Ukraine: Three pro-Russian separatists killed as Ukrainian troops repel attack

Maiduguri: 129 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls taken to Islamist stronghold, say parents

South Korea ferry disaster: Texts from the doomed ship; passengers typed final goodbyes

Nebraska: Missing child found in a Claw game machine? It's surprisingly common

Washington: Canadian government scolds Jimmy Carter over position on Keystone XL pipeline

NY Times: Citing Russian moves, NATO plans new deployments

Boston: Marathon organizers confident of safe race on April 21st

Fiscal crisis warning: Congressional Budget Office predicts that over the next 10 years the U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio will double to 78%

Boston: Person in custody after suspicious unattended bags found at Marathon finish line

Kramatorsk: Ukraine bares teeth against eastern uprising; repells attack Tuesday by 30 gunmen at airport

Moving on: Obama Generation losing interest in disappointing Obama

Jeff Bauman: Thank you Boston!

Kiev: Ukraine Vice-PM: Russian agitators identified as from Moscow airborne regiment [translated]

Buffalo: Donald Trump wants to buy Bills, would keep team in Buffalo

San Francisco: More questions arise about safety of new Bay Bridge

Islamist group blamed: Blast in Nigerian capital kills 71

MH370: Oil slick spotted in search area near ping detection area, to be tested

Yelled 'Heil Hitler': Man kills 3 at Jewish Centers in Kansas City suburb of Overland Park; attacks came on eve of Jewish holiday of Passover

Guardian: Most Ukrainians are neither loyal Russians nor fascists; in the propaganda war between Putin and the west, the complexities of Ukraine, and its people's interests, are ignored

Mexico: 36 killed in fiery bus crash

Idaho: M4.9 shallow quake rattles rural central part of state near Challis

California: FedEx truck didn't brake before it hit tour bus on I-5, killing 10; witness says it was on fire before crash

What's safe? Will changing your password really protect you from Heartbleed? Tech giants under pressure to advise and reassure users in wake of bug

Nevada: Victory for Cliven Bundy, rancher who challenged feds

Ukraine: In Donetsk, a 'self-made' oligarch learns to play nicely with others

MH370: Call traced to co-pilot's phone

Kiev: Ukraine calls emergency meeting of national security council

Washington: Heartbleed OpenSSL bug reveals the true cost of open source software

UAE: Paramedic dies from MERS, others infected

Washington: White House denies Bloomberg report that NSA used Heartbleed bug to spy for two years; first heard of it this month, it says

NATO: Boom, here's proof of Russian troops on Ukraine border

Washington: U.S. court upholds ruling against SeaWorld over trainer safety

New York: U.S. Internet ad revenue surpasses broadcast TV for the first time

updated - California: 10 dead, 30 injured in I-5 crash between student-filled tour bus and FedEx tractor trailer north of Sacramento

Washington: U.S. says Russia using energy supplies "as a tool of coercion" to try to control Ukraine

Bukamal: Syria rebel infighting kills 51 near Iraq border

Bad security: Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech before an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay resort; the woman who threw the shoe was arrested

NFL: Niagara Falls, Toronto and Los Angeles seen as front-runners for Buffalo Bills; St. Catharines, Ontario a dark horse

Offbeat: Alberta dentist plans to clone John Lennon using $33,000 tooth pulled from famous Beatle

Washington: Emails show IRS's Lois Lerner fed tax information to Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings

Orlando: One child dead, another 11 hurt, as cops seek driver in hit-and-run daycare crash

Kiev: Ukraine unrest will be resolved by force or talks in 48 hours, minister says

Periods of consciousness: Michael Schumacher faces long recovery from coma, say survivors

Pennsylvania: 4 in serious condition all expected to survive after school stabbing spree

Pennsylvania: 16-year-old suspect wielded two knives, is in custody, was questioned by Murrysville police and Westmoreland County before treatment at hospital for minor injuries

Pennsylvania: 19 students, 1 adult stabbed at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, east of Pittsburgh

Rome: Italy rescues 4,000 migrants in 48 hours in escalating crisis

Tokyo: Toyota recalls 6.76 million vehicles worldwide including RAV4

Pakistan: Bomb kills 15, wounds 35 in Islamabad market

Donetsk: Ukraine tries to quell pro-Moscow uprisings; U.S. accuses Russia of fomenting unrest

Mob rat? Al Sharpton denies secretly working as an FBI mob informant

Detroit: Duped or complicit? What did U.S. Govt know about GM ignition scandal, and when did it know it? Did it mislead stock market when it sold all its GM stock?

Mass production? Sci-fi meets reality as stem cells are turned into noses, ears

Seoul: North Korean official ‘executed by flamethrower’

Windows XP: Still on almost 30% of PCs, second only to Windows 7 with about 47%, XP continues to tower above shiny new Windows 8 and 8.1 versions, with their combined 10.6%

This is the end: Windows XP users face end today to Microsoft support, updates

Ukraine: Government has seized back control of building in eastern city of Kharkiv from pro-Russia separatists; 'hope buildings in Luhansk and Donetsk will be freed shortly as well'

James Delingpole: NASA scientists and astronauts blast global warming alarmism, blast NASA for muddying its good name

Technology exists: Malaysia jet loss speeds moves to track planes during flight

Kiev: Pro-Russia activists declare eastern Ukraine independent

Hollywood legend: Mickey Rooney dies at 93 after battling long illness; began career in the 1920s

Medina, MN: Minnesota Timberwolves forward Dante Cunningham arrested for 2nd time in 3 days — for making terrorist threats

New Delhi: India to kick off world's biggest election in remote northeast

Masked thugs: Pro-Russian crowds storm government buildings in eastern Ukraine

California: Two drug tunnels, with rail systems, found at U.S.-Mexico border

Texas tragedy: Fort Hood gunman wanted time off, told to come back next day; one soldier died blocking door to a room full of unarmed soldiers; shooter had been in Iraq but not in combat

Montreal: Woman shot dead in Lachine was a wanted drug ‘queen-pin’ in U.S.

Forbes: McCutcheon Supreme Court Case is a victory for free speech

Kabul: Karzai orders probe into shooting of German and Canadian AP journalists

Washington: U.S. adds 192,000 jobs; unemployment rate steady at 6.7%

New York: David Letterman to retire from CBS in 2015

Tokyo: Japan agrees to call off Antarctic whale hunt after UN court judgment

Ukraine: Russian security agents behind killings; "Yanukovych issued the criminal order... to open fire against protesters on February 18-20"

Toronto: Hudson's Bay to invest in online retailing, warns on profit

Jack Kelly: Obamacare's wording haunting Obama administration

EIA: Natural gas in storage falls to lowest level since April 2003

Blocked March 21st: Turkey's Twitter ban lifted after top court shoots it down

Egypt: Islamist group claims responsibility for Cairo University blasts

4 new cases in 24 hours: Miners in lock-down in Guinea as Ebola death toll hits 84

Bangkok: Seven dead after scrap metal workers cut open WWII bomb in Thailand [video]

Pre-planned say sources: U.S. sending additional Marines to Romania

updated - Texas: 4 dead, 16 injured in Wednesday Fort Hood shooting; shooter among dead [video]

New York: Chinatown skin infection outbreak from handling raw seafood spreads in NYC, number of cases doubles

North America-wide: Anti-vaccination movement means preventable diseases making a comeback

Brussels: NATO’s Rasmussen: more Russian intervention in Ukraine would be ‘historic mistake’

Brussels: Russia could achieve Ukraine incursion in 3-5 days: NATO General

Brussels: NATO to firm up its presence in Eastern Europe

Australia: International Court of Justice orders Japan to end Antarctic whaling

London: NATO sees no evidence Russia pulling back troops from Ukrainian border

Nairobi: 6 killed in blasts in Somali area of Kenya capital

Vanity Fair: The numbers Vladimir Putin doesn’t want you to see

London: David Cameron orders probe into Muslim Brotherhood amid fears group is plotting extremist activities in UK

Paris: France's Socialist PM and entire government quit following electoral meltdown

London: Everything you know about the Black Death is wrong, say the bones

Richard Tol: Bogus prophecies of doom will not fix the climate

Ukraine: Barron’s: “Here comes $75 oil…potentially crippling the economy of Vladimir Putin's Russia”

Deadly: Senegal closes border with Guinea, where Ebola death toll hits 70

Breakthrough? Blood test helps rule out heart attack in people who go to the ER with chest pain, study finds

Tectonics: 12 signs that something big is happening to the Earth’s crust under North and South America

Unsettled science: IPCC author brands upcoming climate report 'alarmist'; Professor Richard Tol withdraws from writing team for UN climate science panel's report on impacts of global warming

Los Angeles: Experts say a strong earthquake on Puente Hills fault could do more damage than 'the big one'

Forbes: Twitter is killing itself in order to grow and please Wall Street

Kabul: Militants attack Afghan election office

Los Angeles: Aftershocks rattle Southern California after M5.1 earthquake

Brasilia: Brazilian plane makes emergency landing with no front wheels

Ukraine: War jitters reality-based in Ukraine after a month of Russian aggression

Washington: Putin calls Obama to discuss Ukraine; have sanctions started to cool his jets?

Reuters: Russia threatened countries ahead of UN vote on Ukraine

Detroit: GM recalls 824,000 additional vehicles over ignition fears

Ukraine: Russia's window of opportunity in Ukraine; if Putin wants to make a grab for Ukraine's east and south, he'll need to move soon

Motivation: Democrats who oppose Keystone XL pipeline own shares in competing companies

Roger Pielke Jr: Disasters cost more than ever — but not because of climate change

Ukraine: Russian troops said to be hiding positions, creating supply lines near East Ukraine border

updated - India: 5 killed as Indian Air Force's new C-130J Super Hercules crashes near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

New York: Fracking billionaire Hamm: eliminating tax breaks for oil companies would reduce Bakken activity by 30%

Ukraine: Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko to run for President on May 25

New York: UN General Assembly declares Crimea secession vote invalid; 100 votes in favour, 11 against and 58 abstentions in 193-nation assembly despite heavy Russian lobbying

Official statement: IMF announces agreement with Ukraine on US$14-18B stand-by arrangement, gives kudos on stabilization efforts over past month; critical need to achieve cost recovery in energy sector, which will be "accompanied by scaled up social protection to mitigate the impact on the most vulnerable"

Brussels: IMF agrees to $18B bailout fund for Ukraine

Moscow Times: Russia will support banks if financial crisis occurs, Minister reassures as impact of sanctions getting real in West-targeted energy, banking, finance and arms industries

San Francisco: Democrat Yee's arms trafficking scheme includes link to Islamist rebels; the sworn FBI account reads like a crime thriller, involving hypocrisy, wire fraud, money laundering, corruption, bribery, murder-for-hire plots and large international weapons trafficking operations; the state Senator is running to be Secretary of State for California and was known for anti-gun rhetoric and bills

Chicago: Union ruling comes at bad time for NCAA

San Francisco hypocrisy: Democrat Yee wanted campaign cash from gun conspiracy, feds say; publicly he was anti-gun, privately he was trying to sell illegal automatic weapons to a gangster

Charlotte: After only 6 months in office, mayor resigns hours after charged with federal public corruption and bribery following an FBI sting

updated - Boston: 2 firefighters killed in 9-alarm fire on Beacon Street in Back Bay; 18 in hospital, including more than a dozen firefighters

Cairo: Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has resigned as Egypt's military chief, enabling him to stand as a candidate for President

San Francisco: Police arrest Democrat state Senator Leland Yee in ‘massive’ FBI sweep related to organized crime

Caracas: Venezuelan President Maduro announced Tuesday the arrests of three air force generals he said were plotting a coup

Good news: Burger King Baby finds birth mom, feels 'pure joy'; used Facebook and Twitter to let 'mom' know she was looking

Technology and change: For nearly 13 years, the most-used operating system ever has powered everything around us; it's still used by 30% of computers worldwide; will the world end when Windows XP support ends in April?

530slide: Rescuers scour Washington state mudslide rubble where 30 homes were hit; toll expected to rise

Ukraine: Busloads of Ukrainian troops leave Crimea

Mathew Ingram: What the Oregonian’s new web strategy gets right and what it gets wrong about online media

Syria: Saudi Arabia says rebels need more help in ‘catastrophic’ civil war

530slide: There was M1.1 earthquake near surface 100 yards behind the slide on March 10th

Time for new management? Copenhagen Zoo that killed Marius the giraffe puts down four healthy lions

Washington: IRS says bitcoin will be taxed like property instead of currency

Ukraine: Non-lethal aid to Ukrainians may include buying hemp seeds; prized for commercial and industrial applications

Ukraine: U.S. poised to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest producer of crude oil by 2015; will it start exporting to Europe?

Buffalo: Buffalo Bills founder Ralph Wilson dies; Hall of Famer founded team 55 years ago

NY Times: Google's lower-priced assault on Amazon web services

Washington: Redskins owners sets up foundation to help native Americans

The Hague: Obama meets Putin ally with Ukraine still in mind

Norfolk: Two dead as civilian kills sailor onboard moored destroyer, then killed by security

Fred Hiatt: Crimea’s suddenly inevitable ‘sovereignty’

NY Times: Michael McFaul: Confronting Putin’s Russia after the post-Cold War era he ended

Moscow Times: Capital flight expected to hit staggering $70B in first quarter

New York: 5 Bernie Madoff employees convicted of bilking investors

High-sticking: Mark Steyn takes on Michael Mann's unsubstantiated claims with flare and teeth-bared legal beagles

London: Rash of banker deaths worldwide leave industry concerned as coroners probe

Telegraph: Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals; considered 'medical waste'

Cairo: Egypt court sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death; convicted on charges including murder

Ukraine: Russian troops 'overrun Crimea's Feodosia naval base'

Unsettling science: IPCC admits the scientific consensus was wrong in a stunning reversal on biofuels; growing crops to make “green” biofuel harms the environment and drives up food prices

Obamacare debacle has become national collective focal point: All health care politics is personal; the entire country is engaged, and it’s not a holiday or a sporting event—it’s more like a natural disaster—a slow motion, rolling disaster—and the storm surge might not peak until Nov. 2014

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South Korea ferry: Texts from missing, accounts from saved, tell of terror

South Korea: Crew describes chaos & confusion on bridge of sinking ferry

South Korea ferry: Sad numbers: 475 people aboard,
25 confirmed dead, 179 rescued, 271 missing

South Korea: 3 of 4 ferry passengers came from a single high school

South Korea: Bad weather hampers search for ferry survivors

South Korea: Fears rise for 287 missing in ferry sinking;
confirmed death toll now set at 9

Jim Flaherty state funeral: Political players of all
party stripes gather for fond farewell

Jim Flaherty's wife, MPP Christine Elliott speaks at his state funeral. Triplet sons, Quinn, John and Galen stand with their mother. Quinn and Galen gave moving and humourous reminiscences of their father and their family life.

updated - Seoul: South Korea says 290 still
missing after ferry sinking, 6 confirmed dead

The Sewol flipped over and sank as helicopters and boats rescued over a hundred from the decks and the cold water.

Ottawa: RCMP charge London, Ontario teen over CRA Heartbleed hack;
Western student's dad is a Western Computer Science professor

Seoul: 290+ missing, 2 dead as student-filled ferry capsizes and
sinks off South Korea's southern coast Wednesday morning

The 6,325-ton Sewol was carrying 477 people, including 325 students from a high school in Ansan, just south of Seoul, when it sent out a distress signal at 8:58 a.m. in waters 20 km off the island of Byeongpoong, according to the Coast Guard. ~ Yonhapnews

updated - Seoul: 2 dead, 14 injured, 100+ missing after ferry with
476 students aboard sinks off South Korea after ran aground

Video capture of sinking ferry. Passengers mostly high school students. ~ YTN

Boston: Bomb squad detonates bags left near Marathon finish line

Member of bomb squad inspects bag at Boston Marathon finish line. ~ WBZ-TV

Calgary: Students gather at UofC to mourn stabbing victims

Calgary: Live press conference on UofC end-of-classes party stabbings;
arrested suspect was an invited guest, son of a 33-yr member of police;
no records for victims or suspect; charges will be 1st degree murder;
police being careful not to jeopardize case by releasing too much detail;
father/mother of suspect 'devastated', give apologies to victim families

Calgary: Stabbing rampage at house party kills five young people;
arrested suspect is the son of a senior Calgary police officer: sources

Police say five young people were killed in an after-midnight stabbing rampage at a house party on this
northwest Calgary street. ~ Jen Gerson National Post

Ukraine: EU agrees to tougher sanctions against Russia

Ukraine: NATO's Rasmussen calls on Russia to "start rebuilding trust"

NY Times: Ukraine asks UN for peacekeeping troops

Ukraine: Canada lambastes Putin, blames
'Russian provocateurs' for escalation:

  • "When a major power acts in an aggressive, militaristic, and imperialistic way, this represents a significant threat to the peace and stability of the world, and it's time we all recognized the depth and seriousness of that threat. Canada will take additional measures. We've already imposed a number of sanctions, and we will clearly be taking further action," said Prime Minister Stephen Harper

  • "We also know from history that anybody who makes it their historical mission to turn the clock back as Mr. Putin has determined to do, that those kinds of missions always fail in the end. We will do all in our power to make it fail," Harper said.

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian attack in Ukraine's Horlivka

There were rival pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian rallies in the town of Kharkiv on Sunday. ~ AFP

Heartbleed: 900 social insurance numbers stolen from Canada's CRA

MH370: 1st sub to be deployed

The Bluefin 21, Artemis autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), can create a sonar map of the search area to chart any debris on the seafloor. ~ Specialist 1st Class Peter D. Blair/U.S. Navy The Associated Press

MH370: Black box pings end, raising fears batteries dead, won't be found

MH370: Plane flown 'like fighter jet' to avoid radar

Ukraine: Russia whines to UN as Kiev clamps
down on pro-Russia violence in east

Ukraine: Russia says Kiev's planned operation against rebels is 'criminal'

Ukraine to launch 'full-scale' offensive against rebels involving army

Ukraine says it can prove Russia coordinated weekend attacks

Pro-Russian activists wave a Russian flag and shout slogans during rally near a razor wire-topped barricade outside regional government building in eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on April 13, 2014. Kiev said on April 13 that several had been left "dead and wounded" in fighting to oust pro-Russian gunmen holed up in a police station in the restive east in the city of Slavyansk, as Washington warned Moscow to de-escalate the crisis or face the consequences. The latest wave of unrest began when protesters last weekend seized the seat of government in Donetsk, followed by similar actions in Lugansk and Kharkiv. ~ Alexander Khudoteply AFP PHOTO

MH370: Searchers prepare to stop listening for black boxes after
two days without a ping and settle in for long seabed search

Ukraine: Shootout in Kramatorsk next on wave
of Russian assault on Donetsk Oblast

Solomon Islands: M7.6 sea quake - 100km SSE of Kirakira, 30km depth

Belleville: Flooding threatens 200 homes; state of emergency
declared in Eastern Ontario as waters rise on four major rivers

Firefighters and volunteers have been sandbagging residences around Belleville, Ontario as water levels rise on the Moira, Salmon, Napanee and Trent Rivers. All four rivers cross under Hwy 401 and if waters continue to rise, Ontario's main highway could be at risk. ~ Natalie Kalata CBC

Ukraine crisis: Canada imposes more sanctions to punish Russia

Kiev: Risk of 'gas war' looms in East Ukraine

Kiev: Pro-Russian militants seize hundreds of guns from police buildings

Kiev: Gunmen storm police buildings in East Ukraine

MH370: Optimism fading as signals fading, big task remains: Australia PM

Ottawa: Online book of condolences set up for Jim Flaherty

State funeral for Jim Flaherty Wednesday in Toronto

Doctor/MP Kellie Leitch who fought to save Jim Flaherty's
life leads deeply moving tributes in House of Commons

MH370: Latest detected signal 'not step forward' say Australians

How they listen and why the search craft have to run quietly.

MH370: Australian PM says searchers confident signals are from plane

MH370: Possible new signal detected, being analyzed

National outpouring of tributes to late Jim Flaherty

Ottawa: Friends and rivals alike salute Jim Flaherty

Ottawa: Prime Minister Harper pays tribute to late Jim Flaherty [video]

A shaken and teary-eyed Prime Minister Stephen Harper gives condolences to family of Jim Flaherty.

Global News: Jim Flaherty passed away 'peacefully' on
Thursday in Ottawa, according to a family statement from his wife
Christine Elliott and their triplet sons, John, Galen and Quinn

The nation is stunned as word spreads that the loved and lauded former Finance Minister has passed away. Above, Jim Flaherty's goodbye wave and last tweet on March 18th as he left the Cabinet after 8 years guiding Canada's finances through tumultuous times: "It has been an honour to serve Canada. Thank you for the opportunity."

BREAKING: Jim Flaherty has died at 64;
'massive heart attack' Thursday afternoon

MH370: New possible signal detected as search area shrinks to smallest
size as hydrophones dropped from airplanes start to pinpoint the source

MH370: Hunt for black box signals zeroes in on 'final resting place'

Newfoundland: Extra-heavy ice traps, kills 9 blue whales [video]

Nine majestic blue whales, the largest animals on earth, were caught in and killed by thick pack ice off the southwest
coast of Newfoundland. Whale experts say the lost whales represented 4 percent of the Atlantic population. ~ NTV

MH370: Tuesday pings lasted 5:32 and 7 minutes; "Ocean Shield has now
detected 4 transmissions in same broad area. These will assist in better
defining a reduced & much more manageable search area on ocean floor"

MH370: Floating objects spotted where Ocean Shield detects signals

MH370: Two more pings detected by Australian ship

The Australian Navy's 'Ocean Shield' has picked up two more pinger signals. ~ AP

MH370: Search crews confident locator beacon still running

Ukraine: Scuffles in parliament follow Donetsk building seizures; Kyiv says
actions are Crimea replay; Russia's Lavrov denies de-stabilizing Ukraine

Pro-Russian activists barricaded themselves inside a government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, on April 7th,
amidst calls for a referendum on seceding from Ukraine — moves Kyiv described on Monday as part of a Russian-orchestrated plan to justify an invasion of the country. ~ Reuters

Quebec: Majority win ends separatist referendum talk for now

MH370: Current search at final contact point calculated 2 weeks ago

Quebec election 2014: Official results from Elections Quebec - 10:25 pm
Seats: PLQ - 70; PQ - 30; CAQ - 22; QS - 3; 15 other parties - 0

MH370: Oceanographer: If pings confirmed "search area goes from
85,000 sq miles down to about 10 sq miles"

MH370: Hussein: "We are cautiously hopeful that there will be
a positive development in the next few days, if not hours"

MH370: Authorities say they are “very close” to finding plane
after Australian ship detects pulse signals - believed to be from
black box pinger - which lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes

MH370: Biggest breakthrough in the mystery that started a month ago

A graphic shows the respective signals received by Ocean Shield and Haixun 01 in the southern Indian Ocean, in this handout image released by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on Monday, April 7, 2014.

MH370: Do different locations of detected pings mean the two
black boxes aren't together? Latest puzzle as ships race against time

MH370: More electronic pulses picked up not far from original signal

MH370: Australia PM hopeful, cautious on possible breakthrough

MH370: Australians caution "There's a huge chance of false positives here";
but signal detected by Chinese has same frequency as flight recorders

MH370: Chinese search vessel detects underwater pulse signal

Never before: Norwegian skydiver almost hit by falling
meteorite — and captures moment [video]

Above, a time-lapse view as the tumbling rock narrowly misses lucky skydiver...
Anders Helstrup was skydiving in Hedmark, Norway. When he reviewed video from two cameras
fixed to his helmet during the dive, he saw a rock plummet past him. He took it to experts and they
realized he had captured a meteorite falling during its “dark flight” — when it has been slowed by
atmospheric braking, and has cooled and is no longer luminous.

MH370: 2 ships start black box hunt

Yellowstone: Scientists poo-poo supervolcano
despite biggest quake in 34 years

Chile: New evacuations in Chile after major aftershock

updated - Chile: M7.6 shallow aftershock hits inland 19km South of Iquique

MH370: British nuclear submarine joins search for missing plane;
HMS Tireless join 10 planes & 9 ships combing 221,000 sq km

What do they know? Animals fleeing Yellowstone Park
over imminent Supervolcano?

The mass and rapid exiting of bison herds and other animals from Yellowstone National Park may be a foreshadowing
that something very dramatic is happening. According to some, the animals may be detecting something vast and deadly
that could be the much-feared and anticipated Yellowstone supervolcano.

Chile M8.2 quake: 6 now dead, 2 dozen of 300 escaped inmates
captured; tsunami alert ended, major damage to roads, hillsides

Chile M8.2 quake: Five dead, many injured; fires, landslides

Chile M8.2 quake: 2 dead, 3 seriously injured: Iquique governor

Chile M8.2 quake: Fires and fears as aftershocks hit

The Chilean interior ministry told the BBC one of main roads outside Iquique was cut off by hillside
debris. Partial landslides have also taken place between the towns of Putre and General Lagos. The
Interior Minister told Chilean TV that some 300 women inmates had escaped from a prison. ~ AFP

Chile M8.2 quake: Tsunami caution for Alaska, BC, Washington,
Oregon & California; 7.6-foot tsunami observed off Pisagua, Chile

Chile M8.2 quake: Coastal evacuations ordered; 2-metre tsunami waves

Chile: Offshore quake upgraded to M8.2 by USGS

Chile M8.2 quake: Tsunami threat to Hawaii being evaluated

Chile M8.2 quake: Tsunami warning issued for Chile, Peru and Ecuador

updated - Chile quake: M8.2, very shallow - 99km NW of Iquique

Offshore quake - 19.630°S 70.863°W depth=10.0km (6.2mi) ~ USGS

MH370: Real last words from cockpit revealed

How to survive an avalanche: Skiers dig four people
out of snow in frantic rescue on Alberta mountain

Doug Ohrn, centre, after he was dug out of the snow by Michael Peterson, who took this photo

MH370: Sea trash misleads searchers looking for debris

Seoul: North and South Korea exchange fire with hundreds
of artillery shells fired into sea over disputed border

Passengers watch a television program showing reports on North Korea's plan
to conduct live-fire drills, at a railway station in Seoul. ~ Reuters

MH370: Australian PM Abbott says search "building momentum"

Nova Scotia: Trucker rescuers recount how they saved driver & dog [video]

A tractor trailer hauling furniture plunged into Great Bras d’Or Lake at the western end of Seal Island Bridge Saturday.
It was southbound on Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell Way, Hwy 105, west of Sydney when the big rig apparently
went out of control and crashed through guardrails and ran down a 20 to 50-metre embankment to land on its side in
the water. The driver and her dog were rescued by locals who jumped in.

MH370: 'Promising lead' as Australian pilot spots 4 orange items

The North-westerly view of the search area. The Diamantina Escarpment drops from depth of about
800 metres to over 5000 metres.

530slide: Confirmed deaths up to 18, missing down to 30

MH370: Objects retrieved by Chinese ship Saturday not IDed as from plane

MH370: Planes saw multiple bits of debris in Saturday search, marked them

MH370: Searchers aboard a Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 have sighted
three floating objects of white, red and orange colours, respectively

MH370: Australian Maritime Safety Authority search maps, video, etc.

MH370: Air crash investigation likely to be based in Australia

MH370: Journalist captures one of 'objects spotted' in new search area

This image of one the objects spotted was taken by a journalist on board the New Zealand search plane.

MH370: Planes spot several objects in new search area; six ships
on way to zone 1,150 miles west of Perth in attempt to verify wreckage

Brampton: Police officer in stable condition after courthouse shooting

Brampton: Gunman dead, SWAT responded to courthouse shooting;
Court officer rushed to Sunnybrook, reportedly shot in chest [video]

Police and ambulances were on the scene and heavily armed SWAT team members entered Brampton, Ontario
courthouse after the two shootings inside. Brampton is a neighbour city to NW of Toronto.

Brampton: Courthouse shooting sends policeman to hospital

MH370: AMSA changes search area 1100 km to northeast after re-analysis
of various data suggests plane was travelling faster and therefore not as far

GasGate: Wynne in denial; Hudak wants immediate resignation

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and Energy critic Lisa McLeod say the jig is up. Time for Premier Wynne
to stop cover-up and step down. Hudak had called on OPP to investigate. They found evidence
suggesting criminal breach of trust.

GasGate was on Wynne's watch: Premier and Finance Minister Sousa
at the centre of the "biggest scandal in Ontario history"

MH370: Fresh clues but bad weather

Wynne part of cover-up? How will Premier's election platform spin this?

Criminal charges? Police say 24 of Dalton McGuinty’s computers were
illegally wiped of gas plant info; warrant that led to police raid unsealed

Former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he has 'regret'
over cancelling a gas plant project that cost the province
$1.1 Billion. Will he face prison time?

MH370: Thai satellite finds debris field of more than 300 floating objects

Anond Snidvongs, executive director of Geo Informatics and Space Technology
Development Agency, said that Thaichote satellite or Thailand Earth Observation
Satellite, has recorded the objects, ranging from two to 15 metres, in the Indian
Ocean, about 200km SW of where the ill-fated flight is thought to have hit.

MH370: Montreal Convention of 1999
will have a direct bearing on loss compensation

MH370: Lawyers start with huge lawsuit threats

Garth Manning: Human cost of Ontario's Green Energy Act; no cost-benefit analysis or impact study on property values, tourism, health

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Ottawa: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Dr. Kellie Leitch pay tribute to the late Jim Flaherty [video]

Ottawa: Canada sends six CF-18 fighters to serve with NATO

Ontario to the Atlantic: Hundreds evacuate homes as flooding hits Eastern Canada

Ontario: May 1st set as delivery day for budget that could trigger provincial election

Toronto: Flight instructor who appeared on CNN MH370 coverage, fired for 'shaming Canadians'

Jim Flaherty's legacy: Making Canada the envy of its peers

So much for 'open nominations': Liberals to acclaim Chrystia Freeland for 2015 in University Rosedale; decision to wrap up nomination race nettles some local Liberals

Toronto blackout: Hydro One blames blackout on sagging Toronto Hydro wires due to ill-placed pole

Calgary: Son of senior police officer charged in city's worst mass murder

Resolute Bay: Canadian Olympic hockey champions join wounded soldiers on march to magnetic North Pole

Ottawa: Suspended Senator Mike Duffy likely to be charged soon

Saskatchewan: Boy, 15, charged with Regina mall stabbings of 4 men

Saskatchewan: Four people injured in random stabbing in Regina, youth suspect in custody

Timely: Wind power creates market havoc, is unreliable and costly; why does Toronto have major blackouts?

Ontario: East Oxford group files FOI for wind farm details

Wind Concerns of Ontario: WCO request to Ombudsman in “early stages of consideration”

updated - Ontario: Major blackout hit Toronto Tuesday night, most of city remained in dark for hours on a cold night; province-owned Hydro One at fault

Silver lining? Skin cancer tied to lower Alzheimer’s risk by study; cause and effect not established

Ottawa: Nigel Wright won't face charges over $90K payment to Mike Duffy; Wright says RCMP's "detailed and thorough investigation has now upheld my position"

Whitby: Over a thousand line up in his hometown to pay respects to Jim Flaherty; in his honour, the country's five largest banks pledged a combined $1 million to the Abilities Centre for the disabled where the visitation is being held

Belleville: Moira River floods surpass 2008 levels

Ontario: Brampton school stabbing: two in custody, police search for third

Ottawa: RCMP asked Canada Revenue Agency to delay announcement of security breach over weekend so investigation could advance

British Columbia: Northern Gateway pledges to hire local staff

Toronto: Wynne names her brother-in-law as head of eHealth at $210,000 salary, neglects to make it public

Toronto: Trudeau and his Ontario campaign co-chair sued for $1.5M in libel action; former Liberal candidate Christine Innes is suing after she was blocked from running as a Liberal in the Trinity-Spadina by-election; Justin Trudeau and David MacNaughton made public allegations against her

Toronto: Canadian house prices unchanged in March; first time in 15 years

Toronto: TSX heads slightly higher on strong U.S. retail sales, resource acquisitions

Toronto: Former NCAA basketball player charged in fatal drive-by shooting of mom of four

Ottawa: CRA reopens public website after shutdown linked to 'Heartbleed' bug

Jim Flaherty: Details of state funeral, visitation released

Toronto Star: Forum Research poll: Liberal gas-plants scandal fuelling a surge in support for Ontario Progressive Conservatives; Hudak PCs - 38%; Wynne Liberals - 31%; Horwath NDP - 23%; Schreiner Green Party - 7%

Like incompetence and lack of transparency? Still voting for Wynne-McGuinty Libs?

Crux of the Matter: Flaherty’s tax policies vs Justin Trudeau putting “a price on carbon”

Northern Gateway: Kitimat residents vote no to $6.5B pipeline/port project in non-binding plebiscite unlikely to stop British Columbia project

Monaco: Olympic slopestyle produced 'unacceptable' number of injuries according to IOC member; will it be dropped?

Grosvenor: Toronto tops survey of world's most 'resilient' cities

Belleville: Flood update for Moira, Napanee, Salmon rivers; Mayor Ellis: "We need more volunteers"

Eric Reguly: The brave move that showed Jim Flaherty's true character

Heartbleed: Canada’s tax agency expects online services up again soon

Higher ground: Melting snow, rainy forecast trigger flood watches across Southern Ontario

British Columbia: Northern Gateway pipeline proposal heads to vote in Kitimat today

London: Jim Flaherty's legacy felt on the world stage, says Mark Carney

Foxboro: Sand-bagging volunteers needed through weekend to help as Moira River floods north of Belleville

Ottawa: Jim Flaherty remembered for his New Brunswick Irish roots and fondness for the province

North Bay: Ontario budget leaks concern local MPPs

Toronto: Ontario Finance Minister Sousa signals Liberal economic panic; sets up panel to look at liquidating govt assets previously called 'sacred' to fund new spending

Simcoe-Grey: MP Dr. Kellie Leitch mourns loss of 'mentor' Flaherty

Ottawa: All federal departments using software vulnerable to the so-called Heartbleed bug have been ordered to immediately disable public websites

Ottawa: The announcement of Jim Flaherty's sudden death hit the House of Commons like a ton of bricks

Ottawa: Jim Flaherty remembered as 'great Canadian' by business community; Finance minister was a good listener but decisive, as well as respected internationally

Quebec: Stéphane Bédard is PQ's interim leader

Ottawa: Royal Canadian Mint expresses condolences on death of Jim Flaherty; "Part of his legacy will now live on in the many coins to which he gave sanction during his tenure as our Minister"

GasGate: MPPs consider rare Speaker’s warrants to get key gas-plant figures to testify

GasGate: OPP working list of folks they want to interview in their gas-plants criminal investigation

Quebec: Wal-Mart, Best Buy win court battle against Quebec govt of now-gone Marois; Superior Court rules major retailers with non-French trademark names won't have to translate signs

Toronto: CBC to cut 657 jobs, will no longer compete for professional sports rights, but will still pursue Olympics

Ottawa: Patrick Brazeau arrested, facing new assault, cocaine possession charges

Financial Post: 25 huge trends that will make people billions of dollars

Ottawa: Canadians filing taxes late due to 'Heartbleed' bug won’t face penalties

GasGate: McGuinty’s chief responsible if emails deleted, top IT official says

Toronto: Will big Alpine-style cable cars provide a cost-effective end to gridlock?

Ontario: Hudak vows to scrap trades college; "The College of Trades is a wall between new Canadians and young people getting a new job. I’ll tear down that wall"

Crux of the Matter: Complaints about Fair Elections Act re: 'vouching' unfair to those with ID

Ottawa: House of Commons Board of Internal Economy may pursue NDP for millions illegally spent funding satellite offices

Vancouver: Trevor Linden hired by reeling Canucks as president of hockey operations

Ontario: Foreign-owned 'Beer Store' attacks losing its semi-monopoly on provincial beer sales

Toronto: Man in custody after York Mills stabbings; Yonge Street southbound at 401 closed by police

Toronto: How to protect yourself against the 'Heartbleed' bug

Ottawa: Heartbleed bug lets attackers fish for information even on protected web servers used by banks and others, rendering huge swaths of the internet vulnerable to catastrophic breaches

Ottawa: Security concerns over 'Heartbleed bug' prompts tax agency to shut down website

Toronto: 4 stabbed in Yonge/York Mills office; two in serious condition with multiple stab wounds, 2 others with serious wounds are at a trauma centre

Cash cow gone: CBC expected to make deep cuts Thursday in wake of losing Hockey Night in Canada

Quebec: Philippe Couillard promises change, transparency during mandate

Fair Elections Act: Mayrand wants "wants more power, a bigger budget and less accountability"; but refuses to admit to ongoing Elections Canada incompetence and lack of responsibility documented in Neufeld report

Quebec federalist victory: Quebec election a boon for Canada and Harper, may be even better for his opponents, each of whom has reason to celebrate

Ontario: Clayton Kennedy, former Attawapiskat co-manager and partner of Chief Theresa Spence, charged with fraud

National Post editorial board: Good riddance to Marois-ism — her legacy belongs in the dustbin of history

Crux of the Matter: Liberals worry about AGW in future while rest worry about pollution now

Ottawa: Canada orders Russian diplomat out of country

Quebec election 2014: Quebec Liberals win majority: 'Division is over, reconciliation has arrived'; Marois loses own seat, resigns; PQ support at 25%, its lowest since 1970

Quebec election 2014: Pauline Marois resigns as PQ leader after crushing defeat

Quebec election 2014: Election was more about who lost than who won

Quebec election 2014: Global News LIVE coverage — 9 pm - Global TV declares Liberals winner of a majority government (63 seats needed in 125-member National Assembly)

Quebec election 2014: Liberals take early lead in Quebec election counts

Quebec election 2014: Elections Quebec handling complaints about company that promised day off for a PQ defeat

Quebec election 2014: Voter turn-out for 2014 up slightly from 2012

Chantal Hébert: Quebec Liberal victory could be short-lived

Toronto: Finance Minister Joe Oliver pledges tax relief after federal budget balanced

Crux of the Matter: Australia doesn’t want 'climate change' on next G20 agenda

Quebec election 2014: Last day of campaigning, vote on Monday

Cameroon: Gilberte Bussières, abducted nun from Quebec, still weak from cancer, friend says

Toronto-area Ukrainian church: Pastor on church fire: 'It's like a death in the family'

Lawrence Solomon: North America slow to reverse renewables projects, but its turn will come soon

GasGate: Gas-plant scandal exposes Liberal rifts

Crux of the Matter: Perspective, bias and point of view; when do millions equal $90,000?

Quebec election 2014: Leger poll says local races close, majority not assured; Liberals 38%; PQ 29%; CAQ 23%; QS 9%

Quebec election 2014: Quebec Liberal Party holds its dominant position in latest EKOS poll; Liberals 40%; PQ 26.3%; CAQ 21%; QS 9.6%

Connie Woodcock: ‘Vouching’ stinks. Get rid of it, now

GasGate: Police consider targeting more suspects in gas-plants probe

Toronto: Ford launches community Clean Toronto Together campaign after rough winter that brought huge ice storm damage and left a mess

Ottawa: Former AG Sheila Fraser inked $65,000 contract to advise Elections Canada; no known electoral expertise; accountant gets big bucks for providing advice on electoral reform and co-chairing panel that has met only twice; this week backed her boss before committee

Vaughn Palmer: Laura Miller’s level of co-operation with Ontario legislative committee being questioned

Toronto: Finance Minister Charles Sousa admits his budget a mess; missing by at least $3.5B this fiscal year, more in the future

Toronto: ‘Many months’ needed to determine if and which computers wiped after Kathleen Wynne took power: OPP

Toronto: Kathleen Wynne is just another Dalton McGuinty, warns Tim Hudak; 'looms over Kathleen Wynne like a dark cloud because there is no daylight between them'

Ottawa: 43,000 new jobs in February, double what was expected; unemployment rate down to 6.9%

Victoria: $1M in penalties levied against B.C. mill for deadly 2012 explosion

Scott Stinson: Ontario's short-term deficit targets in doubt but fear not, the Liberals have a (secret) plan

Afghanistan: Canadian reporter shot and German AP photographer killed as Afghan policeman opens fire on their parked car; the two women were covering Afghan elections and were travelling in a heavily guarded convoy

Ontario: Unifor push to unionize Ontario Toyota workers hits snag; didn't do homework

Quebec election 2014: CTV poll says potential referendum the dominant vote driver

Quebec election 2014: CTV News Ipsos Reid poll: Liberals 37%; PQ 28%; CAQ 19%; QS 13%; support for Liberals unchanged, but PQ has lost 4 points since last CTV-Ipsos Reid poll March 19th; CAQ and QS have each risen 3 points

Mississauga: Historic Canadian Victims Bill of Rights launched

GasGate: McGuinty aides refuse to talk to police: OPP

Ottawa: Export surge swings Canada to $290M trade surplus

Mississauga: Hudak puts Sousa on hot seat: "They’re making 39 new, big-spending announcements at a cost of $5.7 billion. I want to know where they’re going to get that money since we’re deep in debt."

Toronto: OPP step back from Rob Ford investigation after dispute with Toronto Police

Toronto: Bill Clinton says Rob Ford 'destroyed every stereotype... about Canadians'

Quebec election 2014: More than one million Quebeckers have already voted

Montreal: Election night shooting survivor from 2012 seeks $295,000 in lawsuit citing inadequate security

Ontario: Southgate to Samsung: NO — Southgate Council today voted not only to not accept proposed agreement offered by Samsung but in fact to become an "unwilling host" to 56-turbine wind power project; among other errors, Samsung didn't address decommissioning the 'money machine' wind power project at its end

Toronto: Canadian researchers developing treatment for celiac disease

Quebec election 2014: PQ Minister Drainville takes incriminating 'selfie' at polling station; shows him with PQ pamphlet, contrary to rules

GasGate: Ontario PCs take aim at top bureaucrat in purged document scandal

Quebec election 2014: Two Axor executives say they were involved in illegally funding Marois campaign

Late Sousa-mess: Growth of Ontario GDP to slow over next 20 years says out-of-touch Finance Minister in report legally due last October

Scott Stinson: Ontario budget leaks plan suggest Liberals have embraced politics above all else

Quebec election 2014: Four miscalculations by Marois and the PQ that led to a catastrophic election campaign

CIBC report: Canadian manufacturers that survived recession are stronger, leaner and more productive — ready to outperform

Toronto: Man given 9 months in jail for promoting hatred

Beginner's luck? First-ever lotto buy nets Ottawa woman a $48M jackpot

Quebec election 2014: New Forum poll shows same numbers as internal CAQ CROP poll [translated]

Quebec election 2014: Forum Research poll - March 31st: PQ continues slide; Liberals headed for majority; Liberals 41%; PQ 29%; CAQ 19%; QS 7%; 39% of Francophones will vote Liberal, with only 30% voting PQ

The GasGate diversion? Secret documents point to big-spending Ontario Liberal budget; confidential Ministry of Finance documents leaked to the PCs reveal Finance Minister Charles Sousa will table a big-spending budget on May 1st as province wallows in Liberal defict and debt

GasGate: Faist's ongoing work for Liberals raises more questions about Wynne’s role, says Lisa McLeod

GasGate: PCs, NDP fume as Premier Wynne ducks question period

GasGate: Boyfriend/tech expert who wiped hard drives of gas plant emails, worked for Ontario Liberal Party until yesterday (Sunday); 'bombshell' revelation shows Peter Faist paid by Liberals for over a year after Wynne became Party Leader

Toronto: Canadian bonds lower after better January GDP figures

La Presse: Vincent Marissal: The shock, the load, the Charter [translated]

Quebec election 2014: Liberals accuse PQ of ‘despicable’ ploy to spark Quebec referendum after La Presse revelations

Calgary: Encana to sell assets in Wyoming natural gas field for $1.8B

Measles: Exposure warnings for 3 Ontario cities

Cancer fundraiser: Justin Trudeau drops f-bomb at charity event [video]

Ottawa: Conservatives to roll out Victims Bill of Rights within "next few days" says Justice Minister MacKay; criminal rights advocates 'outraged'

Where does buck stop? Ontario PCs say they won't be 'muzzled' after Premier Wynne threatens legal action over gas plant remarks

Phil Gillies: Brant must not be sidelined from provincial politics

Election soon? In Ontario's power plant scandal, the crime and the cover up stink

Sue-Ann Levy: Liberals to blame for public sector salary explosion

Kelly McParland: Andrea Horwath has a duty to end Liberal misrule in Ontario

Quebec election 2014: Pauline Marois denies any knowledge of alleged bid-rigging scheme run by Parti Québécois

Chantal Hébert: Ghosts of governments past could be a horror story for Kathleen Wynne

Martin Regg Cohn: Spring election in the air over gas-plant stench; by putting Kathleen Wynne under the gun, Andrea Horwath has put herself in the spotlight as a Liberal enabler — and accessory to scandal

Toronto Sun editorial: Liberals green dream now our nightmare

Ross McKitrick: Earth hour: a dissent

Criminal gamesmanship: McGuinty’s gas plant cover-up would have succeeded had they received a majority in 2011; how many other things have they buried since 2003?

'Sunshine list' 2014: Ontario's top public earners list released; increased 11% to 97,796 names, and an 82% increase from 2008, when there were 53,774 names on list; searchable link

Quebec election 2014: Québec Solidaire asks Marois how she can be against tax havens when her high-profile candidate, Pierre Karl Péladeau, appears to use them extensively for his Quebecor family of companies [translated]

Prince Edward Island: Three dead in fire at vacant building in Charlottetown

Montreal: Man falls from Big O balcony during Blue Jays-Mets exhibition game; police say man in his 40s was critically injured after falling 10 to 15 metres

GasGate: McGuinty staffer named in gas-plant documents was paid $154,000 for less than two months of work in 2013, according to Ontario 'sunshine list'

Unravelled: A history of the Ontario gas-plant scandal

Thunder Bay: Northwestern Ontario municipalities support TransCanada's Energy East pipeline

Quebec election 2014: Grasping at extremist straws, now PQ's Pauline Marois blames Liberals for decline of French

Ottawa: Canada posts $2.16B surplus in January; revenues up, expenses down, as numbers beat budget

Ottawa: Feds to impose heavy fines on firms who abuse foreign worker program

GasGate: McGuinty Chief of Staff broke multiple security protocols in bringing in an outsider to tamper with government computers says detailed account drawn from police files

Toronto Mayor 2014: Mayor Rob Ford tells CBC Metro Morning "people are starting to become numb" to talk of his recent troubles

MH370: Rex Murphy: The mesmery and mystery of Flight 370, putting the whole world in limbo [video]

Ontario irony: Ontario Power Generation launches program to save endangered Blanding's turtle, while govt appeal overturned environment review tribunal decision to protect same turtle from wind turbine development in Prince Edward County; will OPG contribute to appeal costs? will they support further court action?

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