Leah Libresco - Washington Post: I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

Hurricane Irma Red Cross and TV links formerly right here, now at bottom of this column
Todd Shepherd - Washington Examiner: Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm

LA Times: Wave of Hollywood sex assault claims sends LAPD into uncharted territory

Marsha Lederman - Globe and Mail: I woke up so sad this morning: An appreciation of teen idol David Cassidy

Vanity Fair: The New York Times is "torn" about whether its White House reporter Glenn Thrush should lose his job over sexual-misconduct allegations

Editorial - Detroit Free Press: U.S Rep. John Conyers must resign

AP: U.S. declares ‘ethnic cleansing’ against Rohingya in Myanmar

AP: In surprise reversal, Lebanese PM Hariri puts resignation on hold

Bloomberg: Millionaire tunesmiths, including longtime airwave rulers Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Drake and Steve Miller, threaten to withhold their music if radio stations don’t give songwriters a bigger share of revenue; big boys doing it for the low-profile composers who fuel the industry

Reason: FCC Head Ajit Pai: Killing net neutrality will set the internet free; "we're going to see an explosion in the kinds of connectivity and the depth of that connectivity" like never before

Ajit Pai - Wall Street Journal: How the FCC can save the open internet

Daily Mail: What is causing the mysterious 'booms' heard in 64 locations around the world this year?

Bloomberg: Uber paid hackers to delete stolen data on 57 million people; heads have rolled, but how does anyone know data was deleted?

AP: Applications for U.S. unemployment benefits drop 13,000

AP: Zimbabwe’s incoming leader Mnangagwa, 75, returns home to cheers

Dutch News: The Hague tribunal finds Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity; gets life in prison

Hollywood Reporter: John Lasseter's pattern of alleged misconduct detailed by Disney/Pixar insiders

Geoffrey York - Globe and Mail: Zimbabwe erupts in celebration as Robert Mugabe quits

Fox News: CBS News fires high-profile veteran Charlie Rose following sexual misconduct allegations

LA Times: Controversial Obama-era net neutrality rules targeted for repeal by FCC chairman

Toronto Star: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe resigns; recently fired VP to take power, party official says

Buzzfeed: She said that a powerful (Democrat) Congressman harassed her. Here’s why you didn’t hear her story.

Fox News: New York Times star White House reporter Thrush suspended after sex harassment claims

LA Times: As sexual harassment in politics investigations widen, California Democrat Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra accused by six new women; he announced today he will resign in 2018; was reprimanded for groping in 2009

Reuters/Global News: Zimbabwe to start impeachment process for President Mugabe on Tuesday

Globe and Mail: Trump administration ending temporary permits for almost 60,000 Haitians in July 2019; Trudeau ended Canada's program in August 2016

David Lauter - LA Times: Strong economy boosts Trump among otherwise skeptical voters

Chuck Devore - Fox News: Does your gas and electricity cost too much? You can thank liberals for that

Deutsche Welle: German coalition talks collapse: 'A terrible end is better than unending terror'

Kurt Schlichter - Townhall: Let’s all savour the Democrats’ Pervgate pain

Washington Post: Over the past 20 years, Congress has paid $17.2M in settlements for violations including sexual harassment

CBC: CBS suspends Charlie Rose, PBS halts show amid sexual misconduct allegations

Washington Post: Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls

Globe and Mail: Trump declares North Korea a state sponsor of terror; new sanctions expected

Calgary Herald: Green groups seek new ways to block Keystone XL pipeline after final Nebraska approval

Editorial - Wall Street Journal: Germany’s green energy meltdown; voters promised a virtuous revolution get coal and high prices instead

LA Times: Charles Manson crawled from the Summer of Love to descend into Helter Skelter

Washington Post: Charles Manson, cult leader and serial killer who terrified nation, dies at 83

680 News: Truck and minibus collide head-on in Pakistan, killing 20

Fox News: Southern border agent killed, another injured while on patrol in Texas

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Review of former DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s election post-mortem book — 'Hacks'

News 24: Zimbabweans pray for Mugabe to step down

CNBC: Trump calls Crooked Hillary the 'worst' loser ever, after she says he's 'disgraced' the office

Toronto Star: Attempted communications heard from missing Argentine submarine

The Economist: Price of cannabis falling; Mexican drug cartels losing market share; American producers raising funds in Canadian stock market

BBC: George Bush Senior accused of groping by eighth woman

Bloomberg: Snapchat has a child-porn problem

Global News: More than 1,000 North Koreans defect every year. It’s dangerous but here’s how they do it

CBC: Malcolm Young, AC/DC co-founder and guitarist, dead at 64

Conrad Black - National Post: Trump is already the most successful U.S. President since Ronald Reagan

David Booth - Driving: The inconvenient truth about Tesla’s truck

Editorial - NY Post: A big win for tax relief – despite Chuck Schumer’s fact-twisting

Reuters: Trump starts paying his own legal bills on Russia probe: attorneys

CBC: Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF replaces Mugabe with his fired vice president as party leader

Reuters: Tanzania: 11 die as tourist plane crashes in Ngorongoro crater

NY Daily News: Menendez bribery in plain sight: Is quid-pro-quo corruption fully legal in America again?

AFP: Belgian prosecutors ask court to extradite Catalan ex-leader

Reuters: J.B. Hunt, Wal-Mart climb aboard Tesla's electric truck

U.S. News and World Report: Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

Fox News: Dem candidate boasts of 'hayloft' romp, sex with 50 women in bid to pre-empt oppo research

CNBC: Comcast in talks with 21st Century Fox about buying major assets, sources say; competing with Disney

38 North: North Korea’s submarine ballistic missile program moves ahead: indications of shipbuilding and missile ejection testing

Miami Herald: Florida Democratic Party chief resigns after accusations of workplace impropriety

BBC: North Korean defector found to have 'enormous parasites'

NY Daily News: Argentine navy loses contact with submarine carrying 44

Business Insider: The Clintons held the Democratic Party hostage for 2 decades — and the sudden revisionism is inconveniently late

Washington Post: Why Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand saying that Bill Clinton should’ve resigned is a big deal

Geoffrey York - Globe and Mail: Zimbabwe's clean slate: What brought Mugabe down, and why he didn't see it coming

CTV News: Tesla unveils plan for million-mile electric semi-trucks, new $200G roadster

Fox Business: Stocks surge on passage of House GOP tax bill

Financial Post: Siemens to cut 6,900 jobs amid power industry ‘disruption of unprecedented scope and speed’

Reuters/Global News: Russia blocks UN action on Syria chemical weapons attacks

Fox News: McConnell joined by Schumer and top Democrats in seeking ethics probe of Sen. Al Franken sexual assault allegations

AP/Global News: 3-year-old girl the only survivor of deadly plane crash in Russia

AP: Strong earnings from Wal-Mart, Cisco drive U.S. stocks higher

Media Equalizer: Melanie Morgan: 'After TV appearance, Al Franken harassed me too'

Byron York - Washington Examiner: 6 scenarios for GOP disaster in Roy Moore Senate race

Fox News: Sen. Al Franken accused of kissing, groping LA TV host without consent during USO tour in 2006; jokes about it, later says "no excuse"

San Jose Mercury News: Are "Google, Facebook and Amazon are the kinds of natural monopolies that need to be regulated"?

CNN: New George H.W. Bush accuser says he groped her during 1992 re-election campaign

Chicago Tribune: Koch Brothers are said to back Meredith bid to buy Time Inc.

Fox News: House OKs GOP tax bill in Trump win; Senate fate less clear

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Zimbabwe's coup, Venezuela's default, and the ongoing failure of socialism

Fox News: The Left turns on Bill Clinton, Biden over behaviour toward women

Editorial - NY Post: The Justice Department has a duty to consider a probe of the Uranium One sale

Fox News: Mistrial declared in Sen. Bob Menendez bribery case, after jurors twice reported they were hopelessly deadlocked

Rolling Stone: Elon Musk: The architect of tomorrow

NY Post: California shooter’s wife found dead in her home

National Post: France ran out of money last Tuesday — and within days, so will the rest of Europe

ABC News: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's brother breaks silence, says he supports brother's decision to resign and blasts Iran

AP: Republicans begin pushing tax cut bill through Congress

NY Post: Soccer official commits suicide after damning testimony at FIFA trial

Daily Beast: Steve Bannon and allies have second thoughts about Roy Moore, sources say

NY Post: California shooter was out on bail for stabbing neighbor

LA Times: Southern California smog worsens for second straight year despite reduced emissions; can't trust 'science'?

AP: New money: Mnuchin and Carranza now on the dollar bill

NY Post: Trump to UCLA players: Where’s my ‘thank you’?

AP: FDA clears nerve stimulator to aid recovery from opioids

New York: UN Australian diplomat falls to his death from roof after ‘trust game’ goes wrong: cops

Arab News: Visiting Lebanese patriarch meets Saad Hariri in Saudi Arabia

AP: Official: U.S. would consider individual sanctions for Myanmar

updated Record Searchlight: California: 5 dead, 10 hospitalized in Rancho Tehama shootings; no children among dead; shooter a 44-year-old man who had problems with neighbors

NY Post: Puerto Rico asks for $94B in hurricane aftermath

NY Post: House OKs bill reducing ex-Presidents’ pensions

Washington - AP: Trump’s AG Sessions considers special counsel in tainted uranium deal

NY Post: Trump intervenes, China releases three accused UCLA basketball players

AP: Trump Jr. responds to illegal leak from Congressional committee by publicly releasing all his communications with Wikileaks

Rasmussen Reports - Daily Presidential tracking poll: 44% of likely U.S. voters approve of President Trump’s job performance

Tehran - AP: Rescuers search debris after Iran-Iraq quake kills over 530

Toronto Star: ESPN to start streaming NHL games in spring

Forbes: General Electric slashes its dividend 50% as CEO Flannery resets ailing conglomerate

CBC: Softbank invests billions into Uber, to own up to 14%

updated Tehran - AP: M7.2 quake: Powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border kills over 400

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: How the ex-DNC chair ruined Clinton’s chance at 2020

Axios: Breitbart aims to discredit Roy Moore's accusers

Editorial - NY Post: Turns out Trump didn’t ruin America’s economy

AP: Putin manipulating Trump with flattery, ex-director suggests

Rasmussen: Just 32% think Hillary Clinton won Democratic nomination fairly

Bloomberg: Trump offers to play South China Sea peacemaker as trip wraps up

AP: Spanish PM urges Catalans to vote separatists out of office

Commentary magazine: Trump Fatigue Syndrome: A diagnosis

Business Insider: How Alibaba turned an obscure, made-up Chinese holiday into a $17.8B shopping extravaganza that's bigger than Black Friday

AFP: Spain PM Rajoy calls on companies not to leave Catalonia

AP: Dubai Air Show opens with Emirates’ $15.1B Boeing buy

Stephen B. Presser - American Greatness: Sex, Politics, and the Judiciary: We’ve seen this movie before

AFP: Philippines' Duterte set for drug war backing at summit

Amy L. Wax - Commentary magazine: Saving the runaway American Dream

Tim O'Shei - Buffalo News: 'They've lost the point of the kneel': Doug Allen on the anthem, protests and patriotism

ABC News: Trump faces tough leader, bloody drug war and terror threat in the Philippines

New American: Racial slurs at Air Force Academy a hoax by now-expelled black cadet, military investigation reveals

AFP: China's Silk Road revival hits the buffers

updated AP/CTV News: Putin denies hacking accusations, Trump calls Obama's intel chiefs 'political hacks'

Kimberley Strassel - Wall Street Journal: Lifting the Steele Curtain; the Fusion GPS dossier was one of the dirtiest political tricks in U.S. history

LA Times: A top secret desert assembly plant starts ramping up to build Northrop's B-21 bomber

AFP: Saudi Arabia says 201 people held in anti-graft swoop

Peter Barry Chowka - American Thinker: Big new problems ahead for CNN

Zero Hedge: Podesta Group CEO unexpectedly quits just days after Tony's departure; harbinger of charges?

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: The lawn clippings claim in the attack on Senator Rand Paul falls apart

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Diabetes of the brain is connected to Alzheimer's, new study shows; high glucose concentrations in brain tissue linked to dangerous plaques

Robert Bryce - National Review: An environmentalist sues over an academic disagreement

Bruce Deitrick Price - American Thinker: K-12: The math you need is not the math you get

AFP: Tillerson warns against using Lebanon for 'proxy conflicts'

Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review: A second Fusion GPS dossier implicated Clinton Foundation donors

Boston Herald: GE confirms plan to eliminate jobs; new Boston HQ to also suffer staff cuts

Rick Moran - American Thinker: Radioactive cloud that moved across Europe likely came from Russia or Kazakhstan

Sutherland Springs - AP: Parishioners: Gunman acted oddly week before church attack

Reuters: Fox News owner Murdoch interest in buying CNN?

AFP: CBS takeover of Australia TV network given court approval

Peter Barry Chowka - American Thinker: Tucker Carlson: The Democrats have debased American politics

Beirut - AP: U.S. joins calls for PM’s return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia; if Hariri wants to step down, Tillerson said, he needs to “go back to Lebanon” and formally resign

Washington: Judicial Watch sues Department of Justice for communications relating to ‘Russian lawyer’ immigration parole

Michael Barone - National Review: 2016 is looking like the new normal

Toronto Star: Missile fired at Saudis by Yemeni rebels had ‘Iranian markings,’ U.S. official says

CBC: UK leader Theresa May firm on Brexit date, as EU seeks 'sufficient progress' within 2 weeks

Chunka Mui - Forbes: Driverless bus smart enough to anticipate impending accident but too dumb to get out of the way

National Post: Saudi Arabia detains more than 200 people in expanding 'anti-corruption' probe

Arab News: Saudi Arabia calls on citizens to leave Lebanon immediately

Politico: McConnell calls on Moore to step aside if report on relations with teenagers is true

USA Today: Woman tells newspaper Senate candidate Roy Moore groped her when she was 14; other women make similar claims

Breitbart: After endorsing Democrat candidate in Alabama, Bezos’s Washington Post plans to hit Roy Moore with allegations of inappropriate relations with teenagers; Judge claims smear campaign

NY Post: Japan is going crazy for the Trump burger

AFP: Rouhani warns Saudi Arabia of Iran's 'might'

NY Post: ISIS retreats from its last stronghold in Syria

Al Arabiya: King Salman, crown prince most powerful leaders Saudi has ever seen

Fox News: Veteran unemployment rates fall to record low in October

NY Post: Boeing signs $37B in commercial deals with China

Al Arabiya: Saudi Arabia calls on UN Security Council for action against Iran

Beijing - Fox News: Trump says U.S. trade with China has not been fair, blames past Presidents, not China; urges Chinese to squeeze North Korea

Reuters: Sweden seeks to buy $1B U.S. Patriot air defence missile system

Arab News: Saudi Arabia: Vision 2030 eyes the future while learning from the past

Sutherland Springs - AP: Authorities review inhouse-video of Texas church attack

The Hill: U.S. Navy to carry out rare 3-carrier battle group exercise over Sea of Japan: USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz

Yuval Levin - National Review: Scoring the mandate; CBO re-think expected to make impact of changes more realistic

Reuters: U.S., AT&T spar over CNN in Time Warner deal

AP: Self-operating shuttle bus crashes after Las Vegas launch

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Donald Trump hate is a cult; new moonbat religion eschews facts

AP: Amid booming economy, homelessness soars in West Coast Democrat states

Hollywood Reporter: Unprecedented: Christopher Plummer to replace Kevin Spacey in already-completed 'All The Money In The World' due for release December 22nd

Reuters: Saudi Arabia makes fresh arrests in anti-graft crackdown: sources

AP: China’s largest online retailer to buy Montana beef

Michael Graham - Boston Herald: Anti-gun crowd can’t keep facts straight

CNBC: Anti-Trust move: DOJ demands CNN or DirecTV be sold as condition for AT&T, Time Warner deal approval

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: How Brazile’s book exposes liberal media’s Hillary health coverup

AP: Soldiers, jumping children greet Trump at Beijing airport

Fox News: Saudi Government to confiscate $800 billion from alleged corrupt individuals

Reuters: Snapchat launches redesign as growth disappoints Wall Street

CTV News: Alcohol linked to several major cancers by American Society of Clinical Oncology

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Unhappy birthday: Communism's tragic centenary

Wall Street Journal: Who Leaked the Paradise Papers? Is the consortium of journalists fronting for an intelligence agency?

LA Times: Over-the-counter painkillers treated painful injuries just as well as opioids in new study

Fox News: Brazile rips Schultz over 'perks' that kept chair 'fat and happy' amid DNC cash crunch

Miami Herald: Brazile blasts Wasserman Schultz’s DNC leadership in new book

Boston Herald: Church killer had 4 guns, but no license to carry them in Texas

NY Post: Texas killer went to church festival days before massacre

Rich Lowry - NY Post: The heroes of Sutherland Springs

Jonathan Turley - The Hill: Did Hillary commit any crimes in 'rigging' the Democratic primary?

AP/CTV News: In Seoul, Trump calls for North Korea to 'make a deal'

Reuters/Global News: Donald Trump praises Saudi Arabia purge on Twitter: ‘they know exactly what they are doing’

AP/Global News: Texas church shooting: Police say they ‘won’t mention gunman’s name again’

Washington Post: Analysis: Here’s what the Saudi royal purge means for investors

Denver Post: U.S. Air Force says it failed to follow procedures, allowing court-martialled Texas church killer to obtain firearms

Fortune: Why Google search features are a threat to many concerns

NPR: Former NRA instructor who exchanged fire with Texas killer: 'I was scared to death'

Telegraph: Sleep deprivation stops brain cells firing properly, changing how we see the world

NY Post: Sharpshooting plumber fired shot that took down Texas church gunman wearing body armour; chased perp at 95 mph

CTV News: Ex-Catalan leader Puigdemont lambasts Spain while fighting extradition from Belgium

Bloomberg: Broadcom offers $105B for Qualcomm in landmark deal

Saudi Gazette: Saudi Arabia freezes accounts of detained corruption suspects

MySanAntonio: Hero describes how he tracked down church shooter after attack

Daily Mail: Former classmates say Texas gunman was an 'outcast' who 'preached his atheism' online; was caught and killed by armed citizens

CBS News: Church killer Devin Kelley, 26, dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force and court martialed in May 2014; his 26 victims range in age from 5 to 72

updated Texas - KSAT: 27 dead, including shooter, 30 injured in Sutherland Springs Baptist church shooting; perp ID'ed as Devin Kelley, found dead after pursuit; neighbour with gun wounded killer and forced him to flee, then pursued him - from press conference

Politico: Democrats shaken and angered by Brazile book

NY Times: Saudi Crown Prince’s mass purge up-ends a longstanding system; has at least some popular support, as did his move to grant more rights to women

Zero Hedge: All dead after Saudi helicopter carrying 8 high-ranking officials and Prince Bin-Muqrin crashed near Yemen border

NY Times: Citigroup, Twitter, Lyft: Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s arrest touches many

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: New York Times’ coverage of Mueller is peak liberal bias

Deroy Murdock - NH Union Leader: Political correctness contributed to NYC attack

AP: Senior Saudi royal ousted, princes reported arrested by Saudi Govt media

CBS News: Mueller probe draws in Tony Podesta, Vin Weber: AP

Al Arabiya: 11 Saudi Princes, 4 cabinet ministers and ‘tens’ of former ministers detained in anti-corruption probe

Fussa - AP: Trump calls Japan 'crucial ally' as he kicks off Asia trip

Daily Mail: Outrage as Alec Baldwin admits he heard about Weinstein rapes, but did nothing; nailed for 'victim blaming'

France 24: Belgium examines Spain's EU arrest warrant for Catalonia's cowardly Puigdemont

France 24: Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen targeting main airport

Al Arabiya: Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen northeast of Riyadh

CNN: Heart disease death rate plummets, but overdose death rate rises: CDC

BBC: Lebanese PM Hariri resigns, saying he fears assassination plot

Stephen F. Hayes - Weekly Standard: The Big Reveal: the story of how 470,000 documents from Osama Bin Laden's compound finally got into the open

Reuters: Broadcom plans record tech deal with Qualcomm bid: sources

AP: Iran displays missile during anniversary of 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover

The Hill: Network newscasts don't mention Brazile Clinton-DNC revelations

Zero Hedge: Trump was right: mainstream newscasts entirely ignored Clinton-DNC rigging revelations from Brazile

Reuters: U.S. job growth speeds up, unemployment rate falls

Business Insider: Fraud? Facebook quietly updates two key numbers about its user base: suddenly admits it has as many as 60 million fake accounts and 207 million duplicate accounts that advertisers paying for

Business Insider: Trump calls on FBI to investigate 'Crooked Hillary' after former DNC chair alleges she hijacked the Democratic primary

Forbes: Ricketts shuts down money-losing local newsites DNAInfo and Gothamist after unionizing vote

ABC News: Is Hollywood cleaning house amid sexual misconduct scandals fallout?

LA Times: Las Vegas shooter had been losing money for two years and 'was going in the wrong direction,' sheriff says

CNBC: Trump picks Jerome Powell to succeed Yellen as Fed chair

NASDAQ: "We believe the USA presents the best place for Broadcom to create shareholder value": CEO

Bloomberg: Broadcom CEO announces moving HQ back to U.S. from Singapore at White House; will bring $20B in revenue into U.S.

CNBC: Full text of GOP House tax bill

The Hill: Uranium One deal led to some exports to Europe, memos show

Wall Street Journal: Republicans stick with big job-producing corporate tax cuts in House Bill; maneuvering allows fast-track

AP: GOP tax plan slashes corporate rate, cuts brackets, rates for all taxpayers

Roll Call: House GOP tax bill keeps 39.6% rate for high-earners, cuts corporate rate to 20%

Washington Free Beacon: Donna Brazile: Clinton money laundering operation was all about controlling DNC, blocking Sanders

Reuters: U.S. jobless claims near 44-1/2-year low; productivity accelerates

Politico: Inside Hillary Clinton’s secret takeover of the DNC; Donna Brazile pulls back the curtains and reveals Clinton rigging

Glenn Kessler - Washington Post: Senate Democrats falsely claim GOP tax plan will raise taxes for most working-class families

Fox Business: Obama FBI's handling of Trump dossier is 'scandal of the decade': Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton

Bloomberg: Bitcoin and Blockchain are among the fastest-growing skills online

AFP: Plane-sized 'void' discovered in Egypt's Great Pyramid: scientists; untouched for 4,500 years

Bloomberg: Electric cars from Tesla and GM may start losing their tax credits

NY Daily News: Trump says he won’t send Manhattan terrorist to Guantanamo Bay, calls for death penalty

AP: 9/11 neighbourhood shaken by truck attack fears it’s targeted

National Post: Osama bin Laden's video collection included 'Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?'

CBS: FBI: Terrorist planned to continue killing spree on the Brooklyn Bridge; Saipov did attack 'in the name of ISIS'

Jerusalem Post: UK's May: Criticism of Israel not an excuse for anti-semitism

The Guardian: May 'proud' to mark 100 years of UK support for Israel with Netanyahu visit

AFP: Axed Catalan leader spurns Spanish legal summons

CTV News: Spain court could jail Catalan politicians in rebellion case

CNBC: U.S. private sector added 235,000 jobs in Oct, vs 200,000 new jobs expected: ADP

Reuters: Two Russian skiers get life bans over Sochi Games doping

NY Post: Probers believe terror suspect made dry runs before NYC attack

ABC News: Feds interviewed suspected NYC truck attacker in 2015 about possible terror ties

NY Post: Trump says "would consider" sending NYC terror suspect to Gitmo for trial

CBS News: NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov brags about attack from hospital bed

National Post: A life in exile or 30 years in jail? Ousted Catalan leader summoned to Spanish court from Brussels

National Post: Boy in suicide vest kills at least seven in attack on Kabul diplomatic enclave

Ralph Peters - NY Post: Kelly is right about Robert E. Lee

ABC News: Feds interviewed suspected NYC truck attacker in 2015 about possible terror ties

Circa: A Japanese company gave non-smokers six extra days off to make up for co-workers' smoke breaks

Wapo/Hamilton Spectator: Maybe humans didn’t outsmart the Neanderthals. We just outlasted them...

NY Post: Victims of deadly NYC terror attack include a Belgian, students, school staff, and Argentinians

The Verge: Algorithm can identify suicidal people using brain scans

Deutsche Welle: Germany marks 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation in Wittenberg

Kyodo - Japan Times: Zama man arrested after police discover nine dismembered bodies in his apartment

The fugitive - Toronto Star: Catalan leader Puigdemont says he travelled to Brussels to seek ‘freedom and safety’ outside Spain

National Post: From Cancun to Los Cabos, tourists scared off Mexico's beaches

Chicago Tribune: Are they trying to silence me?' Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan responds to arrest warrant for drug charge

Global News: Harvey Weinstein now has 93 accusers, 13 of them alleging rape

Montreal Gazette: Wife of Chechen accused of plotting to assassinate Vladimir Putin shot dead near Kiev

National Post: After Kim Jong Nam's murder, China breaks up North Korean plot to kill his son

Hotair: Dershowitz: Manafort indictment is ‘all about leverage’

Fox News: Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chair steps down from lobbying firm amid reports of scrutiny from special counsel Mueller

BBC: Manafort snagged for allegations of 'white collar crime', including tax fraud, not political shenanigans

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Dutch News: A Thanksgiving story: How the Netherlands
played a part in the iconic American holiday

The embarcation of the Pilgrims by Robert Walter Weir

CBC: What's ruthenium-106? What you need to know about Russian radiation

The Guardian: Russian nuclear facility denies it is source of high radioactivity levels

BBC: Will Merkel ask German President to call snap election?

The Guardian - LIVE: Markets rattled as German coalition talks collapse

CP/Sportsnet: National Hockey League had humble beginnings a century ago

The Stanley Cup stands in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. ~ Nathan Denette CP

William Watson - Financial Post: Turns out Harper Govt was actually terrific
for wage growth; “real average income of all tax filers rose 2.6%” from 2014 to 2015

Neil Mohindra - Financial Post: Who's the skunk that's stinking up
the TPP party? Trudeau's Canada, of course

Driving: A few more inconvenient truths about EV emissions;
Tesla battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

Bloomberg: Moderna's goal is for cancer patients to win battle by using own mRNA to fight

Pipettes at Moderna labs in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. ~ Adam Glanzman Bloomberg

ABC News: Zimbabwe military controls capital and state broadcaster, holds President Mugabe, 93, and his wife, Grace, 52; starting a process to 'restore Zimbabwe's democracy'

CTV News: ‘Bloodless correction’or coup, Zimbabwe army has Mugabe, wife in custody

Telegraph: Zimbabwe crisis: Army 'secures' Robert Mugabe and takes control of Harare

Rome - AP: ‘A national shame’: Local papers react as Italy fails to qualify for World Cup

CBC: North Korean soldier critically wounded while crossing DMZ in hail of bullets

Buffalo News: On either side of Niagara Falls, when it rains, it pours sewage and stormwater

Niagara Falls water officials admit the wastewater outfalls are “probably at the worst possible location.” ~ Derek Gee Buffalo News

~ Lest We Forget ~
Canada's National War Memorial an enduring symbol of service, sacrifice and connection

[above] National War Memorial in Ottawa was unveiled May 21st, 1939, just 4 months before the start of WWII. [top] Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was added in 2000. The memorial is located on the site of the former Central Post Office, demolished for it.

CTV News: White elephant saga continues: another new roof for Montreal's 'Big Owe'

Reuters: Trump snags over $250+B in deals from China trip

Colby Cosh - NatPost: The republic of science kills a god by adopting a new kilogram

The original cylinder of platinum and iridium used as the standard weight for one kilogram. ~ AFP PHOTO BIPM

Seoul - Washington Post: Trump strikes at the heart of the North Korean
regime with powerful speech to South Korea's National Assembly

President Trump gave North Korea a stern warning during his remarks before South Korea's National Assembly in Seoul on November 7, 2017. ~ Melissa Macaya The Washington Post

Washington Post: Donna Brazile: 'I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee'; BOMBSHELL in her new book; Booker would have replaced Kaine

Donna Brazile at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 26, 2016. ~ Ricky Carioti The Washington Post

Tony Heller - Principia Scientific: The history of the modern climate change scam

WSJ: The future of programmable materials; a new generation
of products and tools promises to move and shift to meet our needs

Reuters: Long-awaited U.S. Republican legislation calls for deep tax cuts

updated Bradford - Global News: ‘Almost Armageddon’: At least three dead after fiery
crash on Hwy 400 north of Toronto involving 14 vehicles, including two fuel tankers

Police said the Hallowe'en crash happened around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday in 400 northbound lanes between Cty Road 88 and Hwy 89, about 60 km north of Toronto, 40 km south of Barrie. “The vehicles that were involved, approximately 14 or more vehicles, five commercial vehicles, at least two fuel tankers,” OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told reporters on the scene. ~ @NewTecFireChief Twitter

NY Post: Terror suspect in NYC truck attack had pledged allegiance to ISIS

updated CBS News: New York attacker drove down bike path, killing cyclists and pedestrians before veering back into traffic lanes, striking a school bus and another vehicle

updated Fox News: NYC Islamist terror attack; 8 dead, 12 injured; shouted "Allahu Akbar"
perp shot/arrested; used rental pick-up truck to mow down bikers along bike path near WTC

The 29-year-old attacker, identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov and described as a Middle Eastern man with a beard, was shot by police and taken into custody, law enforcement sources told Fox News. Travelled blocks along bike path in Home Depot rental truck. Uzbeki citizen came to U.S. in 2010 through Diversity Immigrant Visa (green card) lottery.

Bob Plamondon - National Post: Book excerpt: Canada survived risky Chrétien by luck as his hidden agendas and personal vendettas deeply endangered country he so misunderstood

Montreal Gazette: More than a GPS, creators call SmartHalo the 'future of biking'

“We wanted to create not just a navigation device. For us, it’s a bike companion. I think our first pitch was, ‘Turn any bike into a smart bike’,” says SmartHalo co-founder Xavier Peich of the device, which began selling in Apple Stores across the U.S. and Canada two weeks ago. It will soon expand to outlets in Europe, and is also available on the SmartHalo website.

CBC: Tensions high as Spain seeks charges against Catalonia's leaders

Fox News: Gowdy slams Mueller team over leaks about charges in Trump-Russia probe

Guardian: Catalonia: Madrid warns of Puigdemont jailing as thousands rally for unity

Reuters: First poll shows political parties opposing split by Catalonia have small lead

Telegraph: Pro-unity Catalans rally to reject declaration of independence from Spain

Calgary Herald: Kenney wins big in UCP leadership race, fires warning shot at NDP

“We have united, we have chosen a leader and if we work hard, stay humble and earn every vote, we will ensure that this deceptive, divisive, debt-quadrupling, tax-hiking, job-killing, accidental socialist government is one-and-done,” he said to cheers. Jason Kenney celebrates his victory Saturday. ~ Gavin Young Postmedia

CTV News: 'Napping on NAFTA': Harper blasts Trudeau Government
handling of trade negotiations in private note to clients

Madrid - CBC: Spanish PM axes Catalan government after region declares independence;
secession vote 'not only goes against the law but is a criminal act,' says PM Mariano Rajoy

France 24: Spanish PM Rajoy asks Senate for authority to depose
Catalonian leader Puigdemont; radical times require radical measures

Fulford - National Post: Smart people still fall for murderous fraud of communism

Conrad Black - National Post: Ottawa has made a mess of Indigenous policy in this country

France 24: Spanish senate grants Madrid power to impose direct rule on Catalonia

CBC: Catalonia votes to establish republic, but Spain could soon take control

NY Times: U.S. economy grew at 3% rate in Q3, despite storms battering Houston, Florida

Business Insider: How newspapers around the world reacted to JFK's assassination

President John F. Kennedy was popular worldwide and his assassination in Dallas stunned the world. Above, the famous photo of Vice-President Lyndon Johnson being sworn in as President aboard Air Force One as JFK's body was brought back to Washington. Jackie Kennedy is still wearing the blood-spattered clothes from the ill-fated motorcade. Everyone alive at the time remembers where they were when they heard the news that Friday.

NY Times: JFK files, though incomplete, are a treasure trove for answer seekers

The Guardian: JFK files: government releases classified assassination documents – live

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy arrive at Love Field in Dallas, Texas less than an hour before his assassination on November 22, 1963. ~ Handout Reuters

SCMP: Faint sounds emitted by stresssed rocks could give week’s warning before quake

CBC: New U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft pays tribute to Gord Downie

U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft and Canada's Governor General Julie Payette in Ottawa on Monday October 23, 2017. ~ CBC

London - Reuters: Victory for Abenomics lifts world stocks to new record

Tokyo - ABC: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe scores major victory in national elections

AP: Egyptian officials say 55 police killed in Cairo shootout

Conrad Black - National Post: Quebec is now Canada's beacon of astute economic policy

CBC: Airbus CEO expects to sell 'thousands' of CSeries aircraft, with most made in Quebec

CTV News: Winter forecast: More snow in Ontario & Quebec, 'dangerous' cold in Prairies

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Conflict of interest? Morneau's firm doing
work for the feds; has contract with Bank of Canada worth more than $8M

CTV News: Auditor-General: Ontario Liberals using expensive trick to mislead voters;
taxpayers will pay $$ billions more; inefficient producers to make same high profits

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk: “The accounting proposed by the government is wrong, and, if used, would make the province’s budgets and future consolidated financial statements unreliable. This cannot be taken lightly,” Lysyk said Tuesday.

Reuters: Stunning CSeries deal saves Bombardier jobs, gives Boeing the shaft
Now, the jet will be built for U.S. airlines at Airbus’s Alabama assembly plant,
circumventing any import penalties in a move that apparently caught Boeing off-guard

CBC: Europe's Airbus to buy majority stake in Bombardier CSeries program;
HQ will remain in Montreal area, 2nd assembly line will be set up in Alabama

AP: Is the end near? First observed kilonova 764 trillion miles from Earth ripples 'fabric of space and time', sends out deadly rays and heavy matter; seen through telescopes in August

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Pierre Poilievre - Ottawa Citizen: Why Morneau's tax changes are anything but neutral

Editorial - Globe and Mail: CRA to Canadians: Thank you for not calling

Calgary Herald: Bad news, Stamps fans: No touchdown horse allowed at Grey Cup in Ottawa

Globe and Mail: Toronto families in ‘panic mode’ as Big Brother Ontario caps after-school program time

CBC: Auditor criticizes cheating and misconduct at Royal Military College in Kingston; examined 54 'serious' incidents involving drunkenness, drug abuse and mental distress

Windsor - CBC: Alone, cold and forgotten: 4-year-old girl left on school bus, driver fired

Financial Post: CRA blocks more than half of calls to meet service targets, regularly provides wrong information to taxpayers: Auditor General

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Stuck on hold: The AG’s report and a government that can’t get things done

CP24: Feds not tracking outcomes for Syrian refugees: AG

Globe and Mail: Morneau didn't seek clearance from Ethics Commissioner before introducing pension bill

Global News: Andrew Scheer: Laurier University controversy highlights larger issue of ‘stifling’ free speech

CBC: Another lawyer quits MMIWG inquiry as resignations, firings mount; at least 8 resignations and firings in last 2 months alone

BNN: Morneau gets lowest approval rating among Trudeau’s cabinet ministers, Angus Reid poll finds

Toronto - CBC: TTC CEO Andy Byford leaving job after 5 years to lead New York City Transit

Toronto Star: 'Talking Points' Wynne gets an earful at raucous town hall; blasted for "gutting" healthcare, Hydro rip-off

BNN: Canadian Business Hall of Fame unveils 2018 inductees

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Time proving that Harper Conservatives were better at governing than Trudeau Liberals

Jen Gerson - National Post: In disciplining Lindsay Shepherd, Wilfrid Laurier chooses catechism over education, bullying over opening minds

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Wilfrid Laurier graduate student delivers a wake-up call; thought police alive and well and running Canadian universities

Times Colonist: Bell Media confirms it is laying off local radio and TV employees; Toronto's CFTO among stations losing high-profile anchors; Bell owns owns 30 local TV stations and 105 radio stations

CTV News: Residents challenge Wynne on devastating college strike at town hall meeting; call her evasive non-answers "disgusting"

CBC: Yukon government to control pot distribution, legal age will be 19

Toronto Star: Conservatives slam Trudeau as soft on terror as push for security changes begins

Kingston Whig-Standard: Expect a classic cold and snowy Canadian winter: Meteorologist

CBC: 15,000 on Canada's deportation list, but some 'unco-operative' countries won't take their citizens back

CTV News: Ontario college faculty returning to work after legislation ends 5-week strike; students return Tuesday

Reuters: Mexico, Canada shun NAFTA autos counteroffers: sources

Blackburn News: Sunday snow squalls sweeping across Midwestern Ontario

CBC: Loblaw to be early adopter of Tesla's all-electric Semi

Bloomberg: Nanos Poll finds only 25% of Canadians describe Trudeau’s performance as an economic manager as good or better

Penny Collenette - Toronto Star: Political conflicts of interest will only get trickier

Global News: Classes could resume two days after back-to-work bill passes, Ontario colleges say

CTV News: Despite criticism, 57% of Canadians find Edmonton Eskimos name 'acceptable': survey

Financial Post: CN Rail says it will be hiring thousands as shipments surge

CBC: Fewer slashes means more goals; NHL GMs happy with crackdown

Financial Post: After a decade-plus of Liberal mismanagement, the hottest housing market in the world is facing a reckoning

CBC: Alex Trebek, Tragically Hip receive Order of Canada; Hip 'created a sense of what it's like to love—and live in—this country'

Global News: Manitoba Premier Pallister hospitalized after ‘serious fall’ in New Mexico

CBC: While other Western nations mark their ISIS fighters for death, Canada offers 'reintegration support'

CBC: New hope stirs in northern Manitoba after Fairfax joins groups to buy Churchill railway; Toronto investment firm teaming up with First Nations and communities in effort to buy railway, port

CBC: Canadian Senator Tobias Enverga dies in Colombia on parliamentary trip

updated Financial Post: 'Sickening': Canadian First Nations left empty-handed as U.S.-financed environmentalist pressure kills B.C. energy projects

Ottawa Citizen: Bombardier hiring 1,000 workers as part of ramp-up for Global 7000 business jet

Global News: Toronto Drug Squad officer dies of fentanyl overdose: police

Montreal Gazette: Police seek two suspects in west-end firebombing

Global News: North Bay cabin where Dionne quintuplets were born to be moved

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Without meaning to, the Liberals have revealed all their broken promises

CBC: Trade Ministers back away from NAFTA negotiating table

Cam Tait - Edmonton Sun: We need to make the most of the world so many fought and died for

Jack Mintz - Financial Post: Tax fairness cannot be the only goal for tax policy. Economic growth counts. Complexity matters; U.S. tax reform and a revised NAFTA will force Canadian federal and provincial governments to put competitiveness on front burner

Bloomberg: NAFTA bickering begins again today

Robyn Urback - CBC: Trudeau government's 'mandate tracker' is one mighty piece of propaganda

Bloomberg: Cannabis grower Aurora proposes industry's largest takeover

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Canada’s pathetic, empty-headed crusade against coal

CBC: Loblaws plans to close 22 unprofitable stores and launch home delivery

National Post: Directionless: Canada offers troops, helicopters and planes to UN, but still can't say what missions they might be used in

Trudeau Meter: Platform progress versus failures

National Post: Ottawa looking at 15% ethanol blend in gasoline; warranties at risk?

The Hill: Roy Moore attorney oddly says Canadian Ali Velshi should understand why Moore asked girls' mothers' permission to date them

Bloomberg: Canadian home sales rise as Toronto shows signs of bottoming out

John Ivison - National Post: Liberal government doing an outstanding job, says Liberal government

CBC: Unknown soldier: 1 forensic anthropologist, 27,000 Canadians missing in action

Toronto Star: Anthopoulos lands on his feet in Atlanta; Braves' new buck-stops-here GM after serving as VP in LA

Barrie Today: Recycling blues: PM reassures Duterte he will get rid of Canadian trash stuck in the Philippines

Globe and Mail: Bombardier seals second C Series deal since Airbus tie-up

Ottawa Citizen: Life on hold: Algonquin students on what they have gained and lost during the strike

CBC: Bob Rae working with tribal activists who want to rename half of Alberta cities and places; ruined Ontario as Premier, now another province targeted

Global News: Lyft and Uber to battle each other for drivers and riders in Toronto

Hill Times: Liberals have a ‘credibility gap’ due to high-profile hypocrisy of Bronfman, Morneau, say pollsters, political observers

Montreal - CTV News: Smog warning in effect for Montreal and surrounding areas; politicians blame wood stoves, not record cold weather, demand they not be used to keep people warm

Sudbury: Barrie college students organizing sit-ins to protest strike

CTV News: PM, Canadian Ambassador to U.S. settle defamation suit filed by would-be candidate and ex-Liberal MP; terms sealed

Globe and Mail: Canada’s first permanent road to Arctic coast set to open this week

Jim Warren - Toronto Sun: It's time for a royal commission on taxation

Rex Murphy - National Post: There is no company Liberals will not keep in pursuit of climate action

John Doyle - Globe and Mail: Revamped The National is a harebrained muddle

CBC: Montreal's new Mayor demands Canada fix illegal asylum debacles; says Safe Third Country Agreement loophole needs be stopped to end deluge

CBC: Communities across Canada hold solemn Remembrance Day tributes

Stuff - NZ: Danang: Renamed TPP 'a damned sight better', could be in place in a few months

Vancouver Sun: American producer on Arrow, Supergirl and other Vancouver-shot shows suspended over sexual harassment allegations

Japan Times: Pacific trade deal closer, but leaders still shying away from formal endorsement

National Post: Canadian officials downplay reports of major breakthrough in TPP talks but say deal is closer

Conrad Black - National Post: Canada must address our bad education system and overreaching courts

CTV News: Ethics commissioner investigating Morneau's sponsorship of pension bill

Financial Post: Higher prices, lower profits and $20B lost production: That’s what life without NAFTA looks like in Canada

Ross Ayotte - Canada Free Press: Only in Ontario; latest invasion of our privacy

TPP roller coaster - CBC: Agreement on 'core elements' of revised Pacific trade deal, now Canada says

CTV News: Life saver? Vancouver offers drug-checking service so users can scan street drugs for fentanyl and other substances such as stimulants and psychoactive drugs like MDMA

Another stumble on world stage - CBC: 'Outstanding issues': Trans-Pacific Partnership faces uncertain future after Trudeau skips leaders' meeting

Sudbury Star: Trippy tea to blame for naked kidnapping?

Danang - Reuters: TPP trade pact in disarray as Canada holds up talks

Toronto Star: TPP meeting cancelled in Vietnam as some international media place blame on Trudeau

Toronto Star: Judge rejects defence bid to have charges dropped in Liberal gas plant scandal trial

Huffington Post: Winter weather: Eastern Canada to see snow, wind, below-zero temperatures

CTV News: Allowance cut worries Canadian Forces members, angers opposition

CBC: 'Global Warming' still missing locally: Winter weather advisory in effect for Ottawa-Gatineau

Toronto - CP24: City to see first blast of winter weather today but don't expect Snowmageddon

CTV News: 1 in 3 Canadians say Morneau doing poor job as Finance Minister: Nanos poll

CTV News: Saskatchewan Premier says Governor General shouldn't mock people of faith

Andrew Coyne - National Post: If the ethics commissioner had done her job, Morneau wouldn’t be in this mess; if Morneau were ethical he wouldn't have to blame her

AP/National Post: Talks on Pacific Rim trade pact minus U.S. at regional summit

Jason Kenney - Calgary Sun: Kids' best interests matter the most

Reuters: Airbus eyes Canadian military deal, further cooperation with Bombardier; Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet in RCAF future?

Lorne Gunter - Edmonton Sun: Kenney's UCP turning GSA trap back on NDP

Autosport: Montreal Formula E race could switch to Canadian GP F1 track

Montreal Gazette: No Formula E race on city streets, Plante says

National Post: Saskatchewan education minister faces heat for complaint about 'wholesale infusion' of Indigenous history in curriculum; history assignment suggested all pioneers to Canada were ill-meaning; propaganda creating backlash

MTL blog: Montreal is officially run by more women than men

John Ivison - National Post: Liberals braced for another ’huge wave’ of illegal asylum seekers from U.S.

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Trudeau Liberals have lost control of their narrative

Toronto Star: U of T’s endowment, pension funds have investments in two offshore tax havens

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Canadians leery of mass immigration: govt survey

CBC: Indian Act changes could give 1.4 million official Indigenous status; consultations on how to implement key change could be divisive, lawyer says; conflict seen as tribal government expected to be disrupted

Ben Eisen - Toronto Sun: The lowdown on Ontario’s job growth; good reasons to be concerned about Ontario’s future growth prospects

CBC: Liberals cave to Senate demand and will move to end sex discrimination under explicitly racist and obsolete Indian Act

Global News: McKenna praises Syria on Twitter, then deletes tweet after wide criticism; thin-skinned #ClimateBarbie blames staff for gaffe

CTV News: Kidnapping charges pending in bizarre Alberta crash involving naked suspects

Fox News: Former Blue Jays-Phillies star Roy Halladay killed in Florida plane crash

William Watson - Financial Post: Democracy without tweets; Coderre got he deserved, pasture-ization

British Columbia - CTV News: Alberta man faces charges in Abbotsford shooting rampage that killed police officer

CBC: Paul Martin's sons' company one of offshore firm's 'largest clients,' Paradise Papers show

CTV News: Canada to spend more than $6,600 per person on health care in 2017

CBC: Murray Koffler, founder of Shoppers Drug Mart, philanthropist, dead at 93

Montreal Gazette: Montreal election results: Two-way race became a referendum on Coderre’s personality

Montreal Gazette: Valérie Plante goes from obscurity to history as Montreal's first female Mayor in its 375 years

Toronto Star: Liberal fundraisers held family millions in offshore trust, leaked 'Paradise Papers' documents reveal

CBC: Trudeau's chief fundraiser and pal linked to Cayman Islands tax avoidance scheme; cost Canada "$$ millions" in avoided taxes

CBC: 4 federal by-elections, in Newfoundland, B.C., Saskatchewan and Ontario, set for December

CBC: Scheer blasts Trudeau for supporting Governor General after divisive 'divine intervention' comment

Al Jazeera: Russia retaliates after Canada imposes sanctions

NY Post: Space travel permanently changes the brain: New England Journal of Medicine

Chris Selley - National Post: With her dig at religion, Julie Payette plays a dangerous game for Liberals

Globe and Mail: Liberal Justice Minister also broke ethics rules with shares; failed to make report to Ethics Commissioner as required

Toronto Star: LCBO announces first 14 cities to have legal recreational marijuana shops

Globe and Mail: Canada sanctions 52 human-rights violators under new Magnitsky law

CBC: Thin-skinned, one-note Ottawa Enviro Minister makes Vancouver press conference all about her; demands media not call her #ClimateBarbie

Global News: Quebec woman sentenced to 7.5 years in Australian prison for smuggling cocaine

Editorial - National Post: The important thing is that Payette learn from her mistake

Martin Patriquin - iPolitics: The problem is no longer Morneau's tax policy. The problem is Morneau.

Robyn Urback - CBC: In what universe is it appropriate for a Governor General to deride people for their beliefs?

Inside Belleville: Rural Schools Matter drive underway; when rural schools close it becomes difficult to attract young families; results in rural die-out as jobs disappear and population ages

CTV News: Unemployment up in 5 provinces, static in 2 as national rate goes up to 6.3%

News 1130: Vancouver hopes to prevent last year's winter transit problems with Kevlar tire booties used in Norway, overhead wire treatments, and new bus use protocols during ice, snow

Rex Murphy - National Post: Governor General appoints herself umpire of questions of faith and science; was it her intent to ridicule the religious beliefs of so very many faiths?

Toronto Star: Postmedia chair Rod Phillips tapped as star candidate for the PCs in Ajax

Campbell Clark - Globe and Mail: Justin Trudeau rolls the dice on immigration

Toronto Star: Proposed Ontario welfare reform plan includes 22% boost to payments

CTV News: Canada admission of 340,000 immigrants a year by 2020 will include almost 50,000 refugees

Toronto Star: Canada intends to raise annual immigration intake by 13% by 2020

CBC: Hwy 400 crash victim, father of 9 kids, 'loved his family,' widow says

Global News: Supreme Court OKs development of B.C. ski resort on so-called 'sacred' Indigenous ground; superstitious beliefs protected by Charter but not their attachment to material places

CBC: Ontario cracks down on illegal marijuana shops in new legislation for sale, distribution

CBC: Bombardier inks new deal for up to 61 C Series jets, but will deliver fewer of them this year due to engine delays

Globe and Mail: Ontario colleges, faculty union restart talks, but conflicts are long-standing; meanwhile, students suffer

CBC: Fully loaded tanker trucks that exploded in Highway 400 pileup were 'bombs on wheels,' police say

Howard Solomon - IT World Canada: Canadian government suffers dozens of successful state-sponsored cyber attacks: report

CBC: Costs to run Prime Minister Trudeau's office climb higher

Calgary Herald: Liberal bill to curtail info access could also hinder Indigenous land claim efforts, watchdog tells MPs

Toronto Sun: Morneau pays $200 fine under Conflict of Interest Act

CP/Canoe: OECD head slams Trudeau for being all talk on climate change promises

Paul Adams - iPolitics: Morneau broke Trudeau's bargain with Canada — and there's no going back

CTV News: 'Apocalyptic' Hwy 400 crash may be yet another example of truck driver inattention: OPP; have investigated over 5,000 transport truck-related collisions this year; 56 of them killed 67 people; government inaction notable

CTV News: N.S. Tory Leader Jamie Baillie to step down as party leader

Philip Cross - Financial Post: Morneau’s fiscal update reveals ugly truths about the failure of stimulus

CBC: Ontario man who pleaded guilty to terror charge sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

Vancouver Sun: Vancouver imam urges sending weapons to Palestinians to fight 'Zionists'

Jonathan Kay - Medium: Tarek Fatah’s journalistic courage reminds us how seldom we celebrate the trade’s true heroes

CBC: Ontario to introduce legislation to sell, distribute marijuana; Cannabis will be sold in up to 150 stores run by Ontario Liquor Control Board

Edmonton Journal: Alberta privacy commissioner investigates 800,000 deleted government emails

Unequal justice demanded - CTV News: Advocate calls for increased punitive damages in deaths of indigenous women; follows death in police 'drunk tank'

Globe and Mail: Canada GDP growth drops below economists' predictions; but say 12 of 20 major industry sectors still showed growth in August

CP/Global News: Canada GDP shrank 0.1% in August

Vancouver Sun: Alzheimer's discovery points to new approach to treatment

Montreal Gazette: 50,000 still without power across Quebec after Monday storm

Ontario - CTV News: Two dead, 5 in hospital after highway crash in Thunder Bay

Editorial - Chronicle Herald: Tighten the conflict rules for Cabinet Ministers

Globe and Mail: Toronto eyes new tax class that could spell relief for small businesses; big property tax assessments loved by free-spending bureaucrats

Rick Bell - Calgary Sun: United Conservatives, NDP go toe-to-toe

Globe and Mail: Trudeau rebuffs calls to name other Cabinet Ministers who used loophole to keep control of assets

Global News: Economy will start to cool in the coming year, key interest rate to rise: PBO

CBC: Morneau should donate shares to charity instead of selling them first: experts

Globe and Mail: Ethics watchdog says other Trudeau ministers using same loophole as Morneau

Victoria - Times-Colonist: B.C. bill seeks to ban union, corporate political donations in civic elections

Lorne Gunter - Edmonton Sun: Alberta NDP defection could lead to more

CTV News: Ottawa, Volkswagen, both want diesel vehicle investigation documents sealed

Montreal Gazette: Ex-Revenue Canada auditor going to jail for extortion attempt

Dartmouth - CBC: Drunk man arrested with rifle may have fallen out of tree, police say

updated Smiths Falls - CBC: U.S. alcohol conglomerate Constellation Brands buys 10% stake in leading Canadian pot company Canopy Growth; will work together to produce marijuana-based drinks

CTV News: Winterized trailers soon to provide shelter to still-coming illegal asylum-seekers at Quebec border; will replace tents erected in August

CBC: Juliette, singer and TV star in 1950s and 1960s, dead at 91

Weather Network: 100 mm of rain, winds as nor'easter targets eastern Ontario, southern Quebec and the Maritimes

CTV News: Jason Kenney to seek seat in Calgary as long-time MLA steps aside

Hamilton Spectator: Bernie Sanders awed by Canadian health care

Christie Blatchford - National Post: A tale of duplicity or ineptitude — here's what McGuinty's staffers first told police

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: Kenney works a political miracle, but challenges await

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Accused’s spouse incredibly tells gas plants trial he didn't know what her job was

CTV News: Jason Kenney wins Alberta United Conservative leadership race with 61% of vote

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Christ Church in Virginia imposing today’s politically correct values on 1790s

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Bill Morneau can't fix the problem, because clearly the problem is him

Ottawa - CBC: Minister says 300,000 new immigrants a year is Canada's 'new normal'

Vancouver Sun: 'Absolutely alarming': Five die in Abbotsford in 10-hr period following drug overdoses

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Canadian Live Weather Radar Links
The Weather Network - Canada
Canada Lightning Activity -- map
Canada Weather Warnings -- text
Canada Weather Warnings -- map
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Canada Current Weather -- map
Canada Weather Network
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North America ~ Current Temperatures
Intellicast Local Weather Maps
Canada ~ Yahoo Current Weather
Intellicast Canada Weather
WEATHER without the hype
Whiteley, UK weather details
Univ of Washington - Weather Data
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NWS Radar - U.S. Mosaic Full Resolution
Multi-maps ~ WeatherBELL Analytics
Ventusky ~ excellent real-time monitoring graphics worldwide
NWS Radar - Great Lakes
NWS Radar - North East
NWS Radar - South East
NWS Radar - Pacific North West
NWS Radar - Pacific South West
NWS Radar - Southern Plains
NWS Radar - Buffalo, NY
NWS Radar - Binghamton, NY
Agriculture radar weather
BBC Weather Time Machine
U.S. weather blog
U.S. Severe Weather & Flash Flood Warnings
Intellicast Active Storm Track
Intellicast Current U.S. Weather Map
New York City weather
National Weather Service - Main

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