Cairo: Israel, Hamas agree to 3-day cease-fire

Sierra Leone: Ebola outbreak: fight against disease hampered by belief in witchcraft, warns British doctor

Scotland: Ebola terror at Commonwealth Games - Sierra Leone cyclist's 4 days' isolation in Glasgow

Atlanta: American with Ebola to be treated at Georgia hospital

Sapporo: Australian tropical cyclone activity said to be at the lowest level in modern history

Jerusalem: IDF strikes Gaza power plant, Haniyeh’s home as it methodically takes out terror targets

Washington: Russia tests missiles, violates 1987 treaty with U.S.

MH17: U.S., Europe impose tough new sanctions on Russia

Senegal: New fears about Ebola spread after plane ride by Nigerian man just days before his death; he had visited his infected sister who later died

Journal of Palestine Studies - 2012: 'At least 160 children died digging tunnels for Hamas'

Washington: White House shows thin skin and poor skills as an ally, as it fumes over Israeli criticism of lame John Kerry

Mark Steyn: Israel and Ukraine, each fighting against the forces of terror and chaos

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr: In the Middle East, a new alignment being born?

TIME: Chemical in coffee, fries, and baby food linked to cancer, report says; advice given on how to avoid

Gil Troy: Why Hamas is guilty for the Gaza war

Jerusalem Post: Israel President Shimon Peres accuses Qatar of financing Hamas terrorism with petro dollars; one of last acts, as president steps down

Ukraine: Malaysia jet probe seeks missile evidence in black boxes, bodies

Curt Smith: Romney can say ‘I told you so’; in a new Quinnipiac University national poll, America deems Obama the worst U.S. President of the last 70 years, dating to the end of World War II

Soon? Apple granted comprehensive 'iTime' smartwatch patent with in-strap circuitry, arm gesture support

Kiev: Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down over rebel-held territory

Reuters: Sierra Leone's chief Ebola doctor contracts deadly virus

Incheon: South Korea ferry fugitive hid behind cabin wall, bags of cash at hand

MH4: Malaysia Airlines defends rerouting flight over Syria war zone just days after MH17 shot down over Ukraine

Unintended, ignored consequences: Killing marine life with ethanol

Ross Douthat: The parent trap

Jerusalem: Gaza militants infiltrate south Israel, IDF suffers casualties; IDF troops uncover 40 tunnels in Gaza, 14 of them intact

MH17: Outrage building over treatment of bodies at debris site

MH17: Recovered bodies put on refrigerated train

Donetsk: Rebels say they have what may be MH17 black boxes

NY Times: Attack kills at least 21 Egyptian soldiers at checkpoint in western desert

David Singer: Israel takes off the gloves

Gaza City: Israeli troops battle Hamas, uncover more than a dozen cross-border tunnels, destroy arsenals as Hamas rockets kill in Israel

Jerusalem: IDF starts Gaza ground offensive to take out terror tunnels

Johnny Winter: Blues legend dies at 70 in Zurich

Lois Lerner: Justice Dept: Missing emails now part of IRS probe

Media quake: Murdoch undeterred, continues to pursue purchase of Time Warner; would sell CNN, wants HBO to compete with Netflix

Israeli schoolgirl: My Letter of apology to the world media

Lenore Skenazy: Mom jailed because she let her 9-year-old daughter play in the park unsupervised... gasp

updated: Claim not terrorism: At least 21 dead, 136 injured in Moscow subway derailment

WSJ: Syria's allies are stretched by widening war

Tripoli: UN pulls its staff from Libya due to worsening crisis

Washington: Middle East descends further into chaos, endangering Israel -- and U.S. influence; Obama's foreign policy sandstorm "has the potential for much wider conflict" says John Bolton

Pew: Russia becoming more unpopular around globe due to invasion of Ukraine

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu says more 'stages' to come in Gaza operation

Spy vs Spy: Germany asks CIA station chief in Berlin to leave country over U.S. spying row

Jerusalem: Gaza dead reach 78 as Israelis hint at invasion

Ukraine: Donetsk bridges blown up to halt access to rebel-held city

Wall Street Journal: Obama's new Ambassador to Canada is a diplomatic bungler; appears keen (or oblivious) to upset relationship with America's biggest trading partner

Kampala: Uganda says kills 60 gunmen, troops deployed near oil area

Kiev: Ukraine forces retake two more rebel-held cities

SOUTHCOM General: Southern border crisis threatens U.S. existence

Slavyansk: Pro-Russian rebels seen fleeing eastern town as Kiev savours military victory

Another bogus claim revealed: Plastic bag fantasy island vanishes like Atlantis, scientist corrects made-up million-ton floating estimate

Better than a helmet: Airbag head protection contained in collar for bikers promises safer landing

ISIS/ISIL: ‘You have to kill them’ says former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq

Joel Achenbach: Science is open to error, misinterpretation and even fraud

LA Times: Europe starting to see the flaws in the 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Brazil: Overpass collapses in World Cup city; at least two dead

Quinnipiac University: Only CBS covers new poll labelling Obama as the 'worst President' since WW II

Wall Street Journal: Sanctions could have 'significant impact' on Russia's economy: Russia Finance Ministry

Washington: U.S. seeks beefed-up foreign airport security after reports of undetectable bombs surgically implanted

Baghdad: U.S. sends Apache attack helicopters to Iraq

Baghdad: Iraq's Maliki says hopes for deal on government that could see him go

2007 campaign link: Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president, detained in corruption probe

Murder: Israel launches airstrikes in Gaza after bodies of 3 missing teens found; 34 locations targeted as Israeli troops raid homes of abductors

Detroit: GM recalls 8.2 million cars for ignition switches

MH370: Power outage linked to possible hijacking attempt

Kevin D. Williamson: Politics pays; no society can long thrive by making its innovators subservient to its bureaucrats

New Delhi: 2 arrested, 22 dead in India building collapses

Shot changed the world: Sarajevo marks 100 years since WWI with concert

Obama record of failure: ISIS success shows U.S. out of touch with Iraq's reality

MH370: Australian report assumes Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 lost oxygen

Cairo: Kerry and U.S. need Egypt for regional stability

'Fault line between civilization and savagery' — Netanyahu: Israel airstrikes hit 9 military targets in Syria

Iraq crisis: Iranians get shorts in a knot claiming Americans trying to exploit Iraq crisis as they try to exploit Iraq crisis

Chicago Tribune editorial: More smoke at the IRS — and not only from the hard drives; Special Prosecutor needed

American Thinker: MSM cofferdam around IRS scandal springs a leak; "Make no mistake: the weaponization of the IRS and subsequent cover-up is biggest political scandal in history of United States"

IRS cover-up plot thickens: IRS cancelled contract with email-storage firm weeks after Lerner’s alleged computer crash

Summer: Iced water really is good for dogs on hot days

Hollywood: Actor James Woods decries New York Times ‘lapdog media’ coverage of Obama’s ‘thugs’ at IRS

Doug Schoen: Obama flubs Iraq; "We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq"

Baghdad: Iraq insurgents capture fourth town in Anbar

Mexico: Central American migrants are on a word-of-mouth exodus to the U.S.

Neil Macdonald: Washington throws the book at 'campus rape culture'; but new university guidelines on sexual behaviour go well beyond the laws of the land

Cairo: Egyptian court confirms death sentence on Brotherhood leader

Carl J. Asszony: Our foreign policy has been a flop

Mexico: Illegal migrants to U.S. massing at Rio Grande's edge

Daniel Keyes: Author of 1966 novel 'Flowers for Algernon,' dies at 86

Syria: Car bomb kills 34, injures 50

New York: Global refugee figure passes 50m for first time since WWII

Iraq: 1,083 assassinations, 4,465 car bombs: ISIS publishes detailed figures on terror campaign

Baghdad: Iraqi forces, militants battle for oil refinery

Kuala Lumpur: Boat sinks off western Malaysia, 66 Indonesians feared drowned

Report: U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base

Iraq crisis: Militants take control of Tal Afar, advance closer to Baghdad

Jeff Wise: My MH370 Mea Culpa; How I went wrong in my analysis of the missing airliner

Iraq crisis: The bare-faced ISIS executioner who spreads terror with his open killing

Iraq: ISIS extends grip in north, freely post pictures of atrocities they commit

ISIS crisis: U.S. rules out co-ordinated military action with Iran

Can-Am study: Brain injury rates on the rise in cities with bike-share programs

Mombasa: Gunmen kill at least 50 in Kenya during World Cup TV screening

How convenient: IRS lost Lois Lerner's emails in tea party probe

Iraq: Army claims it kills 279 Islamic militants in 24 hours

Mosul: Iraq crisis: despite decapitations and deaths thousands return willingly to city held by ISIS terrorists

Ukraine: Russia sends tanks, other heavy weaponry into Ukraine

Kiev: Bomb found near Ukrainian president's office

ISIS crisis: The jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul — and how Obama let him go

Obama's folly: Iraq disintegrating as insurgents advance; Kurds seize Kirkuk

ISIS crisis: Obama says he won't rule out any type of help for Iraq; given his 100% failure rate in international matters, who will care?

Iraq crisis: al-Qaeda militants push towards Baghdad

Iraq: ISIS just stole $425M and became the ‘world’s richest terrorist group’

Las Vegas: Five reported dead in North Las Vegas police ambush

Kiev: Pro-Russian rebels launch latest assault in beleaguered Ukraine's east

Hidden hero: Exploits of Britain's first ever double agent revealed in new book; Canada and Hollywood connections revealed in 'Snow – The Double Life of a World War II Spy'

Kiev: Poroshenko takes oath as Ukrainian president, offers amnesty to armed groups

The final frontier: Sleep's memory role discovered

Afghanistan: Afghan election front-runner escapes car bombings in Kabul

D-Day 70th anniversary: Benedict Cumberbatch to read original D-day news bulletins on Radio 4; BBC's 70th anniversary coverage of Normandy invasion includes new recordings

Guelph: Monarch butterfly decline due to loss of milkweed, new study shows; link to growing corn for ethanol

Warsaw: Obama vows to defend freedom in Europe, support democratic movements worldwide

British Columbia: TransCanada plans $1.9B pipeline to serve Canadian LNG plant

Vin Scully: A legendary 65 years behind the microphone

MH370: After Malaysian flight disappearance, IATA says it will propose new tracking options

Madrid: King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates

Abuja: One arrested after Nigeria football pitch bombing that killed 40 people

Former NHL, NBA owner: Media, sports mogul among dead with 6 others in Massachusetts 'fireball' plane crash

Guantanamo Bay: The Gitmo detainees swapped for Bergdahl: Who are they?

American Thinker: Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates

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Sierra Leone declares state of emergency as it struggles to contain Ebola

Liberia: Worst recorded Ebola outbreak ever now ‘above the control’
of local government, has claimed at least 700 lives

Social commentator Alfred Sirleaf, comments on current events including the deadly Ebola virus by using a blackboard, as people gather round him to listen in Monrovia, Liberia, Thursday, July 31, 2014. ~ Jonathan Paye-Layleh AP Photo

Africa: Liberia shuts schools as Ebola spreads;
U.S. Peace Corps leaves three countries

Ebola: Doctors told to prepare for global outbreak after victim on 2 planes

Africa: Airline suspends Sierra Leone, Liberia flights amid Ebola scare

Ukraine: U.S. says evidence shows Russia fired across border

U.S. shows satellite proof of Russians firing across Ukraine border in act of war. ~ Bloomberg

Israel: Web of secret tunnels reveal threat from Gaza

Israeli soldier during organized tour in tunnel used by Palestinians for cross-border attacks. ~ Jack Guez AFP/Getty

Gaza City: Hamas rocket mis-fires and falls into park, killing 10;
but the terrorists blame Israel while blocking media access

MH17: Fierce fighting in Ukraine prevents Dutch forces reaching crash site

BBC: Hamas-declared ceasefire in Gaza bogus as they fire more rockets

Jerusalem: Israel offers truce extension, Hamas rejects it

Jerusalem: Israel agrees to 12-hour Saturday ceasefire;
will keep seeking out tunnels and respond if fired upon

Toronto: Passenger says "wants to bomb Canada" on flight to Panama;
U.S. F-16s escort plane back to Pearson; was upset over price of cigarettes

The flight path of Sunwing flight 772 is shown on Friday, July 25, 2014. Was turned around over West Virginia and
escorted back to Toronto by two F-16s scrambled by NORAD. ~

Mali: Wreckage of Air Algerie AH5017 said found in Sahara Desert

Mali: All 116 dead as Air Algerie McDonnell Douglas MD-83 jet crashes

Air navigation services lost track of the Swiftair-owned McDonnell Douglas Air Algerie MD-83 roughly 50 minutes after takeoff from Ougadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, at 9:55 p.m. ET Wednesday, the official Algerian news agency said. That means that Flight 5017 had been missing for hours before the news was made public. The list of passengers includes 51 French, 27 Burkina Faso nationals, eight Lebanese, six Algerians, five Canadians, four Germans, two Luxemburg nationals, one Swiss, one Belgium, one Egyptian, one Ukrainian, one Nigerian, one Cameroonian and one Malian, Burkina Faso Transport Minister Jean Bertin Ouedraogo said. The six crew members are Spanish, according to the Spanish pilots' union. ~ FOX News

Thousand Islands: Canada burns one of 1,865 famous islands to kill beetle

Camelot Island in St. Lawrence River on Canada-U.S. border is being burned to kill off pine beetle. The 10.3-hectare Camelot Island is about 12 kilometres upriver from Ivy Lea, with a handful of campsites, sheltered bays and a popular spot for paddlers. As part of the Lake Fleet Group, it is named after a British gunboat that patrolled these waters for enemy Americans during the War of 1812. Neighbouring isles are similarly named: Deathdealer, Bloodletter, Scorpion. ~ Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa: Sleepy fox takes nap on Ottawa city bus, twitter likes it

A cute slumbering fox that was found sound asleep at the back of an Ottawa city bus is becoming a bit of a Twitter
sensation. OC Transpo tweeted on Wednesday that the fox had snuck onto the bus while it was parked at a garage for
regular maintenance. The sleepy stowaway left on its own after its nap. ~ OC Transpo

Taiwan: 47 dead after TransAsia Airways plane crashes during typhoon;
11 injured during emergency landing near runway on island of Penghu

Ukraine: Russia still shipping arms to murderous separatists

MH17: Ukraine pro-Russian rebels finally give up 'black boxes'

MH17: Canada to expedite sanctions against Russia

Ukraine: Photos show weasel rebels sneaking Buk
launchers back into Russia after MH17 shot down

MH17: Vladimir Putin 'must feel pain' of sanctions

On a day of hectic diplomacy after the Flight MH17 disaster, momentum builds for tougher international sanctions on Russia to force Vladimir Putin to cooperate with the West to resolve the Ukraine crisis. ~ AFP/Getty

Tel Aviv: Hamas infiltrates through tunnel and kills two Israeli soldiers

Kiev: Ukraine says Russia helping separatists destroy evidence;
say have removed 38 bodies and are moving plane parts to Russia

Ukraine: Rebels confiscate evidence at MH17 debris sites;
investigators have been hampered by limited access

Washington: Obama condemns Russia over MH17
downing, gunmen hamper inquiry

Canberra: Australian PM lambastes Russia over response to downed plane

The Hague: Downed MH17 jet claimed victims from 11 countries

Ukraine: Outcry grows as world mourns downed MH17

Ukraine: Smoking Gun: intercepted phone calls between rebel
and Russian military intelligence prove guilt and link

Washington: Obama causes outrage with joke-filled speech after MH17
downing; termed it 'tragedy' rather than criminal act

Amsterdam: One Canadian among dead on MH17; 154 were Dutch,
27 Australians, 23 Malaysians, 11 Indonesians, six from UK, four
each from Germany and Belgium, and three from the Philippines

People inspect the crash site of Malaysian Airlines MH17 near the village of Grabovo, Ukraine,
Thursday, July 17, 2014. ~ Dmitry Lovetsky AP

New York: UN Security Council sets urgent meeting on Ukraine

Ukraine: Rebels in denial, but they stole Buk SAM launchers from Ukraine
and have used them this week to shoot down several aircraft;
today they trumpeted a plane kill at same location as MH17 debris

BBC: LIVE updates on shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine

WSJ: Sophisticated surface-to-air system
needed to shoot down high-flying jets

Ukraine: 298 die as Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 FLT MH17
shot down by pro-Russians with missile fired from Buk launcher

Flight MH17 was travelling at 33,000 feet from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was downed
over Ukraine, according to the Interfax News Agency. A Malaysia Airlines official has confirmed
the plane has crashed and they are due to make a statement shortly. ~ AP

Washington Post editorial board: Hamas is playing
a dangerous game with Gazan lives

Ottawa: Canada condemns Hamas rejection of ceasefire with Israel

Jerusalem: Israel, Palestine battle as Gaza ceasefire collapses

WSJ: Key to detecting Alzheimer's early could be in the eye;
retina is like a "piece of brain outside the brain" says researcher

Jerusalem: Israel approves Egyptian-proposed
Gaza truce but Hamas suspicious

WSJ: Egypt proposes cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

Jerusalem: Israel shoots down drone as more rockets fired from Lebanon

Gaza: Hamas publishes photo of a drone it says it built

Hamas’s military wing published a photograph that it says shows one of its drones. The image gives no direct indication of how big the aircraft is, what its capabilities are, where it came from or where or when the photo was taken. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, the Iranian-made Ababil-1 is nine and a half feet long, with a range of about 150 miles, and is able to carry up to 88 pounds of payload, such as explosives or camera equipment.

Wind hoodwinking: Ontario wind opponents saving taxpayers $$billions

The mess that Ontario Liberals have created for Ontario power consumers.

Japan: M6.8 quake hits Japan near Fukushima, triggering small tsunami

Jerusalem: Israel struck with rocket fire from Lebanon, Gaza

Jerusalem: More Hamas rockets hit Israel;
ground/naval/air retaliation strikes hit Gaza

Kiev: Ukrainian troops repel militant attack on Donetsk airport

Ontario: Grey County formally asks province to lower
hydro rates; groundswell building over exorbitant increases

Grey County council is urging Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to do something as quickly as possible to bring hydro rates down to a “reasonable level.” — “We’re going to lose businesses in the county and in the rest of Ontario if we don’t get the costs down for hydro,” Owen Sound/Grey County Coun. Arlene Wright said during Tuesday’s county council meeting. — Wright moved the motion, which also “strongly urges” Wynne to find out the reasons behind the escalating costs.

Saskatchewan: Tornado in weekend wedding photos stirs storm

Pro photographer Colleen Niska was snapping photos of a newly married couple on Saturday when a tornado formed behind the posing love birds. She decided to keep snapping, and the resulting images have gone viral. ~ Colleen Niska

Mexico: M7.1 quake kills at least two in Guatemala; depth 92.2 km

updated: Post-tropical: Arthur leaves 200K Maritimers without power

Arthur: New York airports cancel 385 flights with thousands more delayed

Batten down hatches for weekend: Arthur to hit
Nova Scotia with damaging winds, flooding

While Arthur will undergo transformation and weaken over the cold waters of the North Atlantic, it will still
be a large storm with a strong circulation. ~

Ruining July 4th: Arthur strengthens to hurricane

U.S. First hurricane in two years may disrupt July 4th celebrations

Arthur seen to graze U.S. East Coast before slamming Nova Scotia on weekend. ~

Mark Steyn: Happy Dominion Day!

An early Canadian Red Ensign with the shield showing Canada's four founding provinces - Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Canada Day: Nation's Capital has big program planned for radio/TV;
Parliament Hill festivities include concerts, Snowbirds, CF-18 fly-bys

Canadians are celebrating the country's 147th birthday on July 1st. ~ Chris Wattie REUTERS

Canada Day: Crowds ready in Ottawa for a scorching, fun celebration

Shown here left to right are Natalia Rivera, Fang Pongpap and Francisco Antonelli
who are excited to be in Ottawa for the first time for Canada Day on Tuesday,
July 1, 2014. ~ Danielle Bell Ottawa Sun/QMI AGENCY

ISIS becomes IS: Alarm, ridicule for declaration of Islamic State

Ukraine meddling: Europe puts sanctions ultimatum on Putin

ISIS: Weapons windfall may alter balance in Iraq, Syria conflicts

Obama crisis: ISIS declares new Islamic caliphate in Syria/Iraq lands held

ISIS, the al-Qaida breakaway group that has seized much of northern Syria and huge tracks of neighboring Iraq formally declared the creation of an Islamic state on Sunday, June 29, in the territory under its control. ~ Associated Press

ISIS crisis: Obama Administration deepens U.S. role in Syria and Iraq;
major change in direction an admission of foreign policy failures?

ISIS crisis: Militants 'take full control' of Iraq's largest oil refinery

Telegraph: The scandal of fiddled global warming data; NOAA
has been fraudulently “adjusting” its record by replacing real
temperatures with data “fabricated” by computer models

Alaska: M8.0 quake hits off Aleutian Islands; "rings Earth like bell"

ISIS crisis: Kerry pledges 'intense' U.S. support for Iraq against militants

Cairo: Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt, West condemns

Elliott Abrams: Barack Obama—The man who broke the Middle East

Barack Obama: Made many promises, betrayed all of them. Middle East in flames. ~ Getty

ISIS axis: Shifting power in the Middle East?

The players: The leaders, population and religions of Isis, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian territories,
Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. ~ Irish Times

Montreal: Police capture 3 inmates who escaped in helicopter jailbreak

ISIS crisis: Militants seize Iraq border post, kill 30 troops

ISIS crisis: Obama: U.S. is ready to take 'targeted military action'
"if and when the situation on the ground requires it"

updated ~ No arrest made: Air Canada Toronto-to-Brazil
flight turned back on security breach; but "no criminality involved"

Icon: Creator of Cadillac Ranch, made famous by Springsteen song, dies

Cadillac Ranch, American roadside attraction just west of Amarillo, Texas, was created in 1974 by
Stanley Marsh III. Eccentric businessman-turned-artist died Tuesday. ~ Robyn Beck AFP/Getty

Pilger: Rare dual killer tornadoes slam tiny rural Nebraska town

Framegrab taken from video provided by shows two tornados approaching
Pilger, Nebraska, Monday June 16, 2014. ~ AP

ISIS crisis: UN says ‘cold-blooded executions’ carried out in Iraq

ISIS crisis: U.S. sends troops to Baghdad

North Waziristan: Pakistan jets strike insurgents in full-scale offensive

ISIS crisis: U.S. considers air strikes, action with Iran to halt Iraq rebels

ISIS crisis: Militants say they have executed hundreds of Iraqi soldiers

Iraq: Hundreds of volunteers answer plea by Iraqi cleric
to join fight against ISIS jihadists as army soldiers desert

Iraqi men board military trucks to join the army at the main recruiting center in Baghdad. ~ AP

Luhansk: 49 killed as Ukrainian transport plane shot down by rebels

An armed pro-Russian separatist stands guard at the site of the crash of the Il-76 Ukrainian army transport plane in Luhansk June 14, 2014. Pro-Russian separatists shot down a Ukrainian army transport plane with an anti-aircraft missile as it came in to land early on Saturday in the eastern city of Luhansk, killing all 49 military personnel on board. ~ Reuters

Ontario Election 2014: How Liberals pulled off majority win despite
years of scandal—bald lies to a gullible, pre-bought electorate

Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne acknowledges supporters at the Liberal's election night
headquarters in Toronto Thursday. ~ Darren Calabrese The Canadian Press

Liberal staffers mock loss of a billion dollars in cancelling gas plants

Liberal staffers on hand for a rally mocked the display of what a billion dollars looks like, used by concerned citizens to illustrate the colossal waste of the Liberal governments of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne. It was the Liberal campaign chiefs' worst nightmare, along with OPSEU leader Warren 'Smokey' Thomas coming out and bluntly saying Kathleen Wynne was lying, as he cited a Bloomberg article that Liberal cuts were coming.

Ontario Election 2014: John Ivison: Hudak’s calm and steady campaign could ultimately be what makes the difference

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak (left) stands with local candidate Larry Scott at a campaign rally in Oakville, Ont. on Tuesday June 10, 2014, as he continues his election campaign. ~ Chris Young The Canadian Press

Ottawa: Australia PM Tony Abbot says he hopes to get a few tips from
Stephen Harper on financial management when they meet today

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Ottawa: Disclosure of Canadian First Nations salaries raises eyebrows; Chief of community of 200 natives earns $129,398

Ottawa: Canada to impose more sanctions on Russia in addition to those announced last week

Beijing: Baird raises cyberattack with Chinese Minister

Terence Corcoran: Charities that don’t flout rules have nothing to fear from CRA audit

Ottawa: Delegation of Canadian Conservative and Liberal MPs head to Israel

Toronto: Man charged after online post urged people to throw food at Mayor Ford in return for free beer

2012 tragedy: Ex-engineer loses bid to keep parts of Elliot Lake mall collapse report secret

Montreal: Mayor says union must pay overtime costs after 100 police call in sick to protest pension changes

George Jonas: The moral illiteracy of Israel’s critics

Air Algerie: Gatineau resident believes wife and 2 sons also on doomed flight

Air Algerie: Five Canadians, including father and his children, on board plane that crashes in Mali

Michael Den Tandt: In debate over Israel’s war with Hamas, Baird has facts on his side

John Ivison: Tom Mulcair brings NDP a new maturity over Israel

Alberta: TransCanada’s 'Northern Courier' pipeline approved

Forum Research poll: Chow, Ford and Tory now tied for lead in Toronto mayoral race

Margaret Wente: Why Australia’s carbon tax bombed

Jane Wilson: Bill Ackman: have we got a deal for you...

Granatstein and Kaplan: Harper saw through Putin from the start

Toronto: Mayor Ford opposes bargain basement sale of four subway tunnelling machines when more tunnels await

Toronto: Air Canada and other airlines cancel flights to Tel Aviv after FAA warning

Ottawa: Gang of Ancaster human traffickers named, deported to Hungary

James Garner: Maverick, Rockford, movie star, dead at 86

Time for change: Toronto's $600,000 washrooms? Something smells

Ottawa: Foreign Minister Baird calls for "credible and unimpeded" investigation into downed MH17

Lorrie Goldstein: Kathleen Wynne's shell games

BC: West Kelowna wildfire grows to 400 hectares; evacuation order in effect for 2,500 residents

Crux of the Matter: Andrew Mitrovica’s ad hominem attack on Rex Murphy’s views re: climate alarmism

Ottawa: Mike Duffy faces 31 charges laid by RCMP; four categories, including fraud and breach of trust

Whitehorse: M6.0 earthquake near Yukon-Alaska border

London: Another former Liberal Cabinet Minister convicted of fraud; but ex-MP and ex-Mayor Joe Fontana gets no jail time for stealing public money

Queen's Park guessing game: Which Liberal cronies will profit most from Ontario Government asset sales? Shades of ORNGE

Martin Regg Cohn: Ontario’s big bad budget news gets bigger, badder; with spring budget reincarnated as a summer spending plan, storm clouds loom over the Liberal government’s debt horizon

Toronto: Ontario budget threatens youth employment

Toronto: Study finds Ontario budget will drive jobs, consumers and dollars out of the province

Toronto: Airlines to fight 'unbelievably punitive' Ontario fuel tax; will cost airport jobs

Ontario Liberal legacy: Ontario is number ONE! In high auto insurance rates and electricity bills, that is

Toronto: Balancing Ontario's budget will mean tax hikes or job cuts

Ottawa: PM Harper urges world leaders to side with Israel against terrorists next door

Paul Wells: Maybe Harper has slain the separatists

Toronto: Ontario loses 34,000 jobs, raises national unemployment to 7.1%; rest of country gained 24,000 jobs; foolish Ontario voters reaping what Liberals sowed

Ontario: FinMin Sousa says province holding panic garage sale to pay for decade of Liberal over-spending; will sell off or 'sweat' profits from Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, LCBO, GM shares and Toronto property sales, all moves the Liberals opposed in the past

Ottawa: Conservatives gain 3% in latest national poll, cut Liberal lead in half

Ontario: Energy multinational headed by former Liberal Party President Mike Crawley appealing Transport Canada order to remove illegal 410-foot wind turbines placed too close to Chatham airport

Bill Tufts: Quebec cannot afford its public sector pension plans

Andrew Coyne: Soak the rich! Abolish the corporate income tax

Toronto Mayor race: John Tory ahead in mayoral race: Nanos poll

Ottawa: Army suicide stats tell a different story; half didn't serve in Afghanistan

Kelly McParland: Joe Oliver channels Jim Flaherty in telling Ontario to quit whining and solve its own budget problems

Toronto: Liberal Throne Speech details left-leaning agenda for Ontario

Toronto: Wynne Liberals remain in denial over their debt monster that's consuming Ontario

Toronto: As predicted during election, Ontario debt rating outlook cut to negative by Moody’s

Toronto: Canadian dollar hits 7-month high amid strong U.S., Chinese manufacturing data

Ontario: Hudak steps down, Jim Wilson takes over as PC interim leader

Gilles Duceppe: Former Bloc leader says Canada is 'a great country'

West floods: Trans-Canada Highway re-opens, Manitoba, Saskatchewan weather forecast improves for Canada Day

Federal by-elections: Conservatives hold on to two in Alberta, Liberals take Chow's former seat, keep former Karygiannis riding

Edmonton: Alberta turns forecasted $1.97B deficit into surplus

West floods: States of local emergency remain in 24 Manitoba communities and some in Saskatchewan

Toronto: Canadian dollar falls amid lower than expected GDP data, commodities mixed

Moosomin: ‘Our town looks like a lake’: Saskatchewan communities under state of emergency after torrential rain

Mike Filey: A sightseeing tour of Toronto's historic Confederation-era past

Ipsos poll: Canadians proud of their history (but they don't know it well)

Alberta PC leadership: Prentice holds solid lead in race: Leger poll

Ottawa: Elizabeth Dowdeswell named Ontario's new Lieutenant-Governor

British Columbia: Landmark land title ruling: What it means and what comes next

British Columbia: Tsilhqot'in First Nation granted B.C. title claim in Supreme Court ruling

Ontario: Wynne extends balance budget deadline by year, keeps jokers in deck as cabinet shuffled & expanded

Ontario: Major demotion for spendthrift Sousa as Finance Minister loses authority over spending and pension plan as cabinet bloats; how many govt jobs will Wynne chop?

Rex Murphy: In Justin Trudeau’s world, Christians need not apply

Alzheimer’s: Tips for exercise as a form of prevention; older adults don't get enough physical activity, but it can be important for memory

Macleans: Don’t do that again: Paul Wells on the Ontario election fallout

Ottawa: TFW program effectively getting heave ho

Ottawa: Loonie rises amid higher-than-expected inflation data, strong retail sales

Ottawa: Collusion at the CBC? [video]

Victoria: B.C. teachers' strike: 'Not even close' to deal, says Education Minister; union wants more, more, more like Ontario teachers

Ottawa: TSB investigates ORNGE mid-election close call at Ottawa airport not revealed until this week

Toronto: Ontario election 2014 saw the highest number of declined ballots since 1975; let their names be published so all can see the stupids among us

Kelly McParland: Ontario’s new budget mantra: fun fun fun ’til Daddy takes the T-bird away

Toronto: Ontario Public Service Employees Union says other unions so afraid of PCs they sold their souls to Liberals; OPSEU President Smokey Thomas says PC Leader Tim Hudak was “honest” about his plan to cut 100,000 public sector jobs “and he paid a price” by losing last week’s election

Waterloo: BlackBerry posts surprise profit

Toronto: Tim Hudak to step down as Ontario PC leader on July 2; told the truth, felled by lies

Andrew Coyne: No, Mr. Mulcair, it’s not Northern Gateway that is a threat to our social order

Ontario: Angus hit by tornado, 20 homes damaged, 200 homeless

Toronto: Tornado warnings, watches extended in southern Ontario

Ottawa: Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta to B.C. coast approved with 209 conditions

Toronto: Lightning injures 4 on golf course as left 18th green

Christie Blatchford: Justice at last for developers victimized in 2006 Caledonia native occupation

Ontario: New leader soon for PCs, but how 'soon'

Former Liberal cabinet minister: Joe Fontana to step down as mayor of London, Ontario, after fraud conviction

Old Maids versus new cats: A fight on the water at Niagara Falls

Trust: Ontario election reversal: Thornhill goes PC, not Liberal, after 'data entry error'

Billion dollar gas plants scandal: We kept few records, McGuinty tells OPP; Court documents reveal details of former Ontario premier's talk with investigators

Montreal: Canada's Amaya Gaming Group Inc. buys owner of online PokerStars for US$4.9B

Windsor Star: The Liberals had to answer to the deficit, the gas plant scandal, an OPP raid, a multimillion-dollar green energy lawsuit, Ornge and eHealth — but in the end, reducing 100,000 public sector jobs through retirement and attrition frightened voters

Ontario election 2014: 'Smokey' Thomas: Kathleen Wynne is lying about public sector cuts

Ontario election 2014: Bloomberg: Wynne/Sousa budget foretells biggest Ontario cuts in decades; Wynne lies about it for weeks

Ontario election 2014: Matt Gurney: Throw the Liberals out

Ontario election 2014: Media union weighs in on election; Liberal media bias on display?

June 9: 'Tax Freedom Day' is later than last year: Fraser Institute

F-35: Only the best jet fighter is good enough for RCAF

Ontario election 2014: Proof builds on Liberals' cozy relationship with unions

Ontario election 2014: McGuinty government changed green energy rules to benefit Liberal-linked firms, court filing charges; being sued for $653 million by T. Boone Pickens

Ontario election 2014: Lorrie Goldstein: Politically corrupt choices caused gas plants scandal

Ontario election 2014: Latest scandal: New MaRS lab adds $86M to taxpayers’ bill; cost of a state-of-the-art infectious disease laboratory in troubled building in addition to $477M Ontarians already on hook for: Toronto Star

Ontario election 2014: Christina Blizzard: End the scandals and vote PC

Ontario election 2014: Liberal Party links to Metrolinx perks becomes latest election controversy

Ontario election 2014: Toronto Sun editorial: We endorse Tim Hudak, for Ontario

Brampton: Ten-year-old boy dies in sleepover, 300 left homeless as major fire consumes townhouse complex

Ontario election 2014: Election is a 'referendum on corruption'—Horwath and Hudak attack Liberals over gas plants

Ontario election 2014: Toronto Star editorial: Police—including OPP union—should stay out of elections

Ontario election 2014: Daniel Dickin: No matter who won the Ontario debate, Wynne lost

Ontario election 2014: Christina Blizzard: Why do Ontarians keep electing corrupt Liberals?

Ontario election 2014: National Post editorial board: A Conservative government for Ontario

Ontario election 2014: Labour’s $4B election fund: Unions free to spend compulsory dues on political activities

Ontario election 2014: EKOS: Dramatic shift in poll results toward Hudak PCs

Moncton: RCMP release names of 3 slain officers

Toronto: Canadian team finds root causes for 146 rare childhood diseases

D-Day + 70: A short chronology of 1944 D-Day landings in Normandy by Canadian forces

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