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Live NOAA Advisory: Hurricane Maria at Cat 3 status, max sustained winds of 120 mph, with higher gusts; heading NNW at 9 mph; fluctuations forecast as it moves into the open waters of the western Atlantic today

Death warrant - CBC: Trump has made 'our rockets' visit' to U.S. mainland inevitable, North Korean foreign minister says

BBC: North Korea: Tremor detected near weapons' test site

Reuters: France to skip 2018 Winter Games in South Korea if security not assured

ZDnet: Microsoft's subsea speed monster: A cable 16 million times faster than your broadband

Shanghai - Reuters: China complies with UN Security Council resolution, to ban some petroleum exports to North Korea

Rocket twerps - Telegraph: Iran defies Trump and tests new missile that could hit Israel; camera in nose cone

Alabama - Fox News: Trump rips past Presidents: 'Little Rocket Man' should've been handled a long time ago

Trump right again - AP: In AP poll, 19 states confirm being hack targets

Wall Street Journal: Trump Administration to replace temp travel ban with more targeted restrictions

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Trump’s ‘sovereignty’ talk was what the UN needed to hear

Wilbur Ross - Washington Post: These NAFTA rules are killing our jobs

NY Times: Quake threatens to cause flight from Mexico City’s hip neighbourhoods

Christopher Wallace - Fox News: Mueller team under fire for 'brass-knuckle' tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort

Kimberley Strassel - Fox News: The fate of the GOP's Graham-Cassidy health care bill is in Sen. Lisa Murkowski's hands

AP: Ailing hypocrite McCain plays traitor card once again, in attempt to stop health insurance reform he had campaigned for

Fox News: 'Take a hard look': Maine Gov. LePage urges key Sen. Collins to support health care bill

AP: Dam failing as scope of Puerto Rico’s disaster becomes clear

ABC: On work trips, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos flies on her own plane at her own expense

Business Insider: All blue-eyed people have a single ancestor in common

CBC: At least 32 dead; death toll mounts as Hurricane Maria nears Turks and Caicos

AP: Trump piles on new economic sanctions against North Korea

Guardian: Uber stripped of London licence due to lack of corporate responsibility

ABC: U.S. search and rescue experts arrive in Mexico after deadly earthquake

AP: Mexico shocked by news: Girl trapped in rubble didn’t exist

BNN: Standard & Poor's cuts China credit rating, citing debt

CTV News: Mercedes to invest $1B in Alabama, add 600 jobs

AP: U.S. federal employees ordered to attend anti-leaking classes

ABC: Media wants us to believe $100,000 of illegally sold Facebook ads are more powerful than Clinton's $1B campaign warchest

Fox News: North Korea could test hydrogen bomb in Pacific, top diplomat says

LA Times: Trump announces new sanctions against North Korea, but China's role remains key

Independent: North Korea: Donald Trump announces new sanctions as China orders banks to stop working with regime

Washington Times: Trump’s war strategy hailed by Afghan president: ‘A difference of day and night’

San Diego Union-Tribune: San Diego officials were warned about downtown public restroom facilities shortage repeatedly before deadly hepatitis outbreak

NY Magazine: Election interference is what Facebook is built for

The Verge: For weeks, Equifax customer service has been directing victims to a fake phishing site

Obama-Clinton crisis continues - CBC: Europe's pushback against migrants enters new phase — with Libya's help

Mike Vaccaro - NY Post: This MLB fan-danger problem should’ve been fixed 47 years ago

Washington - AP: Trump: GOP health bill short of votes before deadline

NY Post: Yankees players call for fan protection after little girl horror

Backgrounder: Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale dates only to 1971; life-saver has interesting origins

Mirror: North Korea defector saw 11 musicians 'blown to bits' by anti-aircraft guns then 'ground into dirt' by tanks

Windsor Star: Ford cutting production at Mexican and U.S. assembly plants as demand slips

The Hill: Puerto Rico imposes curfew over Hurricane Maria

The Hill: GOP Governors back latest ObamaCare repeal bill

Politico: Trump polling numbers rising

Miami Herald: Maria: Major damage in Dominica, U.S. Coast Guard ready to help in Puerto Rico

New York - AP: Young girl hospitalized by 105 mph foul at Yankee Stadium

NY Post: Mexico has volcano eruption same day as deadly quake

CBC: Dozens of schoolchildren feared buried as Mexico quake death toll rises

Independent: Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico as Cat 4 after battering Virgin Islands and Dominica

updated Global News: At least 217 killed as M7.1 quake strikes near Mexico City

Reuters: Ex-Trump campaign chief Manafort wants probe of politically motivated leaks

Fox News: UN Speech: Trump says 'rocket man' Kim Jong Un on 'suicide mission,' in broadside at 'rogue regimes'

National Post: Under fire over Rohingya, Suu Kyi defends Myanmar actions; facts matter

CBC: Hurricane Maria lashes Dominica, now menaces other islands

National Post: ‘The winds are merciless!’: Dominica’s PM rescued as Cat 5 Hurricane Maria slams Caribbean

CBS News: Puerto Rico imposes rationing as Hurricane Maria approaches

Fox News: Former Trump campaign chair Manafort was wiretapped by U.S. investigators, before/after election, confirming Trump's claim Trump Tower was bugged

CP: Senate leader praises revived GOP health law repeal drive

LA Times: With a deadline approaching, Republicans' last push to roll back Obamacare gains strength

Washington: FAA brings mobile air traffic control tower to Key West

Kelly McParland - National Post: Democrats prepare for 2020 with risky strategy: left-wing extremism

Independent: Yahyah Farroukh: First pictures of Parsons Green attack suspect as two men questioned over Tube bombing

United Nations - AP: Trump calls on UN to reform

Rep. Francis Rooney - Washington Examiner: It's time for serious United Nations reform

John Moody - Fox News: Listen up, UN -- Trump means what he's telling you

Reuters: British police arrest second man over London train bombing

updated San Juan - AP: Hurricane Maria jumps to Cat 5, threatens storm-battered Caribbean

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Over DACA, an acute case of Trump Panic Syndrome

Japan Times: If oil embargo imposed, will North Korea go Nazi route and liquefy coal?

AP/Global News: Black Lives Matter activists address Trump supporters at Washington rally after invitation

NY Times: Rolling Stone, once a counterculture bible, will be put up for sale by Wenners

Kimberley A. Strassel - Fox News: Here's what really happened to Hillary

United Nations: French envoy at UN: Discord at highest level since Cold War

Michael Barone - Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton and what could have happened

AP: UK makes 'significant' bomb arrest but attack seen imminent

AP/Global News: Multi-linguist Melania Trump featured on billboards promoting English language school in Croatia

AP: St. Louis protesters go to upscale malls, suburbs

Telegraph: Parsons Green attack: Police raid foster parents' homes in west London in search for bomb factory

Jacob Heilbrunn - The National Interest: Chelsea Manning: What was Harvard thinking?

Catherine Rampell - Washington Post: Sanderscare is all cheap politics and magic math

NBC News: Changing face of U.S. media: Amazon scooping channels

Editorial - Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton: Deplorable book, deplorable person

Live NOAA Advisory: Hurricane Jose: Tropical storm watch may be needed Saturday for portion of North Carolina coast

CBS News: Jose re-strengthens into Category 1 hurricane

James S. Robbins - USA Today: Trump, Pelosi and Schumer: Bipartisanship is back at the White House

CBC: UN Security Council condemns North Korean missile launch, vows to 'de-nuclearize' Korean peninsula

CTV News: Pedophile scandal sends Iceland's goverment into chaos

Kashmir Hill - Gizmodo: Backgrounder: Yes, Google uses its power to quash ideas it doesn’t like — I know because it happened to me

CNET: Liquid cats, sex-swapped bugs lead silly science awards

USA Today: Cruise lines deliver relief supplies, rescue evacuees, and cancel upcoming tourist stops in islands hit by Irma

Tampa Bay: Insurers begin taking stock of Hurricane Irma's damage

CBS News: Sliding NFL ratings could throw networks for a loss

BBC: Equifax data breach: Credit rating firm replaces key staff

Gizmodo: Chrome will soon block autoplay videos with sound — here's why you should be worried

London - CTV News: Bomb only partially exploded; many lives saved

AP: Character actor Harry Dean Stanton dead at 91

Sabrina Tavernise - NY Times: When history’s losers write the story

Washington Free Beacon: Democrats follow Bernie Sanders off a cliff

BNN: Pursuit of new Amazon HQ comes with massive cost risks: NYU Prof

Evening Standard: Parsons Green 'terror attack': 22 rushed to hospital after IED bomb explodes on packed rush hour Tube train

Washington Post: Harvard dean rescinds Chelsea Manning’s visiting fellow invitation, calling it a ‘mistake’

CBC: Trump voters sticking with him — DACA deal or no deal, wall or no wall; media contortionism starts with anti-Trumpism approach to every story

Sora News 24: North Korea fires new missile over Japan, residents woken by government warning systems

Fort Myers - AP: President Trump praises rapid response to Irma in Florida

Washington Examiner: Comeback poll: Trump's base returns, up with younger and black voters

WRAL: Dems blow credibility with false claims about private meal with Trump; wall built or no DACA deal

Weather: Irma's staggering toll: At least 68 dead, $$ billions in damage from the Caribbean to the U.S.

The Hill: Antifa activists say violence is necessary

AP: New details deepen mystery of U.S. diplomats' illnesses in Cuba

Miami Herald: Gov. Scott surveys massive damage in Florida Keys as death toll rises

Reuters: Florida Governor vows aggressive probe of 6 Irma nursing home deaths

Reuters: North Korea defiant over UN sanctions as Trump says tougher steps needed

Editorial - Tampa Tribune: Remaining patient after Irma

Reuters: Trump administration orders purge of Kaspersky products from U.S. Govt

Editorial - Tampa Tribune: Congress should create a national catastrophe insurance fund

Politico: Teflon Don confounds Democrats; Democrats have attacked the president every which way, but polling and focus groups show none of it's working

Willis L. Krumholz - The Federalist: Why the Russia story says more about the Deep State than it does about Trump

Reuters: Trump bars Chinese firm from buying U.S. chipmaker Lattice

Reuters: Amazon plans mega-warehouse for Mexico growth spurt

ABC Local 10: 6 dead after AC issue that forced evacuation of Hollywood nursing home

Reuters: U.S. won't issue visas to some in four nations after they refuse to accept deportees

Washington - AP: Supreme Court disagrees with lower court, okays Trump policy temporary ban on refugees

Reuters: Trump steps up talks with Democrats on taxes as timetable set

Global News: Hurricane Irma destroyed 25% of homes in Florida Keys: FEMA

AP: Europe leaders answer anger over Irma response in Caribbean

Reuters: Trump administration sued over phone searches at U.S. borders higher in Obama era

Sun-Sentinel: Florida Keys ravaged almost beyond recognition

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Did 'climate change' cause Hurricane Irma to fizzle?

Walter Shapiro - Roll Call: Opinion: How 9/11 permanently changed us

William McGurn - Wall Street Journal: The cruelty of Barack Obama; on immigration, the ex-President isn’t what he says he is

Tampa Bay: Town 'N Country man helping with Irma cleanup dies in gruesome chainsaw accident

France - Telegraph: Hardliners protest French labour reform in key test after Emmanuel Macron berates 'slackers'

Tampa Bay: Irma's wrath: more than half of Florida still in the dark

Roll Call: Taxes, immigration bigger tests for Ryan speakership than fiscal deal

ABC News: Irma death toll in U.S. rises to 11; Florida Keys face 'devastation'

Key West Citizen: No water, power or cell service in Keys, but airports re-opening and USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier to anchor offshore to provide emergency services at Key West

Roll Call: White House tepid on GOP leaders after Bannon ‘War’ declaration

Carol M. Swain - Wall Street Journal: What it’s like to be smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Al Arabiya: 18 dead after militants launch deadly attack on police convoy in Egypt’s Sinai

Editorial - NY Daily News: If Bob Menendez is guilty, boot him: No place for a senator on the take

Roll Call: Report: Romney prepping Senate run in Utah if Hatch retires

Miami Herald: Miami-Dade, Broward public schools closed indefinitely after Irma

Tampa - AP: Irma weakens into a tropical storm but keeps causing misery with flooded homes and streets

John Crudele - NY Post: Hillary not blaming the right people for stunning election loss

Miami Herald: Devastated Florida Keys impose dusk-to-dawn curfew after Irma

Naples Daily News: Endless piles of crumpled car ports, shin deep water at Naples Estates

Miami Herald: Irma: Search and rescue in the Keys, 10 dead in Cuba

Reuters: Global shares return to record high as Irma loses strength

Roll Call: Could more House retirements imperil GOP majority in 2018?

Fox News: Irma: Half of Florida lost power

NY Times: Spin zone: In free-range Trump, many see potential for a third party

AP/CTV News: 800 flights cancelled at Atlanta airport

NDTV: Irma weakens to tropical storm, batters Florida with powerful winds as it heads north

AP/CTV News: No bride's dress? No problem: Guard couple tie knot in Irma, then rescue others

NY Post: Plano: Dallas Cowboys watch party turns deadly; 8 dead

ZME Science: Researchers find warm oasis beneath Antarctica’s frozen wasteland

WFLA - Tampa: Pinellas County borders will be closed after Hurricane Irma passes through

Miami Herald: After Irma, are we going to get clobbered by Hurricane Jose next?

NY Post: Viking skeleton’s DNA test proves historians wrong

Tampa Tribune: Forecast: Irma's eye expected to pass over Tampa Bay with extreme winds, rain tonight

Miami Herald: A TV station caught people breaking into a store during Irma. Then police caught up

Miami Herald: Cruise lines are sending their ships on rescue missions in the Caribbean following Irma

Ft. Myers News-Press: Lee County on Gulf Coast says Germain Arena safe as a shelter for 5,000; says false report from Weather Channel must be ignored

Tony Heller - Real Climate Science: Hurricane superstition reaches record levels

Miami Herald: From inside the Florida Keys: ‘Everything is under water. I mean everything’

CTV News: Hurricane Irma centred just off Key West

Miami Herald: If path holds, Irma could swamp Southwest Florida, Tampa coast with surge

Miami Herald: Hurricane Irma latest news: 6.3 million Floridians told to leave, ferocious storm reaching Keys

Miami Herald: Irma weakens to Cat 3 but is expected to regain power as it heads to Florida Keys

Miami Herald: Wireless carriers waive talk, text and data overage charges for Florida customers facing Irma

ABC News: Hurricane Irma churns toward Florida where cities brace for storm surges up to 15 feet; Gov warns: "deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge"

AP/CTV News: Irma shifts: the prime is target is now Tampa, not Miami

Toronto Star: After Irma, an eerie online silence from tiny Caribbean islands

CNN: Forecasters: Hurricane Irma to regain Category 5 strength before it hits the Keys

Miami Herald: Latest Irma track shifts west again with hurricane watch widened

NBC News: Irma threatens to wash away Florida buildings after tearing through Caribbean

Orlando Sentinel: Irma: Traffic slow as evacuations continue; I-75 approved for shoulder-driving to Georgia border

Reuters: Irma drop to Cat 4 strength with 150 mph winds may be temporary as it powers toward Florida, leaving behind path of death, destruction

Mark Gauert - Orlando Sentinel: For Hurricane Irma, everything may depend on something small – no matter what it may be

ABC News: Barbuda PM: Irma destroyed 95% of tiny island's structures and vehicles

Reuters: 'Lips and teeth' no more as China's ties with North Korea fray

Orlando Sentinel: Irma: Supplies run short as scramble begins to board up homes

Miami Herald: Aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, mini-armada on the way to help after Irma

ABC News: Atlanta Braves cause outrage when play 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' during Marlins game; team issued official apology

AP: For Irma vs. Mar-a-Lago, the smart $$ is on Trump's house

updated Reuters: At least 32 dead after shallow, huge M8.1 earthquake hits south Mexico

NBC News: Equifax data breach: 3 of company's top execs sold Equifax shares before public disclosure

Orlando Sentinel: Irma: Governor orders all Florida schools closed Friday through Monday; includes colleges, universities

Washington Times: More than 5,000 illegal out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump

Jason Rodger: Has soccer finally made it in North America?

Politico: Trump tells Dreamers 'you have nothing to worry about' for next 6 months

AP/Globe and Mail: Nations rush to help Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma

The Hill: Conservatives direct ire at GOP leaders — not Trump

AP: Federal help arrives at U.S. Virgin Islands

CTV News: Equifax says personal data from 143 million people exposed in hack, months ago

The Hill: Power shift as Trump opens door to Schumer, Pelosi

AP: Irma stays at Cat 5, kills across Caribbean, Florida and Carolinas in its projected path

The Hill: Senate approves Trump's debt deal with Democrats

Rasmussen Reports: Most say FBI should make Clinton files public

Ft. Lauderdale - AP: Most Florida flood zone property not insured

Local 10 ABC News: Florida officials fret construction cranes won't take Irma's winds, put many at risk

AFP: Israel hits Syria site reportedly used for chemical weapons

Telegraph: Caribbean airport where planes infamously swoop low over a beach destroyed by Irma

Harlan Hill - The Hill: If Democrats actually care about Dreamers, let’s make a deal

Robert K. Wilcox - American Thinker: North Korea's threat might be worse than we think

AP: Billions of beetle-killed dead trees force U.S. fire crews to shift tactics

AFP: FEMA Chief: Irma will be 'devastating' for U.S.

CBC: Amazon seeking location for second headquarters, known as HQ2; will employ 50,000, cost $5B

Independent: Facebook now says it sold $100,000 of political ads to fake Russian accounts during 2016 U.S. election

Telegraph: Hurricane Irma kills at least 10 in Caribbean as Florida braces for storm

The Hill: Clinton’s score-settling frustrates Democrats

The Guardian: Lack of sleep could contribute to mental health problems: researchers

Yahoo: Clinton book blames everyone else for her loss, including Joe Biden

Miami Herald: Irma ‘bigger, faster and stronger than Andrew’ the killer 1992 storm which flattened Homestead

Becket Adams - Washington Examiner: Reminder: The press really wanted Hillary Clinton to be president

Daniel John Sobieski - American Thinker: Corrupt Comey had the fix in

RR media: Book written by Clinton’s pastor pulled for plagiarism; Hillary allegedly wrote the book's 'foreword'

Tammy Bruce - Washington Times: Democratic leaders change their tune on Trump

AP: Ryan sees compromise on immigration after Trump forces issue

Tampa: Traffic begins to clog northbound highways across Florida

AP: Trump overrules GOP with deal on spending, debt, Harvey aid

Montgomery - WTXL: Alabama facilities to open for evacuated livestock from Florida

Irma - AP: Lake Okeechobee, canals lowered; sex offenders and predators won't be admitted to shelters; 25,000 already evacuated from Florida Keys, evacuations now mandatory from low-lying 130-mile archipelago

AP: 15 Democrat states sue to stop end of Obama's unconstitutional DACA Executive Order

Bloomberg: House approves $7.4B in disaster-relief funds by 419-3 as Texas flooding costs mount

Tabletmag: Holocaust Museum pulls 'study' absolving Obama Administration for inaction in face of Syrian genocide

Eric Berger - Ars Technica: At times during Harvey, the European model outperformed humans; NOAA's new hurricane model, HMON, performed terribly

Fox Business: EU court backs Intel's appeal of 2009 fine, in blow to regulator

Reuters: U.S. trade gap edges up; deficit with China at 11-month high

Counterpoint Research: Huawei surpasses Apple to be the second largest smartphone brand

AP: Trump pre-declares federal emergencies in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Florida ahead of Irma to free up resources

Miami Herald: Pentagon diverts 2 warships, Marine expeditionary unit for Hurricane Irma relief

AP: Frighteningly powerful Hurricane Irma bears down on Caribbean islands

AP: Florida suspends all road and bridge tolls to keep Irma evacuation traffic moving

ESPN: First-place Boston Red Sox admit they have been cheating for weeks, stealing signs and relaying them electronically to players

AP: Florida on edge; Hurricane Irma "bigger than Andrew"

USA Today: Hurricane Irma so strong it's registering on devices designed to detect earthquakes

Fox News: Hurricane Irma 'extremely dangerous' Category 5 storm, evacuations ordered for Florida Keys

Miami Herald: Irma becomes strongest Atlantic hurricane outside Gulf and Caribbean ever recorded

Fox News: Trump administration ends unconstitutional DACA, with 6-month delay

The Guardian: Not so super: why Hollywood's cinematic universes are on the way out

Bloomberg: Bitcoin tumbles as PBOC declares initial coin offerings illegal

Donald Trump - Journal Sentinel: We must fix our self-destructive tax code

Fox News: North Korea mountain used as nuclear test site at risk of collapsing, Chinese scientist says

Marketwatch: Tronc, publisher of LA Times & Chicago Tribune, buys failing New York Daily News

updated NBC News: Florida preps as Hurricane Irma becomes a full-fledged Cat 5 monster

CBS News: Florida Governor declares state of emergency as Hurricane Irma becomes Category 4

Reuters: WTO reverses Boeing 777X tax credit ruling in blow to EU

Politico: Report: Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay to allow Congress to act

AP: Trump keeps cards hidden; asked if he'd attack North Korea, says: 'We'll see'

AP: Frustration mounts over ever-rising Obamacare premiums for individual health plans

CTV News: Mattis: U.S. will answer any North Korean threat with a "massive military response -- a response both effective and overwhelming"; America does not seek the "total annihilation" of the North, but, he added somberly, "We have many options to do so"

No respect for disrespect - Cleveland: Police take stand against football kneelers, won't hold flag during Browns' opener

BBC: Frankfurt WW2 bomb defused after mass evacuation

Rolling Stone: Walter Becker, Steely Dan co-founder, dead at 67

AP: New floods possible in west Houston amid Harvey recovery

Daily Mail: China 'strongly condemns' North Korean nuclear test: foreign ministry

Tokyo - AP: What is North Korea's Kim Jong Un trying prove with H-bomb?

CBC: Trump says 'hostile' North Korea H-bomb test is 'an embarrassment to China'

CNN: Revealed: Read the Inauguration Day letter Obama left for Trump

Fox News: President Trump meets victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas: 'There's a lot of love'

Reuters: Trump greeted warmly by storm victims at Houston relief center

Fox News: Colleges rocked by left-wing rallies face backlash from parents, donors

Jacob Wohl - Medium: Domestic terror group Antifa has roots in the Obama Administration, says FBI and DHS

Politico: FBI, Homeland Security warn of more Antifa attacks; confidential documents call the anarchists ‘domestic terrorists’

ABC News: New 'sonic' attack reported in Cuba, 19 Americans now affected

Marc Thiessen - National Post: It's time for the left to really condemn antifa

Global News: Donald Trump asks Congress for initial $7.85B for Harvey disaster relief

Rex Murphy - National Post: 'Antifa' are despicable fascists — call them that, openly, now

AP: Russia lashes out after Trump orders diplomatic posts closed

National Post: Letting teens sleep in would save the U.S. roughly $9B a year, study says

The Guardian: Harvey aid: White House reportedly to ask Congress for initial $5.9B

Mexico claim - Reuters: Mexico, Canada to stay in NAFTA even if U.S. leaves: minister

CBC: Astronomers detect 15 signals from mysterious object in distant galaxy

Jason Perlow - ZDnet: Why I'm now using Android and might skip the iPhone 8

Fox News: Trump administration retaliates against Russia, forces closure of its U.S. posts in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City by Sept 2nd

Daily Signal: Florida Democrat election official admits non-citizens, felons voting

Reuters: White House vows quick action as Harvey aid estimates soar

Politico: Outgoing Milwaukee County sheriff Clarke expected to take job in Trump administration

Free Beacon: Southern Poverty Law Center transfers millions in cash to offshore entities; left-wing non-profit pays lucrative six-figure salaries to top managers

Al Stahler - The Union: Understanding the physics of hurricanes

Howie Carr: Harvey coverage just latest example of hypocrisy from biased press

Austin - NY Times: Clinton-appointed Federal Judge temporarily blocks Texas ban on ‘Sanctuary Cities’; claims language 'vague'

CBS: Houston students will receive three free meals daily for 2017-18 school year

Gil Troy - TIME: Why the 'Alt-Left' is a problem

Dr. Roy Spencer: Why Houston flooding isn’t a sign of climate change; floods natural bad city planning isn't

The New Yorker: The Antifa protests are helping Donald Trump

India - BBC: Mumbai building collapse kills at least 11; some still trapped, 24 rescued

Germany - NPR: Frankfurt orders 70,000 to evacuate to defuse WWII bomb

George Parry - Philly: Will special counsel Mueller examine the DNC server, source of the great Russiagate caper?

Puts country first - SF Gate: Feinstein surprises San Francisco crowd by expressing hope for Trump

Trump bump - AP: U.S. economic growth upgraded to 3% in Q2

Marketwatch: Amazon is actually the weakest of the big U.S. retailers, Moody’s says

Washington - AP: Trump pushes tax overhaul, says it's 'badly needed'

AFP/Yahoo: Divided U.S. embraces floods as chance to pull together

Kim Brunhuber - CBC: Life in a Texas hurricane shelter

Jonah Goldberg - NY Post: Handling Harvey shows America at its best

Rich Lowry - National Review: Stop making excuses for Antifa thuggery

NY Daily News: America responds with heroism and heart to help Houston recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey

Jack Shafer - Politico: The Newseum deserves to die

NY Times: Newseum’s leader resigns amid review of finances

Washington Examiner: It's time to shoot down North Korean missiles

The Hill: 19 indicted for attack on protesters outside Turkish Embassy in Washington

CBS: Harvey sets new U.S. tropical rainfall record; 49.32 inches of rain and rising

Frank Somerville - SFgate: KTVU anchor: 'I experienced hate firsthand' at Berkeley rally

Fox News: Florida professor who tweeted Texans deserved Harvey for supporting Trump is relieved of teaching duties

AP: Inside Houston shelter, a loud and sometimes chaotic night

Washington - AP: Trump: 'All options are on table' after North Korea launch

Globe and Mail: North Korea fires missile over Japan, escalating tensions in ‘grave threat’

Galveston News: Fuel, food supplies spotty as high-water blocks roads

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Clinton's 'deplorables' pull together in Hurricane Harvey aftermath

Galveston News: 18 were airlifted from flooded assisted living facility by National Guard after viral photo alerted rescuers

WKRG: Shocking flooding photo went viral and proved power of social media and an empathetic nation

AP/NY Daily News: India and China agree to end border stand-off

NPR: Already flooded, Houston braces as two swollen reservoirs are opened

Germany - Euro News: Murdering nurse 'may have killed up to 84 people'

Iraq - ABC News: Car bombing at busy Baghdad market kills 12

Chronicle-Herald: Netanyahu rips UN, says Iran building missile sites in Syria

CBC: German students beat Newfoundland/Boston team to win Hyperloop competition; pod reaches speed of 324 km per hr

AP: Rescuers pluck hundreds from rising floodwaters in Houston

Fox News: Harvey causes 'catastrophic flooding' in Houston; airports closed, deep water blocks interstates

AP: Trump prepares to remove Obama's restrictions on surplus military gear going to police

AP: Black-clad, masked anarchists again storm a Berkeley rally, this time assaulting and beating at least 4, including prayer organizer

Fox News: Harvey sends floodwaters into Texas nursing home, 15 seniors rescued

AP: 8 mountain climbers die in 3 accidents in Europe's Alps

Emily Jashinsky - Washington Examiner: How do you say 'whoops' in Russian? Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work

Rex Murphy - National Post: Deplorability of neo-Nazis no excuse for anti-fascist thuggery

AP: Trump meets and tweets as Texas Governor praises Harvey response

The Hill: Trump to travel to storm-ravaged Texas "as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption"

NECN: Harvey is worst Texas storm since 1961's Carla; How it stacks up

Cuero - Fox News: Residents at epicenter of Harvey's landfall return to heartbreaking devastation

Michael Rubin - Washington Examiner: The political lynching of Sebastian Gorka

AP/St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Hurricane Harvey closes key oil, gas operations in Texas

Fox News: North Korea's latest missile tests didn't fail, U.S. military says in revised report

AP: Hurricane Harvey’s disaster mix: Warm water, huge rains, slow speed

London - ABC News: Man arrested outside Buckingham Palace for allegedly assaulting police

NY Times: Belgian soldiers kill knife-wielding man in Brussels

Rockport - ABC News: Texas Mayor tells those not evacuating for hurricane to put Social Security numbers on arms

Washington Examiner: Gorka latest to leave White House

Bloomberg: Trump orders military to reject new transgender recruits

Washington Post: Trump’s focus on Hurricane Harvey intensifies as monster storm approaches Texas

France24: Macron shifts communication strategy as popularity plummets

WattsUpWithThat: 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet rewrites the history of maths – and shows the Greeks did not develop trigonometry

NY Post: Hurricane Harvey could be much worse than Sandy

Toronto Star: Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong sentenced to 5 years in prison

ABC News: Hurricane Harvey will bring 'large-scale' damage; FEMA chief 'afraid' residents won't heed warning

Toronto Star: Bad brakes, bus plunges off a pier in Russia, killing at least 17 workers

Boston Herald: Clinton keeps making excuses on why she lost; reality is that she was an atrocious, lazy candidate

IBI Times: Alleged Yahoo hacker, Canadian Karim Baratov, pleads not guilty to helping Russian agents conduct massive 2014 data breach

ZeeNews: Cyborg bacteria can harvest solar energy to produce fuel

Charlottesville Daily Progress: Kessler described as one-time wannabe liberal activist

Dutch News: Terror alert in Rotterdam, Mayor cancels concert after Spanish tip-off

Vallarta Daily: Mexico wants medical tourism to be part of new NAFTA

NY Times: Commander of U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet relieved of duty after series of deadly collisions

Phoenix - Global News: Trump hints he’ll pardon ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, a strong opponent of illegal immigration sideswiped by a Democrat judge

570 News: One week into negotiations, Trump says he'll 'probably' cancel NAFTA

Washington Times: Alan Dershowitz: ‘Violent’ Antifa movement is ‘trying to tear down America’— ‘I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals’

Italy - Sky News: Ischia earthquake: Three young brothers rescued from rubble; 2 dead from M4.0 quake

Reuters: Trump to visit Arizona town on U.S.-Mexico border

Kurt Schlichter - Townhall: Normal Americans are bored by the fake drama

NY Times: Great Wall Motor of China sets its sights on Jeep

Reuters: A majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate monuments: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Daniel G. Jones - American Thinker: Trump is the real anti-fascist

Los Angeles - CTV News: Record $417M award in lawsuit linking baby powder to cancer

Bloomberg: Intel says new PC chip is ‘once-in-a-decade’ performance boost

BBC: Terror: Barcelona mass killer named as 22-yr-old Younes Abouyaaqoub; manhunt across Europe

Washington Post: Stricken U.S. destroyer arrives in Singapore after collision, 10 sailors missing

CBC: Terror: At least 1 killed in Marseille after van crashes into two bus shelters in different parts of the French city

Washington - AP: President Trump to address nation Monday night on new Afghanistan plan

PJ Media: Is Google working with liberal groups to snuff out conservative websites?

Ripoll - AP: Spanish police now believe 12-person terror cell had planned massive car bomb attack in Barcelona

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. - Wall Street Journal: The extremist show is just starting; Charlottesville was a defeat for America but a win for the provocateurs in our midst

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Media contortions protect their established narrative in Boston

Freetown - AP: Hospital officials: Nearly 500 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides, flooding; 600 still missing

Scott Adams: How to know you’re in a mass hysteria bubble

Deroy Murdock - NH Union-Leader: Both sides were to blame for Charlottesville violence

Russell Nagelkirk - American Thinker: Why are there monuments of Confederate soldiers?

TIME: 'It's not worth taking a chance.' Man who experienced eye damage during 1962 solar eclipse warns others

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: ObamaCare, not Trump, is causing ObamaCare's massive rate hikes

Kalaloch - Peninsula News: Gray whale beached for three days lives to swim away from Olympic National Park (with human help)

Ned Barnett - American Thinker: Imposing 21st Century sensibilities on 18th and 19th Century actions

Boston - AP: Black-clad, masked leftists disrupt Free Speech Rally, yank U.S. flag from hands of elderly woman, knocking her down

Daily Mail: At least 23 dead, dozens hurt as train derails in India

Cassandra Fairbanks - Big League Politics: Vermont man says he was slashed by "Antifa" mob that found his name in an article about a Charlottesville attendee

Weekly Standard: Bannon: 'The Trump Presidency that we fought for, and won, is over'

Colin Clarke - Globe and Mail: When the car is a terror weapon, can we prepare for attacks?

AP: Spain, France press manhunt for ringleader in dual attacks

Politico magazine: Has a civil rights stalwart lost its way? The flash, cash and controversial stash of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Fox News: Bannon gone from White House back to Breitbart; vows 'I'm leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents -- on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America'

Politico: Battle joined to strip Confederate names from prominent U.S. military bases

Daily Signal: Black Pastors demand Smithsonian remove bust of racist Planned Parenthood Founder

Daily Caller: Barcelona terror cell allegedly planned to use explosives, accidentally blew up bomb factory

Reuters: Merkel, called 'traitor', defends refugee stance in rowdy east Germany

CNBC: Trump is a 'victim' and is being 'bullied' by mob mentality

Turku - AP: Finnish police arrest one, look for more stabbing suspects

AP: Barcelona's victims: A snapshot of the world

AP: Police: Attacks in Spain are linked, took long time to plan

Finland - Mirror: One killed after knifeman 'screaming Allahu Akbar' goes on rampage in city

Washington Examiner: Good riddance to White House corporate commissions

White House: Trump makes major infrastructure push; Executive Order speeds approvals, good news for 80% of projects not funded by federal govt

Independent Journal Review: Apocalyptic communist group at vanguard of left-wing agitation in and since Charlottesville; anti-everything

AFP: Venezuela rivals trade blame after jail shootout kills 37

Fox News: Missouri Democratic state senator says she hopes Trump is assassinated; top Missouri Democrats call for her to resign

Fox News: Democrat scandal grows as Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz' ex-IT aide, indicted on 4 counts

AFP/Yahoo: Since 2007, using vehicles as weapons of terror in Europe

Bloomberg: Africa’s richest man to invest up to $50B in U.S., Europe

BBC: Trump defends 'beautiful' Civil War statues against ISIS-like removal; "You can't change history, but you can learn from it"

Conrad Black - American Greatness: Who was really at fault in Charlottesville?

CNBC: Dow posts biggest one-day fall in 3 months; concerns over Trump agenda grow but Cohn says he's going nowhere

AP: Maine Governor: Removing Confederate statues like losing 9/11 memorial; blames extremists on both sides for weekend conflict

CNBC: A Gary Cohn resignation would 'crash the markets,' management guru Jeffrey Sonnenfeld says

Reuters: Trump mulling lifting status of Cyber Command: sources

AP: Why hate came to the progressive island of Charlottesville

Reuters: U.S. to honor Japan defense pact 'without reservation': Tillerson

CNBC: Andrew Puzder: CEOs are 'shortsighted' leaving Trump's special councils

Freetown: Fears that Sierra Leone death toll will top 500

Pakistan - Reuters: Karachi rail revival faces shanty town delay; people literally living on the rails

Baltimore - AP/Yahoo: Mayor suddenly removing historic Confederate statues in dead of night was wrong say critics

Daily Caller: Woman who destroyed Durham Confederate statue is a pro-North Korea Marxist

Mike Murphy - Marketwatch: Steve Bannon: ‘We’re at economic war with China,’ there’s no North Korea solution

CNBC/Yahoo: China has got to fix its debt problem, the IMF says

Robert Kuttner - American Prospect: Steve Bannon, unrepentant

Reuters: South Korea's Moon says U.S. to seek Seoul's approval before any action on North Korea

AP: Two to tango; Virginia clashes bring attention to violence-prone 'anti-fascist' movement

Tristin Hopper - National Post: Obama’s viral tweet is sweet but wrong: science research shows babies are totally racist

U.S. News and World Report: A newer NAFTA; 3 ways President Trump can modernize the trade agreement

U.S. GDP jumping: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta projects real GDP growth in 3Q 2017 at 3.8% on August 16th, up from 3.7% on August 15th

Independent Journal Review: On Thursday, ICE announced unprecedented prosecution of White Supremacists

John Nolte - Daily Wire: Trump's epic presser clarifies three truths that have driven the MSM insane

Politico: Confederate statues in U.S. Capitol statuary hall likely going nowhere

Origins and membership of Ku Klux Klan: Founded by Democratic Party, KKK "sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the South during the Reconstruction Era, especially by using violence against African American leaders"

Jack Shafer - Politico: The good news about the Nazis; America’s tolerance of fascist and communist idiots is one of its greatest strengths

Understanding American history: The Democratic Party opposed end of slavery, created Confederacy and triggered U.S. Civil War; post-War they "disenfranchised blacks (who were Republicans)"

Politico: Trump accuses Amazon of hurting 'tax paying retailers' and stripping jobs away from towns and cities across the country

Washington Free Beacon: Al Qaeda publishes blueprint for attacks on key U.S. transportation systems

Canadian Red Cross: Use this link to donate to Hurricane Irma relief

American Red Cross: Use this link to donate to Hurricane Irma relief

ABC Miami LIVE video link

NBC Tampa LIVE video link

CBS Miami LIVE video link

NBC Miami LIVE video link

CBS News LIVE video link

ABC Tampa LIVE video link

Fox News LIVE link

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Goodwin - NY Post: Wiretaps may prove Trump right — and that’s absolutely terrifying

Live NOAA model: Hurricane Maria slows, turns north, expected to drop to Cat 2

National Post: 'At the complete mercy of the hurricane': Hurricane
Maria's force not seen in Puerto Rico in 'modern history'

Toronto Star: Canadian skier injured in 1978 is right at home in Finlay Home

Scott Finlay, ready for a race before the accident. Scott Finlay was a promising 21-year-old ski racer when he suffered a devastating brain injury in a ski crash at the 1978 Canadian championships in Lake Louise, Alberta, that left him almost completely paralyzed and unable to speak. His family has cared for him ever since. Through their efforts a facility in Napanee now offers the same quality of care for Scott and others. Scott's accident led to robust crash fencing for ski racing to protect from the trees and rocks he hit. ~ Finlay Family Photo

Daily Mail: Man, 18, arrested under Terrorism Act in Dover in 'significant' breakthrough in Parsons Green bucket bomb probe; threat level remains 'critical' as army take to the streets

Columbia U: Great headline ("Skin patch dissolves 'love handles' in mice") underplays
health benefits of local delivery of fat-shrinking drug to treat obesity and diabetes

Tampa Bay: Hurricane Irma: Florida winners and losers aplenty

London - AP: UK threat level raised to 'critical' after subway bombing

NASA: Cassini spacecraft ends historic exploration of Saturn

NASA says goodbye to the great Cassini

Pasadena - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Cassini: End of mission timeline

Mandy Miles - Key West Citizen: ‘Stay (away)… Just a little bit longer’

Key West Citizen: Monroe County Mayor Neugent: "The Lower Keys have
been hammered. Marathon pales in comparison. The destruction is amazing"
The U.S. Coast Guard is protecting island from invading looters and others

Key West Citizen: At least 8 dead in Keys, damage in 100s of millions
FEMA: over 90% of homes in Keys sustained damage or were destroyed

Ottawa - CBC: Senator Beyak says it's time to end Canadian apartheid: "Let's stop the
guilt and blame and find a way to live together and share. All Canadians are then free to preserve their cultures in their own communities, on their own time, with their own dime"

Orlando Sentinel: Post-Irma 5.6 million without power in Florida

Arlington - AP: President Trump on 9/11: 'America cannot be intimidated'

New York: Solemn, personal ceremonies as U.S. commemorates 9/11

Miami, Fort Lauderdale airports remain closed; West Palm to re-open Monday afternoon

Daily Beast: Bin Laden son poised to unify terrorists worldwide

Fox News: Drone video of Naples, Florida flooding, destruction

Video shot by drone in Naples, Florida shows impact of heavy rains in widespread flooding, some damage to housing, infrastructure.

Not finished with Florida: Degraded Irma causes record flooding in Jacksonville

Live NOAA model: Tropical storm Irma heads for Georgia, Alabama

Sunday 11:47 pm: Hurricane Irma losing eye, still monster at 100 mph

Live NOAA surge/flooding map: 11 pm: Inundation/surge risk remains high

Live NOAA Advisory: 11 pm: Hurricane Irma still a Cat 2 with 100 mph sustained winds; tornado risks; storm surge warnings drop to 6 ft; heading North at 14 mph

NHC/SFWMD tracking models: Irma predicted paths were too far West;
Marco Island landfall smothered destructive energy, saved Tampa

St. Petersburg/Tampa: Evacuate or hunker down now

Miami Herald: Irma's time-lapse path of infamy; record-breaking monster of September

NBC News: Irma: Even with supercomputers, model uncertainty is only certainty

Washington Examiner: North Korea "begging for war" says Haley to UN

Bloomberg: Irma now a Cat 5 as threat grows for Caribbean, Florida mainland and Keys

Washington Post: North Korea H-bomb triggers M6.3, M4.1 earthquakes, ups ante

WSJ: North Korea claims test of Hydrogen Bomb for long-range missile a success

USA Today: North Korea test success for missile-ready H-bomb: state-run TV

Toronto Star: Russian consulate in San Francisco empties after U.S. orders shutdown

The San Francisco Fire Department says acrid, black smoke seen pouring from a chimney at the Russian consulate in San Francisco was apparently from a fire burning in a fireplace. The smoke was seen billowing from the consulate building a day after the Trump administration ordered its closure. ~ Eric Risberg AP

Seth DuChene - Napanee Beaver: Patrick Brown: "My motivation is this: I don’t want
to settle for an Ontario that’s a 'have-not' province. I don’t want to settle for an Ontario
where we spend more in interest payments than we do on hospitals..." Matthews, Marner likenesses crop up in New Brunswick corn maze

On a farm in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, two of the Toronto Maple Leafs young players are outstanding in their field. Both a century of the Maple Leafs and their promise for the future are being celebrated this season in a 6-acre field on the Hunter Brothers Farm about 150 miles NW of Saint John. It's the latest of 17 annual corn-maze creations by brothers Chip and Tom Hunter, fourth-generation farmers who for 38 years have worked soil that's been family-owned since 1890. The helmeted, visored likenesses of Toronto forwards Auston Matthews and Mitchell Marner are featured this season with a gigantic Maple Leafs logo and a banner reading '100 Seasons', all part of a colossal maze through which the public soon will be invited to wander.

Daily Mail: China claims its knock-off version of hyperloop, the 'flying train' will
travel at 2,485 mph; but initial goal is 621 mph, slower than Musk's original

State-run space contractors gave no timeline along with their announcement. They claim 'flying train' would be 10 times faster than the world's fastest bullet train - which is also in China. The contractors announced they would be transporting the 'flying train' to 60 or so countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Charlotte Hsu - Anti-depressants found in rock bass and nine other
species' fish brains in Niagara River; connects Great Lakes Erie and Ontario

CBC: U.S. sends elite warplanes to South Korea in show of force

USA Today: As Harvey spins north, who's getting wet and wilded next?

[top] NWS radar this morning (August 31st, 8:40 a.m.) shows Harvey's wide reach as it spins north from Louisiana. [bottom] The predicted path for next few days from NOAA. But the historic storm's impact will be felt hundreds of miles away in every direction as it continues to dump rain and affect continental weather patterns in the United States and Canada into Labour Day weekend.

USA Today: Nanomachines which rapidly kill cancer cells may replace painful chemo

CBC: Explosions reported at flood-damaged Arkema chemical plant outside Houston;
is without refrigeration for chemicals that become volatile as temperatures rise

Two rescuers from U.S. Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 7 are lowered to a house Wednesday after tropical storm Harvey flooded Beaumont, Texas.

Telegraph: Nanomachines which rapidly kill cancer cells may replace painful chemo

KHOU: Houston begins to dry out as death toll reaches 22 from Harvey

AP: Harvey pays a return visit, swamps evacuee shelter in Texas

Tevi Troy - Wall Street Journal: Trump’s reassuring hurricane response

CBC: Toll 18 dead; Harvey comes ashore again, now in Louisiana

Flooded Tidwell Road in Houston.

AP: Crippled Houston watches dams, levees; forecast offers hope

Global News: Donald Trump visits Harvey-hit areas, promises full relief efforts

Heavy: Why wasn’t Houston evacuated before Hurricane Harvey?
Governor believed in dire forecasts that came true, mayor didn't, put lives at risk

ABC News: Houston's Democrat Mayor defends his decision not to evacuate city;
anger rising as people lose cars and homes to floodwaters and unrelenting rain

A stranded motorist escapes floodwaters on Interstate 225 after Hurricane Harvey inundated the Texas Gulf coast with rain causing mass flooding, in Houston, Texas, August 27, 2017. ~ Nick Oxford Reuters

Texas flood disaster - Chicago Tribune: Harvey has dumped 9 trillion gallons of water

ABC News: Houston flooding from Harvey may be worst ever: Texas Guv

CBS News: Harvey continues to cause "catastrophic flooding": National Hurricane Center

Next? Is a 200-300 mile range enough for Tesla to break into electric trucking?

U.S. Long-haul Trucking: From the bureau of Transportation Statistics: “Long-haul freight truck traffic in the U.S. is concentrated on major routes connecting population centers, ports, border crossings, and other major hubs of activity. Except for Route 99 in California and a few toll roads and border connections, most of the heaviest traveled routes are on the Interstate System.”

Fox News: Hurricane Harvey pounds Texas with 'catastrophic' rains, high winds

Hurricane Harvey is now moving inland and has dropped to Category 1 strength, but its winds are spanning out and dumping heavy rain. This graphic from excellent website shows you the wind bands that are saturating Texas with rain.

NBC News: Category 4 Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas

After a relative lull of 12 years, Hurricane Harvey will hit Texas with similar impact to 2005's Katrina. Thousands of residents had fled parts of coastal Texas ahead of the storm, and the state’s governor warned people to leave low-lying areas. The National Hurricane Center warned of 12-foot storm surges and warned of up to 40 inches of rain in some areas through Wednesday.

San Antonio - Fox News: Port Lavaca, Texas mandatory evacuation; 12-ft storm surge expected; latest says up to 4.5 ft of rain expected

ABC News: Texas coastal residents urged to leave in 'strongest possible terms'
as Hurricane Harvey intensifies in the Gulf; first big one in years?

Harvey takes aim at Texas coast and experts urge that it's time to "head for the hills" and leave the low coastal areas.
You can find these satellite images at: as both still photos and video looping images.

National Post: Liberals facing calls for longer-term solution to illegal migration from U.S.

Canadian soldiers set up tents to house asylum seekers at the NAV centre in Cornwall, Ontario just a few weeks before frost. ~ Graham Hughes National Post

Bellingham - CTV News: Tons of Atlantic salmon released into Pacific
after eclipse's high tides break farm net; potential crisis for Pacific salmon

Freedom for Atlantic salmon [shown] may be curtains for their cousins the Pacific salmon. Fishers are urged to catch as many as they can, with no limit.

Afghanistan speech - Fox News: Trump rejects ‘timetables’, says won't tell the enemy
his troop numbers or plans, ups pressure on Pakistan, refocuses on ‘killing terrorists’

President Trump outlined a comprehensive new strategy Monday night for achieving a “lasting peace” in Afghanistan – rejecting what he called “arbitrary timetables” for the U.S. troop presence, ratcheting up pressure on Pakistan to stop harboring militants and vowing to refocus the mission on “killing terrorists,” not nation-building.

Barcelona - AP: Police shoot and kill Barcelona mass killer Abouyaaqoub

Darkness day: Total solar eclipse cloud forecast quite certain now

Total cloud cover forecast for 2 p.m. Eastern, August 21, 2017. ~ Torregrossa MLive

Canada: Local times of maximum eclipse will vary nationwide

CTV News: How, when and where to watch Monday's solar eclipse in Canada

Quebec City: So-called 'anti-fascists' violently clash with police, attack media

An anti-immigration rally and counter-protest in Quebec City descended into violence and vandalism as so-called 'antifa' thugs wreaked havoc on everything in their path. The masked anarchists hurled bottles, chairs and lit flares, and destroyed Global News TV camera as Mike Armstrong and a Global News cameraperson were caught up in the chaos. When will authorities deem antifa a terror group and make them pay for their damages?

Variety: Jerry Lewis, comedy legend, dead at 91
edgy, funny man, filmmaker; raised over $2.5B for muscular dystrophy

Jerry Lewis, a star since 1946, first headlined in Las Vegas in 1949 and most recently appeared there in 2016. He starred in dozens of movies directed by himself and others, in partnership with Dean Martin on stage and in film for a decade, on TV, and in raising money for MD with his annual telethon for decades. He described himself as "impatient", and some considered him abrasive when not performing.

American Thinker: Hottest year on record? Not exactly - the chart shows a different story

Collingwood - COPA: Tribunal quashes controversial 500-ft wind turbines near 2 airports

Above, smaller wind turbines near Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport. On August 16, 2017, the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal revoked the 8-turbine Collingwood project's approval on the basis it would cause serious harm to human health (pilots and passengers) and that no effective means to mitigate those harms had been presented. The controversial project was raised in the Ontario Legislature last year, with the Wynne Government voting down a private member’s bill to revoke the approval as an obvious threat to safety. Despite lobbying efforts by COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) and its members, the Federal Minister of Transportation refused to exercise his authority pursuant to the Aeronautics Act to stop the project as a threat to aviation safety.

CBS: Swan boats shut down, vendors shooed as nervous Beantowners
prep for free speech event in Boston Common

Daily Caller: Bannon says he resigned two weeks ago, left today

updated NY Times gets it wrong: Bannon resigned
August 7th, leaving delayed by Charlottesville

Burlington - Global News: Burned Baptist church was vandalized with ISIS graffiti

Firefighters were called to Trinity Baptist Church on Appleby Line, north of Hwy 407, just after 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. Pictures posted online show that the church was also vandalized. Graffiti spray painted on the side of the 126-yr-old building spelled out ‘ISIS’ and ‘ISIS will remaim’.

Spain - Guardian: Attackers in Audi at Cambrils hit "several pedestrians"
before police killed all 5 from car, who were "carrying explosive belts"

Cambrils - ITV: Five shot dead as Spanish police 'stop second terror attack'

Barcelona - Bloomberg: 13 dead but Catalan regional govt says
death toll could rise; at least 100 injured, driver not caught

Barcelona - Mirror: Horrific videos show bodies and blood strewn
across ground after deadly ISIS-claimed terror attack

CBS News: At least 13 dead in Barcelona after van plows into crowd
in terror attack, according to Spanish media reports

Barcelona: Two gunmen storm Turkish restaurant and take hostages
after Las Ramblas terror van rampage leaves dead and injured in wake

RCS: Winter comes early to the Arctic – Greenland gains 33% above normal ice

Marketwatch: Canada places three cities in top 5 of Economist Intelligence
Unit’s 10th annual Global Livability Ranking of 140 cities around the world

The Southbank Pedestrian Bridge in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne was ranked Number 1 in the Global Livability Ranking for the seventh consecutive year.

Freetown: Nearly 400 bodies recovered from Sierra Leone mudslide, 600 still missing

updated Toronto - CBC: CN Tower's broadcast antenna fire extinguished

updated The fire in the broadcasting antenna of Toronto's CN Tower started around 4:15 a.m. Wednesday. Firefighters extinguished it within 4 hours, shutting off power to the antenna mast atop the tower and evacuating all personnel from the structure. Over the air signals will be affected for an undetermined period of time. At 1,815.3 ft high, the CN Tower in Toronto was the world's tallest man-made structure for 32 years, until 2007. It remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. ~ CBC

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QP Briefing: Brown's PCs at 49% support in Toronto: Mainstreet Research poll

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: The jurisdictional impairment of Kathleen Wynne

CTV News: Deletion of gas-plant emails was deliberate attempt to keep info secret, Crown says

CBC: Crown sets out case in trial of 2 Dalton McGuinty staffers: breach of trust, mischief

CBC: Liberal, Conservative and NDP Premiers challenge Trudeau over controversial tax proposals

Toronto Star: Canada sanctions Venezuelan President, cohorts

Toronto - AP: Canadian retailers see potential NAFTA change as threat

CBC: 'It could be catastrophic': Morneau draws criticism from business, concerns from Nova Scotia Liberal Premier

Global News: Mastermind Toys eyes expansion in Canada to 60 stores by end of year as Toys ‘R’ Us flounders

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: Private member's bill seeks to outlaw possession of pill presses for manufacturing counterfeit drugs

Alan Carter - Global News: Sudbury byelection trial and the unravelling of the promise of Kathleen Wynne

Toronto Sun: Wynne government still approving inefficient, high-cost, environment damaging wind turbine projects

CBC: Liberal MP warns against 'class warfare' rhetoric on proposed Trudeau tax changes

Times-Colonist: Canada-EU trade enters new era of openness as CETA comes into force

AFP: House-cleaning, walking to work, staves off death: Lancet study

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: M-103 talk turns to prosecution, censorship

CBC: GM laying off 255 at St. Catharines plant due to strike at CAMI facility in Ingersoll

David Akin - Global News: At the United Nations, Justin Trudeau turns Canada away from the world and to his country’s failures

CBC: Flames reveal $275M offer, saying they're scrapping pursuit of new arena

Nadia Alam - Toronto Star: Trudeau’s sinister stand against doctors

John Ivison - National Post: Resurrected TPP could get done this year and Canada is better off without U.S. in it

Global News: Dianne Watts to seek BC Liberal leadership, step down as Conservative MP

CP24: Accused ISIS terrorist at centre of Canadian Tire terror incident will face judge and jury trial

Scanadal two years old elsewhere - CBC: Ontario ministry searches Volkswagen Canada offices in emissions scandal

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Trudeau's strange ideas about small business

Blackburn: Wiarton Willie dead at 13; prognosticator's understudy, Wee Willie, 2, to take on Groundhog Day role

CBC: Sudbury by-election trial, Day 10 - bribery with public money?

Napanee: ABcann expansion plans on track as it receives $11.9M from exercise of warrants

Globe and Mail: Peter Munk says his historic $100M donation to cardiac centre a 'gift of gratitude' to Canada

CBC: 100,000 Canadian victims: What we know about the Equifax breach — and what we don't

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau doubles down on class war declaration to shore up progressive vote; the demonization of ‘the wealthy’ will continue. It is in the Liberals’ political interests to make some Canadians worse off, rather than trying to make life better for everyone

Toronto Star: Toys ‘R’ Us will file for bankruptcy protection in Canada; follows Chapter 11 filing in U.S.

William Watson - Financial Post: Surprise! Child poverty in Canada comes from divorce, not capitalism

Global News: Hurricane Maria: Air Canada sends 5 flights to bring people home before the storm hits

Financial Post: Trudeau, Scheer draw election battle lines over small biz tax proposal

Global News: Liberals poised to make housing a right in new homelessness strategy

Financial Post: Canada flagged as hidden $14 trillion credit bubble stokes global crisis fears

Ottawa - Global News: Fumbling Liberals expected to release full scope of asylum seekers illegally crossing into Canada in August

Iqaluit - National Post: Despite fears, crime not spiking following explosive opening of Nunavut's first liquor store

Tasha Kheiriddin - Global News: Trudeau needs a legal weed market by 2019 — and Wynne is happy to help

Reuters: Canada watchdog asks Equifax to help citizens impacted by breach

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Time for Reality TV in Parliament — get the cameras out or let them all the way in

Reuters: Facebook to launch election integrity effort in Canada; so it doesn't do what it did in U.S. in 2016

David Pugliese - National Post: Trudeau threatens to not buy Boeing Super Hornets Canada shouldn't be buying anyway, as oddball negotiating tactic

Reuters: Canadian teens tried to use Christmas lights for bomb: prosecutor

Toronto: Public trust in science news is low, study conducted for Ontario Science Centre reveals

Ingersoll - BNN: GM plant workers in Ontario strike as talks with union fail

CBC: RCMP exchange gunfire with suspect in Tatamagouche after woman found dead

Global News: Only 2 weeks left until winter tires mandatory in parts of B.C. as snow predicted for parts of southern Interior

CTV News: Byelections to be held in October in Tory-held ridings in Quebec and Alberta; formerly held by Lebel and Ambrose

Regina Leader-Post: Kids as young as 12 will be able to legally possess weed under federal marijuana legislation

Windsor Star: West Nile virus claims champion of Windsor arts, culture scene

Financial Post: Ontario heading into ‘uncharted waters’ with $15 minimum wage, study warns

Rex Murphy - National Post: For Trudeau, governing is entirely about sweet words, not action

Hill Times: It’s show time: fall sitting critical for Trudeau to start delivering results, say political players

Conrad Black - National Post: The Liberals' tax reforms will be a national disaster

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Why the rich should revolt — and it's not for the reasons they think

Rob Breakenridge - Global News: Ontario and the no good, horrible, very bad marijuana plan

Chantal Hébert - Hill Times: Latest plan won’t stunt marijuana black market

CBC: From fire to ice? Special weather statement warns of cold front in central B.C.

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Dangerous days lie ahead for symbol over substance Liberals

CP/Times Colonist: Manitoba NDP pick rookie MLA, Indigenous author Wab Kinew as party and Opposition leader

Durham Region: Toronto-Montreal hyperloop wins popularity contest, would take 39 minutes; Canadian test route on horizon?

Christie Blatchford - National Post: First Nation's $550K powwow is no surprise for band's members

Global News: Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders calls for review of 911 communications centre

BNN: Toronto's condo boom persists, even as house prices cool

Hill Times: Election 2019 campaign unofficially underway, expect ‘sharpened eyes’ on Liberals this fall, say opposition MPs

LA Times: Fearful of Trump's America, asylum seekers from across the globe illegally stream into Canada

Global News: Nova Scotia Liberal MP says changes to proposed Trudeau tax plan needed to make it ‘supportable’

Leslie Young - Global News: Shoppers still spending at Canada’s biggest malls, researchers say

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: ALL Canadian Conservatives need to support Andrew Scheer to win in 2019!

Roy Green - Global News: Ontario election next year a dry run for federal version in 2019

Reuters: Asylum seekers walking into Canada's Quebec more than doubled in August

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: Arena faceoff turns into political power struggle

Toronto Star: Quebec man wanted in connection with Amber alert captured by OPP in Griffith, Ontario after sighting in Napanee

Global News: Canada’s privacy watchdog opens up probe into Equifax hack

Toronto Star: Omar Khadr’s request for unsupervised visits with sister rejected

Quebec - Global News: Mother of 6-year-old boy taken in Amber Alert in St. Eustache found dead

CBC: Equifax faces mounting pressure after data breach as CAA reveals 10,000 clients hit

Global News: NDP launch national ‘end pension theft’ campaign in Hamilton

CBC: At least 5 Canadian diplomats and families hit by mysterious 'sound attacks' in Cuba

BNN: Ontario needs to stop treating wineries like tax problems: Peller

Hill Times: Liberal MP Arnold Chan dies after 3-year battle with cancer

Global News: Court case over fired New Brunswick janitor prompts debate over meaning of ‘Kafkaesque’

Desperate times, desperate measures - Sudbury Star: Witnesses describe Liberal discord in Sudbury after intervention by Wynne flunkies

Science, eh - CBC: Federal researchers lose pricey new submersible in Pacific on first deployment

Sudbury Star: MP Thibeault's switch created 'chaos,' staffer recalls

CBC: Omar Khadr seeks to ease bail conditions, get unrestricted access to controversial sister

Playing with fire - Toronto Star: Wynne threatens trade retaliation if Trump imposes ‘Buy American’ policies

CBC: Ottawa commits $50M to get all 25 Nunavut communities faster internet by 2019

Soo Today: Sault relief workers in Florida working 16-hour days after Hurricane Irma

John Ivison - National Post: General has sobering news for politicians who assume U.S. missiles will defend Canada

CP24: Smoke-screen; Liberals' legal threat against Brown 'will be ignored,' PC leader says

CBC: 'The fire is out of control': Southwestern Alberta wildfire quadruples in size in 2 days

National Post: Nearly 600 federal NDP members receive extra ballots ahead of leadership vote

Michele Mandel - Toronto Sun: Wynne slick and well-rehearsed as she stands at trial; credible?

National Post: Four hours to escape: Residents of historic Alberta village scramble to flee wildfire’s path

CBC: Trudeau Christmas vacation cost taxpayers nearly twice what he originally claimed, over $215,000

Financial Post: Morneau's tax changes are so complex and unfair, they'll turn accountants bald—and rich

Reuters: Boom under Harper led Canadian wage growth to accelerate: census

CBC: Hootsuite CEO says tax changes for small business could hamper innovation

Tom Adams and Parker Gallant - Financial Post: Judgement Day finally comes for the Ontario Liberals' gas-plant scandal

Kelly McParland - National Post: So Wynne's grand plan was unionizing your drug dealer

Reuters: Northern Ireland leaders appeal to VP Pence on Bombardier challenge

Sportsnet: Flames no longer interested in pursuing new Calgary arena

iPolitics: Liberal Wayne Easter, Finance Committee Chair, blasts tax changes: legislation drafter "doesn’t have a clue about the amount of effort that goes into being a small business or how it’s established"

Hope Standard: Police ask Ottawa to postpone date for legal pot beyond July 2018; more time and money needed to catch drug-impaired drivers

CTV News: Two in Windsor die from West Nile virus; first reported in Canada this year

CBC: Cardston County declares emergency, evacuees flee homes as Waterton Lakes fire burns out of control

André Picard - Globe and Mail: Ontario’s pot-store plan is legitimate – and pathetic

CBC: Guillermo del Toro says he'd like his own film studio in Hamilton; loves 'the Ambitious City'

CTV News: Canada deploys assessment team to Caribbean to determine how to help hurricane victims

Globe and Mail: Canadians stranded by Hurricane Irma criticize federal government’s rescue efforts; Trudeau MIA

CBC: Conservative leader says Liberal 'arrogance' behind tax changes, pipeline snag

CP/CTV News: The story of NAFTA, as told from a Canadian auto plant in Mexico

CTV News: Trudeau marks 9/11 by attending Come From Away forum in Newfoundland

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Chumming the waters of failed Liberal ethics

TSN: NHL Hall of Famer Pierre Pilote dead at 85

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: Gas plants e-mail trial starts Monday; Liberals' billion-dollar boondoggle cost every Ontarian

Hi-Tech Facts: Fentanyl detected in 81% of overdose deaths, BC Coroners Service says

CBC: BC Liberals expel Darryl Plecas from party after Speaker move

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: Ontario Government's rosy financials grow in a bed of BS

Global News: CBSA union outraged over delay in health notice from Health Canada on asylum seekers

Bloomberg: Canada pot stocks rally as Ontario Govt plans to open 150 stores

Reuters: Canada loses 88,000 full-time jobs, adds 110,000 part-time jobs during August; unemployment down to 6.2%

Sportsnet: MLB strangely rejects Montreal offer to host relief fundraiser games between Tampa and Yankees during Hurricane Irma

What court case? - CBC: Ontario to create cannabis control board, open up to 60 storefronts, sources say; not in LCBO outlets

Chis Selley - National Post: Day one of the Sudbury Liberal by-election trial — what is a 'candidate,' anyway? All the evidence is on tape. If Gerry Lougheed and Pat Sorbara are found not guilty, they're still not going to look very good

Global News: Man at centre of Ontario Liberal bribery allegations believed party jobs were on offer

Reuters: Canada producer prices drop 1.5%, biggest fall in 30 months

Nunavut - CBC: Iqaluit opens first liquor store since the 1970s; expected to impact bootleggers

CTV News: Quebecer who survived Irma on 'devastated' Saint Martin calls it terrifying; Canadian frigate on standby

CBC: Crown reveals former Sudbury NDP MP and now Liberal MPP Glenn Thibeault's demands for defection to Liberals; defence says Libs' internal machinations no concern of public

CP/Global News: Ontario says 2016 deficit was $991M, Auditor General says Liberal Govt ‘understating’ deficit

CTV News: Why Canadians who own Florida homes need both hurricane and flood insurance

Global News: Toronto to bid for Amazon’s second North American headquarters and its 50,000 jobs

North Bay Nugget: Drama level high for Liberal bribery trial

CTV News: Canadian who joined ISIS died in 2015; was a prominent fighter, recruiter and fundraiser for ISIS: U.S. officials

CBC: 2 ethics trials of Liberal insiders pose test for Kathleen Wynne; Liberal campaign director, fundraiser face bribery charges; two McGuinty aides charged with breach of trust

Global News: Concerns grow in the GTA about 911 wait times after Global News report

Global News: Toronto mayor, Cinespace break ground on Cinespace film studio expansion in Toronto’s west end

Victoria - CBC: Fentanyl detected in 81% of illicit drug deaths in B.C. in 2017, coroner says

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Stupid things Trudeau says

Windsor - CBC: Liberals 'betrayed neighbourhood' by allowing new bridge

BNN: Canada's Big Five banks boost prime rates again after Bank of Canada raises benchmark

Financial Post: Trudeau carbon tax to shrink economy by $3B hurt loonie, study warns

Windsor: Ambassador Bridge owners given Canadian permit for replacement bridge between Windsor and Detroit

Coquitlam - CTV News: No one behind the wheel of dump truck in double fatal Lougheed Highway crash

CTV News: 42% of Ontarians live paycheque to paycheque: survey

Toronto Sun: Stakes high for Wynne as Election Act bribery trial begins for two Liberals; crooked and incompetent?

Surrey Now Leader: B.C. dad seeks legal change so that kids can ride bus alone

Global News: Toronto woman, Rehab Dughmosh, who pledged allegiance to ISIS in court deemed fit to stand trial; calls people in coutroom 'infidels'

CBC: Loonie jumps to highest level in 2 years as Bank of Canada raises benchmark interest rate again; borrowing costs expected to follow suit

Forum Research: Support for Ontario Premier Wynne declining in Toronto; 73% disapprove of her job performance

Nanny state run amok: How fact-free parenting policies rob our kids of independence

CBC: Judges taking over bail hearings in Ottawa, Toronto

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Government added privacy protections to contract only after privacy commissioner began investigation: documents

Don Pittis - CBC: Canadian borrowers wait and wonder if rates will rise tomorrow

Kelly McParland - National Post: Boring ACC rebranding sign of decline in interesting arena names; why not Scotiabank Gardens (across Bay St. from new CIBC HQ)?

Globe and Mail: Ontario high school students to negotiate final grades in experiment

Andrew Coyne - National Post: With North Korea, we are left with but one realistic alternative. It involves missiles

Toronto - Daily Courier: Canada's largest school board extends ban on Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix; their school hours usage eats up wi-fi network

Calgary Herald: Cenovus selling Pelican Lake operations to Canadian Natural for $975M

Global News: Liberal caucus retreat to focus on small business tax, other hot-button topics

Global News: OPP dismantle relocated blockade in Caledonia

CP24: NAFTA: Early sticking points encountered on numerous issues

CTV News: 'The Canadian construction sector is for sale,' as Aecon looks for a bidder

Naive - CBC: Trudeau condemns North Korean missile testing, calls test 'a clear and present threat,' asks UN to step in

Forum Research poll: Ontario: PC 40%, NDP 27%, Liberal 25%

CTV News: Honda settles some Takata lawsuits for $605M

Angus Reid poll: 57% of Canadians disapprove of Liberals handling of illegal border crossers; 53% say country ‘too generous’

Liberal danger zone - Global News: Justin Trudeau ‘will make no apologies’ for proposed radical tax changes that have put small business into turmoil

Winter coming - Toronto Star: Canada looks into heated trailers for asylum seekers

CBC: Liberal MPs ask Morneau to tweak small-business tax changes to stave off an electoral backlash

Christie Blatchford - National Post: School policing program latest casualty of the tyranny of a minority

Globe and Mail: TSX dips in broad retreat

Robert Fulford - National Post: How neo-liberal became bad, then good, then bad again

Toronto Star: Price of a litre of gas to rise by nine cents Saturday: expert

Panic - CBC: Federal government expanding would-be asylum seekers outreach beyond Haitian community; 6,000+ have crossed illegally into Quebec from New York since July

Toronto Star: Second round of NAFTA talks begins in Mexico City

Adrian Morrow - Globe and Mail: Trump's rhetoric has Mexico bracing for worst in NAFTA talks

Toronto Star: Migrant flight to Canada has big impact on Miami’s Little Haiti

Global News: Trudeau says he respects MP Darshan Kang’s decision to resign from Liberal caucus, won’t say if he asked him to

Toronto Star: Now UN wants to micro-manage Canada's immigration system

Editorial - Napanee Beaver: Patrick Brown on right track

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: As 50% of small business fail, Liberals plan to tax them more

Chronicle-Herald: Morneau calls nervous Liberal MPs as backlash to small biz tax proposals grows

Kelly McParland - National Post: Wasting a few hundred million is how Ontario Liberal cabinet ministers are trained

Peter Howell - Toronto Star: What’s the hottest TIFF title? Film buffs offer 25 good bets

Peter Shawn Taylor - Financial Post: Coming soon, another costly burden on harried homeowners — mandatory energy audits

Toronto Star: Skip Prokop, Lighthouse co-founder and drummer, dead at 74

CBC: Calgary MP Darshan Kang leaves Liberal caucus; denies allegations of sexual harassment

Toronto Star: No charges in Halifax ‘Proud Boys’ incident as servicemen return to duties: Navy

Toronto Sun: Ontario bringing up the rear in job creation

Toronto Star: Is Doug Ford poised to announce he’ll run for mayor?

Sue-Ann Levy - Toronto Sun: Don't let door hit you on way out: Councillors to Keesmaat

CBC: Widespread anger over controversial Liberal tax proposals to be focus at Govt caucus retreat

Toronto - Global News: Harvey: GTA gas prices could see sharp hike in coming days due to flooding, damage

CBC: Over 6,000 FedEx Canada employees will now help search for abducted children

Jerry Dias - Huffington Post: NAFTA took good Canadian jobs and made them bad ones in Mexico

Ontario - CBC: Government gets failing grade again despite $60M boost; half of Grade 6 students failed to meet province's math standard for 2nd year

Global News: B.C. slo-pitch player struck in head by thrown ball dies in hospital

Huffington Post: Jean-Francois Lisee, PQ leader, doubles down on remarks about Trudeau, illegal asylum seekers

CBC: Bernier vows to embrace Conservative critic role, be silent about supply management

John Ivison - National Post: Scheer and Poilievre to debut bon cop/bad cop double act

CBC: Conservative MP Gerry Ritz, 66, to announce his resignation, sources say

Huffington Post: Former white supremacists in Canada head up 'Life After Hate', an organization that provides support and counselling to white supremacists who want a way out

Toronto - CBC: Lost underground? New PATH mapping system rolling out in the spring

Andrew Coyne - National Post: With 'shadow cabinet,' Andrew Scheer puts a softer face on Conservatives

CBC: National Energy Board OKs Trans Mountain expansion of Burnaby terminal; met all 157 conditions

Huffington Post: CIBC argues against ‘free market’ education, calls for lower tuitions

Chatham Daily News: Turbine protesters chain selves together in North Kent to protest well water damage from pile-driving

Weak? - Toronto Star: $134M claim against Khadr is based on false information and should be thrown out, lawyer argues

Edmonton Sun: 'Mouths are going to drop': Telus World of Science planetarium theatre to feature 10K resolution, highest in world

Calgary - CBC: Gas-and-dash manslaughter sentencing to hear posthumous statement from victim's husband

Globe and Mail: Toronto's Air Canada Centre to be renamed Scotiabank Arena in $800M deal

CBC: 2 Canadians indicted over brawl at Turkish ambassador's U.S. residence in Washington

CBC: 'A Hail Mary pass': how the Port of Prince Rupert became a player in the world of global trade

Toronto Star: Liberal MP offered woman $100K to keep quiet about sexual harassment claim, father alleges

Montreal Gazette: Montreal police on bicycle patrol arrest fugitive on U.S. most-wanted list

Financial Post: New mortgage rules could depress housing demand by another 10%: TD

Kevin Donovan - Toronto Star: ORNGE’s mistakes led to deaths of four in ‘flight into total darkness,’ court told

Global News: Take John A. Macdonald’s name off schools, said no majority of Canadians, anywhere: Angus Reid poll

CTV News: 'Many streets' flooded in Windsor after heavy rain

Montreal Gazette: PQ leader wants Ottawa to pay for influx of illegal asylum seekers

Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star: Sir John A. not the only Prime Minister who wouldn’t pass muster today

John Ibbitson - Globe and Mail: Trudeau’s shuffle reveals two truths about Liberal cabinet

Toronto Star: Tories ask Auditor General to investigate controversial new GO stations

Joe O'Connor - National Post: The language of hockey in Quebec: Why it's actually not French

Editorial - Toronto Star: Metrolinx must re-think approval of two new GO stations; should be based on evidence, not political pressure

CBC: Maryland court releases Payette divorce documents; questions remain

Toronto Star: Provinces agree legal pot must be competitive with black market, Bill Blair says

Robert Fulford - National Post: How a Canadian priest became the most effective disseminator of Nazi propaganda in America

CBC: 'I worry about this': Trudeau's move to dissolve Indigenous affairs department prompts concern

Global News: Liberals target 60,000 student work placements with funding roll out; late and lower numbers than promised

Montreal Gazette: Canadian lumber producers get reprieve with end of 20% of preliminary duties

CBC: Canada's electronic spy agency to get new rules for sharing data with allies

CTV News: OPP seize $250M worth of cocaine in force's largest ever drug bust

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Cabinet shuffle only targeted isolated trouble spots

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Trudeau hits the reset button — and keeps his friends close

Globe and Mail: Indigenous Affairs department split in cabinet shuffle

CTV News: Bruce Springsteen to perform at Invictus Games closing ceremony in Toronto; other performers at opening/closing ceremonies include Bryan Adams, Bachman & Turner, Kelly Clarkson, Alessia Cara, Sarah McLachlan and The Tenors

Montreal - CBC: Molotov cocktail hurled at Rosemont restaurant

Hamilton - CBC: $4M Canadian Coast Guard ship refit months behind schedule

Edmonton Journal: Liberals killing energy industry: Conservative leader Scheer

Newfoundland - CP/Chronicle Herald: Four dead in head-on collision on Trans-Canada Highway near Chapel Arm exit

Inside Toronto: NDP Premier Horgan eliminates tolls on two Vancouver-area bridges in blatant vote-buying; creates rift with Greens leader over resulting huge debt costs to province

CTV News: Officials eye El Salvadorans as potential source of next wave of border crossers

Toronto Star: Liberal Govt tries to block ex-Premier Dalton McGuinty testifying at lawsuit

Conrad Black - National Post: Canada suffers from unimaginative government. Here are some radical ideas

BNN: Hurricane Harvey likely to push pump prices up in Canada, too: Petroleum analyst [video]

CP/Global News: Americans seeking enforcement of U.S. judgement against Omar Khadr in Alberta

Vogue: Get to know Prince Edward County, Ontario — the Hudson Valley of Canada; but not an island, just an extreme peninsula

CBC: Whitby fire destroys townhouse complex under construction, $6M in damage

Peterborough Examiner: General Electric Peterborough plant to cease most manufacturing by September 2018

Toronto Star: Ontario hospitals scrambling to cope following surge in number of extremely sick babies; “Not enough NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) beds, equipment, RNs. UNACCEPTABLE." tweeted pediatrician calling out Health Minister Hoskins

BNN: Taxes at 42.5% of income surpass housing as biggest expense for Canadians, Fraser Institute study finds

CBC: Canadians to be able to choose 'X' as gender on passports starting August 31st

Toronto Star: New home sales in GTA plunge, prices soar in July; house prices rose 45% over last year as province continues to fumble file

Montreal Gazette: Up to 4,000 illegal migrants to receive welfare cheques from Quebec Govt starting August 30

John Ivison - National Post: Even John A. Macdonald isn't safe from a foolish revisionism that never ends

Huffington Post: Mike Duffy suing Senate, RCMP for nearly $8M in wake of expense scandal

J.D.M. Stewart - Globe and Mail: Don’t hold Sir John A. Macdonald to 2017’s values

CBC: Fighting cancer, responsnible for Phoenix debacle, Newfoundland and Labrador MP Judy Foote stepping down from cabinet, resigning as MP

CBC: York police release photos, video of suspects in anti-semitic, racist vandalism in Markham

CTV News: Mosquito species responsible for the majority of Zika cases caught in Ontario

Chris Selley - National Post: Astonishing nonsense from the Liberals amid surge of illegal asylum-seekers

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Trudeau’s warning to would-be asylum seekers may fall on deaf ears

Global News: Manitoba RCMP arrest man after attempting to bring firearm on Toronto-bound flight

Globe and Mail: Immigration Minister denies obvious — that Canada was unprepared for surge of illegal asylum seekers

CBC: BC Ferries to ban smoking, staying in cars on closed decks

Cornwall Standard-Freeholder: Cornwall city council rejects proposal to give free bus passes to illegal asylum seekers temporarily housed at Nav Centre

CTV News: B.C. ends 2016-17 fiscal year with $2.7B surplus

Perils of vote seeking - CBC: Niki Ashton rejects NDP leadership endorsement from Holocaust denier

Napanee Guide: Smaller Ontario towns struggle to pay for infrastructure

CBC: Border crossers task force to meet, review next steps in coping with illegal asylum seekers

London Free Press: Western University researchers have made a breakthrough in testing for Zika virus exposure

CBC: Canada looking into possible illicit causes behind asylum spike

Field, BC - Calgary Herald: Pedestrian struck and killed by car at highway pull-out; 2nd pedestrian narrowly missed under suspicious circumstances

Ontario - Global News: Cornwall officials seek answers on arrival of illegal Haitian asylum seekers

CBC: Governor General-designate Julie Payette drops bid to keep divorce records sealed

Bloomberg: Canada inflation target under review as prices undershoot

CP/Globe and Mail: U.S. imports of German softwood up tenfold as duties weigh on Canada; Canadian share of U.S. softwood imports drops from 96% to 92%; home prices rising as a result

CTV News: Toronto man flagged as potential ISIS suicide bomber

Hill Times: Indigenous women’s representatives warn against ‘hard reset’ of foundering MMIW inquiry

San Francisco - Globe and Mail: Liberal-named Consul-General Rana Sarkar to make nearly double the office’s official salary; friend of PMO's Gerry Butts

Toronto Star: Rehab Dughmosh refuses to appear in court for third time on 21 terrorism charges; she will now be brought to a hearing scheduled for Monday by force if necessary, judge rules

Toronto Star: Women in Ismaili Muslim sect say they have had FGM in Canada

Reuters: Trudeau warns against entering Canada 'irregularly'

Toronto Star: Lawyer contradicts teen's testimony in 'Neptune Four’ case

Breitbart: Quebec Bill amendment would ban Islamic veil on public transport

Toronto Star: Nectarines are the next big thing in Ontario fruit

Hill Times: Multiple candidates vie for nomination in Ambrose’s former riding

Toronto Star: NAFTA countries agree to pursue ‘rapid pace’ for renegotiations

Toronto Star: City of Toronto shuts down short-term rentals on Dundas Street over safety fears

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Folktale 'Arab & his Camel' clarifies claims of Islamophobia

Heritage: Mosquitoes in Kingston, Napanee test positive for West Nile Virus

Peter Foster - Financial Post: Climate crusaders have got lost in space

Vancouver - Deadline: ‘Deadpool 2’ crash: Details emerge in death of stuntwoman Joi Harris

Financial Post: Here’s why everybody is so interested in Canada’s inflation data

Red Deer - CTV News: Tire cleaner containing naptha leads to car wash explosion injuring 3

CBC: Canadian killed in Barcelona attack identified as Ian Moore Wilson; his wife Valerie was injured

London - City News: Western University music students to live in retirement home with seniors

CTV News: Group of Sears Canada creditors wants to sue executives and board

Globe and Mail: Mother says she felt pressured to send daughter on trip where Toronto student died

BNN: American dairy divided: Some want Canada’s supply management left alone in NAFTA

CBC: Former LNG advocate Gordon Wilson sues B.C. Premier John Horgan for defamation in $5M lawsuit

CP/CTV News: Canada on list of 34 countries with citizens killed or injured in Barcelona

National Post: Rebel Media meltdown: Faith Goldy fired as politicians, contributors distance themselves

Montreal - Globe and Mail: Ontario to open shelter to help assist with influx of asylum seekers

Reuters: Auto groups side with Canada, Mexico on NAFTA origin rules; but modernization needed anyway

BBC: Peanut allergy treatment 'lasts up to four years'

Quebec - Reuters: Canada sees 'unsustainable' spike in illegal asylum seekers at U.S. border

Marketwatch: Raising the minimum wage leads workers in these industries to be replaced by robots

Toronto Sun: Facebook threat forces cancellation of free speech event at Ryerson: Jordan Peterson

CTV News: Agricultural leaders demand delicate touch to any potential NAFTA changes

CP24: Arson suspected in fire that destroyed part of Burlington Baptist church: Pastor

CBC: CIBC to swallow PC Financial's banking business, rebrand as Simplii

Toronto Star: NAFTA has ‘fundamentally failed,’ Trump’s top trade official says to open renegotiations

CBC: Confederate plaque on Montreal Hudson's Bay store removed

Global News: Illegal refugee claimants found in possession of child porn at Quebec border

Camrose - CBC: 'It still fits': Diamond ring missing since 2004 turns up on garden carrot

Kim Moody, Kenneth Keung - Financial Post: Canada’s tax proposals read like a class-warfare manifesto against private businesses

Toronto Star: Canada’s NAFTA demands unlikely to be considered, U.S. trade vets say

Charles Burton - Ottawa Citizen: Chrystia Freeland's disquieting silence around trade talks with China

Global News: Toronto police release more images of suspect in TTC subway bomb threat

National Post: Is the Liberals’ NAFTA wish list a sign they are setting up talks to fail?

Victoria: Economic hit to guide and outfitter industry as B.C. NDP ends Grizzly Bear hunt

Hamilton Spectator: Two Canadians killed in Burkina Faso attack were a pregnant newlywed grad of Queen's University, and a veterinarian food expert from Guelph

Independent: LinkedIn: Having a public profile just got more risky thanks to new U.S. court ruling

Global News: Tributes pour in for Brooklyn stunt stand-in for Domino character killed on ‘Deadpool 2’ movie set in Vancouver

Windsor - CTV News: Chatham man admits to threatening to blow up Parliament, gets 180 days in jail

Daily Caller: Illegal refugees complain about housing in Montreal

Vancouver - CTV News: Female stunt driver dead after accident on Deadpool 2 set

Toronto Star: Business coalition sounds alarm over Ontario’s minimum-wage hike; say will cost consumers and jobs

CTV News: McDonald's Canada selling 67-cent hamburgers to mark 50th birthday

Global News: Two Canadians among at least 18 killed in Islamist terror attack on popular restaurant in Burkina Faso

Daily Commercial News: Upsize announced for set of Napanee cannabis facility builds by ABcann

CTV News: RCMP shortages leave Mounties in 'crisis,' officers say

Toronto - CBC: Over 630 Ontarians have ended own lives since new law brought in; but now advocacy group wants to force religious institutions to allow assisted deaths, too

Showing the hand - CTV News: From labour standards to red tape, Canada outlines broad NAFTA goals

CTV News: As NAFTA talks begin, U.S. negotiator who praised the deal knows where all the compromises are buried, won't be buffaloed

CBC: Small business owners say they are unfairly targeted by proposed federal tax changes

CBC: Memo raises doubts about who was 'architect' of residential schools; Trudeau wrong again?

CBC: 'No guarantees' asylum seekers will get refugee status, Quebec premier points out; Philippe Couillard says it's 'sad' that people are being told it's easy to be admitted to Canada

Quebec - CBC: 1,200 asylum seekers wait to be processed at Lacolle border crossing

Toronto Sun: Ontario PCs initiate watchdog probe into Quebec power purchase

Conrad Black - National Post: Canada is failing to see the North Korea crisis clearly; It has been painful to read and watch the asinine Canadian media reaction to the North Korean crisis. The focus has not been on the lunacy of the North Korean regime but on President Trump

CBC: StatsCan blames computer error for spike in number of English speakers in Quebec

Montreal - CBC: Fire at Morin Heights' legendary recording hub, Le Studio

NY Times: A surge of illegal migrants crossing into Quebec tests Canada’s welcome

Chris Selley - National Post: Northern Ontario superballots are hard to justify, even in the name of reconciliation

Murray Mandryk - Regina Leader-Post: Through Brad Wall beat the heart of Saskatchewan

CBC: Montrealer sole resident of condo building after other units rented on Airbnb

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: From pipeline to Wall and Fildebrandt, a day that went all wrong

Huffington Post: Only French speakers should be allowed to immigrate to Quebec: PQ Leader

CBC: Military builds tent village to house surge of asylum seekers at Quebec border

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: Saskatchewan politicians, business leaders and others react to Brad Wall's resignation

Global News: Late Napanee teen to be remembered through music festival, scholarship fund

CBC: Brad Wall's departure highlights changing political landscape of Western Canada; All 4 provinces will also have new Opposition leaders soon

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Canada Lightning Activity -- map
Canada Weather Warnings -- text
Canada Weather Warnings -- map
Canada Current Weather -- text
Canada Current Weather -- map
Canada Weather Network
Current Weather

North America ~ Current Temperatures
Intellicast Local Weather Maps
Canada ~ Yahoo Current Weather
Intellicast Canada Weather
WEATHER without the hype
Whiteley, UK weather details
Univ of Washington - Weather Data
link to image
NWS Radar - U.S. Mosaic Full Resolution
Multi-maps ~ WeatherBELL Analytics
Ventusky ~ excellent real-time monitoring graphics worldwide
NWS Radar - Great Lakes
NWS Radar - North East
NWS Radar - South East
NWS Radar - Pacific North West
NWS Radar - Pacific South West
NWS Radar - Southern Plains
NWS Radar - Buffalo, NY
NWS Radar - Binghamton, NY
Agriculture radar weather
BBC Weather Time Machine
U.S. weather blog
U.S. Severe Weather & Flash Flood Warnings
Intellicast Active Storm Track
Intellicast Current U.S. Weather Map
New York City weather
National Weather Service - Main

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