Associated Press: Influence peddling: More than half of non-government people who met with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State gave money to Clinton Foundation

LA Times: This foreign billionaire was found in Clinton emails, donated to Clinton Foundation and last year was denied entry into U.S. for his Hezbollah terror links

New Orleans: Fire Chief among 2 dead, 41 injured in Louisiana bus crash carrying flood relief workers

Aleppo: 24 killed while attending funeral as Syria govt drops barrel bombs

Karkamis: Turkish army thrusts deeper into Syria, monitors say 35 villagers killed

Dubai: Iran arrests nuclear negotiator suspected of spying

Nigel Farage: Trump was MY warm-up man... he'll be new Ronald Reagan; 'atmosphere in the room was more like a rock concert' than a political rally

Emnid poll: Half of Germans against Merkel serving fourth term

New York: Biased Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, who says all journalists should oppose Trump, admits his daughter works for Clinton campaign, but only when pushed

Berlin: German economy minister says EU-US trade talks have failed

Singapore: Locally transmitted Zika virus infects 41 people

Asunción: Eight soldiers killed in Paraguay by suspected rebel group

Pensacola: Southwest Airlines flight lands safely after major engine malfunction

Pat Buchanan: Lots of smoke here, Hillary

Steve Moore: The new GDP numbers are terrible. No wonder Hillary won’t talk about the economy

John Lott: Sorry, Hillary: Trump’s policies are clearly better for blacks

Facts vs frauds: Global warming 'fabricated' by NASA and NOAA data skews

Clintonian marketing: BleachBit brags of wiping Hillary's servers clean with claims it "stifled FBI investigation"

Fast Company: Why Google is trying to build a new operating system from scratch

Ascoli Piceno: Italy buries quake dead, recalls sisters embracing in rubble

Trump proved right again: NBA star's sister dies in hail of Chicago gunfire near a school as she pushes baby stroller

Suspicion grows where Hillary goes: Clinton meeting calendars won't be fully released until after election despite judge's order in January

Las Vegas: As Trump courts Latinos, Clinton tries to link him to radical fringe

Indonesia forests burn: Masks fly off shop shelves as smoke shrouds Singapore

Singapore: City state shrouded in blanket of smog as illegal slash-and-burn forest fires burn in neighbouring Indonesia

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Clinton lead over Trump equal to poll's error margin in a 4-way race; now effectively tied

Politico: Ethicists scoff at Clinton Foundation transition plan; Chelsea Clinton salary 900K

Birmingham: Five men arrested by counter-terrorism police as bomb disposal team sent in

Super PAC Ohio poll: Trump & Clinton tied, but Trump’s 20-pt lead with Independents says voters want ‘outsider’

Backgrounder - Trashing Arizona: Illegal immigrants dump tons of waste in the wilderness every day — and it's devastating the environment

Glenn Greenwald: Why did the Saudi regime and other Gulf tyrannies donate millions to the Clinton Foundation?

Tucson: U.S. Border Patrol struggles to identify "800 to 850" now-frozen corpses of illegal border-crossers who died in desert

Huma Abedin journal: Bill Clinton bombed Saddam Hussein under WMD pretext to deflect attention from his Monica Lewinsky affair

New York: Clinton vows shakedown Foundation will continue pay-for-play work if she wins Presidency

Trumpocrats: Democrat strategist dumps Hillary, explains why he’s starting a movement – for Trump

Paris: Top French court rules Burkini bans violate basic freedoms; naively opens door for beach-based suicide bombings

Washington: FDA expands Zika screening to all U.S. blood centers

Can't handle the truth: Associated Press won’t bow to Clinton camp’s demand, refuses to alter damning tweet about pay-for-play meetings

Charles Krauthammer: The Clinton bribery standard; Bernie Sanders failed to understand that Clinton scandals are sprawling, multi-layered, complex things. She set up the private email system before even taking office. It's clear what she wanted to protect from scrutiny: Clinton Foundation business

USDA: Biodegradable food wrap made from milk protein could replace plastic, keep food fresher, say researchers

Mike Cernovich: America’s leading motivation expert explains why Hillary polls are bogus

CTV: Excess weight tied to 8 new cancer types

Bedfordshire: Airlander 10 mooring line hit high voltage lines before the nouveau zeppelin nose-crashed on 2nd test flight

CBS: Julian Assange: Next leak on Clinton, Dems will have "unexpected angles"

Democrat black eye? CEO at center of EpiPen price hike controversy is Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter

updated Australia: Our French submarine builder in massive leak scandal

updated Kabul: 16 killed in hours-long attack on American University of Afghanistan

Allahu akbar again: Backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung stabbed to death at Australian hostel, others injured

updated Yangon: Powerful M6.8 deep quake in Myanmar kills three, destroys dozens of ancient temples in Bagan, tremors felt in nearby Thailand and India

Seoul: North Korea test-fires sub-launched missile (SLBM) close to Japan

NY Post: New revelations show a nation for sale under Hillary Clinton

The Hill: Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

WSJ: Why 4 a.m. is the most productive hour

National Review: Mrs. Clinton and her fixer

Pattani: One killed, 29 injured in car bomb blast outside hotel in Thailand

NY Post: Stumped by Trump’s success? Take a drive outside U.S. cities

Washington Post: Now Hillary has a big Clinton Foundation problem, too

Mike Rowe: Elitist media: Pardon me, but your slip is showing…

Campaign panic: Huma Abedin an editor from 1996 to 2008 at Saudi journal while aide to Clinton; hate-filled, its anti-feminist views back strict Islamic laws, roundly criticized for oppressing women; Abedin's mother, its editor-in-Chief, wrote: "‘Empowerment’ of women does more harm than benefit the cause of women or their relations with men"

Katie Pavlich: Clinton's lawyers didn't have security clearance, why were they handling classified information?

Politico: Ohio poll shows candidates 4 points apart with an error margin of 4.9 points; in other words, dead-even to chagrin of pundits who said election was "settled" last week

Polls: Trump catching up to Clinton; new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway given credit for improved campaign focus

CNN: Trump goes hard after Clinton Foundation pay-for-play "criminality"; media finally starting to pay attention to elephant in campaign

Mike Pence: Trump will get 95% of African-American vote in 2020; "we're going to advance policies that cause all ships to rise, to create opportunities for every American"

CNBC: Clinton making huge strategic mistake in letting campaign be all about Trump; he has open road to push his plan and pummel her record

UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll: Clinton 48.19%, Trump 47.47%; gap closed by 2.9% overnight after Trump toured flood-ravaged Louisiana, a move Democratic LA Gov. John Bel Edwards applauded for shining a light on the disaster there

Éric Grenier: Numbers show positive trend line for Donald Trump, Hillary's shrinking 'lead' based on only a few polls

Pay-for-play: Trump calls for special prosecutor to investigate Clinton Foundation

Hollywood dice roll: China's richest man set to seal two billion-dollar U.S. film deals

Manila: Beyond war on drugs, Philippines' Duterte seen setting up economic boom

Manila: Lawmaker wants mines closed due to export of unprocessed ores, but high power prices make domestic processing uneconomical

Ankara: Turkey cuts length of military officers' service, retires 586 colonels

Denver: Appeals arguments begin on Kansas law requiring voters to prove citizenship

Washington: U.S. urges Russia to stop aiding Syria regime's bombing campaign

Rio: Sports court confirms Russia ban from looming Paralympics

New Jersey: Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray busted manipulating poll data, then lying about it…

People’s Pundit Daily tracking poll: Trump 43.1%, Clinton 41.7%

A.J. Delgado: Why Latinos should vote for Trump

Pay-to-play redux: New Huma Abedin emails reveal Hillary Clinton State Dept gave special access to top Clinton Foundation donors

Washington Post: FBI uncovers nearly 15,000 more hidden documents in Clinton email probe

What TV didn't tell you: Brazil takes gold in death; Brazilian cities dominate list of 50 murder capitals of the world

Riyadh: Will Saudi women break chains of male guardianship? Social media campaign calls for dropping all forms of supervision and control from brothers, fathers or grandfathers as guardianship limits women’s freedom and willpower

John Hinderaker: Trump candidacy reinvigorated with series of powerful 'vision' speeches

Chicago: Trump team talks trade, labour with U.S. farm groups; will give growers and states a say on national farm policy

Berlin: Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks: FAS newspaper

Byron York: Trump focus now squarely on Crooked Hillary, with disciplined messages that contrast and compare

Spook auction: Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA

Gaziantep: Turkey vows to cleanse ISIS from its border after wedding attack kills 54

Armyansk: Promised prosperity never arrived in Russian-held Crimea, locals say

NY Post: Top Hillary aide Huma Abedin "for a decade edited a radical Muslim Saudi-based publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed U.S. for 9/11"

Michael Goodwin: American journalism is collapsing before our eyes

NY Times: Foundation ties bedevil Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign

Gaziantep: Turkey wedding suicide bomber 'was child aged 12-14'

USC Dornsife/LA Times tracking poll: Trump 45%; Clinton 43%; Hillary Hispanic support down to 52%, Obama had 71% in 2012

NBC News: Judge: Hillary Clinton must answer written questions in email lawsuit

Rex Murphy: What glass ceiling has Hillary Clinton shattered?

updated Gaziantep: Turkey seeks to identify ISIS child bomber who killed 54 in Turkey wedding suicide blast

Ankara: Israeli-Turkish deal ratified by Parliament

Iransom: The humiliation of a Pinnochio President

Paul Mulshine: Clinton supporters: Can you name a single thing Hillary has ever accomplished?

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Democrat-controlled Chicago: Police lose 330 detectives
while murders, shootings surge in Obama's town

Turkey opens 3rd Bosphorus crossing; world's largest suspension bridge

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan oversaw a ceremony inaugurating the $3B Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The toll bridge, spanning 1,408 meters (4,620 feet) over the Bosphorus, features 10 lanes, including two rail lines. At 322 meters (1,056 feet), officials say the bridge's 322-meter (1,056-foot) towers are also the tallest in the world.

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper makes it personal, with class

Italy: Death toll rises to 267, rescuers save 238; M4.8 tremor
Friday morning did not disrupt rescue efforts; 8 micro-tremors

Toronto: Crossbow massacre; 3 dead, 1 in hospital, 1 in custody

updated Italy: 250 dead, 100 missing; shallow M6.2 quake; 2,500 homeless;
struck near Norcia in Umbria, central Italy, at 3:36 am Wednesday

An overhead view of Amatrice, whose historic centre has been wiped out by powerful earthquake overnight. ~ Reuters

Meltdown: 12 reasons why this was Hillary Clinton’s worst week ever

Hillary Clinton just had the worst week of her presidential campaign, if not her political life. Can she recover?

updated Sarnia: 1,500 American 'Marines' inadvertently 'invade' Canada;
float across border via strong wind & waves; rescued, go home by bus

Rio: Brazil closes, survives Olympics, will be better off for it, says Bach

Kingston: Canada says emotional farewell to The Tragically Hip

Concert-goers treated the 30-song show as a landmark moment in Canadian history: Giant flags made their way through the crowd during the performance, and before the concert began, the audience spontaneously began singing 'O Canada', with nearly everyone rising from their seats.

Kingston abuzz as The Tragically Hip return with an inimitable goodbye

You couldn't walk 10 feet without having a friendly, but urgent media microphone thrust at you in downtown Kingston this afternoon. The line-ups at t-shirt booths were hours-long. Every radio in town is tuned to a station playing The Tragically Hip on Tragically Hip Day. You get the picture. And plenty of pictures being taken, as you see above. Rumours abound. It was broadcast live worldwide by the CBC and more than 25,000 filled Kingston's Market Square for every last note, paying homage to the hometown band made good. The pictures above were taken about 3 hours apart, same location.

Liveability: Rank of U.S. cities dropping due to social unrest, terrorism

Louisiana: Flood victims to Trump: "We knew you would be here"

Donald Trump and Mike Pence came to Louisiana to help, and they quickly got to work helping to distribute relief supplies to flood victims. They were warmly welcomed as people thanked them and asked for autographs. Neither President Obama or Hillary Clinton have come to help, and it's become a campaign issue.

Media that ripped Bush on Katrina ignores Obama on Louisiana flooding

President George W. Bush was torn to shreds in 2005 by mainstream media commentators for his initial response to Hurricane Katrina — yet President Obama’s much more detached response to the recent Louisiana floods has been met with resounding silence from those same outlets.

Aleppo: Social media haunted by image of stoic boy rescued from rubble;
5-year-old Omran Daqneesh had head wounds, was discharged after care

The image of the stunned and weary-looking boy, sitting in an orange chair inside an ambulance, covered in dust and with blood on his face, encapsulates the horrors inflicted on the war-ravaged northern city. Photographs of Omran were widely shared on social media. An hour after his rescue, the building he had been in was completely collapsed. ~ Twitter

Wisconsin: Transcript of Trump speech called "his best of campaign"

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'Mighty Mouse' Elaine Tanner on hand: Toronto celebrates Olympic athletes with parade

Ottawa: Postal workers delay possible job action for 24 hours as contract talks continue

Lorrie Goldstein: Wynne’s climate gamble

Liberals drop the ball, won't pick it up: Dreams grounded by government

Warren Kinsella: Mark Critch is an A**hole

Mark Bonokoski: Media drinking the Kool-Aid and buying the swampland

Crux of the Matter: Are Canada’s media and Trudeau ignoring data exposing climate change as a scam?

Michael Campbell: If it weren't so expensive it would be funny

Livio Di Matteo: Fat governments starve economic growth

Ottawa: Canada sees more extremists, including women, travelling abroad

Kingston: Tourism uptick more than Hip phenomenon

Chicago Tribune: Canada's Stephen Harper, iconic conservative leader, resigns as MP; starts consultancy

Nature: Majority of today's mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific teacher-pupil ‘families’

Toronto: Chinese-Canadians fear China’s rising clout is muzzling them

Ottawa: Canola dispute looms over Trudeau visit to China

Crux of the Matter: Chantal Hébert on alleged Conservative threats to PM Justin Trudeau’s person

Not in Canada: Price gouge for EpiPens limited to U.S.

updated New Delhi: Bangladeshi-Canadian mastermind of Dhaka attack and 2 others killed by police

Defiant whale-hugger Paul Watson: "Japan made a big mistake because they thought by removing me they’d shut down Sea Shepherd. A lot of people think I am Sea Shepherd. No I’m not, I’m just part of it"

Retired General Lewis Mackenzie: Canada must play 'hardball' with UN on peace mission

Another Liberal quagmire? Canada's mission in Africa will focus on 'peacemaking,' UN Ambassador says; 650 troops to be deployed to either Mali, Congo or Central African Republic

Toronto: Dad's death key to crossbow rampage: source

Toronto: Man charged in crossbow killing rampage is convicted bank robber Brett Ryan, 35; faces 3 counts of 1st-degree murder, was to be married in 3 weeks

Gatineau: Hospital killed; ranked as among "worst in western world" for ER care

updated Ottawa: Terror trio get combined 31 years; 'terror cluster' pled guilty to terrorism; mother had turned one in

Toronto: Police give out limited info on crossbow rampage which killed 2 men and a woman; say some kind of link to a 'suspicious package' at Queens Quay

Kingston: Tragically Hip Day gave transit system a shining moment with its all-day free service

Kingston: Gord Downie brain cancer fund raises $265K, still growing

Montreal: Magnetic bacteria used to deliver cancer drugs deep into tumours

Kiev: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper awarded one of Ukraine's top honours

Crux of the Matter: Our concerns about Islamic extremism not 'Islamophobia'

Sarnia: Mayor invites 1,500 American marine 'invaders' to visit city as tourists; won't ask them to pay costs for their rescue and return

Lack of transparency: Trudeaus' Caribbean flight details redacted to exclude nanny, in-laws

Windsor: Tornado rips through LaSalle and Windsor; lots of damage but only 3 minor injuries

Joe Warmington: 'I've been sentenced to die': Cancer-stricken Ontario mayor mad as heck at Wynne, Hoskins

Financial Post: Canadians now spend more on taxes than on food, clothing and shelter combined, study finds

Snake oil: Struggling cap-and-trade auctions threaten Ontario's $8B climate change plan

Barbara McDougall: There's no good reason to change first-past-the-post

Ottawa: Cancelling F-35 would cost $313M, plus loss of high-paying aerospace jobs across the country

Michael Campbell: Riding in style on your wallet

Narcissisma wastrel: McKenna's office spent $17K on photographers for 15 events since November

David Krayden: Welcome to the taxpayer hall of shame, Catherine McKenna

David Akin: 3 bureaucrats spent $12Gs dining in Paris, and we picked up the bill

Michael Campbell: The shocking drop in Vancouver real estate

Cult of personality: Feds spent $6,662 on photos of Catherine McKenna and her staff during Paris climate change talks

Elsie Wayne: Saint John Mayor, MP and federal Progressive Conservative leader, dead at 84

Financial Post: How a potential housing downturn could hit hard for Canada’s big banks — eventually

Bill Vander Zalm: Metro Vancouver may regret foreign buyers tax

Toronto: Canada's Olympians return home tired but happy

Michael Campbell: Time to celebrate excellence again

Tisdale: Saskatchewan town replaces slogan 'Land of Rape and Honey' with 'Opportunity Grows Here' after 60 years

Revelstoke: Conservation officer forced to kill nine bears in one week

Kingston: Downie praised for uniquely putting Trudeau on spot about living up to lagging election promises on indigenous issues

Canadian problems: Ontario teen calls 911 saying she was forced to go on vacation to a cottage with parents

Andrew MacDougall: When the sunny ways are so bright, journalists need shades

Ottawa: Elizabeth May not leaving big leader's salary behind over Party's anti-Israel policies

Montreal madness: Owners fined $149 after poodle leaves neighbourhood -- on leash

Michael Campbell: This changes everything

Dream trip: Prince William, Kate and kids to tour Rain Forest in coming Royal trek through British Columbia and Yukon

No more fun, games and money-wasting frivolity? PM Trudeau, Ministers warned 2nd year will be full of hard choices

Montreal: Alimentation Couche-Tard to buy CST Brands for $3.67B (US); will sell some assets of CST after deal

Kingston Whig-Standard: Passionate fans flock to town for Hip show

BBC: Canadian band The Tragically Hip give last emotional concert

AP: A delirious sold-out crowd and countless Canadians on live TV watched the final concert by rock band The Tragically Hip

The New Yorker: Watching Canada's biggest rock band say a dramatic goodbye

Strathroy: Only blasting caps detonated from Driver's bomb, not core explosive; its failure saved taxi driver's life

Dave Bidini: Fully, completely: The Hip unites us all

Eric Anderson: Why The Tragically Hip is more than Gord Downie's patriotic lyrics; The Hip created challenging and artistic rock music

Washington Post: Canada’s unofficial poet laureate is dying. He’s giving one last concert before he goes.

Forum Research poll: Ontario: Progressive Conservatives 41%, Liberals 28%, NDP 23%, Green 6%

Hockey, high school and the Hip: Martina Fitzgerald on her childhood friendship with Gord Downie

Ottawa: Canadian inflation rate falls unexpectedly to 1.3% in July as retail sales also register surprise drop

David Akin: Entitlement is the Liberal kryptonite

Strathroy: Taxi driver wounded in terror bomb blast plans legal action against police who failed to protect him from Aaron Driver

Toronto: Ontario Liberals create secret panel on future of new highway 413

Michael Campbell: List of rapid technological changes here now!

Limogate: Ranting owner of limo service which over-charged for ferrying Liberal Health Minister grudgingly says he'll refund the money he was paid

Hipstock: Kingston preps for invasion of Hip fans to watch final show on video screens in market square just blocks from where it's happening; no rain in forecast

John Gamble: Nation building with transportation utility corridors dedicated to multiple infrastructure assets, including road, rail, pipeline and communications projects can tie the country together

Limogate: Turns out Philpott pushed over $7500 to Liberal limo company; she should pay it back say critics: "she has overpaid a Liberal activist three times the going rate"

Chantal Hébert: RIP Mauril Bélanger a warrior for francophone rights in Ontario

Geneviève Lajoie: CAQ MNA Nathalie Roy calls for Canada burkini ban: "For me, the burkini has no place in Québec, has no place in Canada. The burkini, which is an accoutrement to hide the female body for cultural or religious reasons because the female body is impure, never, neither I nor my party will not accept this gear here!" [google translation]

Hill Times: Directing MPs through new call centre for immigration cases disastrous; backlogs building, clogging Constituency offices with dire cases

Toronto: Liberal Health Minister spent $1,700+ in one day on limousine service owned by one of her campaign 'volunteers'

Ottawa: Rationalization of federal government websites and data centres continues to make progress

Kingston: Americans confirm find of Niagara-bound sloop off Oswego in Lake Ontario that sank in 1803; 2nd-oldest shipwreck in Great Lakes

Michael Campbell: The dog days of summer

Matt Gurney: Don’t send Canadian troops to dysfunctional UN missions

Ottawa: Social conservative MP Brad Trost joins federal Conservative leadership race

Erin O'Toole: Liberals' electoral reform debate denies Canadians their say

Government doesn't know best: Manitoba's Sayisi Dene: Forced-relocation, racism, survival

UK study: Kids' behaviour linked to moms' use of Acetaminophen during pregnancy

Tyranny of big government: Ontario gun owners' long ordeal finally over, their lives destroyed

Rio: As Bolt wins expected 100 metre gold, Canada's DeGrasse takes bronze with his personal best of 9.91

Ottawa: Canada need not import Australia's woes with ranked ballot voting system

Regina: Saskatchewan Premier condemns 'racist and hate-filled' comments after fatal shooting

Toronto: Intense storm lashes southern Ontario, downing trees and power lines, affecting internet traffic

#Rio2016: Russia's lone track and field athlete now banned from Rio Olympics

CRTC report: Canadian mobile phone bills still rank among most expensive in G7

Alberta: Jason Kenney leapfrogs ahead of race, spooks PC rivals and NDP

Whitefish Lake: Police charge 19-yr-old cousin with killings of Alberta teen sweethearts; was close friend of both

Toronto: First Canadian case of Zika-related defects in fetus

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Whiteley, UK weather details

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Agriculture radar weather

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