sweden's captain throws medal into crowd after loss to Canada at world juniors

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: And the nominees for Fake News Awards should be...

Fake Book - Business Insider: The author of the explosive new Trump book says he can't be sure if parts of it are true

Salena Zito - Washington Examiner: GOP Rep. Bill Shuster to retire, spend final year working with Trump on massive infrastructure bill

Fox News: GOP Senators refer Trump dossier author for federal investigation

Lloyd Marcus - American Thinker: Trump's unnoticed great first-year accomplishment

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Trump anger fuels Wolff-Bannon-NBC publicity machine

Fox News: Food stamp recipients down 2M under Trump, USDA figures show

Bob McGovern - Boston Herald: Fate of legal pot now uncertain in U.S.

Fox News: White House seeks $18B to extend border wall over next 10 years

CNBC: U.S. Black unemployment rate falls to record low

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: FBI tries to claw back credibility – and maybe get on Trump's good side

Toronto Star: China tightens trade to North Korea under intensified UN nuclear sanctions

Fox News: U.S. Justice Department investigating Clinton Foundation over 'pay to play' allegations

Business Insider: Intel was aware of the chip vulnerability when its CEO sold off $24M in company stock

CNBC: Marooned at home during today's winter weather? 8 productivity hacks for working from home

CBS News: Trump Administration suspends all security assistance to Pakistan

Washington Post: Historic ‘bomb cyclone’ unleashes blizzard conditions from coastal Virginia to New England. Frigid air to follow.

CNBC: U.S. private sector added 250,000 jobs in December, vs estimate of 190,000: ADP

Breitbart: Feds Stop Smuggled Uzbek Nationals near Canadian Border

Washington Examiner: Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm

CNBC: Job-cut announcements in 2017 see lowest level since 1990, Challenger report says

Kyle Swenson - Washington Post: Who is Michael Wolff? Author of Trump book is known for 'pushing the facts' and fixating on 'money, money, money'

Bloomberg/Canada: Turkish banker found guilty of trying to help Iran dodge U.S. sanctions

Jen Gerson - National Post: The badly behaved man vs. the predator — why we need to distinguish between sex offenders

National Post: Satellite images suggest a failed Hwasong-12 missile crashed into North Korean city: report

updated Guardian: At least 18 dead and 254 injured in South Africa truck/train crash

CTV News: Winter storm bringing, snow, cold to U.S. Eastern Seaboard

LA Times: Republican wins drawing to decide Virginia House race, keeping GOP in charge

Fox News: Attorney General Sessions to reverse Obama-era policy on pot legalization

LA Times: A popular sugar additive may have fueled the spread of not one but two superbugs

AP: Fatal crash earlier this week was Australian plane’s second

Global News: First snow falls in Florida in decades as brutal storm strikes U.S. South

CBC: Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort sues special counsel Mueller over Russia probe

Kenneth Vogel - NY Times: Partisans, wielding money, begin seeking to exploit harassment claims

The Hill: In the long run, low-wage workers lose out in 'Fight for $15'

Fox News: Hungry North Korean soldiers are being given leave to find food, report says

Daily Caller: Abedin forwarded State passwords to Yahoo before it was hacked by foreign agents

Fox News: Trump says sanctions are having a 'big impact' on North Korea

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Real Climate Science: Fakest year on record at NASA and NOAA

What was actually measured versus what was reported shows the high-level climate fraud at play to sustain the false narrative of anthropogenic global warming. NOAA turns very cold regions to warm, and areas of no data to record hot. The magic of data tampering and fake data.

LA Times: Flu death count in California jumps

A military-grade medical tent is used for overflow flu patients outside the emergency room at Loma Linda Medical Center. ~ Gina Ferazzi Los Angeles Times

Driving: Montrealer makes fake car out of snow to confuse police

Officers left a ticket – not for a fine, but with a note that read “You made our night hahahahaha :)”

Financial Post: Bank of Canada raises rate to 1.25%, but cautions on NAFTA

Korea Herald: Agreement on joint Olympic hockey team unprecedented for Koreas

CNBC: Bitcoin drops below $10,000 with $30B of value
wiped off in a day as cryptocurrency sell-off deepens

Roger Kimball - American Greatness: Friedrich Hayek’s enduring legacy

Nile Gardiner - Telegraph: It’s time to admit Trump’s foreign policy has been a triumph

Principia Scientific: Solar cycle to cause a ‘Mini Ice Age’ as early as 2020: Study

A bombshell study, led by professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University, suggests that in the next few years Earth will enter into a cooling phase that will set off a series of events leading to a mini ice age. Researchers came to the somewhat alarming conclusions by creating a mathematical model of the sun’s magnetic fields. According to the models, there will be a “huge reduction” in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053. This will cause global temperatures to decrease—drastically. The temperatures will plummet to levels not seen since the 17th century. As IFL Science reports, the future predicted activity of the Sun has been likened to the Maunder Minimum. This was a period when the Sun entered an especially inactive period, producing fewer sunspots than usual. This minimum happened at the same time that conditions in Northern America and Europe went unusually icy and cold, a period of time known as the “little ice age.”

AP: Intel underfoot: Floor sensors rise as retail data source

RCMP link Ontario man to website, home of 3 billion hacked accounts

Global News: Should charges be laid against Toronto girl for hijab cutting lie to police?

Toronto Star: Hijab scissor attack against 11-year-old did not occur: Toronto Police;
"events described" by alleged victim were fake news

CBC: Thousands in Philippines flee, brace for 'hazardous eruption' of volcano

Globe and Mail: Internal CSIS document details 'mega trends'
set to alter economy, society, security

LA Times: Urgent alerts about deadly mudslides came too late for Montecito victims

StudyFinds: Breakthrough Study: Virus injected into
blood attacks brain cancer, stimulates immune system

CBC: Shallow, massive M7.6 quake off Honduras; tsunami warning for Caribbean

Korea JoongAng Daily: Two Koreas plan military talks, another hotline restored

CTV News: North Korea to send delegation to Winter Olympics

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, third from right, and head of North Korean delegation Ri Son Gwon, third from left, with their delegations meet at the Joint Security Area or Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone in Paju, South Korea, Tuesday, January 9th, 2018. Korea Pool

Financial Post: Winter brings out the best and worst of life on the farm

CBC: Liberals re-launch family reunification lottery despite angry backlash around 'immigration fiasco'; flood of emails, letters show outrage over random selection process

CBC: Astronaut John Young, who walked on moon and flew 1st space shuttle, dead at 87;
Young was in space 6 times in the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs

In this April 1972, John Young salutes the U.S. flag at the Descartes landing site on the moon during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity. NASA says the astronaut, who walked on the moon and later commanded the first space shuttle flight, died on Friday at 87. ~ Charles M. Duke Jr. NASA

Robert Fulford - National Post: Social media no more a nemesis to democracy than books

Rex Murphy - National Post: Too frigid for global warming?
This is why they rebranded it ‘climate change’

Mist, caused by very cold weather above Lake Ontario, as seen from Toronto. ~ Ernest Doroszuk Postmedia Network

The Street: Dow finish above 25,000 for 1st time; S&P 500, NASDAQ also hit new highs

CNBC: Powerful blizzard hammers U.S. Northeast, snarling travel

C-c-c-cold: Live chill map shows desperate, deadly cold blanketing U.S. and Canada

CTV News: Who's affected by computer chip security mega-flaws — you & everyone else

CBC: Security flaws in virtually all phone and computer chips
'one of the worst CPU bugs ever found'

Hardware fail: Meltdown and Spectre flaws in modern CPU
architectures allow access to passwords and sensitive data

CTV News: Newfoundland snowmobilers rescue moose buried in deep snow

"We knew the moose was stuck really good," Jonathan Anstey said in an interview on Wednesday. "He tried several times to get himself out of the hole, but he wasn't getting anywhere." Anstey said the moose appeared to have gotten stuck in a bog hole and was trying to climb out, but its hind legs seemed to be firmly planted in the snow. He said some members of his group grabbed shovels and walked around to the rear of the moose, where they figured they would be safe from the animal's thrashing. After a few minutes of digging, Anstey said they had carved out a path behind the moose, and one of the snowmobilers rode up to the animal to coax it to turn around. "The moose actually realized it had footing on solid ground and managed to pull himself out of the hole."

NBC: At least 48 dead after bus plunges off cliff in Peru

Rescue workers at the scene after a bus careened off a cliff in Peru on Tuesday. ~ Guadalupe Pardo Reuters

Terry Glavin - Macleans: The uprising in Iran: ‘This is what revolution looks like’
The ongoing protests are more than an economic revolt.
Could the darkness that descended upon Iran in 1979 soon be lifted?

Fox News: Kim Jong Un orders biggest-ever ICBM to be launched
on North Korea's 70th anniversary, defector claims

CTV News: 99 inmates on the loose after prison riot in Brazil

Dartmouth - CTV News: Crowd rescues stranded whale at Rainbow Haven beach

Konrad Yakabuski - Globe and Mail: Justin Trudeau: A disengaged Prime Minister

CBC: Demonstrations held in Toronto in support of Iranian protests

Ottawa Citizen: It's so cold, even parts of Niagara Falls are freezing

Visitors take photographs at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Friday, December 29, 2017. ~ Aaron Lynett The Canadian Press

NBC: With brutal cold here to stay, Trump shows empathy and extols
the virtues of global warming; fake news brigade strikes back as people suffer

NY Times: Even sharks are freezing to death: Winter rages and the nation reels

CBC: Passenger saves Ontario Northland bus after driver passes out on Hwy 401

Climate Change Dispatch: 7 new papers forecast global cooling, another mini Ice Age soon

BBC: The U.S. land lost in Canada; the Northwest Angle
is the northernmost point of the continental U.S.

blogTO: Extreme Toronto cold spell breaks 57-year-old record

Toronto harbour, hard frozen earlier than usual.

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Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC 'People’s Guarantee!'

Kevin Donovan - Toronto Star: Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, sources say

Patrick Brown reaction: “Sadly, the gas plant scandal is just one example of the consistent pattern of political corruption by this Liberal government. Now that the case has reached its completion, we are fearful of what waste and political corruption the next Liberal scandal will reveal.”

Toronto - CBC: Liberalgate: Judge terms gas plants evidence destruction explanations "implausible" and characterizes tactics as "dishonest"; how long will top Liberal found guilty spend in crowbar hotel?

Breaking - Toronto: Liberalgate: McGuinty Chief of Staff David Livingston found guilty in gas plants cover-up trial; his deputy, Laura Miller, found not guilty

Montreal Gazette: Red Fisher, legendary chronicler of Montreal Canadiens, dead at 91

Editorial - Globe and Mail: In Canada, abortion is a right. But so is criticizing it

CBC: Twitter account created for Canada's Health Minister last summer is costing taxpayers more than $100,000 a year in salaries and overtime; so far only 250 tweets

Windsor - CTV News: Huge wind turbine breaks in half in Chatham-Kent

Rex Murphy - National Post: No summer jobs for you! And other decrees from Bishop Trudeau; What shallow hubris engenders the Prime Minister's view that he has the authority to undo citizens' religious and moral beliefs?

Toronto Star: Three men charged in Lac-Mégantic railway disaster found not guilty after jury deliberates for 9th day

Toronto - CP24: Police have evidence of four murders in Church-Wellesley investigation: source

CBC: Bonuses, performance pay for government executives rose in Trudeau's 1st year

CBC: NAFTA uncertainty could be pausing business investment in Canada, Morneau says

Marco Vigliotti - Hill Times: Conservatives surge to within three points of Liberals in newest Nanos poll, though may be too early to decipher trend

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: The dangerous progressive ideological civil war raging in the U.S. and Canada

John Ivison - National Post: Liberal foot-dragging on prostitution law may lead to Charter challenge

BBC: Facebook selfie showing murder weapon helps convict Saskatoon killer

Michael Campbell: Two years ago Martin Armstrong’s Computer Model predicted the Trump Presidential win and the Brexit vote. Then came his accurate Bitcoin prediction...

CTV News: Suspect charged with murder in disappearance of 2 men from Toronto's gay village; say there could be more victims after denying there was a serial killer

National Post: Canadian, U.S. hostages in 'good spirits' and kidnappers have demanded ransom: Nigerian police

Hill Times: Watchdog petitions federal court to kill Liberals' improperly made appointments for lobbying, ethics commissioners

CTV News: Toronto only Canadian city on Amazon HQ2 short list; up against 19 American cities

Toronto Star: Unifor announces split with Canadian Labour Congress over workers’ right to choose

London - Global News: Regular season of play can cause brain changes similar to concussion: Western researchers

CBC: Quebec's minimum wage to increase to $12 in May

CBC: Wynne shuffles cabinet to replace retiring veterans before election

CBC: 7th Day: Lac-Mégantic trial judge exhorts jurors to try to agree on verdict

Ross Ayotte - Bay Today: Ontario Liberals' minimum wage increase really a tax grab

Toronto Sun: 5-yr-old schoolgirl killed by runaway SUV was a cancer survivor

CBC: Priorities: Liberals miss deadline to resettle 1,200 Christian survivors of ISIS rape, genocide due to airport closure, they claim; Yazidis say Erbil airport would not have been a problem if government had acted faster

CBC: Left-wingers say NAFTA's Chapter 11 dispute mechanism too costly for Canada at $314M; no alternative viewpoint sought by CP news agency or CBC

Paul Vieira - Fox News: WSJ survey: Bank of Canada to raise rates Wednesday

Hamilton Spectator: An attacker did not cut her hijab, police say. But why did the TDSB let the girl face the cameras? Plenty of finger-pointing, but lying girl and tale corroborating brother made vile racist claims against a non-existent Asian attacker that went completely unchallenged; for example, how would an attacker know she wore a hijab if it was covered by a winter coat hood and he was attacking from behind?

Vancouver - CTV News: 15-year-old innocent dies; was in car with parents when hit by stray bullet from brazen street gunfight; targeted victim also dead

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Toronto celebrates Canadian fan Dr. Martin Luther King

Blackburn News: Fiat-Chrysler chief says Windsor is key for current and coming models

Toronto Star: Liberal paper reports wage increase is increasing childcare costs; conveniently fails to note PC election platform includes 75% refund of childcare costs

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Liberals foolishly poke the bully in U.S. trade snit

CTV News: Police say Brighton, Ontario fire that killed couple in their 60s was homicide

Global News: Alberta man going to trial to fight ticket for flashing high beams at sheriff; police car headlights were very bright

Tarek Fatah - Toronto Sun: A hijabi hoax that fooled Canada

Global News: China and Russia can throw all the shade they want at North Korea summit: Canada

London - CBC: Western University researchers discover link between brain disorders

Global News: Explosion hits near Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology

Stephen Gordon - National Post: The Liberals don't want to admit their fiscal math isn't working

Toronto Sun: The fake hijab attack provoked real outrage; was school board an accomplice to fraud? Why would two children lie so brazenly to police and media? Here's how it was reported before it was revealed as fake news...

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Margaret Atwood is a blood-drinking monster?

Margaret Atwood - Globe and Mail: Am I a bad feminist?

Financial Post: Carillion: One of the biggest British corporate failures in recent years could be felt all the way to Canada

Toronto Star: With another interest-rate hike expected, Canadian household debt looms large

Kelly McParland - National Post: Our flippant Prime Minister simply won't tolerate differing views

Globe and Mail: New poll shows deterioration in approval ratings for Trudeau Liberals

CTV News: 'I feel the pain': Asylum seeker from Togo severely frostbitten after 12 hours in the cold; paid $700 for taxi ride to Canadian border

CP24: Hydro One wants to spend $15M to re-design bills

CBC: As Nipigon Bridge repair costs mount, Wynne Liberals won't say who will foot the bill; $106M bridge failed 42 days after opening to traffic in January 2016

Financial Post: Canada stuck on sidelines as U.S. oil boom creates jobs, curbs emissions

CBC: U.S. leaving NAFTA would be 'especially bad' for Windsor-Essex, says cross-border expert

National Post: Problems continue for Liberals' missing, murdered women inquiry as new executive director quits after only four months

CBC: Passing coast guard icebreaker shatters Sombra, Ontario ferry causeway, threatening family business with $4M damage

Lorne Gunter - Edmonton Sun: Billions spent on transit not driving Canadians from their cars

Toronto - CBC: Anonymous donor gives Centre for Addiction and Mental Health record $100M

Toronto Star: Canadian dollar, Toronto stock index fall amid reports U.S. plans to pull out of NAFTA

David Ljunggren - Reuters: Canada increasingly convinced Trump will pull out of NAFTA; Canadian and Mexican currencies drop and stocks hurt on Ottawa leak

CBC: Canada preparing for possibility Trump will pull out of NAFTA: sources; another trade negotiation failure by Liberal Govt?

National Post: Trudeau refers to Canada's 'somewhat unruly neighbour' during town hall in Halifax; faced difficult questions, including about his controversial Bahamas vacation, pensions for veterans, and $10.5M secret Omar Khadr lawsuit settlement

CTV News: Flu cases spike Canada-wide, but peak could be weeks off: experts

Huffington Post: Ontario minimum wage hike: Companies divided on whether to raise prices or slash benefits

CBC: $500M recouped worldwide from tax cheats due to Panama Papers — but none of it in Canada; CRA says will have nothing to report until after next election

Charles Lammam, Hugh MacIntyre - Toronto Sun: Sharp minimum wage hikes can hurt low-skilled workers

Paul Wells - Macleans: The battle of Bill Morneau; Canada’s federal Finance Minister on his catastrophic autumn, what went wrong and how he’s fighting back

Jim Warren - Toronto Sun: The clock is ticking on appointing a new federal elections chief

Geoff Zochodne - Financial Post: Why U.S. tax cuts have Canadian firms booking big one-time losses

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: The ever-converging lives of Justin Trudeau and Joshua Boyle

Financial Post: ‘Eco-colonialism’: Rift grows between Indigenous leaders and foreign-financed green activists

Editorial - Sudbury Star: Wynne robs Peter to pay Paul

Roy Green - Global News: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is wrongly in attack mode

Tom Parkin - Toronto Sun: Canada's jobs news is good, but the party is already winding down

CTV News: All four victims of Nova Scotia fire younger than eight years old, relative says

CBC: 2 adults, 2 children dead in Oshawa house fire; 3 others rushed to hospital

Inside Halton: Oakville to hold open house discussion on application to turn Glen Abbey golf course into subdivision and commercial office park

Don Pittis - CBC: Ontario's experiment with minimum wage could transform Canada's economy; We're the guinea pigs in a real-life high-risk research project, and no one can be sure how it will turn out

Rosie DiManno - Toronto Star: So much of the Joshua Boyle story just makes no sense

Ottawa - Global News: Joshua Boyle case adjourned a second time, date for bail hearing unclear

CBC: Global marijuana company in Smiths Falls, Ontario, seeks a retail pot store; province will ban private sales after legalization this summer but promises 'open dialogue'

Financial Post: CIBC acquires tech savvy Wellington Financial, launches CIBC Innovation Banking

Editorial - Globe and Mail: It’s time to end taxpayer subsidies for green vehicles

Global News: Transportation Safety Board investigating collision between 2 planes at Toronto Pearson airport

Global News: 3 violent carjackings in one day in Calgary all believed to be linked to drugs

Globe and Mail: Iqaluit blizzard leaves city without municipal services, including water delivery

Jocelyn Bamford - Toronto Sun: Wynne's bullying of Ontario business must be challenged

Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal: Fixed-income poor face inflation spike without help; 'Wynne should have reduced income tax scale for those on minimum wage, instead of causing chaos with independent employers; the simplicity of lowering income taxes would have given economic stimulation without causing hardships for employers and consumers'

Ottawa Citizen: Napanee wildlife rescue centre appeals for help after fire destroys barn

Financial Post: 'We are offended': Franchisees blast Ontario Premier Wynne for unfairly targeting Tim Hortons' founding families

Global News: Sunwing plane catches fire after clipping WestJet aircraft at Toronto Pearson airport

Chatham Daily News: The so-called Pacific Decadal Oscillation – a long-term measured fluctuation of Pacific Ocean temperature – is currently cool and should stay that way for another 10 years; it is affecting North American winter weather, says climate expert

Conrad Black - National Post: Was Canada 150 'a bust'? Heroic Canada actually has lots to celebrate

Huffington Post: Trump's pot crackdown could be good news for Canada's cannabis industry

Global News: Canada’s East Coast mops up after ‘weather bomb’ floods roads, batters buildings

Tom Blackwell - National Post: 'Don’t step out of line': Confidential report reveals how Chinese officials harass activists in Canada

CBC: Canada adds 79,000 jobs in December, pushing jobless rate to lowest level since 1976 as baby boomers retire in big numbers

Montreal: Warming? Nope, Montreal just had coldest six-day stretch in 146 years

CBC: More than 100,000 without power in Maritimes, as winter storm brings high winds

Global News: New rules let U.S. border agents access data on phones, laptops — but not if located "on the cloud"

National Post: The many winding paths of Joshua Boyle; a wannabe spy for CSIS, Star Wars gamer, son of a federal court judge, and briefly husband to Zaynab Khadr; the man held hostage in Afghanistan for five years, is now a captive in a Canadian jail facing criminal charges

CBC: Sen. Lynn Beyak kicked out of Conservative caucus after refusing to remove online 'racist' comments from public feedback

James Wallace - Sault Star: Wynne is bully in Tim's fight

Adnan R. Khan - Macleans: What really happened to now-jailed Joshua Boyle and his family

CBC: Liberal MP Majid Jowhari's insensitive Iran tweets roil his heavily Iranian riding

BNN: Magna warns Ontario at a ‘tipping point’ amid mounting costs

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Charges or no, it was odd for Trudeau to meet with Boyle family

Globe and Mail: Marijuana stocks plunge on U.S. plans to end federal hands-off policy

Chris Selley - National Post: Photos bring Trudeau's seriousness into question and the backlash could be legendary

CBC: Boyle's Parliament Hill meeting raises questions about who meets the PM; 'Somebody in the PMO should have said: Is this really the kind of person that we want?' says ex-CSIS analyst

Napanee - NASDAQ: ABcann Global announces receipt of Health Canada license to produce cannabis oils

Globe and Mail: Sajjan outflew colleagues on government jets, racking up more than $670,000 in costs

CBC: Minimum wage hikes could cost Canada's economy 60,000 jobs by end of 2019

Globe and Mail: Former hostage Joshua Boyle to remain in custody on 15 charges

Éric Grenier - CBC: With key allies at risk of defeat, 2018 could be a tough year for Trudeau's Liberals

CTV News: Joshua Boyle facing 15 charges, including assault, confinement; charged on December 30th; publication ban imposed on details

CBC: Prepare for power outages, says Nova Scotia Power, with coming major winter storm on Thursday

CBC: Newfoundland and Labrador expanding high-speed internet coverage to 99% of province, to give boost to rural residents and businesses

Toronto Star: Police release home security video of man lighting Porsche on fire

CBC: Overnight fire at Napanee strip mall beside Hwy 401 suspicious, police say

CTV News: Montreal becomes first major Canadian city to ban plastic shopping bags

National Post: CNN, Anderson Cooper trying to force hospital to hand over files on Canadian surgeon suing network for libel

CTV News: Ontario restaurant owner says wage hike means he'll earn less than employees

Jonathan Kay - National Post: Why our intellectual class made Canada 150 the worst birthday ever; Canadian leftists have been consumed with the project of shaming those who find inspiration in the many things this country has got right

CTV News: Canadian pilot, UK CEO among victims of Australia seaplane crash

Jen Gerson - National Post: Perhaps what Trudeau really needs is an etiquette commissioner

CBC: Ontario's new pharmacare plan a tough pill to swallow, say critics

CTV News: Calgary Zoo brings penguins indoors because of frigid temperatures

Rex Murphy - National Post: Justin Trudeau's year-long descent from celebrity selfie-prince to typical politician

570 News: Extreme cold puts many New Year's Eve plans on ice

CBC: 'It's like getting a growler filled at a brewery': Vancouver Island dairy puts milk on tap

Toronto Star: Toronto Polar Bear Dip cancelled over extreme cold, frozen Lake Ontario

Andre Marin - Toronto Sun: Provincial and federal Liberals embrace politics of fear and exaggeration

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: 2018: The year of the Ontario voter

updated Victoria News: Two slain little girls honoured by Oak Bay community wth candlelight vigil

Toronto - CP24: New Years at Nathan Phillips Square cut short due to extreme cold

updated Ottawa - City News: Confusion as Liberals cancel, then announce scaled back Parliament Hill New Year's Eve celebrations due to extreme cold

CBC/Yahoo: Patrick Brown sticks to People's Guarantee even if he only wins minority; would work with opposition parties to get things done

Metro: 'Party inside:' Expect a cold New Year's Eve ahead, Environment Canada says

Christopher Hume - Metro: Toronto's new subway extension is beautiful, but it's not the line we should've built

CTV News: Environment Canada issues extreme cold weather warnings for much of the country

Toronto Star: Veteran female officer alleges police ‘culture of sexism’ in human rights complaint

Chatham Daily News: Nicholls says 401 barrier will be built; Green Energy Act will be scrapped

CBC: Andrea Horwath makes her pitch to voters 'tired of Kathleen Wynne'

CBC: 'There may not be a more loved Toronto Maple Leaf': City mourns hockey legend Johnny Bower

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Let's clean house in Ontario politics

Buffalo News: Irv Weinstein, legendary Buffalo Channel 7 anchor, dead at 87 after ALS battle

Bloomberg: Oil jumps to highest since mid-2015 on Libya blast, Saudi budget

Canadian story of 2017? Christie Blatchford - National Post: The judge, the sting, Black Cube and me; How a legal battle between two ferociously competitive Toronto firms took a dark turn

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