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Fishing/Golf Paradise

Amnesty International: Palestinian rocket fire during 2014 summer war in Gaza killed more civilians inside Gaza Strip than inside Israel; calls it "a war crime"

Neil Macdonald: Sensational Rolling Stone campus rape story completely unravels; fraud only conclusion

Iraq: U.S. coalition, Iraqi planes target ISIS in Tikrit palace compound

Flight 4U9525: France gets audio from jet's black box, hunts for 2nd one

Fortune: Heinz, Kraft agree to merge to become Kraft Heinz Company, forming a new $28B food behemoth

Flight 4U9525: Germanwings victims include opera singers, high school students

Telegraph: New footage shows terrified tourists in Tunisia terrorist attack

Washington: Iran isn’t providing needed access or information, nuclear watchdog says

Revolution: Google about to change marketing by TV forever

Chile: Mid-depth M6.1 quake hits 21 miles SE of Putre

Singapore: Modern Singapore's founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, dies at 91

Sanaa: Yemen on ‘the edge of civil war': UN envoy

Putin adventurism up another notch: Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield

Washington: ISIS identifies/locates, calls on backers to kill 100 American military personnel in U.S.

Next market frontier: I spy...then sell the data: Orbital's bet on satellites and drones; counting cars, people, data from high above

Dr. Patrick Moore: Greenpeace co-founder: "Why I am a climate change skeptic"

Lawrence Solomon: Western press hasn’t noticed Israel’s rapidly growing clout around the world; Netanyahu "Churchill of our times"

NY Times: New York prepares for funerals of 7 young victims of Brooklyn fire

London: Nine British medics feared to have crossed into Syria

Tunis: Hunt on for third Tunisian Bardo Museum attacker

New Orleans: Explosives found on machete-wielding airport attacker shot by police

Forbes: Martin Zwilling: Renowned innovation consultant Paul Paetz examines 'disruption fingerprints' that can give entrepreneurs market clues needed to succeed

Cheap flights, emerging economies: Mass tourism forces mobbed museums to overhaul welcome

Queensland: Australia unveils 35-year plan to save Great Barrier Reef

Aden: Al Qaeda driven out of Yemen city after killing 20 soldiers

NY Times: Scientists seek ban on method of editing human genome

James Delingpole: New scientific paper has driven yet another nail into the coffin of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming theory; gives global warming alarmists ‘one helluva beating’

Linette Lopez: Dead Argentine prosecutor was zeroing in on terror threat to entire Western Hemisphere

Unreliability: German wind power goes completely AWOL for 11th time this year

Sumas: 'Illegal border crosser' shot dead by U.S. Border Patrol agent in Washington state near Canadian border

Not just a solar eclipse! Today sees 3 astronomical phenomena take place as the supermoon and spring equinox align

Bloomberg: How the Fed erased 1% of the U.S. dollar's value in a single day

Foreign Policy: Obama's Plan B: Use UN to bully Netanyahu; he lost the Israeli election after much interference, now Obama will risk losing another key ally by forcing the issue

Tokyo: Japan police investigating death threats against U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

Israel: Pollsters offer variety of excuses for being so wrong on election outcome; primarily blame 'people changing their minds' rather than selves

Frankfurt: Police cars set alight, 350 detained at German anti-austerity protest

Israel: Netanyahu sweep to victory decisive; makes mockery of pre-vote polls

Gallup: In U.S., worries about terrorism, race relations up sharply; real Obama legacy

Washington Post fact-checker: 'Four Pinocchios' for Kerry claim he organized the ‘very first’ hearings on climate change

Washington: Pentagon loses track of $500M in weapons, equipment given to Yemen

Israel: Under Gaza with Islamic Jihad

David Middleton: Science lessons for Secretary of State John F. Kerry

Israel: Key players in March 17 parliamentary election

Telegraph: Spooks tells business: Consider stripping staff of smart phones to avoid cyber attacks

OPEC: China and Middle East will drive oil demand growth

Jeffrey Goldberg: Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?

Ferguson: Demonstrator, 20, arrested in shooting of 2 officers; claims he was aiming at other people and missed them

Lahore: Vigilantes kill church bombing suspects after attack in Lahore kills 14 worshippers and wounds dozens

Houston: Oil export folly; the U.S. ban is harming the oil patch and raising gasoline prices; since 2008, the U.S. has generated 50% of world’s oil production growth and 70% of North America

Santa Catarina: Up to 51 dead after bus crash off cliff in southern Brazil

Ebola outbreak: 10 flown to U.S. after possible exposure

CeBIT 2015: BlackBerry launches SecuTablet with IBM, Samsung for enterprises, governments

Kyaukphyu: At least 33 dead when Myanmar ferry sinks

NY Times: Poles steel for battle, fearing Russia will march on them next

Texas: U.S. oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens tells Canada: I’m sorry for Obama’s handling of Keystone

Moscow: Why it’s impossible for the Kremlin to lie about Putin’s weird disappearance

California: Carly Fiorina becoming major thorn in Hillary's side

Gallup: Canada (92%), Great Britain (90%) are Americans' most favoured nations

Turkey: Syrian spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligence

Bloomberg: How Russia is hacking your news feed (and why news aggregators such as NewsWatchCanada double-check wild claims)

Beirut: ISIS accepts Boko Haram pledge of allegiance

Toronto: Don’t like the news? Crowdsource your own. It's working for The Rebel

Ferguson: Two police officers shot, in hospital with serious injuries

Moscow: Vladimir Putin's spokesman denies rumours of ill health; not seen in public since March 5th

New York: Powdered alcohol shakes up quick cocktails, and controversy

Washington: Associated Press sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records

Sarajevo: Bosnia donates 500 tons of ammunition to Iraq

Singapore: Brent rebounds towards $57 after U.S. crude stocks fall

Brussels: Euro racing toward record quarterly drop on Draghi’s bond buying

Beijing: China economic data weaker than expected, fuels policy easing bets

Boston bombing trial: Jury sees blood-stained notes written by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on inside of boat where he was apprehended

Geophysical journal: On the incident solar radiation in CMIP5 models

Anthony Watts: Study shows huge basic errors found in CMIP5 climate models; demolishes assumptions built into all warming models

Marathon bombers: Boston bombing trial sees video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev putting explosives down just feet from youngest victim

Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko confirms rebel weapons moved

Washington: U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat

Washington: U.S. freezes assets of 7 Venezuelan officials

Sports world mourns: Argentina helicopter crash claimed French medal winners from London and Beijing Olympics

Argentina: French reality TV cast members among 10 killed as two helicopters collide mid-air during filming

North Carolina: Modular house on wheels escorted by state trooper gets stuck on tracks, hit by Amtrak passenger train; 55 injured in derailment

France: 4 people in custody over links to Paris attacks; one a policewoman

Fly-by-the-sun: "The adventure has started"; around the world at 29 mph; uses oil-derived lubricants but running on solar power

Kelly McParland: Obama warns that pipelines are dangerous, as more oil trains explode in flames

Niamey: Chad, Niger troops eject Boko Haram from Nigerian towns

Detroit: GM plans $5B stock buyback, averts showdown with hedge funds

Moscow: Vladimir Putin reveals secret meeting when he decided to ‘return Crimea to Russia’

Selma: Thousands march on Alabama bridge to mark 'Bloody Sunday' 50 years ago when state Democrat politicians sent police with batons to stop civil rights march

Washington: 'Huge gaps' in Hillary Clinton email record, Benghazi probe chief Trey Gowdy says

Malaysia: One-year MH370 report finds plane's locator battery expired in 2012 and may have stopped functioning; so it's possible search vessels passed overhead

Syria: Gunmen attack ISIS in east, kill 12

Rex Murphy: About those emails, Mrs. Clinton… 18-and-a-half minutes of missing tape ruined Nixon. What will four years of missing correspondence do to Hillary?

Charles Krauthammer: Netanyahu’s Churchillian warning

Shane Harris: Hillary’s secret email was a cyberspy’s dream weapon

Christopher Caldwell: ‘Calvin and Hobbes’: America’s most profound comic strip

Nimrud: ISIS 'bulldozes' ancient site, destroying more antiquities

Santa Monica: Harrison Ford 'had no other choice' but to crash-land on golf course, rep says

King of Saudi Arabia: Iran promoting terrorism, taking over Iraq

Washington: EPA Chief wants huge budget but stumbles when asked for answers

Illinois: Oil train derails, catches fire near Galena

New York Times: ISIS is skilled on Twitter, using thousands of accounts, study says

Japan Times: ISIS torches oil field near Tikrit as Iraq militia advance

Dubai: Like Israel, U.S. Arab allies fear Obama’s Iran nuclear deal; Kerry Visiting Saudi Arabia to assuage concerns

Saudi Columnist: Netanyahu right to insist on addressing Congress about Iran deal

Alan Caruba: Mere fact New York Times broke reporting of Hillary Clinton private email blockbuster suggest Democratic Party forces putting knife in chances of her Presidential candidacy

Seoul: North Korea applauds knife attack; U.S. Ambassador to South Korea recovering 'well'; “Will be back ASAP to advance US-ROK alliance!,” Lippert tweeted

Seoul: U.S. Ambassador Lippert recovering after knife attack in South Korea

Boston: `It WAS him': Defense admits Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bombed Boston Marathon

Riga: Additional tanks and armoured vehicles arrive in Latvia from USA for NATO 'Operation Atlantic Resolve'

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Marathon bombing trial puts global spotlight on Boston

updated ~ Donetsk: 33 miners dead after pit blast in east Ukraine

Cryosphere journal: Antarctic Sea ice did the exact opposite of what models predicted, says study; sea ice levels have only increased since 2006, hitting all-time highs for sea ice coverage in September 2014

Geneva: North Korea rattles nuclear sabre; says willing to make 'pre-emptive first strike'

Sydney: Australia to send 300 more troops to Iraq on training mission

Guardian: U.S. Syria policy in tatters after favoured 'moderate' rebels disband

Washington: Obama ally Warren Buffett slams Keystone XL delay; 'the delay is a thumbing of the nose at Canada'

Sheffield: 'Miraculous' stem cell treatment for MS patients; Britons previously wheelchair-bound can now walk, run and even dance again

Washington Post fact checker: Obama’s claim that Keystone XL oil ‘bypasses the U.S.’ earns Four Pinocchios

Warmist spin to begin: Brrr: February brought all-time record cold, snow to Northeast

Cairo: Egyptian court declares Hamas a 'terrorist organization'; secretive movement, founded in Gaza in 1987 as offshoot of region’s Egyptian-originated Muslim Brotherhood, faces growing cash crunch and has yet to lay out a strategy to extract Gaza from its increasingly dire situation

Abdulrahman al-Rashed: The UN envoy to Syria’s disastrous failure

Bethlehem: Obama threatened to shoot down IAF Iran strike in 2014: report

Hisham Melhem: The twilight of Middle Eastern Christianity? "A similar fate befell the Greek, Italian and Armenian communities that made Egypt and the Levant their homes. This rich human mosaic was at the heart of the cosmopolitanism that made Alexandria and Beirut such vibrant cultural and economic centers, and Damascus and Baghdad modern Arab capitals celebrating religious and ethnic diversity and pluralism"

Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe celebrates his 91st birthday with hate-filled speech in which he threatens to take land from white farmers

Freetown: Sierra Leone's vice president in quarantine for Ebola

Tallinn: Estonians vote in general election shaped by Russia anxiety

Canton: Heavy snow collapses Massachusetts ice rink; kids, parents, workers escape injury

Moscow: Murdered Boris Nemtsov was Russian Deputy Prime Minister in mid-1990s; had been arrested for demonstrating against Putin

Assassination: Opposition Russian politician Boris Nemtsov killed in centre of Moscow; Putin foe was to lead March 1st rally against war in Ukraine

Atlanta: NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil's car stolen before Sprint Cup race this weekend

Charles Krauthammer: The fatal flaw in the Iran deal

Dhaka: U.S.-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death

WSJ: Best Web regulator not necessarily net neutrality; competitive marketplace has so far served Web well

BBC: Micro-farming inside, using micro-processors, LEDs and fish power; make sense? [video]

Washington: China submarines outnumber U.S. fleet: U.S. Admiral

Seoul: South Korea Constitutional Court strikes down adultery law seen as outdated

Monitors: ISIS has now taken 220 Christian Assyrians from 3 days of raids on 10 villages

Study: Common food additives linked to Crohn's disease, colitis

London: ISIS head-chopper ‘Jihadi John’ revealed as middle-class Brit named Mohammed Emwazi who was born in Kuwait

Washington: Republicans vow to re-introduce Keystone XL approval soon in bill Obama won't be able to veto

Beirut: Syrian Kurds cut ISIS supply line near Iraq; fears for abducted Assyrian Christians mount

Chicago: Obama pal Emanuel rebuffed in mayoralty re-election attempt, faces April run-off; President had campaigned for his former Chief of Staff

New York: Apple ordered to pay $533M in iTunes patent infringement case

Panjshirp: Avalanches bury homes, killing at least 108 people after massive snowstorm hits Afghanistan

Oxnard: LA-bound commuter Metrolink train strikes, destroys truck; multiple injuries as train cars tumble

updated ~ Prague: Nine killed in Czech 'Friendship' restaurant shooting, including gunman by suicide

Damaturu: Teenage girl bomber kills 15 at northeast Nigeria bus station; ISIS affiliated Boko Haram blamed

Mission for up to two years: Kiwi troops off to Iraq as terror watchlist grows

ISIS: Australia poised to send additional troops to Iraq for joint training mission with New Zealand soldiers

Trenton: Merck gives free license allowing cheap versions of its HIV drug for children in poor nations

Spain: ISIS jihadi female recruiting network broken up

Little Rock: U.S. states try to predict inmates' likelihood of future crimes with secretive psychological surveys; two-pronged goal is to reduce both recidivism and prison populations

Hassakeh: ISIS abducts at least 90 Assyrian Christians from Syrian villages, human rights monitor says

Physical Graffiti: Jimmy Page revels in new Led Zeppelin re-masters

Khartsyzk: Ukraine disputes rebel claims that weapons pullback begins

France: 4-way talks on Ukraine underway in Paris

Donetsk: Ukraine rebels say weapons pullback under way; Russia threatens imminent gas cut-off to Ukraine, disruption for rest of Europe

Kabul: Gunmen seize 30 Hazara Shiites and government employees from bus in Afghanistan returning from Iran

Study: Want to protect your infant from peanut allergy? Feed the child peanuts

Paris: France seizes passports of six 'Syria-bound' citizens

Dhaka: Bangladesh ferry disaster death toll reaches 70

Cold continues: Ice storm slams U.S. Southwest, nearly 1,400 flights cancelled

Athens: Greece to meet loans deadline extension; getting grief from voters for going back on campaign promises made just weeks ago

U.S. jury: Palestinian authorities to blame for series of terror attacks in Israel

American Thinker: Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates

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Flight 4U9525: Rush to investigate accused co-pilot Andreas Lubitz

Flight 4U9525: Co-pilot deliberately crashed plane: French Prosecutor;
passengers could be heard screaming as plane dropped into mountains

Yemen: Saudi Arabia assembles powerful coalition against Iranian puppets

NY Times: Saudi Jets strike Yemen in force in bid to halt rebel Houthis;
More than 100 Saudi Arabian jets pound Yemeni targets early Thursday

The Iran-backed rebels were hit suddenly and hard "and the Saudi news media declared that the first night of the
offensive had fully disabled the Houthi-aligned air force." The U.S. and most Arab nations moved quickly to support
the Saudi-led operation in Yemen, which Saudi Arabia has called Operation Decisive Storm. Four other Persian Gulf
monarchies, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, joined the Saudi operation, as well as the allied
Arab kingdoms of Jordan and Morocco. The White House said in a statement the U.S. would provide “logistical and intelligence support” to the Saudi-led military operations.

NY Times: Flight 4U9525: Pilot was locked out of cockpit
before crash in France; mass murder, not accident?
“You can hear he is trying to smash the door down”

Iraq: U.S. conducting airstrikes to help in retake of Tikrit

Inner space: New 'superviscous' layer discovered in Earth's mantle

Ottawa: Canada right to fight ISIS in Syria, despite uncertainty: experts; "It's not an A versus B civil war. It's a multiple sided civil war. And
in a multiple sided civil war when you decide to take on one of the
sides, that does not make you an ally with every other side."

BBC: Tracking worker bees goes high-tech

The tiny trackers, which are just 8mm (0.3in) high and 4.8mm (1.9in) wide, are stuck to the bees with superglue in a process which takes five to 10 minutes. The bees are chilled first to make them more docile. "They make a hell of a noise," acknowledged Dr. Mark O'Neill. The trackers - which weigh less than a bee and are attached at their centre of gravity so as not to affect their flight - remain attached for their three-month expected lifespan.

Canada NOT asking for Syria okay to bomb ISIS; Opposition caught in lie

Flight 4U9525: Europe 'in shock' over Alps crash of German Airbus

Ottawa: Canada extends ISIS mission for 12 months, will now target ISIS in Syria; no ground role beyond advising; humanitarian role will continue

Canadian Prime Minister Harper tells House of Commons a bill to extend Canada's anti-ISIS mission will be debated and voted on Thursday. The mission will be extended for 12 months, and will continue to include humanitarian assistance along with advising Iraq military.

4U9525 latest: Witness says series of noises from plane before crash

Germanwings4U9525: 150 dead after Airbus 320 crashes in French Alps

The flight was travelling non-stop from Barcelona in Spain to Duesseldorf in Germany. The cause of the crash is not yet known.

NY Times: "I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support!"
Senator Ted Cruz announces his Presidential campaign with midnight tweet

Tehran: Khamenei calls for 'death to America' as Kerry hails nuke 'deal'

Calgary-born: Texas Senator Ted Cruz 2016 Presidential bid Monday;
No 'exploratory committee' shenanigans; Liberty University in Virginia

Ted Cruz will reportedly announce his intention to run for President of the United States Monday at Liberty University in Virginia, which would make him the first officially declared hopeful in the 2016 election. Cruz will hope to triumph against other GOP front-runners such as Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Rand Paul to win his party's nomination.

Yemen: U.S. evacuates troops as conditions further deteriorate

La Presse CROP poll: NDP holds Quebec support; LPC francophones down 11% since August, 6% in month; CPC strongest in Quebec City area

India: 34 killed, 150 injured in train derailment in Uttar Pradesh

Edmonton: RCMP arrests Alberta teenager on terror-related charges

Toronto: Both men found guilty in VIA train terror plot;
Esseghaier, Jaser convicted on multiple terror offences; face life in prison

updated ~ Yemen: At least 137 dead, 357 wounded as 4 suicide bombers
blow up two rebel-controlled mosques; ISIS claims responsibility

Tunis: Missing trio hid in fear in Bardo Museum for 24 hours after attack;
Museums around world said to be tightening security after ISIS massacre

Tunis: Tunisian army being deployed to major cities

Tunis: In gloating message, ISIS takes full credit for museum massacre

Souheil Alouini, a Tunisian Member of Parliament, lays flowers at Bardo museum. ~ Christophe Ena AP

Tunis: Bardo Museum toll rises to 23, including 20 foreign tourists;
1 gunman 'known' to Tunisian Intelligence; #JeSuisBardo rallies residents;
9 arrested, including 3 "directly linked to operation", link to ISIS in Libya

updated ~ Tunisia: At least 21 dead after Bardo museum attack, including
17 foreign tourists; security forces kill 2 gunmen, release hostages

NY Times: Netanyahu soundly defeats chief rival

Israel: In victory speech, Netanyahu says seeks 'strong, stable government'

Israel: Netanyahu, on Twitter, says won "great victory" in election

St. Patrick's Day: U.S. led transformation from
a religious event to a global party

Chile: Drones being used to save people on busy beaches

A drone prepares to drop a life preserver to a person drowning in Chile. ~ ABC

New era: Canada, U.S. announce new agreement on customs clearance

Ontario: Four barn fires in West Lincoln, Hamilton being investigated

West Lincoln, Ontario: Arsonist setting multiple major fires overnight

Syria: ISIS pushed back; Kurd fighters & Christian militiamen make gains

Iraq: As pressure mounts on all sides, the ground beneath ISIS shrinks

A woman raises a weapon and the Iraqi flag in celebration after Iraqi government troops and militias drove Islamic State insurgents out of the town of al-Alam on Tuesday, clearing a final hurdle for an assault on the city of Tikrit. The Arabic characters on the flag read, ‘God is the greatest.’ ~ Reuters

Quebec: Severed pig's head found outside Montreal Police union office

Syria: ISIS wants to 'blow up' White House, Big Ben and
Eiffel Tower, spokesman says in audio message

Montreal: McGill Researchers find how to move epigenetic switches;
use environmental methylation of DNA to control variable genetic traits

In nature, carpenter ants in the same colony vary dramatically in size even though they are genetically very similar or identical to each other. Canadian researchers found that they could directly manipulate the ants' size by turning up or down a particular growth gene. ~ Mélanie Couture and Dominic Ouellette McGill University.

Toronto: ISIS sympathizer arrested after plotting to bomb U.S. Consulate

The U.S. Consulate on University Avenue in Toronto was apparently one of the targets for Jahanzeb Malik. He was apprehended and is being held by the Canada Border Services with assistance from CSIS and the RCMP.

Coalition: ISIS Syria-Iraq supply lines smashed; 94 villages freed

CFB Trenton: Final farewell: Sgt. Andrew Doiron honoured
at repatriation ceremony and along Highway of Heroes

Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron arrives in Toronto following a repatriation ceremony at Canadian Forces Base Trenton in eastern Ontario. Among those paying their respects were Gov-Gen David Johnston, Defence Minister Jason Kenney and other dignitaries, as well as dozens who gathered outside the base and along the procession route.

SECU hearings: MacKay and Blaney set the record straight on Bill C-51

Minister of Justice Peter MacKay (left) and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Steven Blaney appeared this morning before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) to answer questions and settle outrageous claims being made about Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act. ~ screencaps

Toronto: Hydro One privatization plan in the works for Ontario; over-spending government turns to asset sales to pay bills

Future of war: New Lockheed Martin laser weapon
burns hole into vehicle engine from mile away

Lockheed Martin successfully demonstrated its 30-kilowatt fiber laser weapon system by disabling the engine of a small truck. Known as ATHENA, for Advanced Test High Energy Asset, the ground-based prototype system burned through the engine manifold in a matter of seconds from more than a mile (1.6 kilometres) away. The truck was mounted on test platform with engine and drive train running to simulate an operationally-relevant test scenario.

New York: Strong U.S. jobs data raises odds of Fed rate rise, hits stocks

Wall Street Journal: Signals from U.S., China show how much global economy has shifted since crisis; Russia, Brazil both in or near recession

Moscow: Russia formally charges two men for Nemtsov murder

Moscow: One suspect in Nemtsov killing reportedly blows himself up;
court appearances heavily guarded for arraignment of group of suspects

updated ~ Moscow: 2 suspects detained in killing of Boris Nemtsov

Ottawa: Parliament Hill killer Michael Zehaf-Bibeau:
'You're not even safe in your own land' [video]

[top] Parliament Hill killer Michael Zehaf-Bibeau threatens Canadians in a 'lucid' video filmed moments before he killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at National War Memorial and made his assault on the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings on October 22, 2014. [bottom] Daryl Kramp, Chair of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU), explains why special meeting to view Zehaf-Bibeau video and interview RCMP Commissioner Paulson was convened Friday morning, during a break week for Parliament. ~ screen caps

Ottawa: RCMP Chief Paulson's remarks at SECU on Zehaf-Bibeau video

New York: Delta jet skids off 7,000-foot runway at LaGuardia in storm;
no injuries reported; major NYC airport closed for 7 hours

That close: Delta Flight 1086 from Atlanta to LaGuardia came within feet of ending up in Flushing Bay. No serious injuries. Wing torn off, fuel leaking but evacuation of 125 passengers successful. ~ CBS

Webcam concerns: Pennsylvania Game Commission: Eagles OK in snow

A York County Bald Eagle keeps its two eggs warm during March 5th snow storm. ~ Pennsylvania Game Commission

Boston Marathon prosecutor: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
placed bomb directly behind 8-year-old victim

4-alarm port fire: Vancouver fire chief lifts ‘stay inside’ order

A partial evacuation of Vancouver’s waterfront has been ordered while fire crews deal with a chemical fire in shipping containers containing swimming pool chemicals at Port Metro Vancouver. ~ Van Fire Fighters @IAFF18 Twitter

Seoul: U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert injured in razor slash attack

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert seriously injured after razor attack. ~ Yonhap News

Washington: Full transcript of Netanyahu speech to U.S. Congress

Netanyahu: "Even if Israel must stand alone, Israel will stand. But I know Israel does not stand alone, I know that America stands with Israel."

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will not stand idle under the threat of a nuclear Iran. This is the full speech on Youtube as originally broadcast live on March 3, 2015. ~ [video]

Netanyahu: "We must all stand together to stop
Iran's march of conquest, subjugation and terror."

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the U.S. Congress and lays out the spectre of a nuclear Iran in historic appearance.

London: Story of weasel flying on back of woodpecker had happy ending

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May captured the stunning image of a weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker as it flew through the air at Hornchurch Country Park in east London Monday afternoon. ~ Martin Le-May BBC

Ottawa: Canada fourth-quarter growth hits 2.4%;
surpasses expectations, and beats U.S. numbers

ISIS: Twitter will be 'target for soldiers of the caliphate'

Baghdad: Iraq launches attack to retake Tikrit from ISIS

San Francisco: ISIS threats against Twitter being taken very seriously

Bad news: Sometimes you do need a weatherman
to tell which way the wind blows

Garry Kasparov: Putin’s culture of fear and death

Last public words: Four hours before assassination: "Putin lied"

Moscow Nemtsov march: “The bullets are in each of us”

"When Russian opposition leader and former deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was shot to death Friday in Moscow, the country lost many things. It lost a charismatic and forceful political organizer. It lost a prominent critic of Putin and of his war in Ukraine. It lost a sense that, even if journalists and activists are unsafe in Russia, at least high-profile political leaders did not have to fear for their lives. In a smaller and more immediate way, Russia also lost a leader for a protest rally that Nemtsov had been helping to plan for Sunday in Moscow. Two days after his murder, the rally went ahead, but primarily as a memorial for the man who was to lead it." ~ VOX

Moscow: Boris Nemtsov killing: Muscovites pay tribute to Putin critic Thousands march in honour of leading opposition politician as
banners declare "I am not afraid", chants ring "Russia without Putin"

People hold a banner of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead on Friday night, during a march to commemorate him in central Moscow. Opposition supporters marched on March 1st in memory of Nemtsov, whose murder has increased concern about Russia's future among opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin. ~ Tatyana Makeyeva Reuters

Peter MacKay: Bill C-51 is a measured response
to the very real dangers we face today

Putin spin begins: Russian investigators suggest murdered Boris Nemtsov
a ‘sacrificial lamb’ in plot to de-stabilize the country

Russian police investigate body of Boris Nemtsov, the former Russian Deputy Prime Minister and opposition leader who was gunned down near Red Square; Moscow's St. Basil Cathedral is in the background. ~ Pavel Golovkin AP Photo

Leonard Nimoy, Spock in Star Trek, dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy created a cultural icon that has endured for nearly 50 years already and will long out-live him.

London: Global equities hit new record as cheap money reigns

Juraboev: "I am in USA now but we don’t have any arms. But is it
possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs anyway while here?
What I’m saying is, to shoot Obama then get shot ourselves, will it do?
That will strike fear in the hearts of infidels

New York: Three arrested in U.S. on ISIS terror charges

Police officers guard an entrance of the Federal Courthouse in New York's borough of Brooklyn where two Brooklyn residents, arrested for plotting to join extremists fighting in Syria, are arraigned before a judge on February 25, 2015. U.S. prosecutors said Akhror Saidakhmetov, 19, wanted to buy a machine gun and shoot U.S. police officers and FBI agents if blocked from fighting in Syria. Prosecutors said Hasanovich Juraboev, 24, posted a message online last August offering to kill Obama if ordered to do so by ISIS. ~ ©Jewel Samad AFP/Daily Mail

Cattaneo: Obama veto of Keystone XL bill a slap in Canada’s face

McParland: Obama can’t stop Putin, but one tough cookie with Canada;
Sure, the Canadians will be miffed, but who cares about friends and allies?

al-Adnani: ISIS spokesman calls for more Ottawa-style
attacks in Canada, warning ‘what lies ahead will be worse’

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Crux of the Matter:
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Quebec: Timid Liberal ads fail, like their leader

Ottawa: CRTC chair blasts Bell for alleged meddling in CTV News coverage

Ottawa: Huge online dating site fined $48,000 for spam

Ottawa: Transport Minister Raitt says spate of CN Rail accidents no fluke; railroad on notice, investigation ongoing

Scourge of 'Big Wind' destroying Ontario's finances, jobs and countryside: 'Get organized,' wind turbine opponents urged; people power works; industry floods comments with propaganda

Toronto: Postmedia given Competition Bureau green light to buy 173 Sun Media publications for $316M

Iraq: Canada 'doing its share' in humanitarian aid, Nicholson tells reporters

Montreal: Discount chain Dollarama's profit jumps by 21% as it adds 27 stores

Big cities in agreement: New era as Toronto, Montreal mayors say they will be joining forces on politics, business and security

updated ~ Chemical weapons link: PEI police make terror arrest, peace bond issued

La Presse translation: Quebec in favour of extending Canadian mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

TD Report: Oil price drop will slow growth for parts of Canada but help other parts; "growth should accelerate in the last half of the year"

Margaret Wente: Harper Derangement Syndrome gives victims tunnel vision; delusions common in columnists

Ottawa: 'Patrice Vincent must not have died in vain,' sister tells Bill C-51 hearing

Chantal Hébert: Trudeau Liberals fall into unhappily familiar pattern in Quebec; could be shut out of francophone Quebec for a third consecutive election

updated ~ Ottawa: White powder sent to Senators' offices is non-toxic; return address says 'Ottawa shooting'

Florence: Canadian soldier and family, and Pennsylvania couple, die in fiery I-95 crash in South Carolina on trip home from Spring Break

Toronto: Private sector workers earn less, work more: CFIB report

Ottawa: Mulcair makes transparent political calculation to seek support from head-in-the-sand voters; NDP will oppose further action against ISIS by Canadian Forces

Peterborough: Odin Camus overwhelmed after worldwide outpouring of support from strangers for his 13th birthday; from Japan, India and Russia to Blue Jays in Dunedin, Florida

Ottawa: PM Harper marks International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: "We are proud of Canada’s diversity and inclusiveness. The promotion of these values has helped to build our great country where pluralism thrives. Our Government is committed to combatting racial discrimination in all its forms."

Global News/Ipsos Reid poll: 88% of Canadians say faces should be bare during Citizenship ceremony; 72% say niqabs, burkas are symbols of oppression of women

Global News/Ipsos Reid poll: How do supporters of Canada’s major political parties feel about requirement to show face while taking citizenship oath?
Supported by 96% of Conservatives, 85% of Liberals, 83% of NDP, 81% of Bloc Quebecois

Rex Murphy: Sexual misconduct scandal involving Liberal MPs should have a full and open hearing

Ottawa: Tories call for opposition support on motion to extend ISIS mission

Tarek Fatah: The niqab is the flag of Islamism

Ottawa: CRTC introduces new cable/satellite regime with $25 basic package and pick-and-pay for additional channels; start deadline is March 2016 but at least Rogers has suggested it could make the offer earlier

Toronto: Don Cherry launches pet rescue foundation

Milton: CN Rail building $250M intermodal hub north of Hwy 407; will create 1,000 direct and indirect jobs; each train removes 280 trucks from road

Alberta: Woman extradited from Germany for allegedly stalking — and impersonating — a CTV Edmonton anchor

Saskatoon: Canada support program promotes processed lamb exports; new, unique market being developed

Toronto: Jury reaches unanimous verdict against one of VIA Rail Terror plot accused; judge instructs to finish deliberations

Mississauga: Iraq mission will be extended, Harper tells press conference details will come in House of Commons next week

Mississauga: Harper announces support to open new export markets for small and medium-sized businesses

Trenton: 50-vehicle crash closes Canada's busiest highway west of Belleville; 401 eastbound still being cleared

Crux of the Matter: Political correctness or gender equality: Miller chooses equality

Halifax: Another winter storm batters Atlantic Canada

Ottawa: Liberal MP Andrews says 'astounded' by reports of permanent ousting from caucus

Ottawa: Trudeau breaks pledge; Liberal MPs Massimo Pacetti, Scott Andrews to be booted from caucus; left in limbo for months, were assured they'd be informed before public

Ottawa: Status of Canada's 4 current terror trials/cases

Redmond: 'Internet Explorer' to go into witness protection plan, get new name and identity in upcoming version of Windows, says Microsoft, of once-reviled and dominant browser

Owen Sound: MP Miller apologizes for 'stay the hell where you came from' radio comment

Ottawa: New legislation for injured veterans and their families will give new benefits to family caregivers, expand existing allowance

Ottawa: Canada joins global treaty to ban cluster bombs

Vancouver: 'Whole world' will be laughing at Canada, B.C. bomb plot accused told his wife

Ottawa: David Johnston to remain Governor General until 2017; 2 year extension

Toronto: Fresh blood no better for transfusions in very ill patients: study

St. Patrick's Day: The Irish things that aren't, really

David Frum: Trudeau didn’t just defend the niqab. He defended the niqab by trivializing the Holocaust

Konrad Yakabuski: Where's the logic in Ontario's power play?

Manitoba: Currency exchange rate has more Canadian growers selling grain crops across U.S. border

Vancouver: Safety concerns raised after fatal double stabbing at boarding house hotel on downtown eastside

Barrie: OPP union CAO fired amid fraud allegations; Walsh ran for Liberals in 2011 election; OPPA ran controversial ads supporting Liberals in 2014 election

Christina Blizzard: Spring budget is Liberals' fire sale to cure 12 years of mismanagement

Montreal: NDP tones down its defence of face-covering niqab in Quebec

Toronto: Ontario to auction off licences to sell beer, wine in supermarkets; complex cash grab being used to distract from Hydro One privatization

Barrie: Four in hospital; police investigating explosion, house fire

Edmonton: Principles, what principles? Alberta Liberal MLA to run for 3 parties simultaneously

Ottawa: Good news buried as Canada unemployment rate at 5-month high; full-time employment up by 34,000, part-time down by 34,900

Vancouver: 6 quarantined after suspicious envelope found in downtown tower

Calgary: Earnings loss benefit increased for part-time reserve force veterans: Kenney

Toronto: Ontario police union leaders defrauded members through sweetheart business deal, court documents allege

Halifax: Nova Scotia awaits another huge blizzard; 40 cm in forecast

Halifax: Part-time reservists to have same benefits as regular forces

Ottawa: Sgt. Andrew Doiron's colleagues held fire when Kurds mistakenly turned guns on them

Saskatchewan: Canada's railways can't dictate terms on grain backlog: Harper

FLASHBACK - October 7, 2009: Toronto Star: 'Muslim lobby group urges Ottawa to ban burkas, niqabs'

Terry Glavin: Chest-thumping isn't protection of liberty; Trudeau's "narcissism on methamphetamines"

FLASHBACK - March 27, 2010: Liberal Leader Michael 'Ignatieff backs Quebec veil ban'; Liberal MP Justin Trudeau doesn't make a peep

Lewis Furey: Trudeau needs a broken Canada

Mexico: Calgary woman dies after whale jumps onto boat near Cabo San Lucas

Ottawa: Misinformation, false accusations show desperation of Trudeau attack on transparency during citizenship ceremonies

Ottawa: Life Means Life Act will give juries bigger role in determining life without parole

Ottawa: Transport Canada introduces new, tougher tank car standard to be phased in by 2025; welcomed by railways

Macleans: Jason Kenney responds to Justin Trudeau’s bizarre speech

updated ~ Calgary: 38 Canadian Imams issue fatwa against ISIS; condemn radicalization, recruitment, actions; declare them to be "outsiders" to the faith

Kelly McParland: Hydro One sell-off is Wynne Liberals' way of testing whether Ontarians will believe anything

Windsor: Extremist who had no valid passport and was labelled a ‘high-risk traveller’ joins jihadists in Syria

Quebec City: IBM, Revenue Quebec employees arrested in UPAC raid

VIA Terror trial: The strange non-defence of Chiheb Esseghaier

Crux of the Matter: Trudeau’s disgraceful misrepresentation re: Harper, Citizenship & niqabs

Ottawa: CIJA responds to speech overreach by Liberal Leader Trudeau

Andrew Leach: Oil sands production will continue to increase in near term, likely through 2020 if not beyond, unless prices decrease materially relative to today

Blair King: The Energy East pipeline: dispelling some myths

Beryl Wajsman: Mr. Trudeau have you no shame? Pandering for votes while ignoring history; does Liberal leader still believe honour killings and female genital mutilation aren't 'barbaric'?

Gogama: Fire out in latest tanker train derailment; bypass line could be open Tuesday afternoon; train was travelling at 43 mph when it derailed

Ottawa: Transport Minister Raitt blasts CN over cluster of fiery derailments near Gogama, Ontario; demands better rail operation; is there intentional track sabotage?

Toronto: RCMP search OPP union offices; senior leaders take leaves of absence

Ottawa: Pamela Wallin used public funds to pursue 'private and business interests,' RCMP allege

Regina: Mosaic announces $1.7B Saskatchewan potash mine expansion; 900 construction jobs

Ottawa: Wounded vets with no military pension to get retirement support; fixes problem caused by Liberals' 2006 veterans charter

Ottawa: Canadian official 'strongly refutes' Kurdish account of friendly-fire death; Canadian soldiers followed protocols

Toronto: Record cold puts chill on Canadian housing starts in February

Elizabeth Renzetti: For some Canadians, winter is a cruel prison of ice and snow; arrest warrant issued for 'Old Man Winter'

Toronto: Loblaws to create 5,000 permanent jobs in $1.2B program to build 50 new stores and renovate 100 others in 2015; also upgrading back-end processes and adding new services; total of 20,000 jobs to be created

Winnipeg: Manitoba NDP Premier Greg Selinger holds onto his office in second ballot squeaker as divided party blinks; dead politician walking?

Crux of the Matter: Why do progressives see conservative views as unworthy or worse, evil?

Ottawa: PM Harper notes Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day 2015, 'Strong Women, Strong World', highlights the vital contributions women make to the domestic and global economy

Toronto: Benefits of Daylight Saving Time come with traffic fatalities, heart attack, other health risks say researchers

Ottawa: There will be an inquiry into the "failure of identification" in dark that led to death of Canadian soldier in Iraq; three others were wounded and are in stable condition

Ottawa: MNC15: Jason Kenney praises efforts of Canadian Muslim community: "potentially violent instances have been prevented, radicalization has been diminished" because of their "proactive co-operation"

Ottawa: Statement by Stephen Harper on the death of Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron

Iraq: Petawawa soldier Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment was killed Friday in a friendly fire incident

Tim Naumetz: Zehaf-Bibeau video shows that 'there was a terrorist threshold that has been met' connected to Oct. 22 attack on Parliament, says NDP MP on SECU

Ottawa: "We don't have liberty without safety": Kramp

Aaron Wherry: SECU Chair Kramp: We're facing "what many people consider one of the challenges of our generation" in Islamist terrorism

Cairo: Mohamed Fahmy case not as simple as previously suggested; retrial strategy to reveal his disputes with Al-Jazeera over re-airing dubbed reports

Montreal: Canadian charged in spam scheme involving a billion email addresses

Toronto: Canada's largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, to end paid digital subscriptions on April 1st; all content will then be available free on all digital devices

Ottawa: Boost in anti-terror staffing 'unprecedented', says RCMP chief

Ottawa Citizen: Others were 'involved' with Zehaf-Bibeau in Ottawa attack, RCMP chief says

Ottawa: Zehaf-Bibeau investigation by Mounties ongoing and extensive: Paulson

Gogama: Another CN train with crude oil derails in northern Ontario; no injuries, fire at site

Zehaf-Bibeau video: Room holds its breath during killer's final words

Ottawa: AWS-3 wireless auction raises $2.1B; Wind fills its sails

Ottawa: Estonians blast Liberals for opposing site of victims of communism memorial

Toronto: PC leadership candidate Christine Elliott would cut corporate tax rate to get Ontario's economy 'back on track'

Toronto: Christine Elliott reports her campaign sold 34,000 party memberships in Ontario PC leadership race; Patrick Brown team says they sold 40,000+; distribution, turn-out critical

Ottawa: Missing Canadian pastor being held by North Korea

Victoria: Family of murdered BC teen applauds new federal legislation; removes chance of parole for those convicted of first-degree murder involving killing of police officers or correctional officers, terrorism, kidnapping or sexual assault and crimes of “particularly brutal nature”

Scarborough: Harper announces upcoming legislation to keep Canada’s most heinous criminals behind bars for life; no parole, no revolving door for worst of worst

Scarborough: Harper: economy will continue to grow despite oil slump

Ottawa: Liberals apologize for Justin Trudeau's confusion over living and murdered Russian politicians he may or may not have met with

Ottawa: Court rules defamation of Ottawa blogger was 'fair comment'; can person using pseudonym Dr. Dawg be defamed? Yes, says judge

In like a lion: Blackouts hit thousands across Greater Toronto Area as crews scramble

Ottawa: Canada’s economy grows faster than forecast, dimming hopes of second rate cut

Ann Brocklehurst: Who built the Toronto Tunnel? The public has a right to know

Weather Network: East of Rockies to remain colder than normal for next two months in Canada; just as it did in 2014

Washington: Canada doesn't trust Iran, John Baird tells American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Q&A session

Joe Warmington: Liberals can't deny Levin's role with sex-ed curriculum

Warren Kinsella: The 15-point down-trend and the inevitable election debate meltdown for Justin Trudeau

Keystone XL: With veto, it’s time for the NAFTA option; TransCanada can launch a Chapter 11 claim against U.S. worth $$ billions; and Canadian Govt could file a similar claim under Chapter 6

Toronto: CPR's Hunter Harrison says terrorist attack a bigger concern than derailment for railroads; reason to keep cargo confidential

Alzheimer's breakthrough? Critical amyloid protein clumps found in people as young as 20, study finds

Summerland: Okanagan company behind non-browning apples bought by U.S. corporation

Party bunker? Toronto Police abruptly claim tunnel puzzle solved; built by two men for 'personal reasons', and case now closed; sorry, police, not a 'man cave' if no big-screen TV

Toronto: Math skills declining in Ontario; educators conveniently blame it on kids not doing enough homework, not system failures

Tom Adams: Do Ontario’s freedom of information laws apply to Green Energy?

Toronto: Public to Wynne Govt in pre-budget consultation: open up booze market

Michael Platt: Calgary Trudeau Liberal Cam Stewart says Canada shouldn't be battling ISIS barbarians; foot-in-mouth expert got Liberal 'green light'

Warren Kinsella: Who is a “traitor to the Liberal Party” now?

Billion dollar bullies: Anti-turbine families in Ontario fight $340,000 legal bill from wind farm companies

Mild isn't it? February coldest month on record for Quebec, parts of Ontario

Edmonton: Terror threats cause 12 teams to withdraw from Alberta cheerleading championships

Ottawa: Trudeau hints at supporting extension of ISIS mission in Iraq after read riot act by party elders

Charlottetown: New Progressive Conservative leader Rob Lantz says bring on house-cleaning PEI election; priorities will be "integrity, communities, economy"

Securities frolics in Liberal PEI: Small island, big bet: How PEI lost its online gambling gamble

Ottawa: Harper expresses condolences to Boris Nemtsov’s family, friends and associates on behalf of Canada

Winnipeg: Manitoba Review Board allows bus beheader Vince Li unsupervised passes in the city; victim Tim McLean's family upset

Robert Fulford: No matter how much Muslims despise it, the truth is that ISIS has grown out of their religion

Ottawa: CSIS has little power to stop terrorist recruitment, experts say; no current mandate 'to intervene to prevent terror plots from developing'

Ottawa: Senior trade bureaucrat Ian Burney given highest honour in Canadian Public Service

Ottawa: Harper marks key anniversary in Ukraine struggle for peace, democracy and freedom

Ottawa: Federal budget surplus increases to $2.4B in December 2014; 2014-15 full-year budget deficit down to $902M, with 3 months to go

Stratford: Canadian city sues U.S. guardrail maker for $500M

Are NDP and Liberals engaged in cultural appeasement? Bloc Quebecois attacks NDP for supporting covered faces in citizenship ceremonies and during voting

Montreal: Syrian ISIS jihadists believed to have recruited 6 young Quebeckers

Terence Corcoran: The last climate science witch hunt

CES 2015 interview: Paul Paetz on 'Disruption by Design: How to create products that disrupt and then dominate markets' [video]

Oakville: Ford adding 400 more jobs to produce new Edge crossover SUV; in addition to 1,000 jobs announced in October; new trade agreements enable worldwide export

Ottawa: Liberals fretting election debates? Trudeau trap seen as time to shine for Harper, Mulcair

Quebec City: Quebec Education Minister expected to quit politics in wake of strip search comments

Ottawa: Supreme Court won’t hear oath to Queen challenge; no citizenship without oath to Queen, Canada's Head of State

Quebec City: Quebec Education Minister expected to quit politics in wake of strip search comments

Montreal: RCMP says it fears man, 22, will commit terrorism offence; to appear in court today to sign 'peace bond'

New York: America’s favourite dog breed is still Canada's Labrador Retriever

Ottawa: Harper and Gates renew pledges to promote maternal, newborn and child health

Kane: Manitoba farmhouse fire leaves 4 boys dead; three children saved by parents, who are in hospital

Ottawa: Defence gets $1B boost in Conservative spending plans as 2015-16 federal estimates released

Edmonton: Alberta headed for budget surplus despite falling oil prices and doom-and-gloom predictions

Ottawa: Assisted suicide not a partisan issue, federal government "will listen to Canadians from all backgrounds" before choosing how to respond to Supreme Court ultimatum, says Harper; Trudeau says his eagerness based on own anecdotal experience with dying father

Ottawa: NDP hits Liberals for inviting foreign diplomats to partisan events, fundraisers

Toronto: Record Great Lakes ice cover in 2014-15

Abacus poll: Majority of decided Canadians say Canada should extend ISIS mission in Iraq, including Liberal & NDP supporters

Ottawa: NDP 'satellite-gate' abuse of House of Commons budgets may be turned over to police; party refusing so far to pay back $2.75M it misused

Winnipeg: Glover criticizes prospect of beheader Li's release into community; cites Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act, need to keep dangerous offenders behind bars

Ottawa: Labour Minister congratulates CN and union for reaching tentative agreement and avoiding strike

Ottawa: Bertschi sues top Liberal advisers to Justin Trudeau after blocked from nomination

Ottawa: Local imams 'categorically' denounce ISIS member's calls for violence

Bounceback: Rainfall pushes levels on Great Lakes to their highest since 1990s

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Disruption by Design: How to Create Products
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