Auburn Hills: Ferrari to be standalone company in Fiat Chrysler spin-off; stock jumps

Haaretz: Official who slurred Netanyahu should be 'held to account,' says major U.S. Jewish group

New York: Pope Francis and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo get kudos at AIDS benefit from Elton John and Mike Myers, respectively

Washington Post: The story behind that ’10 hours of walking in NYC’ viral street harassment video

Washington Post: Viral Video: Woman harassed 108 times as she walks around New York

Faster, cheaper, stronger — later: HP dives into 3D printing with Multi Jet Fusion

New York: Ebola doctor had lied about his self-quarantine to police; electronic trail gave him away; went to restaurant, bowling alley, travelled by subway, taxi

Las Vegas: Half-built 48-storey Harmon hotel casino tower at centre of trial

Kobani: Members of Free Syrian Army cross from Turkey to reinforce fight against ISIS

Maine: Now selfish nurse says she'll end voluntary Ebola quarantine

Washington: U.S. to impose 21-day quarantine on troops returning from West Africa Ebola battle

Badulla: Sri Lanka landslide: '100 feared dead'

Sydney: Mohammad Ali Baryalei: Australia's most senior ISIS member believed killed in fighting in Iraq or Syria

Obama czar MIA: Where's czar? Ebola raises management questions

Boston: Friend of bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces 8 years after found guilty of lying to FBI

Ottawa: Kerry pledges U.S. will work with Canada against terrorism

Seattle: Local media puts selves ahead of bomber apprehension

Monrovia: Australia bans travel from Ebola-hit countries; U.S. isolates troops

New York: Black Panther leader hails axe attacker as a 'crusader', says more attacks on police can be expected

Self-censorship: CBS buried anti-Obama stories

Seattle: Washington school shooter used text message to lure teen victims to cafeteria where he fired at them

Kobani: Peshmerga fighters head to Turkey so they can reinforce battle against ISIS

Baghdad: 34 killed in Iraq bomb blasts

Erik Wemple: Sharyl Attkisson’s computer intrusions: ‘Worse than anything Nixon ever did’

Welcome to Chokepoint, USA: Rail chaos reigns in Chicago

Maiduguri: Dozens more girls abducted by Nigerian Boko Haram Islamists

Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 27 Shi'ite militiamen in town near Baghdad

Donetsk: Heavy shelling in rebel-held Eastern Ukraine after election

Washington Post: The not-so-voluntary sex confessions of fired Canadian radio star Jian Ghomeshi

Sao Paulo: Leftist Rousseff narrowly wins second term in Brazil; minister says government will seek to lead "a national reconciliation process given how tight the result was"

Tunis: Tunisians elect new parliament to consolidate young democracy

New York: Selfish nurse to fight her 21-day Ebola quarantine in court, White House wavers, plays politics with health

Ndongo: 17 dead, dozens kidnapped in Nigeria attack

Tulalip: Tribe reeling in wake of Seattle-area school shooting

Mursitpinar: Syrian Kurds repulse ISIS attack on border gate

ABC: U.S. journalist says body was 'at war' with Ebola

Washington: U.S. Ebola fighters head to Africa, but will the military and civilian effort be enough?

Kobani: ISIS launches new offensive after suffering setbacks

New York: Ebola-stricken doc described as "brilliant" and "rigorous" but also prone to hugging patients due to language barriers; hygienist: "Since we learned he was infected, we've had low morale"

Fewest stations hit 90 degrees: U.S. having its coolest year on record

NY Times: The horror before the beheadings; ISIS hostages endured torture and dashed hopes, freed cellmates say

Baghdad: Iraqi security forces and Kurds gain ground against ISIS

Egypt: Al-Sissi blames 'foreign powers' for Sinai assault; state of emergency declared and curfew imposed after deadliest assault on army in decades

London: Cream vocalist and bassist Jack Bruce dies at 71

WHO: Ebola cases pass 10,000

Ebola: Democrat New York Governor shifts his policy, disagrees with Democrat NYC Mayor de Blasio, and agrees with GOP New Jersey Governor Christie that henceforth medical personnel returning to state after treating Ebola patients in West Africa will be automatically subject to 21-day quarantine

Roswell: Google exec Alan Eustace breaks sound barrier, records, in supersonic freefall from near-space

CBS: NYC police commissioner confirms: Thursday hatchet attack on cops was a terrorist act

Egypt: Co-ordinated Sinai attacks kill at least 30 soldiers

Sacramento: Suspect arrested in murders of 2 Northern California deputies [video]

New Jersey: Passenger quarantined at Newark Airport after treating Ebola patients in Africa develops fever

Washington: Ebola cases in New York and Mali fan travel fears

Associated Press-GfK poll: 65% of Americans say threat from ISIS is very or even extremely important, and nearly half think U.S. military response in Iraq and Syria has not gone far enough

WHO: Mali case put many at risk for Ebola

Marysville: 2 dead, including gunman, in school attack

Crisis: New York and New Jersey say they will require Ebola quarantines

Telegraph: Internet chiefs told to curb Islamists online; "Britain’s most high-profile radical Islamist preacher, Anjem Choudary, had influenced man involved in Ottawa attack"

NY Times: Tracing Ebola patient’s possible contacts creates host of challenges for New York City

New York: Doctor tests positive for Ebola; in isolation at Bellevue; travelled from Manhattan to Brooklyn by subway Wednesday night, went to a bowling alley, then took taxi home

Making impacts: At least 500 ISIS militants killed in U.S.-led air strikes in Syria, observer group says

New York: Healthcare worker in isolation after displaying Ebola symptoms

Washington: FBI warns news outlets that group affiliated with ISIS is targeting journalists

New York: Global stocks surge on U.S. corporate results, bonds fall

Washington: GOP's Kelly Ayotte thwarting Obama effort to retire A-10 Warthog, the much-lauded ground support workhorse

Washington: U.S. senators demand nationwide recall over dangerous Takata auto air bags

Ukraine: Charred tanks in Ukraine point to Russian involvement

Washington: NFL says 'on track' to put first international team in London, then Germany or Brazil; Toronto?

London: Police officer arrested after ammunition found in personal locker on Buckingham Palace grounds

Economist: Shtetl of honour; the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews will intensify debate about how museums should think about depicting issues of national identity

American reflections: "Canada’s CBC News shows what thoughtful breaking news coverage really looks like"

Ottawa: Live CBC radio

Ottawa: Press conference by Royal Canadian Mounted Police - CBC TV - now concluded

Ottawa attack: Canadian Prime Minister Harper was addressing MP caucus only feet away from where gunman killed in Centre Block of Parliament Buildings by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, a sharp shooter

NBC: Autopsy suggests Michael Brown reached for Ferguson officer's gun

Ebola: Liberian passenger lands at Newark Airport with fever, under isolation for evaluation at hospital using strict CDC protocols; flight restrictions start Wednesday

Ebola: Two from Liberia screened after falling ill on flights to Chicago

Syria: August slaughter of 700 members of Shaitat tribe when they tried to rise up against ISIS, one of hidden tragedies of brutal war fuelling backlash

Poland: Paralyzed man walks again after cell transplant into spine in a world first

Las Vegas: Caesars Entertainment in pre-bankruptcy mode as looks at re-structuring $30B in debt

Denver: FBI stops 3 Colorado teenagers headed to join ISIS

Washington: U.S. involved in seven air strikes on ISIS targets

Pretoria: Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison

Game-changers? UK drones ready to attack ISIS in Syria and Iraq from new base in Kuwait

Suruc: Turkey helping Kurdish fighters cross into Kobani to fight against ISIS

Abuja: Nigeria declared Ebola-free; 'spectacular success'; offers practical advice for rest of world

A la carte not panacea: Fast evolution of entertainment delivery not as simple as 'cord-cutting'

Serial killer: Convicted sex offender arrested after seven women’s bodies found in Indiana, ‘We have evidence that he was in Texas & all over the United States’

Reuters: Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

Kobani: U.S. C-130 Hercules planes do multiple airdrops of weapons, ammunition and medical supplies for Kurds battling ISIS

Galveston: Ebola watch lists in U.S. to shrink, cruise passenger cleared

Carnival Magic: 'We're a floating petri dish': Panic onboard the 'Ebola cruise'

Sweden: Is a Russian spy sub stuck in rocks off Stockholm?

Nepal: Death toll from blizzard on Himalayan trail reaches 39

Washington Post fact-checker: The absurd claim that Republicans are to blame for cuts to Ebola research

NBC: Health board says wind project is a health hazard

Ferguson: Forensic work by FBI confirms officer's account; Michael Brown was initially shot in police squad car, apparently while assaulting Wilson

London: WHO won't explain Ebola mistakes before review is 'fact-checked'

BBC: UK-developed Ebola vaccine won't be ready until 2015 trials completed

Baltimore: Ebola vaccine trials to begin here next month

Public sees risk clearly: Dems in tough races break with Obama over no Ebola travel ban

Washington: Ebola scare at Pentagon after woman recently in Africa vomits on tour bus

Another dropped ball: U.S. now monitoring health care worker aboard cruise ship who had handled Ebola victim fluids

Omaha: U.S. Ebola hospital laid off staff due to ObamaCare, now has staff constraints

Washington: VP Biden's lawyer son discharged from Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine

Washington: Documents reveal Obama Administration dropped ball, didn't follow 2008 CDC recommendations on preventing a world Ebola outbreak

Washington: Obama rejects calls for Ebola travel ban

Nairobi: African countries which successfully stopped Ebola used border closings, good patient-tracking, and luck

Washington: Hillary Clinton up to old tricks in using Cheryl Mills to obfuscate and delay release of incriminating Benghazi documents

Scumbusters: Dutch biker gang grabs rifles, joins Kurds in fight against ISIS

Dallas: Why wasn't 'clipboard guy' wearing protective gear during Ebola patient’s transfer?

Washington: Obama's Ebola coordinator has no background in public health or managing an outbreak; is that part of the problem for Keystone Kops in White House?

Kobani: Ramped up coalition air strikes stall ISIS advance on Syrian border town

Solon: 2 Ohio schools closed after Vinson Ebola case connected to Cleveland and Akron

Milan: Ukrainian femen protesters target 'killer' Putin before his meeting with Ukraine leader Poroshenko

Dallas: County to declare disaster over Ebola

Denver Post: Dudspin: Did sports paper try to sabotage Senate race with inaccurate claims about high school football career? Their source says they misquoted him; all evidence says Deadspin blew it in a race where your gridiron cred matters

CBS: Nurse Vinson, 2nd Ebola victim from Dallas, called CDC "multiple times" and they told her it was okay to get on the crowded airplane even with a fever [video]

NASCAR: Tony Stewart makes matters worse for himself when his temper takes over after Charlotte race, ramming Keselowski in pit lane

From bad to worse: Nurses treating Ebola patient Duncan in Dallas weren't properly trained, supervisors misdirected them, kept treating other patients, too

How bad is Ebola crisis? For first time ever, Obama cancels fundraising trip

Thaw? Russia reportedly ready to help fight Islamists in the Middle East

Washington: Multiple vulnerabilities in CDC's Ebola 'protocols'; now revising; hasn't apologized

Dallas: CDC transferring 2nd Texas health-care worker to Atlanta for treatment

New York: Airline stocks tumble on fresh Ebola fears

Texas: Second nurse with Ebola should not have travelled by plane, CDC says; flew from Cleveland to Dallas

Dallas: Health care worker with Ebola flew on commercial flight a day before being diagnosed

Dallas: Second health care worker tests positive for Ebola

Putin loses his best friend: Expensive oil

Washington: This 2006 U.S. Department of Defense report says what NY Times says was secret until now; media manipulation continues

New York: The NY Times claims it has a news story about chemical WMD in Iraq but it's old news for anyone paying attention

Mollie Hemingway: President Obama already has an Ebola Czar. Where is she?

Dallas: CDC reviewing Ebola protocols; "Patients become more contagious as the disease progresses"

Washington: White House refuses to release how much taxpayers pay for Obama fundraising trips

Kuala Lumpur: Daredevil base jumpers 'gatecrash' skyscraper pool party [video]

TIME: 85% of U.S. nurses say they lack Ebola training

Ebola: UK to start fever tests at Heathrow airport

UK: Govt ready to sell its 40% stake in Eurostar chunnel train operator

Dallas: The decades-old treatment that may save young nurse infected with Ebola

Ebola symptoms: What are they and what should you do if you think you have them?

Nathan Wolfe: No more Ebola whac-a-mole

Ebola: UN medical team member dies in Germany

Ebola: UK cancels resumption of direct flights to Sierra Leone

Atlanta: CDC chief says U.S. must "rethink" how it handles Ebola

Montreal: Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth and his trip to Montreal, months before murder

FATCA: Sweeping U.S. tax crackdown inflicts heavy collateral damage

Fracking impact, eh: Privately, Saudis tell oil market: get used to lower prices

New Jersey: Hackensack hospital shows going green doesn't have to cost more

Canberra: Australian opposition leader Shorten says Putin shouldn't be attending G20 meeting in Brisbane over the shooting down of MH17

Gov. Bobby Jindal: The facts about Ebola funding; poor Obama choices have reduced the capacity of the CDC to deal with infectious diseases

Washington: Coalition forces to start using Turkey air bases to attack ISIS; Turkey will start training moderate Syrian rebels for fight against ISIS

Syria: Woman leads Kurds in halting ISIS’ Kobani run

Dallas: CDC moves to de-contaminate home of nurse who contracted Ebola; suggest she 'violated safety protocols'; ominously 'there may be others'

Seattle: Will fusion mini-reactor lead to cheap power breakthrough?

Myth-busting: Genocide evidence in Colorado shows violent history of native cultures before arrival of Europeans; 14,882 human skeletal fragments

Amir Basiri: Appeasing Iran will embolden ISIS

American Thinker: Canada is fed-up with U.S. delay of Keystone, now planning alternative pipeline

Panetta: Obama surrounded by advisers with 'limited' views, White House-cleaning needed [video]

CBS: ISIS loses at least 300 fighters to battles at Kobane as Kurds and airstrikes take tolls

Kobane: ISIS pouring reinforcements into fight after suffering heavy losses to Kurd defenders; time to carpet bomb reinforcement routes?

Cairo: U.S. pledges $212M to reconstruct Gaza terror tunnels

Moscow: Putin said to have ordered 17,600 troops to return from Ukraine border

Washington: G20 talks of $2.6T 900-project infrastructure plan to prevent recession; details to come after this week's World Bank meetings

Vero Beach: American suicide bomber’s travels in U.S., Middle East went unmonitored

Sheikh: Saudi students ‘who travel for jihad are traitors’

Sacramento: Excuses aplenty as California insider Obamacare links uncovered; millions in no-bid contracts

Washington: IMF has busy agenda, boosting loans for Ebola fight, urging growth policies to avoid fallback into recession after volatile week on world stock markets

London: British counterterrorism forces monitoring 'thousands' of potential extremists in the capital's metropolitan area: Mayor Boris Johnson

Dallas: Complete investigation underway; head of CDC hosts Ebola press conference here for playback; infected Texas health-care worker now identified in answers as a woman

Dallas: Texas health-care worker tests positive for Ebola; had provided care to Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan

Kobane: Kurds fight back as Islamic State attempts to take centre of battleground city

Kobane: Crisis in Syrian city exposes fissure in Obama’s anti-ISIS coalition

Monrovia: 41 UN peacekeepers under observation for Ebola after mission reports second case

Stephen F. Hayes: Failure upon failure; the disintegration of the Obama presidency

Democrat Governor 'blindsided': Oregon ‘first lady’ cops to hidden 1997 green-card ‘marriage of convenience’ in exchange for $5G

Valour: "I thank my father for not clipping my wings': Malala Yousafzai co-winner of Nobel Peace Prize

Oslo: Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize; two ends of age spectrum, both honoured for focus on ending abuse of young, hailing from Pakistan and India; both have survived murder attempts

Polls: Brazilian run-off election a technical tie

UK: Carswell makes history to become UKIP's first elected MP after winning Clacton by-election with 12,404 vote majority

Luxembourg: France, Germany seek revamp of Schengen laws to fight jihadist exodus

Monrovia: U.S. military planes arrive at epicenter of Ebola

Ankara: Turkey wants coalition to attack ISIS and Assad; Turkish Kurds want ISIS attacked now, protest violently in streets

Syria: Coalition ramps up air strikes on ISIS in Kobani

Madrid: As Spanish Ebola patient’s health deteriorates, two doctors who treated her are under observation; nurse says she heard about her diagnosis from the media

Fighting words: Architect of U.S. air war in Afghanistan says U.S. ISIS strikes too limited; "The coalition should establish 24/7 constant overwatch, with force application on every element of [ISIS] leadership, key infrastructure, forces and personnel—apply unrelenting pressure day and night on [ISIS] throughout Syria and Iraq. Airmen have the capacity, equipment, training, tactics, and knowledge needed for this fight, but airpower needs to be applied like a thunderstorm, and so far we’ve only witnessed a drizzle."

Ebola spread: British man dies of deadly virus in Macedonia and one other taken ill

Sanaa: Suicide bombings in Yemen kill 67 after Premier quits

Ottawa: U.S. Embassy seen as an ISIS target as Canada investigating 63 potential terrorism cases

Ebola: Five U.S. airports to screen for fever

Ebola: Spanish nurse worsens, Madrid blames infection on human error

Washington: Congressman on House Armed Services Committee says "at least 10" ISIS fighters have been caught crossing border into U.S. from Mexico

Ottawa: 'Aspiring' ISIS supporters have been monitored talking “knife and gun” attacks on Canadian and U.S. targets in Canada

London: ISIS veteran among the four terror suspects arrested

London: MI5 busts ISIS-linked UK terror plot, police suspect plan to publicly behead citizens

Dallas: Texas Ebola patient dies as U.S. unveils new screening plan

Kobani: U.S. airstrikes kill 45 ISIS militants, and forced them to withdraw from parts of the town under siege

Istanbul: Turkey asks U.S. to ramp up air strikes against ISIS

Omaha: Journalist with Ebola to get blood from survivor

Beiji: ISIS downs Iraqi helicopter, two pilots killed

Liberia: World Bank issues dire warning about Ebola's economic impact

Montreal: Keystone be darned: Canada finds a surprise route around Obama

updated ~ Ankara: More than 18 killed in ISIL protests across Turkey as curfew declared in six provinces

Detroit: New Corvette goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.95 seconds with 8-speed automatic transmission; outperforms vehicles costing much more

Langley: Bethany Paquette not only rejected for employment but attacked by foreign company operating in Canada because she's a Christian; taking it to B.C. Human Rights Tribunal

Consequences: Wal-Mart cuts health care coverage for most part-timers in wake of Obamacare

Hepatology journal: Sweetener high-fructose corn syrup may aggravate liver disease

Syria: Airstrikes target ISIS positions near embattled Kobane; will Turkey send tanks and ground troops across border?

Stockholm: Three win physics Nobel for invention of blue LED which enabled white lightbulbs

Ebola: New concern worldwide as nurse in Spain diagnosed; U.S. considers screening international airline passengers

Ottawa: Hillary Clinton tells waffling Canadian opposition parties that military action in Iraq is essential

Brussels: NATO says will take action to protect Turkey from ISIS if needed

Washington: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear appeals of lower court decisions, effectively making same-sex marriage legal in Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana, but leaving U.S. without national legal ruling

London: Number of mentally ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland trebles in a year as doctors warn assisted suicide is 'out of control'

Stockholm: Nobel Prize for medicine goes to discoverers of brain’s 'inner GPS'

San Jose: Hewlett-Packard to split into two public companies, lay off 5,000

After negative campaign: Brazil's Dilma Rousseff to face Aecio Neves in election run-off

Rex Huppke: Snow in the forecast? Blame Canada!

Nolan Finley: Hamas, ISIS are of the same evil

Matthew Fisher: Iraq’s Christian communities living in fear

Barzanke: Iraq’s Kurdish front line a dangerous split between those joining ISIS, and those fighting it

Barbara Madimenos: He for she, and she for he: feminism is about human rights

CENTCOM: U.S. airstrikes hit more ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq

ISIS: As a matter of law, we do not need the UN’s permission to attack these criminals; ISIS fighters may fantasize about a caliphate, but any state is entitled to stop their rampage

Mexico: Massacre victims feared to be missing students; 34 bodies found so far

Paul Revere, RIP: Leader of 'Paul Revere and the Raiders', a hit machine in the 1960s and still performing in their 1776 period outfits this summer, dead at 76

Sydney: With huge search area mapped, MH370 hunt resuming

Ebola: Out of control; how the world’s health organizations failed to stop the growing disaster

American Thinker: Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates

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Antares: Outside and inside experts point to
1960s-era Russian engines in Orbital Sciences rocket explosion

Pope Francis: Evolution is real, God did not wave a 'magic wand';
says current scientific theories compatible with church doctrines

Antares loss: No answers yet on what went wrong in failed launch

Lac-Mégantic: New rules, safety devices and inspectors;
"This tragedy is a case where rules simply were not followed"

An unattended 74-car freight train carrying crude oil ran away downhill and derailed, resulting in the fire and explosion
that killed 47 people in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, in July 2013. ~ CBC

Antares goes boom: Kamloops students lose science experiment

NASA: Stock drops as 14-storey rocket blows up in Virginia

NASA: Orbital Sciences Antares rocket suffers "catastrophic anomaly"

Here's the sequence of events in reverse order from top, as Antares rocket being launched in Virginia explodes 6 seconds after lift-off and collapses back to earth in an enormous fireball. Bottom picture shows size and complexity of rocket and its payload of supplies for International Space Station during assembly. ~ NASA, YouTube, Orbital Sciences

Emotional PM Harper speaks to Cpl. Cirillo’s son at funeral [video]

Marcus Cirillo, 5, held up under pressure of the nation watching on, as Prime Minister Harper spoke directly to him.

Hamilton: The nation pauses to pay its last respects to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was gunned down while standing guard at the National War Monument in Ottawa, is being honoured today with a regimental funeral in his hometown of Hamilton. The funeral began at noon. Just moments before, members of his regiment, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, carried his casket, draped in a Canadian flag, into Christ’s Church Cathedral. ~ CBC

Ottawa: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry lays wreath at Canada's
National War Memorial in honour of Canadian soldiers killed last week

John Kerry places a wreath from the United States Government at Canada's National War Memorial today to show U.S. solidarity with Canada after events of the last week which saw Canada lose two soldiers to terrorist attacks. ~ CBC

Ukraine: Poroshenko hails voter support for peace plan, pro-West course

Exit polls: Pro-Western blocs 'win Ukraine poll'

Grapes: The right way to end an emotional week for all Canadians

Coach's Corner: Don Cherry caps the week with heartfelt tribute
to Nathan Cirillo, Patrice Vincent and all veterans

Heroes honoured: Vigils held across Canada after deadly attacks

Ottawa will hold a candlelight vigil at 8 p.m. ET, with thousands expected to attend. But many stopped by the National War Memorial during the day, laying flowers, letters and poppies at the location where Cirillo was shot. A number of vigils are scheduled to take place across the country on Saturday to honour Cpl. Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, who was killed in a separate attack on Monday. Dozens gathered at Montreal's war memorial Saturday afternoon to pay their respects. They came wearing Canadian colours of red and white, along with poppies and Canadian flags. Their numbers grew throughout the afternoon as passersby spontaneously joined in the vigil. Some laid red and white roses at the foot of the memorial. ~ CTV

Highway of Heroes: It was an emotional 525 km trip
home for Corporal Nathan Cirillo [video]

Corporal Nathan Cirillo was saluted all along the way, from every bridge, and by every citizen and motorist for all 525 km from Ottawa to Hamilton in an emotional farewell to a man lost in his prime. And a message that Canadians stand together. ~ bottom - Nathan Denette Canadian Press; top - screencap from CTV

Highway of Heroes: Cpl. Nathan Cirillo receives
tributes across Ontario along Hwy 401

The OPP clears half of the busiest highway in North America to give procession for Cpl Nathan Cirillo unimpeded access home. Here, at Oshawa and Ajax, police, firefighters, citizens and motorists stop to salute and pay tribute. ~ screencaptures from live TV transmission CTV

The Switzerville Road bridge is lined at Napanee at 4pm as Corporal Nathan Cirillo is carried westward home to Hamilton. Highway coaches, trucks and cars pulled off the busy highway so respects could be paid.

Istanbul: Canada, Belgium and German consulates evacuated;
all three receive suspicious packages containing yellow powder

Canadian consulate in Istanbul has been evacuated.

Queens: Axe attacker IDed as ISIS supporter Zale Thompson, 32

New York: Hatchet-wielding terrorist shot dead by NYPD cops
in Queens; three injured, two cops and a female bystander

The suspect lunged at the police with the weapon, which measured 18 inches, landing a severe blow to Healey’s head and also slicing the right arm of Officer Joseph Meeker. "The officers told him to drop it and he turned on the officers," Larry Bethune, 44, who was walking down Jamaica Avenue at the time, told the Daily News. "He raised his hand real high and brought it straight down on the officer."

Ottawa: Picture of Cirillo's killer actually shot by tourist at war memorial;
police sent it to all security forces; media erroneously credited to ISIS

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau captured by tourist as he kills Nathan Cirillo.

Ottawa: Highlights of very thorough press conference by RCMP
Commissioner Paulson, including video of gunman on Parliament Hill

Ottawa: Harper vows tighter security after Parliament attack

Ottawa: Canadian Muslim group calls Ottawa attacks ‘repulsive’;
NCCM says ‘horrified and shocked’ by assault on Parliament Hill

Ottawa: Conspiracy? Gunman was staying at Mission only blocks from
crime scenes, talked Islam with two other men; trio "tried to get a vehicle"

Halifax: Police arrest man, recover rifle from city bus;
lockdowns beginning to lift in downtown core

Ottawa: MPs honour fallen Corporal Nathan Cirillo with moment of silence

Ottawa: Hero Kevin Vickers given rousing standing ovation
by House of Commons; followed by tributes to fallen soldiers

Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers (foreground, back to camera) was given a lengthy standing ovation from all members of the House of Commons Thursday morning. Wednesday morning he saved the day, having dropped, and fired three bullets into terrorist killer Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, killing him before he could kill again.

Ottawa: Mother: "I'm crying for victims, not for my son"

Ottawa: Gunman had long criminal record and many names

updated ~ Ottawa: Shooter's mom is Deputy Chair of Canada Immigration and Refugee Board; his father apparently fought in Libya in 2011


NBC: Sources say terror gunman aka Michael Joseph Hall; became
Muslim convert and used name Michael Zehaf-Bibeau; charged in
past for drugs, robbery in Vancouver, got off with lesser charges

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau captured by tourist as he kills Nathan Cirillo.

Ottawa: Zehaf-Bibeau recently designated a 'high-risk traveller'
by Canadian Government and his passport had been seized

Ottawa: Dead gunman IDed as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, born in Canada;
short, with long hair, overweight, wore dark jacket and 'Arabic scarf';
according to close witnesses: ignored tourists, showed no emotion;
murdered Corporal Nathan Cirillo, 24, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Ottawa: Globe reporter captures gunfight inside Parliament Buildings
as heroic Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers kills terrorist

Mounties rush towards danger ~ video by Josh Wingrove, Globe and Mail reporter via his Blackberry Youtube

FLASHBACK: October 9th: Prime Minister Harper tells Canadians:
"These threats are very, very real" - CSIS said saw nothing "imminent"

Ottawa: MPs barricaded in caucus room, saved by Sergeant-at-Arms;
"30 to 50 shots of gunfire inside halls of Parliament before gunman killed"

updated ~ Ottawa: soldier dead after shooting at National War Memorial; gunman killed in Centre Block of Parliament Buildings; one or more gunmen possibly still at large, capital under lockdown, soldiers flood streets

Canadian soldiers are on Parliament Hill protecting government workers and politicians. ~ CBC

Murdered Corporal Nathan Cirillo, 24, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, is on the left in this photo, taken early Wednesday morning before attack. Picture taken by tourist. ~ Evanem @kamakazi19982 Twitter

Ottawa: Capital terror attack in 16 pictures

This was the scene outside Centre Block of Parliament Buildings following terrorist attack. ~ CBC

Ebola: Travellers from stricken countries now limited to 5 U.S. airports

Canada raises terror threat level from low to medium due to "chatter"

Ottawa: Rouleau was on RCMP radar, passport had been seized;
stalked parking lot for 2+ hours before trying to kill soldiers with car

updated ~ St-Jean-sur-Richelieu: Patrice Vincent, 53, a Warrant Officer,
has been identified as Canadian soldier killed by terrorist;
CSIS describes attack as "violent expression of an extremist ideology"

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu: Attack "clearly linked to terrorist ideology";
"terrible act of violence against our country, our military, against our values"

Montreal: Canadian soldier dies overnight from attack by Rouleau;
both injured soldiers were males, no names have been released

updated ~ Montreal: Martin Rouleau, 25, was 'radicalized' Islamist convert

updated ~ Montreal: Rouleau made "an extremist threat"
in Canadian Forces office before running over soldiers

updated ~ Montreal: Rouleau had been stopped by border police this
summer as he tried to leave Canada to fight with ISIS; shot by
police Monday after chase when pulled knife post-rollover; during
chase, he called 911 and said he was "acting in the name of Allah"

Quebec provincial police examine the wreckage of car driven by Martin Rouleau, 25, who ran over Canadian Forces soldiers in parking lot outside CF office in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Police shot Rouleau following dramatic high-speed chase. One of the soldiers is fighting for his life and other suffered minor injuries. As Rouleau fled from attack scene, La Presse reported, he called a 911 dispatcher and explained that he was "acting in the name of Allah". ~ Patrick Sanfacon Toronto Star

Montreal: Two Canadian soldiers mowed down by 'home-grown' terrorist, "radicalized" Martin Rouleau, 25, fatally shot
by police; both soldiers in hospital, one in critical condition

Gary: Indiana serial killer says murder spree dates back two decades

Suspect Darren Deon Vann helped authorities locate the bodies of six victims in Gary, Indiana, after he was arrested in the murder of 19-year-old Afrika Hardy. ~ Jim Karczewsk, Sun-Times Media,Gary Police Department AP Photo

Job killers: Electricity prices soaring in top wind power states;
and taxpayer subsidies hide additional costs of wind power

Newfoundland: Hurricane Gonzalo drenches southeast, but region
spared brunt of diminished storm as it veers east into North Atlantic

Gonzalo full of rain but lower Category 1 winds as it drenches Avalon Peninsula.

Ebola: Is wild 'bushmeat' behind the outbreak? In the Congo Basin,
an estimated five million tonnes of bushmeat per year is consumed

Kobani: ISIS losses, reinforcements & exposed re-supply lines
making "target-rich environment for air strikes": White House

Hurricane Gonzalo: Bermuda "takes licking" keeps on ticking; storm "very powerful, lasted longer than expected"; Premier praises response

Economist/YouGov poll: 82% of Americans closely following Ebola
want quarantine, 66% would block entry from infected nations

Eye of the storm: Hurricane Gonzalo scores direct hit on Bermuda: weakens only slightly; electricity knocked out to 80% of residents

Ottawa: Canada restricts large-scale fishing in large area of Beaufort Sea

The plan puts an area larger than Hudson Bay off-limits to large-scale commercial fishing.

ISIS: RAAF fighters step up strikes in Iraq as U.S. targets Syria

updated: 16 dead as vent grate collapses at South Korea pop concert

NYC: Alarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK

Demonstrators outside White House demand a travel ban on October 16 to stop spread of Ebola virus. ~ Reuters

Tracking info: Hurricane Gonzalo expected to
hammer Bermuda late Friday afternoon

Health crisis: Ebola fears prompt big responses around globe

UN: If Ebola not contained in 60 days, world faces 'unprecedented' disaster

Ebola crisis: Cleveland plane used for 5 additional flights Tuesday before removed from service; flew to/from Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta

Cleveland: Mayor Jackson to address news of Ebola patient at airport

Ohio: Plane that carried 2nd Ebola nurse being cleaned at Cleveland
Hopkins International Airport; latest patient stayed with family in Akron

A plane at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport carried an Ebola patient, Frontier Airlines reports. The patient, identified as Amber Vinson, 29, flew into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Oct. 10 and out Oct. 13. The Akron Firestone High School alumni came to Akron to visit family, the Ohio Department of Health reports. Despite earlier reports, she was not on the Kent State University campus. Anyone who had contact with Vinson is urged to call their local health care provider. ~ ABC Newsnet5

St. John's: Hurricane Gonzalo picks up speed, headed for Newfoundland

A map from Environment Canada’s Canadian Hurricane Centre shows the expected track of Hurricane Gonzalo. ~ Environment Canada Hurricane Centre

World crisis: WHO says there could be up to
10,000 new cases of Ebola per week in 2 months

Washington: Obama to host ISIS strategy session with coalition partners

El Salvador: Pacific tsunami warning cancelled after
big M7.3 mid-depth quake strikes off coast

Tony Abbott says he will ‘shirtfront’ Putin over downing of MH17;
Oz PM says his conversation with Russian bully at G20 summit
in Australia will be ‘the toughest conversation of all’

Iraq: ISIS rallies ‘10,000 militants’ at gates of Baghdad

Kobani Kurds describe fierce street battles as they hold on

Iraq: Canadian air cavalry joining heated battle on fringe of Baghdad?

Do you know this dirtbag?
Canada: On guard for terrorist attack; "people outside the FBI who have
watched the video have observed that he possibly sounds Canadian"

The FBI has asked Canadians to look at photos and video of this gun-toting ISIS terrorist who appears in its latest
propaganda video, suggesting that people who’ve heard the masked man’s accent suspect he might be from Canada.
The FBI is working with Canadian & European intelligence agencies to identify terrorist. ~ FBI Handout QMI Agency

New York: Plane cabin cleaners strike over Ebola at La Guardia Airport;
200 workers say concerned about unsafe working conditions

Canada to place quarantine officers at six airports to screen for Ebola

RAAF: Australian Super Hornets drop first bombs on ISIS targets

RCMP investigating dozens of extremist suspects who returned to Canada

Ottawa: Four Liberal MPs abandon Trudeau, abstain from ISIS vote;
other Liberals, former MPs and cabinet ministers, publicly support Govt

Washington: White House thanks Canada for joining coalition against ISIS

Canada at WAR: MPs vote 157-134 in support of combat mission
against ISIS/ISIL in Iraq; Green MP Bruce Hyer and Independent
Brent Rathgeber vote in support, NDP and Liberals oppose

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rises in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill to vote for an air combat mission against ISIS on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. ~ Justin Tang The Canadian Press

Ottawa: Statement by PM Harper on motion debated in Parliament

Ottawa: Canadian ISIS attacks will operate out of a Kuwait airfield
… but all the planes and supplies won’t get there for a week

Madrid: Ebola contracted in Spanish hospital could spread in Europe;
nurse exhibited symptoms for days before seeking treatment

Tyler Rogoway: Flock of A-10 Warthogs will make mincemeat of ISIS

The most capable counter-insurgency and close air support platform in existence, the A-10 Thunderbolt II aka Warthog was designed around a 30 mm GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon that is its primary armament and is the heaviest automatic cannon mounted on any aircraft. The cannon fires its huge shells at a rate of nearly 4,000 rounds per minute. The A-10 was used in combat for the first time during the Gulf War in 1991, destroying more than 900 Iraqi tanks, 2,000 other military vehicles and 1,200 artillery pieces, making it by far the most effective aircraft of the war. ~ USAF

Iraq: Australia, Belgium launch anti-ISIS missions

Postmedia deal doesn't include TVA, Sun News Network or French papers

Canadian mediaquake: Quebecor sells 175 Sun Media
English newspapers to Postmedia in $316M deal

Ottawa: ISIS mission reveals Liberal divide as high-profile
members express support for ‘robust Canadian mission’

Nicholson: Airstrikes against ISIS needed to fight 'direct threat' to Canada;
Naive Elizabeth May thinks attacking ISIS "makes things worse"

Canadian CF-18s shown re-fuelling in flight. RCAFI

Mount Ontake eruption: Final moments of hikers killed
by Japanese volcano captured in poignant photos

Izumi Noguchi poses on the summit of Mount Ontake shortly before the eruption which killed him and at leastt 50 others. ~ AP/Kyodo News

Iraq: ISIS takes former Abu Ghraib prison, putting
Baghdad Airport within artillery range

'We will bring these brutal and repulsive killers to justice': Cameron leads international condemnation of ISIS following beheading of Alan Henning

Syria: U.S.-led air strikes kill scores of ISIS fighters;
U.S. praises Netherlands for decision to join coalition

Andrew Coyne: If Liberals won’t support limited action against ISIS,
what kind of mission would they support?

NY Times: Trudeau against attacking terrorist beheaders, NDP may be for;
Lightweight Liberal leader appalls Canadians, doesn't care ISIS
"has specifically targeted Canada and Canadians"

Canada ISIS plan: Up to six CF-18s to bomb terrorist scum;
Stephen Harper lays it out in detail which any thinking human gets;
"Being a free rider means you are not taken seriously..."

QMI poll: Canadians back military action to fight ISIS terror

Two CF-18s from 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta. ~ Corporal Patrick Drouin QMI

Ebola revelation: 50 people under observation in U.S.

Octoberfest! Canadians to get package of tax cuts in coming fiscal update

Canada Post: Stamps honour NHL 'Original Six' defence stars

[TOP] Perhaps greatest player ever, Bobby Orr stands beside his stamp during unveiling of NHL stamp series featuring 'Original Six' defencemen at Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. [SECOND] Legendary Tim Horton stamp. ~ Yoon CP

UN: ISIS committing 'staggering' crimes in Iraq

Canberra: Australia to start bombing ISIS; formal invite comes from Iraq

Ankara: Turkey votes to join Allies against ISIS

Harper to outline proposed new role for Canada in Iraq Friday
in addition to ongoing humanitarian support role, announces PMO;
a House of Commons debate and a vote will follow on Monday

World's first: SaskPower's 1.4B carbon capture system now operational

SaskPower officially launched the first-of-its-kind commercial-scale carbon-capture storage project in southern Saskatchewan. ~ Troy Fleece Leader-Post/Bloomberg

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Glen McGregor: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was overheard talking about killing soldiers in Ottawa mall a day before deadly shooting

Sandy Garossino: What kind of woman won't report sexual assault?

Toronto: Twitter account detailed Jian Ghomeshi abuse in April

Toronto Star: Canadian artists sign petition supporting women with Jian Ghomeshi allegations

Toronto Star: Now 8 women accuse former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi of violence, sexual abuse or harassment; actor Lucy DeCoutere puts face to accusations

Toronto: Anonymous woman accuses disgraced, fired Jian Ghomeshi of punching her in the head on second date; interviewed on CBC's 'As It Happens'

Ottawa: Ex-Chief of Defence Staff Gen Walt Natynczyk (ret'd), President of Canadian Space Agency, named as Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs

Ottawa: MPs exchange handshakes and vows of "standing together" but Mulcair hits clanger with denial of "terrorism"

Ottawa: Peter MacKay suggests anti-terror laws don't need overhaul; Justice Minister reviewing existing laws before writing new ones

Back to future: New Blackberry Classic to look familiar — "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

Ottawa: Canada and Germany announce group hug for CETA

Ottawa: Counselling/jobs plan to de-radicalize would-be jihadists announced

Windsor: MP Watson slams Ford’s silence over failed auto investment talks

Ottawa: Last week's shootings sent shockwaves through local diplomatic community

Lubbock: Gordie Howe's health failing after severe stroke

Windsor: Full text of Prime Minister Harper's words at funeral of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

British Columbia: BG Group pressing pause button on Prince Rupert LNG, citing market conditions as U.S. fracking volumes depress natural gas prices

Ottawa: Now Elizabeth May blames attack on Parliament last week for her Twitter support of Jian Ghomeshi and blames Twitter for her poor choice of words

Howard Levitt: The real reasons Jian Ghomeshi is suing the CBC

Detroit News: Red Wings great Gordie Howe resting after 'serious stroke'

Toronto: CBC internal memor says it is investigating new allegations of 'impropriety' against Jian Ghomeshi; will more heads roll?

Matthew Fisher: Canadian CF-18s set to launch attacks by Saturday against ISIS, commander reveals

Ottawa: Canada's Competition Bureau clears Burger King/Tim Hortons merger

Toronto: Councillors who helped turn city hall into a circus fire don't have Rob Ford as an excuse any more

Ottawa: Supreme Court of Canada rules bilingual couple can’t seek damages from Air Canada for not being served in French

Richard Warnica: The night that turned the tide for John Tory’s fledgling mayoral campaign

Justin Beach: Liking 'Q' isn't a good enough reason to side with Jian; remember Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris

Edmonton: Alberta by-elections swept by Jim Prentice PCs

Ottawa: French President François Hollande to address Parliament during 1st state visit to Canada

Jian Ghomeshi case: Canadian law imposes some limits on freedom to consent to violent sexual activity

Toronto Sun editorial: Tory must respect the Ford agenda

Toronto: John Tory wins mayor race in squeaker over Doug Ford; Mayor Rob Ford, fighting cancer, returns to City Hall as a Councillor

Ottawa: Harper will skip APEC summit in China to attend National Remembrance Day ceremony here in capital

Ottawa: Conservatives table first CSIS legislation in 30 years: "the Protection of Canada from Terrorists Act"

Chantal Hébert: Jason Kenney would be ideal terror point man for Harper

Toronto: Sunday, Jian Ghomeshi lawyers said he'd sue for $50M, today he sued for $55M

Huffington Post: Elizabeth May's rush to judgement; defends Jian Ghomeshi amid detailed allegations of violence against women

Kelly McParland: If Thomas Mulcair wants 24/7 protection, he should get it; RCMP is making mistake if thinks business-as-usual will suffice at time when religious & ideological extremism is unfortunate fact of life

Howard Levitt: Jian Ghomeshi’s CBC lawsuit is hopeless — even if he’s telling the truth

Ottawa: Federal Govt introduces bill to create DNA-based missing persons index

Toronto: Police say they have no current plans to investigate fired CBC host Jian Ghomeshi over anonymous allegations of sex and physical abuse; but could start an investigation based on media reports; will CBC News do so?

Ottawa: How Hill media escaped the Centre Block's press gallery Hot Room during Wednesday's attack

Toronto Star Editor Michael Cooke: Why The Star chose to publish Jian Ghomeshi allegations

updated ~ Toronto Star: CBC fires Jian Ghomeshi over sex allegations; ousted host of Q denies claims by three women of unwanted sexual violence

Montreal: Father of Patrice Vincent killer Couture-Rouleau says government must strengthen security laws; had alerted police about his son’s radicalized behaviour last summer

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi says in bombshell Facebook post that CBC fired him "because of the risk of my private sex life being made public as a result of a campaign of false allegations" while admitting to sexual practices that "may be strange, enticing, weird, normal, or outright offensive to others"

Ottawa: RCMP Sunday update on Parliament Hill attack: "persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack driven by ideological and political motives", police doing "detailed analysis" of video "for evidence and intelligence"; not ready yet for public release

Ottawa: Man arrested after Ottawa police officer punched in the face

Plot thickens: CBC cuts ties with Jian Ghomeshi after receiving "information" about Q host

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi out at CBC; intends to sue for $50-million

Ontario: In wake of Canada attacks, Toronto police drill for disaster

Ottawa: RCMP takes over investigation of killing, attack, OPP to probe police conduct

Toronto: Double stabbing at Canada's Wonderland leaves 1 dead, another in critical condition

Greater Napanee: Historian Ross Morton releases latest book 'Tales from the Townships', an account of life in the lower Bay of Quinte over the past 200+ years

Buckle up for safety: OPP see five no-seatbelt deaths during last week of fall blitz

Ottawa: Killer Bibeau listened to extremist rants with BC terror suspect Yusuzfai who went to fight in Syria; previously it was thought they only connected via social media

Amherst Island: Ontario Govt running roughshod over Lake Ontario island families, ignoring environmental assessments, greenlighting clusters of 155-metre wind turbines and a new cement plant

Bomb threat: Police arrest ‘person of interest’ in Kelowna airport emergency

Sarnia: 5 injured in industrial explosion, fire

Ottawa: Canadians flock to Parliament Hill and National War Memorial; tours inside Centre Block to re-start Monday

Rex Murphy: In the shadow of a young corporal’s death, Canada’s greatness shines through

Joseph Brean: Public lines Highway of Heroes for a moment of communal grieving, and to send message: 'We’re not scared'

Andrew Coyne: We got off relatively lightly this time. We may not be so lucky the next

War memorial heroism: 'You are so loved': Ottawa lawyer describes group effort trying to save Cirillo; "When you are dying, you need to be told how loved you are"

Ottawa: Full picture emerges of heroic "James Bond move" made by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers in diving and pivoting in front of Parliament Hill attacker and emptying his clip, from just feet away [Youtube video]

Online gambling: Major international firm exits Canadian market

Ottawa: Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's body going home to Hamilton today along 'Highway of Heroes'

La Presse [French]: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau re-connected in last week with mother, aunt after years apart; stayed at Aunt's home in Mont-Tremblant the night before his Ottawa attacks; Aunt says "He was spoiled rotten"; heavy history of drug use

Fuel boat adrift 14 km off shore: NTCL barge loaded with diesel adrift in Beaufort Sea amid 12-foot seas; vessel was being tugged to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, when storm arose and it broke away from tugboat

Ottawa: ‘The guy was right there, shooting:’ Calgary MP Michelle Rempel; MPs were caught in the middle of Wednesday's attack, both outside and inside the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings [video]

Joe Warmington: Remembering sacrifice with a Highway of Heroes tribute

Ottawa: Statement by Prime Minister Harper in the House of Commons, October 23, 2014, on the events of October 22nd and moving forward

Vancouver Sun: Parliament Hill killer kicked out of Burnaby mosque two years ago; "self-radicalized" Zehaf-Bibeau was asked to leave mosque, because he had "gotten a hold of keys and when he got out of jail, he just started sleeping there"

Brian Stewart: "We've known this day was coming. As Canadians, we've been lucky up to this point"

Ottawa: Harper waited among MPs, terrifying unknown on other side of doors as bullets flew

Ottawa: Conservative MPs were prepared to tackle gunmen who entered their caucus room; were going to use flag poles with metal maple leafs on top as spears; Ontario MP and ex-OPP Officer Daryl Kramp said, "If anybody comes in, get the bastards"

Winnipeg: 'New generation' Bowman beats former front-running ex-NDP MP/MLA Wasylycia-Leis for come-from-behind Mayoralty win

Ottawa: Parliament Hill attacker wasn’t high-priority for CSIS, sources say; not on "list of 90"

Wall Street Journal: Canada lawmakers regroup after shooting in Ottawa; Government poised to introduce terrorist legislation following attack and lockdown

Ottawa: Man arrested near war memorial as Stephen Harper lays wreath for lost soldiers

Ottawa: Canadian anti-spam law takes effect in January; aimed squarely at spyware

Montreal: Quebec Premier Couillard plans to meet Muslim leaders, create 'early risk-detection' program

Toronto: Police presence at city hall, Queen’s Park beefed up in response to Ottawa attack

Pittsburgh gives its Canadian cousin a hug, as fans sing 'O Canada' at Penguins NHL game even though no Canadian team on ice, just Canadian players [video]

Andrew Coyne: We can’t stop every terror attack, so let’s brace ourselves and adapt

Christie Blatchford: Nathan Frank Cirillo died standing guard over one of his own

John Ivison: Visibly shaken Harper proclaims ‘Canada will never be intimidated’

Ottawa: Text of Prime Minister Harper's prime time address to Canadians

Ottawa: In live address to nation, PM Stephen Harper vows to tighten security measures, pays tribute to slain Corporal Cirillo and first responders

Ottawa: CTV News Channel link for attack coverage

Ottawa attack: Low-life shooter Michael Joseph Hall aka Michael Zehaf-Bibeau robbed bank in Vancouver and was charged with uttering threats and robbery; pled guilty to lesser charge

Ottawa: Kevin Vickers hailed as hero who took down attacker

Ottawa attack: Timeline: At 9:56 a.m., motionless body seen inside Centre Block, outside doors of Library of Parliament

Toronto: TSX tumbles after central bank comment, Ottawa shooting

Winnipeg: Woman charged after 6 infant bodies found in storage locker

Pierre Cliche: Fighting ISIS

Nobel Peace Prize co-winner: Malala Yousafzai in Toronto Wednesday to participate in 'Strong Girls, Strong World' with Q&A moderated by Prime Minister Harper; later will receive honorary Canadian citizenship

ISIS attack: Rouleau was arrested by RCMP this summer; authorities continued to investigate, and this fall met several times with him, his family, the imam of his mosque and outreach police officers

Windsor: Possible Caesars bankruptcy and re-structuring in U.S. not affecting local operation

Abacus poll: Liberals take immediate hit for ill-considered Trudeau stance on ISIS, drop into virtual national tie with Conservatives after being ahead for months

London: Another Huron County wind turbine vandalized

Toronto: Liberals target drivers who are stoned; in 2011 "46% of all collisions involving vehicles that resulted in deaths had individuals who were either under the influence of drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol"

Ottawa: Rouleau case underscores passport seizure dilemma; why governments have to walk fine line between civil rights and civil safety; with Opposition harpies blathering rhetoric muddying the waters

Ontario: Buffalo airport courts Toronto travellers after new Liberal fuel tax boosts province's air fares

Michael Den Tandt: Martin ‘Ahmad’ Rouleau gives weight to warning of ‘dark and dangerous’ times

Ottawa: NDP MP Jean-François Larose quits party, forms new federal political party called Forces et Démocratie with ex-Bloc MP Jean-François Fortin

Winnipeg: Four dead babies found in a storage facility; "various states of decomposition"; autopsies underway

Alberta: Six CF-18s leave their base at Cold Lake today for Kuwait

Ottawa: PBO grudgingly confirms Canada will run a surplus it didn't project

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu: Terrorist Rouleau was active on social media, known to police; called himself AlCanadi and Ahmad Rouleau

Terence Corcoran: Fun and profit with Ontario’s liquor and electricity monoplies

Ottawa: Mulcair plays it smart, says Trudeau's plan to revoke Harper tax cuts is premature and unlike Trudeau he won't raise personal income taxes

David Akin: Just so we’re clear: Here’s my disclosure on income splitting

Parker Gallant: Maximizing the mess with Ontario's electricity assets

John Ivison: Panel jams a stick between spokes of Ontario government’s ‘fiscal prudence’; Liberals' crooked accounting gets new comeuppance

Toronto: Liberal government under fire over MaRS bailout records; gas plants skullduggery redux?

Calgary: Will Harper be re-elected? What polls, economy suggest

Waterloo: BlackBerry shares jump on rumour of Lenovo takeover which would likely be blocked

MUST-READ ~ Terence Corcoran: If the monetary god is dead, the Bank of Canada offers an alternative

Yukon: Grizzly bear entered home before killing Claudia Huber

Ebola: Test drills in Halifax successful, Health Minister Ambrose says

Toronto: Trudeau says he'll get rid of income splitting for families with children under 18

Montreal: Magnotta first-degree murder trial hears from Harper's deputy chief of staff

Budgets balance themselves? Justin Trudeau says he's ready to raise taxes; would roll back Harper tax cuts; interventionist, says government knows better how to spend your money; why would he jeopardize 'strongest middle class' in world?

Balanced budget: Canada remains at top of world’s credit-rating heap, says Moody's

British Columbia: Squamish Nation officials removed after financial investigation of First Nations band revealed lack of accountability

But can he? Justin Trudeau says he'll stop saying stupid things so voters won't be reminded of his shallowness at election time

J.J. McCullough: Chretien to the rescue?

Tug to rescue: Russian container ship filled with fuel gets tow to Prince Rupert for repairs

Don't get complacent: Harper warns Ebola could arrive in Canada ‘very quickly’

Rex Murphy: As Trudeau stumbles, Mulcair finds his moment

Toronto: Rotary International honours Prime Minister Harper for leadership in fight to eradicate polio; he "has maintained a strong focus on global polio eradication, particularly in Afghanistan, where polio eradication efforts have been a signature project for Canada, and also in Nigeria"

Ottawa: Canada to start shipping experimental Ebola vaccine to WHO on Monday

Kelly McParland: Liberals risk being left behind as NDP and Tories race to win over the well-off

John Ivison: Trudeau’s support slipping after failing to back mission against ISIS, Nanos poll indicates

Trenton: ISIS has directly threatened the families of Canadian Armed Forces personnel going to Iraq, yet Opposition and media whine about not being allowed to identify them

Toronto: Inspections find 13 Ontario hospitals unprepared for Ebola cases

Simushir: Fuel-laden Russian cargo ship, under tow by Canadian Coast Guard ship 'Gordon Reid' off Haida Gwaii

Ottawa: Airstrikes alone won't defeat ISIS, Canada's chief of defence staff says

Ottawa: TSX hits one-week high on U.S. data, oil prices

Haida Gwaii: Russian container ship carrying hundreds of tonnes of fuel adrift off northern B.C. coast

updated ~ Ottawa: Canada boosts Ebola spending to $65M with additional $30M on outbreak in West Africa, including more mobile labs; also has mobile SWAT team ready to quickly go to anywhere in Canada where Ebola pops up

Toronto: Panel tells Wynne 'don't sell LCBO, Hydro or OPG', but make foreign-owned Beer Store pay for its monopoly

Pack journalism? CBC caught distorting CRA story to fit convenient political pigeon hole; to get tax breaks have to agree to and live by rules

Ebola: Ottawa nurses want better safeguards; dealt with suspected case last weekend

Toronto: Ontario ramps up for Ebola, 10 hospitals set for referrals; in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, London and Sudbury

Ebola: Air Canada flight attendants to wear rubber gloves

Toronto: Subway service resumes, but some Toronto-area residents still without power after heavy rain dump Thursday

Fog, snow and snog: Officials warn drivers in Southwestern Ontario to be prepared for rough fall and winter weather

Calgary: Federal govt names new Canada Excellence Research Chair whose job will be to develop ways to extract oil from oil sands more efficiently using nano-scale techniques that require less energy and water while reducing emitted CO2

Robyn Urback: Fluffy Justin Trudeau feature in Chatelaine magazine is an insult to serious women voters

Ottawa: Out-of-touch union sues government so the 30% of Canadians who have door-to-door mail delivery can keep it

Entertainment: Casino glam and how to practice; getting your game up to speed

Kurdistan: Life in the shadow of ISIS: 'We are afraid to speak'

Calgary: Downtown blackout caused by vault fire is over: 'electricity is flowing'

Nepal: Canadian hiker believed missing in Himalayas posts on Facebook that she’s safe

Life and death: Ebola fears have North America on high alert; Canada Fed Health Minister urges provinces to conduct test runs

Himalyan Times: Deadly blizzards were unusual for this time of year

Toronto: Naive Ontario Health officials say 'little' chance of Ebola in province "because no direct flights from West Africa"; apparently can't spell 'connecting flights' or 'Cleveland'

Ottawa: New Elgin Street building for Finance Department named for late Jim Flaherty

Toronto: Nurses reveal gaps in Ebola preparedness in Ontario hospitals

Nepal: 4 Canadians among 12 killed in Himalayas by heavy blizzard; 3 other Canadians rescued

Toronto: Liberals quietly changed public protection rules to loan MaRS $224M to build ill-fated tower

Cold winter, less lake effect snow: Lake Superior and Lake Michigan now 6 degrees colder than last year; 3.5 degrees colder than normal

New Brunswick: Liberal MPP quits only 3 weeks after being elected; says had second thoughts about time required, apologizes

Fort St. John: Provincial and federal governments give environmental approval to $8B hyrdo-electric dam on Peace River in Northern B.C.

Toronto: Oil producers face price war over slowing global demand

Ontario: Patient tests negative for Ebola in Belleville

Toronto: Oil price slump drives TSX to 'all-out correction'

Sept-Îles: Ottawa, Quebec clear path for Gulf of St. Lawrence oil production

Ottawa: NDP's Mulcair pledges billions for national childcare spending program; will eat up increasing $ billions from 2015 to 2023; few details because faces patchwork negotiations with provinces who have differing needs, existing programs

Ottawa: Should CBC be part of a censorship consortium flying in face of court precedents? read internal emails

Howard Knopf: Much ado about copyright, campaigns and political ads; CBC-led backroom censorship consortium raises questions

Ottawa: Canada reviewing Ebola strategy

Montreal's French invasion: Immigrants from France flock to the city

Ebola: When it's contagious, how it spreads and other things you need to know to stay safe

Mississauga: Hazel McCallion accused of 'complete betrayal' as she breaks word and tries to push voters towards a successor after decades as mayor

Slocan City: RCMP say suspect Peter DeGroot dead after shootout

Ebola: First human trials of Canadian vaccine start in U.S.

Ebola: Ottawa Hospital patient tests negative

Celine Cooper: Justin Trudeau's foreign-policy comments threaten Liberal Party; is Trudeau its biggest liability?

Ebola: Belleville patient, member of Canadian Forces, had been in Sierra Leone, considered 'low-risk'; all protocols followed

Edmonton: Local patient does NOT have Ebola say officials

updated ~ Ontario: Ebola-like symptoms seen in 2 people isolated in Ottawa and Belleville; both had been in West Africa

Toronto: Canadian-made Ebola vaccine to start clinical trials in healthy humans today

Monte Solberg: Justin shows he's not ready to lead; "He’s almost 43. We are past the point where he is suddenly going to get international relations. We can quit waiting for him to have insights into how the economy works."

Richard Gwyn: Trudeau’s gaffes threaten his lead; the House of Commons debate on military action against ISIS may have turned tide on Trudeau's popularity

Michael Warren: Why Justin Trudeau’s high wire act may end badly; the Liberal leader has a tendency to say dumb things

Wall Street Journal: Canadian Pacific has approached CSX about merger deal; would create 35,000-mile $62B behemoth on steel wheels; they are two of three Class I railroads serving most of U.S. East Coast; CPR runs from Quebec ports to Pacific

Linguist: ISIS militant who executed soldiers speaks like a Canadian; "it’s just a matter of time before something regrettable happens here" says radicalization professor

Ebola: Federal Govt urges Canadians in 3 West African countries to come home; will be screened by quarantine officers upon arrival

Calgary: Downtown underground vault fire destroys electrical system for blocks along with knocking out 911 landline service; repairs could take 'up to a week'

Ottawa: Federal by-elections will be held November 17th, in electoral districts of Whitby-Oshawa (Ontario) and Yellowhead (Alberta)

Wall Street: Canadian head of Fiat Chrysler chooses Canadian Thanksgiving/U.S. Columbus Day to list fully merged company on New York Stock Exchange

John Ivison: Conservatives planning to enhance child care benefit for parents in Fall fiscal update

Edmonton: Lawyer claims violent drug dealer wanted on Canada-wide warrant hid from police for 17 years — in his own basement

Andrew Coyne: Iraq mission is justified whether or not ISIS is a direct threat to Canada

Edmonton: Peter Pocklington gets standing ovation at Oilers reunion of '84 Stanley Cup team

Toronto: Ontario acts to protect illegal aliens from feds; will no longer allow border agents on road safety blitzes

Toronto: Canadians volunteering for Ebola response; veterans warn it's not for all

Ottawa: Harper is right about emissions decline since 2005; meanwhile, Environment Commissioner Julie Gelfand was wildly speculating on future; weighing what they said

Andrew MacDougall: Harper must force the opposition to act like the government

Toronto: Parker Gallant is mad as hell; Ontario wind turbines a money pit; paying owners when or when they don't produce [video]

Toronto: Liberals say they understood huge risk of $224M MaRS loan; total bailout $309M

Toronto: Ontario taxpayers hit with $450,000 mortgage payments for MaRS

Ottawa: Unemployment drops or stays same in every province except New Brunswick, where voters rejected fracking jobs

Statistics Canada: Unemployment down to 6.8%, lowest since December 2008; "adjusted to concepts used in U.S., rate in Canada was 5.9% in September, the same as in U.S.

Ottawa: Canadian jobs surge by 74,000 as unemployment rate drops to 6-year low

Ottawa: Supreme Court says Kazemi's death a 'tragedy,' but family can't sue Iran

Toronto: Ontario ‘lagging’ in enterovirus fight as Toronto toll mounts; 150+ kids in province confirmed to have EV-D68, some suffering paralysis — but govt not declaring it reportable

David Akin: A premature copyright objection from the Parliamentary Press Gallery

WTO Director: Canada among nations losing out because of global trade stalemate

Psychotic reactions and lung cancer: Study finds regular marijuana users increase their chances of developing psychotic symptoms and disorders like schizophrenia

Insider trading: Union-led consortium backed by Liberal big-wig offering to buy 75% of LCBO for $11B; not open for other bids?

Wadena: Saskatchewan train derailment cars same DOT-111s as those in 2013 Lac-Mégantic disaster

Whitby: Stephen Harper announces doubling of Children’s Fitness Tax Credit to $1,000 for 2014, and making it refundable in 2015

Petrolia: Municipality takes bull by horns, sets strict limits to infrasound noise generated by wind turbines

Globe editorial: Justin Trudeau's lousy week; "Suddenly we’ve been hit with the temptation to say, Quiet, Justin. The adults are talking."

Ottawa: Mounties tracking 90 individuals in terrorism probes

Thomas Walkom: Good economic news outshines war vote; corporate and individual taxpayers are making more money than expected — good news both for them and the Conservatives

Ross McKitrick: Guy at Broadbent Institute is pretty sure he rebutted report he hasn’t read; nope, "economic models used to generate climate policy plans are calibrated to match climate models, not climate data, and the models have been diverging from the data for the past two decades", which warmists don't get

Defies Trudeau: Liberals should support air strikes in Iraq, ex-minister Axworthy says

Globe editorial: On balance, Harper’s choice for military action in Iraq is right

Chantal Hébert: Justin Trudeau is Canada’s first war casualty

Tarek Fatah: Kurds abandoned by Liberals, NDP

Jeffrey Simpson: This isn’t ‘Harper’s war’; "UK, France, Australia and Netherlands would scorn kind of explanation advanced by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau – that a country can be engaged militarily through humanitarian aid"

CRTC fall-out: U.S. TV content providers threaten to stream their content online if 'pick and pay' cable mandated in Canada; but would internet scheme also kill their current golden goose?

Andrew Coyne: Whether we choose action or inaction against ISIS, there will be risks

Washington: Harper is ‘making the right decision’ on ISIS mission: longtime New Democrat Gary Doer

Michael Den Tandt: Trudeau looks weak as he leaves defence of incoherent Liberal strategy on Iraq to others

Saskatchewan: Major train derailment and oil tanker fire near Wadena

Chantal Hébert blames Stephen Harper for Trudeau making bad decisions and playing politics with Iraq; offers weak speculation to back her argument

Spiegel: Michael Ignatieff interview: 'Those fighting ISIS are the lesser evil'

Addiction journal: Adverse health effects of recreational cannabis use; "driving while cannabis-impaired approximately doubles car crash risk"

Forum Research poll: Support continues to drop for federal Liberals; down from 12% lead in July to 4% lead today

Trying to have it both ways: Liberals will support Iraqi combat mission after voting against it, Garneau says in flip-flop

Lawrence Martin: Did Trudeau reject a Liberal combat plan? "Mr. Trudeau may well end up regretting his decision"

TD analysis: Ottawa on track for $71B in surpluses over next six years

Toronto: U.S. junk-bond specialists behind Postmedia’s Project Canada; not surprisingly a competitor reflects gloomily on Sun Media purchase

CETA connection suggested: European Union drops plan to label oilsands crude 'dirty'

Toronto mayor race shocker: Outlier? Forum Research poll puts Ford and Tory in virtual tie; John Tory 39%, Doug Ford 37%, Olivia Chow 22%

Ottawa: Canada speeding up Syrian refugee intake

Ottawa: Opposition threatens to make Canada global outlier

Ottawa: John Baird announces $10M in aid for ISIS victims as debate on combat mission in Iraq kicks off in House of Commons

Toronto: One dead, four schools on lockdown after shooting in west end

Ottawa: RCMP charge former Liberal Party National Director; faces $200,000 fine, 2 years in jail; his client reported him

Robyn Urback: Could the ‘Olivia Chow effect’ trip up Justin? "Trudeau has the charisma Chow seems to be lacking, but not the gravitas to back it up"

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau’s failure to launch; Trudeau again raises questions about his qualifications for higher office — Canadians may start to notice

Ottawa: Canada's improved fiscal situation got big boost from increased income and corporate tax revenue; numbers released

Baghdad: ISIS publicly executes 6 Iraqi troops 140 km west of capital

Montreal: Quebec Premier Couillard: 'The International community is expecting Canada to play a role' in 'justified' fight against ISIS; it has "provoked international scorn, causing instability" in the region, and the majority of Quebeckers consider its behaviour 'odious'

Rex Murphy: Trudeau’s joke about Canadian jets bombing ISIS reveals an unserious mind

Bounceback: Rainfall pushes levels on Great Lakes to their highest since 1990s

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