Guillain-Barre syndrome: Fears grow that Zika virus is linked to a rare neurological disorder that can leave sufferers paralyzed

Maiduguri: 2 female bombers kill 58 in northeast Nigerian refugee camp

Washington: Zika virus found in tissue samples from fetuses, newborns with microcephaly

CBS News: Live video news coverage

NBC News: Sanders takes 60% in 3-person Democrat field; Trump gets 35% in 11-person Republican field; with over 90% of results in from New Hampshire

LA Times: Most worrisome for competitors, Trump shows strength in both urban and rural areas

Washington: Major defeat: U.S. Supreme Court blocks Obama carbon emissions plan as requested by 27 states

Gawker: Transactional journalism: How Hillary Clinton gets the coverage she wants

Spy chief James Clapper: Homegrown extremists biggest Islamist threat to U.S.

Piston pin snap rings: Honda officially recalls 2016 Civics over engine failures, continues halt to new sales

Tips: How to drop out of the Presidential race when New Hampshire becomes your Waterloo

Far, far away: Enormous beam found streaming from black hole in distant galaxy

Newsweek: New cause of Lyme Disease, borrelia mayonii bacteria, discovered in blood of midwestern patients

Ex-Mayor of New York: Billionaire Michael Bloomberg confirms he's considering bid for White House

Iraq: How and why anti-ISIS coalition aircraft have been playing a vital role for fighters on the ground

CNN: Intel agencies had hints of ISIS plot before Paris attacks, source says

Lawrence Solomon: Europe planning to deport hundreds of thousands of Muslims

Geneva: UN panel documents Assad Government 'extermination' of detainees in Syria

Belgrade: Pilot who landed jet in Somalia says security at airport is 'zero'

Manchester: Former frontrunner Clinton now faces a likely loss in Tuesday's first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire

updated Tainan: Death toll from Taiwan quake now 38, hunt still on for more survivors

Mogadishu: CCTV video shows man with security jacket handing laptop to suicide bomber; 15 arrests so far

Philip Haney: Homeland Security ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties

Benghazi: Deadly air strike hits hospital in east Libya; 4 dead including a nurse

Detroit: Dearborn Heights man Khalil Abu-Rayyan plotted ISIS style attack at local church: FBI

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Zika virus discouraging many Americans from Latin America travel

Latest hypothesis: Earth is a mix of two planets – early Earth and planetary embryo Theia; theory comes from analysis of moon rocks from Apollo 12, 15 and 17 missions and six volcanic rocks from Earth’s mantle — five from Hawaii and one from Arizona

Baghdad: ISIS territory shrinks in Iraq and Syria as coalition air war brings results

Chicago: Police suspect 'targeted attack' in mass stabbing that left six dead in home; one died by multiple gunshots

Rio de Janeiro: Pregnant women in Brazil urged to think twice before giving a kiss

Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian health institute discovers Zika virus in saliva, urine

Washington: Twitter suspends 125K accounts it says promoted ISIS terrorism

Stockholm: Julian Assange's 'rape victim' blasts UN panel ruling that he was being illegally detained as 'offensive' and says WikiLeaks founder needs to 'take responsibility' and face Swedish authorities

North Korea’s new missile threat: U.S. and Canada already within reach ahead of upcoming rocket test

New York: Construction worker captures deadly collapse of crane with cellphone video

Belgium: Refugees among gang caught on video dancing, singing in Arabic as they rape unconscious teen, say police, who confiscated phone with video

Al-Qaeda magazine: Egypt Air Crash inspired Osama to plot 9/11 terror attacks

Paris: Friday the 13th attack leader said he slipped in with 90 undocumented extremists

Somalia plane explosion: Bomb 'probably' caused blast that saw man 'sucked to his death' through hole in jet

Germany: Europe clamps down on flow of refugees as crisis deepens

Greece: Violence breaks out at Athens protest over pension reforms

First Canada-born U.S. President? Calgary's Ted Cruz wins Republican Iowa Caucuses in U.S. Primary season first result

Tampa: Man who expressed "anti-government sentiments" arrested for having 7 pipe bombs and bomb-making material

Germany: 20-year-old Swedish woman dies after being pushed in front of Berlin subway train by Iranian reportedly in city only a few hours

Dallas: No kidding Dept: Father found not guilty of property theft after he took away his 12 year old’s phone: ‘I was being a parent’

Brasilia: Brazil's Zika virus outbreak worse than believed: Minister

New York: Wall Street lower on weak China data, fall in oil prices

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia says 375 civilians killed on its border in Yemen war

New York: When Trump tells supporters not to donate, they mostly listen

London: Britain calls welfare brake a ‘breakthrough,’ but fails to reach deal at EU talks

Recife: Zika virus spreads fear among pregnant Brazilians

Reuters poll: Cheap oil won't juice the U.S. economy this time

Washington: U.S. consumer spending softens; savings hit three-year high

Eugenics and ethics: British researchers get green light to genetically modify human embryos

Beijing: Online lender Ezubao took $7.6B in Ponzi scheme, China says

Afghanistan: Kabul suicide bomber kills nine

Sweden: 'Hundreds-strong' mob of masked men rampage through Stockholm train station beating up refugee children hanging out there in revenge attack for female asylum centre worker killed by Somali teenager

Joanne Nova: Understanding the corruption of the Western climate establishment, at the base level

Conrad Black: Donald Trump knows how to make a deal

Amman: Main Syrian opposition team heads to Geneva as peace talks open

Dutch PM: Netherlands to join US-led coalition air strikes in Syria with four F-16s

Matthew Continetti: Iowa's Trump-less debate: It's hard to pick a winner when the frontrunner doesn't appear; none of the candidates on the debate stage have figured out how to respond to the issues driving Trump’s ascent

London: ISIS wants to build maritime arm, aiming to bring war to the Mediterranean, including cruise ships: NATO chief says

Kelly McParland: The refugee crisis is shredding the cords that bind Europe

Libya: ISIS rattled as secret sniper picks off their top commanders, one by one in Sirte, under ISIS control since last summer

Virus crisis: Canadian airlines allow passengers to change flights over Zika

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil fumigates Sambadrome Olympic venue as fears mount over Zika virus; health minister admits country "badly losing" war against virus

London: EgyptAir mechanic whose cousin joined ISIS suspected in Russian plane crash

WHO: Zika virus outbreak 'spreading explosively'; risk profile has changed from mild threat to one of alarming proportions: WHO Director-General

Australia: Teenager Sevdet Besim accused of kangaroo bomb plot; stuffing it with explosives and unleashing it on police

Copenhagen: Denmark votes to to seize migrant assets to cover costs; also delays family reunification up to three years

Soft on terror? France's Justice Minister resigns over stripping French citizenship from convicted foreign-born terrorists; the French Guiana-born Minister was known her her 'soft on crime' approach

Seattle: 2 killed, 3 injured; shooting at homeless camp deepens crisis

updated Oregon: One rancher dead as shots fired as Bundys, others, arrested in traffic stop as group en route to speak at public gathering

Iowa: Frontrunner Trump dumps Fox debate in protest; to hold competing event to raise money for U.S. military veterans

Wisconsin: FBI arrests Islamist planning a machine-gun massacre at Milwaukee Masonic Temple; Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, 23, has been charged with possessing machine guns and a silencer

updated Sweden: Police flee angry migrants as officers try to rescue 10-year-old boy rape victim

Washington: Upcoming U.S. Senate hearing on "Canada’s Fast-Track Refugee Plan: Unanswered Questions and Implications for U.S. National Security"

Washington Post: Isolation, alienation and illness afflicting Syrian refugees in Canada, Germany and Uruguay make them want to return home

Copenhagen: Danish parliament set to approve law on seizing refugees' valuables to pay for costs of housing, feeding 20,000; policy would treat migrants and refugees in same way as country's unemployed, who must sell assets above a certain value before they can receive benefits

London: Putin’s secret wealth revealed, including $50M yacht from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian PM cleared of graft after $681 million in bank account declared a Saudi gift

Molndal: Female worker stabbed to death at Swedish refugee centre

New York: Exxon sees energy demand rising 25% by 2040 as population grows

WHO: Zika virus: Outbreak 'likely to spread across Americas'

Paul Driessen: Base policies on reality, not deceit; we all suffer when governments and people lie about global warming, or whatever they call it this week

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia says ISIS threat "very real" as video warns of attacks

Hong Kong: East Asia cold snap kills 85 in Taiwan, breaks 60-year-old records

updated Cameroon: 28 dead, 65 wounded in Islamist suicide bomb attack on Douala market

'Soon in Champs Elysees': Chilling threat of Paris terrorist brandishing head of man he has just decapitated in martyrdom video – before ISIS claims Britain will be next target

New Delhi: India arrests 19 planning to carry out 7 ISIS attacks on Republic Day

Chris Cillizza: Who had the worst week in Washington? Hillary Clinton

Airports and roads open after two feet of snow: Snowbound New York strives for normal Monday as travel revives

Washington Post: Clinton needs an Iowa victory to blunt the momentum of Bernie Sanders

David Catanese: Trump, Sanders gain strength in Iowa homestretch

Bloomberg: Commodities slump means $460B in savings for China

Salena Zito: Hillary getting a pass on Dems' turn left to socialism

Amman: Jordan border guards shoot dead 12 drug smugglers from Syria

Bangkok: Thailand confirms second case of MERS

Atlantic: How Trump is exposing media's diversity problem; his rhetoric reveals demographic disparities that have inadvertently contributed to his surge

Zika’s alarming spread: CDC investigates link to paralyzing condition, adds 8 countries to travel warning

Moscow: Putin denies sending spy chief to Syria to ask Assad to step down

Washington: Coalition needs to take back Mosul and Raqqa: U.S. Defence Secy Carter

London High Court Judge's report: Ex-KGB spy was killed because he claimed Putin was a pedophile

Mogadishu: Somalia restaurant attack by Islamists claims 19

Athens: At least 41 migrants die in 2 shipwrecks off Greek islands

In time for Rio Olympics: Thousands of babies born with unusually small heads in Brazil linked to terrifying outbreak of mosquito-borne Zika virus

London: Putin 'probably' ordered KGB defector Litvinenko's death by radioactive poisoning: inquiry

Abdulrahman al-Rashed: Are the Palestinian Authority’s days numbered?

Tom Nelson: NOAA settled science: Earth at 58.24°F in 2014 was allegedly hotter than Earth at 62.45°F in 1997

Work passes revoked after jihadi study group formed: Singapore deports 26 Bangladeshis as suspected militants

New York: Stocks slide as oil tumbles, S&P lowest in almost 2 years

Damascus: Russian airstrikes in Syria have killed more civilians than ISIS jihadis, report claims as Moscow boasts of 6,000 bombing runs since September

Melbourne: 'Major wake-up call': Tennis stars want names of match-fixers

Kelly McParland: Germany discovers the limits on its tolerance

Sign of the times? ISIS sends enforcer to Gaddafi’s home city to prepare possible escape for ISIS leaders in Syria and Iraq

Martin Pelletier: Why the price of oil will recover faster than you think

NY Times: Some inconvenient gun facts for Liberals; gun ownership way up, homicide rate way down

Irbil: 'The stone walls have been literally pulverized': ISIS razes 1400-year-old Christian monastery, the oldest in Iraq

Debt, demographic woes challenge top 5 developing countries: Brics’ New World Order is now on hold

Texas: Waste Connections to buy Progressive Waste, move to Canada

Baghdad: UN report: Iraqi civilians dying at a 'staggering' rate at hands of ISIS

Bergenfield: Bomb threats received at 9 northern New Jersey schools

Serbia: Bitter cold in Europe, but the migrants keep coming

Collusion, RICO exposure? Canadian Pacific Railway wants U.S. DOJ to look into block talks held by U.S. railroads

Mexico City: Money laundering probe targets Mexican actress in 'El Chapo' case

Eagles founder: Glenn Frey, dead at 67

A nation shocked: German police have now arrested three Algerians over Cologne assaults

London: David Cameron backs bans on Muslim face veils as UK Tories plan crackdown on gender segregation

Cologne: First suspect in custody accused of sexually assaulting woman on New Year's Eve

End of Europe? Berlin, Brussels' shock tactic on migrants to have consequences

Tehran issues order: Iran to pump 500,000 barrels more a day into the global glut as oil sinks below $28

Jalalabad: Suicide bomber kills 14 at tribal gathering in Afghan city

Conrad Black: How the Chinese slowly protest

Deadly painkiller: 1 dead after botched clinical drug trial in France, 5 still in hospital

Portsmouth: Trump suggests he could pick Scott Brown as his running mate

Vienna: Iran frees 4 U.S. prisoners, gets 7 Iranians back

Cologne: American woman tells how small group of Syrian refugees rescued her from New Year's Eve sexual assault

Boston: Taxes chased GE out of Connecticut

Newsweek: Poll: Bill Clinton seen wielding little influence over voters, either way

Cologne's aftershocks: Polls say only 29% agree with massive migrant influx

Remember Juno Beach: Oh, Canada! Trump and Cruz could use a history lesson

Baggage lady: Clinton’s lead is evaporating, and anxious Democrats see 2008 all over again

New York: Wal-Mart to shutter 269 stores, 154 of them in the US; ending Express store format

Denver: Ten miles from Columbine, two teenage girls accused of plotting a copycat shooting

Las Vegas: MGM to charge for parking on Vegas Strip, bucking tradition

Sacramento: ISIS-linked California terror suspect swore return to Syria

Berlin: Refugees banned from German pool over harassment complaints

Jakarta: Indonesia kills one militant after attack, search for more

Siberia: Scarred woolly mammoth bones point to hunters in Asian Arctic 45,000 years ago

Mogadishu: Bodies of Kenyan soldiers dragged through Somali streets after al-Shabaab attack on base

Japan: Ski tour bus in Nagano crash kills 14, injures 27

Germany: Cologne migrant sex-attack spree sparks 'huge spike' in defensive weapons sales; now more than 670 criminal complaints

updated Paris: French drug trial leaves one brain dead, five injured; DID NOT involve 'cannabis' as earlier media reports said

Indonesia: Police say Jakarta attack funded by ISIS group in Syria

Scott Gilmore: Germany’s real problem with refugees: culture

Washington: Advertisers fleeing TV for web faster than expected, papers, magazines on life support

Stockholm: It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men... Sweden’s record is shameful

London: Oil hovers at 12-year lows as huge Iran supply looms, post-sanctions

Europe on the brink? Lethal storm of economic problems brews in Germany

Indonesia: ISIS "definitely" behind deadly ongoing Jakarta attack: police chief

Florence: Italy arrests African migrant over murder of U.S. woman Ashley Olsen

Reservoirs re-filling: Do the El Nino rains signal an end to historic drought in California?

Australia: Sydney Opera House and Manly ferry terminal locked down following 'bomb threat'

PM Davutoglu: Istanbul bomber entered Turkey as refugee from Syria

Michael Cruickshank: Could Iran and Saudi Arabia go to war?

From Connecticut: General Electric to move HQ to Boston

Pasadena: Cable news network Al Jazeera America to shut down; lasted only 30 months after buying assets Al Gore's failed TV venture for $500 million

Bloomberg: U.S. stocks tumble as risk flight intensifies, Brent oil sinks

Paris: French Alps avalanche kills 3, leaves 3 others injured

Politico: Controversy explodes over Iranian images of captive U.S. sailors

Persian Gulf: Iran releases captured U.S. Navy crew members and their seized vessels to Fifth Fleet

Wired: How Mary Barra and GM beat Tesla, Toyota and the rest to the first true mass-market electric car — the Chevrolet Bolt

300 groups join case: IRS Tea Party lawsuit given class action status

Quetta: Suicide bombing at Pakistani polio vaccination centre kills at least 15

Washington Post: Pat Buchanan sees Donald Trump as the future of the Republican party — and the country

Turkey: Syrian bomber suspected as blast kills 10 in Istanbul tourist hub

Margaret Wente: Germany’s brutal immigrant awakening

Michael Gerson: On foreign policy, Obama was ‘behind the curve’; White House "deferred tough decisions" says former Def Secy Hagel

Nairobi: UN says some of its peacekeepers were paying 13-year-olds for sex

Berlin: Pressure on Merkel grows over refugees; backlash hitting people hailing from Middle East countries

ISIS claims responsibility: 18 killed in Baghdad mall attack

Biographer: David Bowie fought through 6 heart attacks to finish his final record, released Friday

Death of an icon: David Bowie dead at 69 after 18-month cancer battle; days after release of 'Darkstar'

Jack Shafer: Trump's 'strange new respect' moment

Ross Douthat: Germany on the brink

Berlin: Migrant invasion will reach over 10 million warns German Development Minister

Philadelphia: City police, FBI investigate new threat against law enforcement after ambush, shooting of Officer

Burbank: Johnny Carson returns to late night television

Moscow: How the oil collapse is hurting Russia

Mexico City: Mexican officials say drug lord located in part due to interview with Sean Penn

Germany: Scale of Cologne New Year attacks grows as now over 600 complaints filed with police

NY Times: Crime is good: ‘El Chapo,’ Mexican drug lord, sat for Rolling Stone interview with Sean Penn; authorities tipped off?

Rex Murphy: Every major authority in Cologne — police, officialdom, press — failed

Cologne: Hundreds of women stage anti-violence protest

Berlin: Merkel's party calls for stricter asylum laws after Cologne attacks

Cologne: Politically correct apologist says because she didn't witness sexual assaults in streets, they didn't happen

Sinaloa: Drug lord Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman's plan for biopic helped lead to capture

Deal reached: Aid to be delivered to starving Syrian towns as early as Sunday

Vancouver: Black U.S. citizen Kyle Canty denied refugee status in Canada

Keith Nantz: I’m an Oregon rancher. Here’s what you don’t understand about the Bundy stand-off.

Candice Malcolm: Middle East less stable under Obama

Mark Hendrickson: New Year's financial fireworks in China; IMF moves created 2-way street

Marketwatch: Energy companies set for first earnings decline in 48 years: Goldman

Los Mochis: 'El Chapo' Guzman, fugitive drug lord, captured in Mexico

Howard Gold: Trump-Cruz will be the Republican presidential ticket

Street terror: Philadelphia police: Attacker ‘tried to execute’ officer in car, pledged allegiance to ISIS

The coming backlash: A failure by Germany’s elite

Salon: Rahm Emanuel is a national disgrace: Why he represents every worst instinct of the Democratic Party

Cologne: 18 of 31 suspects in New Year's Eve sexual assaults and robbery are asylum-seekers

Robyn Urback: The mass sex attack in Cologne; This is rape culture

Rick Moran: Cruz's gutsy call on phasing out ethanol and other energy mandates

Daniel Henninger: Revolt of the politically incorrect

NY Times: Donald Trump proposes 45% tariff on Chinese exports to U.S.

Terry Glavin: A turning point in the Mideast; "suddenly, the charade of Obama’s grand 8-year strategy of engineering Iranian hegemony throughout region fell fully and completely apart"

Daily Beast: Chicago Mayor tried to bribe victim's family to hide police murder video until after election

G. Murphy Donovan: A strategy to defeat Islamic theo-fascism

The Hill: Bill Clinton rape accuser: Hillary 'tried to silence' me

Video: ‘I wish they’d come over’: 66-year-old man with Alzheimer’s makes emotional plea for friends to talk to him

Berlin: Tensions rise in Germany over handling of mass sexual assaults in Cologne; Merkel’s controversial open-door policy towards refugees at eye of storm

Paris: French police shoot dead knife-wielding man wearing fake suicide bomber vest as he attacks police station

Zliten: Suspected ISIS truck bomb kills at least 60 at Libya police training centre

Tehran: Iran accuses Saudi-led coalition battling Shiite rebels in Yemen of hitting its embassy there in an overnight air strike; AP reporter sees no damage

Cairo: Heaviest Saudi air strikes yet strike Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemeni capital Sanaa

Migrant sexual assaults: Not just Cologne, similar incidents in Hamburg and Stuttgart on New Year's Eve

Cologne: Reports of attacks on women in Germany heighten tension over migrants

Devil in the details: Obama's overblown moves on gun control

Washington: Obama's move on guns may have only modest if any effect on violence

Refugees, recent immigrants blamed: Germans shaken by New Year sexual attacks on women by massing crowd in Cologne

Beirut: Hezbollah targets Israeli forces with bomb, Israel shells south Lebanon

Guardian: Bahrain, Sudan and UAE follow Saudis in diplomatic action against Iran; diplomats told to leave, ties severed

Dubai: A look at long-fraught relation between Saudi Arabia, Iran

Paris: France prepares tribute to Charlie Hebdo, Jewish shop victims

Copenhagen: Sweden imposes ID checks on bridge to Denmark to stem migrant influx

updated Gauhati: At least 8 dead as M6.7 quake hits India's northeast; reports of 5 additional dead in neighbouring Bangladesh

Townhall - April 2015 flashback: Kurt Schlichter: Liberals may regret their new rules

American Thinker - November 2015 flashback: Obama spares ISIS oil facilities to 'save the Earth'

New York Times - November 2015 flashback: Nordic countries, overwhelmed by migrants, retreat from generous traditions

Politico: Donald Trump's Clinton gambit; many Republicans agree Bill's notorious conduct in and after the White House should be 'fair game'

Obamanomics: This is still the worst economic recovery ever

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Angus Reid poll: Most Canadians disagree
with Trudeau's plan to withdraw CF-18s

Rex Murphy on Calgary: 'Where are the city's allies?'

First primary wins: Trump, Sanders triumph in New Hampshire

Supporters wait for Republican Presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump to speak during a primary night rally, Tuesday, February 9, 2016, in Manchester, New Hampshire. ~ Bill Sikes AP

updated Munich: At least 10 dead, 88 injured in head-on German
commuter train crash; passenger numbers down due to holiday

At least 50 of those hurt are in critical condition following accident at about 7 a.m. near the Bavarian town of Bad Aibling, police said. The two regional commuter trains collided on a single track between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen, a short distance from Munich.

Benefits/risks: Should we fear an AI arms race?

DARPA's Legged Squad Support System seeks to demonstrate that a highly mobile, semi-autonomous legged robot can carry 400 lbs of a squad’s load. ~ Defense One

What you should have been shown in school: One year's weather
around the world from geosynchronous satellites in 8 minutes

EUMETSAT is a pan-European agency which takes responsibility for helping to launch and maintain many of the continent's satellites, and in doing so gather weather and climate data and deliver them around the world. This EUMETSAT visualisation, with a still image above, comprises satellite data gathered with infrared satellites and superimposes it above Nasa's Blue Marble map of Earth, which changes with the seasons. The data also includes information gathered by NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency).

Anthony Furey: Canada’s back? With jets out, we’re almost gone

New York: Officials say U.S. athletes have been told they
may skip Rio de Janeiro Olympics over Zika virus fears

Ottawa: Trudeau pulls CF-18s from bombing ISIS, leaves tankers &
surveillance aircraft, adds trainers, continues Harper refugee support

Calgary: How much output has worst oil slump in decades halted? Just 0.1%, but much of it in Canada due to poor world/domestic market access

Mogadishu: Somali officials confirm suicide bomber tried to down jet

In this Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016 photo, an Airbus 321 operated by Daallo Airlines sits on in Mogadishu, Somalia. The suicide bomber blew out through the gaping hole as he attempted to destroy the craft, but the airliner's structural integrity held firm and the pilots were able to make an emergency landing. ~ AP

Seoul: North Korea launches long-range rocket a month after nuclear test

Calgary: Two dead, 6 injured as trespassing after-hours
toboggan hits gate on Canada Olympic Park bobsled run

Bobsled track at Canadian Olympic Park in Calgary.

Stephen Harper legacy: Why American and other foreign victims of
terrorism are fighting Iran’s government in a Toronto commercial court

M6.4: Deadly shallow quake topples buildings in Taiwan city of Tainan;
death toll rising as multiple aftershocks ripple through debris

An earthquake has toppled a number of buildings in the south Taiwanese city of Tainan, killing at least 11, with dozens missing. Rescue teams were trying to reach people trapped in rubble after the magnitude 6.4 quake struck early on Saturday as people were sleeping. Reports suggest at least 4 buildings have come down, including a high-rise residential building. More than 120 have been rescued. President Ma Ying-jeou is on his way to Tainan, a city of two million.

Woe Canada: Liberals axe 'Mother Canada' memorial to lost soldiers;
Cape Breton's 'Statue of Liberty' was for Canada's 150th birthday

Artist's rendering of Liberal-axed 'Mother Canada' memorial, to have been built in Green Cove, located in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. ~ Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation

Texas: Jury orders Apple to pay $625.6M in patent case re-do

Groundhog Day: Wiarton Willie says more winter ahead; Shubenacadie Sam predicts early spring; Punxsutawney Phil agrees with Sam

Movie star Punxsutawney Phil not ready for his close-up. Predicts early Spring after two late Springs in a row.

Brazil: Will Rio Olympics be cancelled/moved because of Zika virus?

Olympics nightmare: Athletes terrified of getting Zika in Rio

Washington: More coalition support needed to fight ISIS

Syria: WHO declares Zika virus a global health emergency

The Zika virus, first identified in Uganda in 1947, has spread in Latin America since its 2014 arrival in Brazil. Countries and territories that have had evidence of Zika virus transmission and antibodies are shown above. ~ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anthony Furey: Canada and U.S. vulnerable to major EMP attack

“When the EMP field is created over the whole country it’s being injected into all your pipelines, all the railroad tracks, all the power lines, all the energy lines,” says Pry. “Naturally, it will cause everything electronic to collapse. This thing threatens the very existence of our electronic civilization. And we are an electronic civilization – everything depends on electronics.”

Syria: 60 dead, 110 wounded by ISIS car bomb and 2 suicide
bombers near Syria's holiest Shi'ite shrine in Damascus

Neubrandenburg: Germany's Merkel says refugees
must return home once war is over

Toronto: Tories didn’t cherry-pick refugees by accepting
ethnic minorities, ex-immigration minister says

Broke the law, shrug: Union members earned $100 each
to smile for Trudeau election photo-op in Waterloo

Pasted-on, illegally paid-for smiles abound as Liberal leader Justin Trudeau visits the United Association Local 527 union hall in Waterloo last September during the federal election. ~ David Bebee K-W Record

Health alert: What travellers should know about Zika virus

Most of the countries affected by the virus are in Central and South America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ~ CBC

Ottawa: Scary Zika virus confirmed among 4 Canadian travellers

Kabul: U.S. grip on Afghanistan unravels, terrorists make most gains
since 2001; one-third of country now under insurgent control

France: Man carrying two guns and a copy of Koran hidden in bag arrested at Disneyland Paris as police hunt woman accomplice

Police arrested a 28-year-old man at the entrance to a Disney hotel. Police source said he was carrying ammunition in the bag along with guns; officers are hunting his female companion who is believed to be on the run.

Toronto: Anger as residents pushed out of hotel for refugees;
now all 200 rooms occupied by government-funded refugees

Fiasco: 600 refugees crammed into Toronto hotel despite waiting sponsors;
Canadians living there say they’re being pushed out to make room for more

A Toronto hotel has become home to more than 600 government-sponsored Syrian refugees, leaving them feeling squeezed, while Canadians living in the hotel say they’re being pushed out to make room for more. Refugee Ali Hamoud and his 12 children have been living in the Toronto Plaza Hotel for three weeks. He managed to find a house, but said it was too expensive, so he will continue to stay in the hotel. ~ CTV

Toronto: Biggest concern of marooned Syrian refugees is lack of govt support; "government-sponsored refugees don't have anybody"

Ottawa: Syrian refugees say feel "trapped in a prison", stuck in Toronto budget hotels; want to return to "refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon"

Priorities: Liberals put benefits for convicted foreign-born
terrorists at top of their Commons agenda

Post-blizzard: New York travel ban lifted, Washington remains at standstill

Alaska: Big M7.1 quake hits 162 miles SW of Anchorage; strike-slip

Andy Johnson: 'Global cooling' far more devastating than global warming

Tides up along Jersey Shore: Blizzard seen dumping 30" on Big Apple

Welcome to winter: Snow accumulation beating forecasts as system stalls

Snowfall totals have reached a foot and a half across Washington, D.C. and Baltimore by midday on Saturday and will continue to pile up from Philadelphia to New York City into Saturday night. According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "This will be a rare event for the region as there are not many storms that bring a foot or more of snow over such a large area and last more than 24 hours." ~ University of Washington (top), Accuweather (bottom)

Snowzilla: U.S. capital shuts down as history-making storm
moves in — expected to paralyze mid-Atlantic area for days

Predicted storm is delivering. Animated radar at: ~ NWS

Washington: Monster storm starts steadily; to last 36 hours

Frankfurt: VW probe finds manipulation was open secret in department

Michael Den Tandt: Why Canada must not step back from war between civilization and Islamists' genocide, slavery and mass rape

Liberals all talk, no action: Dithering on ISIS
damages Canadian foreign policy

Davos: Dutch PM says Europe has 6-8 weeks to get grip on refugee crisis

Legacy: Canada ranked 2nd best in world after 9 years of Harper as PM

Canada rose in every international ranking during 2006-2015 period in which Stephen Harper served as Prime Minister. Continuing that string, Canada is now second only to Germany in latest legacy ranking, the first offered by the Wharton School and U.S. News & World Report.

Davos: Trudeau feet held to fire; allies want to hear "logic behind his pledge to end combat mission by Canadian fighter jets" against ISIS

Winter nor'easter: NWS warns of 2+ feet of heavy, "perhaps crippling" snow across mid-Atlantic U.S., from Philadelphia to Washington

Ivison: How can Liberals leave others to defend our national security?

updated Charsadda: Toll: 21 dead, 50 to 60 wounded in university attack;
intelligence sources say the 8 to 10 gunmen were wearing suicide vests

The attack began around 9:30am local time when militants wearing black turbans cut through a back fence (some accounts state that they scaled a university wall) in the cover of thick morning fog, and opened fire on students near a boys hostel while shouting “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great.” Ashfaq Ahmad, a security officer of the university, told the Washington Post that the attackers “were restricted to the boy’s hostel when security guards opened fire on them.” ~ Mureeb Mohmand Twitter

NY Times: At least 22 dead in attack on university in north Pakistan;
dead include students, faculty and guards; prof died fighting back

Ottawa: Conservative Party to choose next leader May 27, 2017

Washington: IMF cuts global growth forecast as China slows

Beijing: China growth edges down, fuelling anxiety over global outlook

'Insignificant' snub: Canada shut out of anti-ISIS coalition meeting

Cloudy ways? Trudeau dodges media question on size of deficit

Montreal: Mother of Burkina Faso terror victim criticizes Trudeau's
weak-kneed ISIS stance: "I’m so ashamed of my country"

Michael Den Tandt: Where is the fury and resolve to fight back?
Justin Trudeau's silence on terrorism is deafening

Deir Ezzor: ISIS abducts over 400 in east Syria after deadly assault

Ouagadougou: Six Canadians from Quebec among 23 killed by Islamists

Since 1928: Markets suffer worst start to year since Great Depression

updated Ouagadougou: 27 killed from 18 countries, 126 hostages freed;
4 Islamists killed, including 2 women; hotel attack followed 2 car bombs

A hospital chief said at least 20 people have been killed and another 15 wounded in the ongoing assault. "For the dead, we do not have a precise figure, but there are at least 20 dead," said Robert Sangare, the head of Yalgado Ouedraogo hospital. "We have had at least 15 wounded with bullet wounds and others who suffered injuries during the panic to escape." A police officer was shot trying to reach the Splendid hotel opposite where the attackers remain, according to officers. ~ @burkina24 Twitter

But, what? 'Of course' allies want Canada's fighter jets to stay
over Iraq and Syria, says Defence Minister Sajjan

An Air Weapons Systems Technician and a pilot inspect a CF-18 Hornet fighter jet before the next mission at Camp Patrice Vincent during Operation Impact over Iraq. ~ DND

Ouagadougou: Gunfire, explosions near hotel in Burkina Faso’s capital

Jakarta: ISIS fanatic's arsenal of bombs, guns revealed after
suicide attack on civilians killed at least 7, including a Canadian

Toolkit of terror: Police found an arsenal of weapons including bombs, guns, pipebomb grenades, ammunition and a knife in the rucksacks carried by ISIS fanatics who launched a series of co-ordinated attacks that left at least seven dead in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, including one Canadian. ~ ©ZUMA Wire Rex/Shutterstock

Washington: Obama completely ignores captured sailors in SOTU speech

Pentagon: U.S. says Iran to return 10 captured sailors Wednesday

Pentagon: 2 U.S. Navy boats with 10 American
sailors snatched from Persian Gulf waters by Iran

Iranian military forces seized two U.S. Navy boats Tuesday and are detaining them on Iran's Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf, senior U.S. officials said. The 10 American sailors aboard the small riverine vessels were on a training mission around noon ET when one of the boats may have experienced mechanical failure and drifted into Iranian-claimed waters, officials said. Iran's coast guard took them into custody. ~ NBC

2016 meltdown? ‘Sell everything,’ global banking giant
tells investors and brace for ‘cataclysmic year’

Bejing: China’s slowdown, financial mayhem cast long shadow
across world; stocks drop for fifth straight day

Nipigon: Ontario's first cable-stayed bridge damaged, closed by cold,
opened in November; second span to open in 2017

Nipigon: Cold heaves bridge, stops all cross-Canada traffic;
eastbound and westbound forced to travel through U.S.

The Nipigon Bridge has heaved and is now closed pending inspection from engineers. ~ Natalie Hardy Facebook

Cologne: 'Cover-up' over sex assaults blamed on migration
sensitivities; public safety treated as less important than PR

Crowds of people outside Cologne Main Station in Cologne on New Year's Eve. Public anger is growing in Germany over hundreds of sexual assaults against women, amid suggestions that authorities were slow to act due to political sensitivity surrounding the perpetrators' ethnicities. ~ EPA

Montreal: No traffic, but traffic cam captures majestic snowy owl fly-by

A traffic camera in west of Montreal island caught a snowy owl flying by in close quarters on Sunday, Jan.3, 2016. Quebec Transport Minister Robert Poeti released images of owl Thursday on Facebook. ~ Robert Poeti Facebook

Calgary: TransCanada launches NAFTA Chapter 11 claim over illegal Keystone rejection by Obama; seeks $15B (U.S.) in costs and damages

London: China tumult sends oil and stocks plunging, again;
for second time this week China suspends stock trading

Pedestrians are reflected in a share prices board in Tokyo on January 4, 2016. Tokyo stocks tumbled more than 3%, hit by weak China data and a pick-up in the yen as investors seek out the safe-haven unit fearing growing tensions in the Middle East. ~ Yoshikazu Tsuno AFP/Getty Images

London: Global stocks hit by China worries, North Korea nuclear test

Seoul: South Korea denounces North Korea's H-bomb test

Guardian: North Korea nuclear H-bomb test claims
provoke skepticism and condemnation

Did they or didn't they? North Korea claims H-bomb test;
seismic evidence suggests big blast

Observers agree a nuclear explosion of some kind took place and it seems to have been a bit bigger than the last test in 2013, but not nearly big enough to be a full thermonuclear explosion - an "H-bomb" - as Pyongyang claims. North Korea has a determination to defy both world opinion and heavy sanctions to reach their nuclear goal. Crucially, its main ally, China, has proved either unwilling or unable to help. ~ BBC

Aden: Yemen war intensifies amid mounting regional tension

Marketwatch: China’s rigged markets could fall much further, much faster

Toronto: Dow Jones and TSX slump after China trading auto-halted

WSJ Live: Global markets tumble after China sell-off

Globe and Mail editorial: Want to re-write Canadian democracy?
Hold a referendum; 2015 election wasn't a blank cheque

NY Times: How do Sunni and Shia Islam differ? Sectarian
geography as Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia rivals engage

Less than 15% of the world's Muslims are Shiite, or Shia; most Muslims are Sunni. ~ Pew

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran after embassy burned

Pathankot: Operation to flush out Indian air base attackers in 2nd night

Tehran: Iran warns Saudi Arabia of 'divine revenge'
over execution of terrorist Shiite cleric

Pathankot: Attack on Punjab air base by Pakistani terrorists foiled,
five Jaish men killed in 17-hour gunfight

Tehran: Saudi Arabian embassy and consulate attacked in Iran

Flames and smoke rise from Saudi Arabia's embassy during a demonstration in Tehran. ~ Reuters

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia executes 47 terrorism convicts

Germany: Police presence at Munich train stations
reduced, no signs of new threat

UAE: Dubai skyscraper fire smoulders into 2016

Germany: Police in Munich warn of 'imminent threat' of terror attack

2015 ends: Despite fears and huge Dubai fire, New Year revelry rolls on

UAE: 1,000-foot Dubai condo/hotel burns in shadow of Burj Khalifa

A tourist, Michelle Duque, who is visiting Dubai, told the BBC: "All of a sudden we saw this huge black plume of black smoke coming between the Khalifa Tower and the hotel. The flames burst out really big and before we knew it the whole of the Address Hotel was covered in orange flames." ~ Reuters

Scott Reid, MP: Electoral reform must go to a referendum

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The feared is happening: Ottawa seeks infrastructure support from pension funds

Andrew Coyne: We’re about to find out whether the Liberals believe their own deficit bafflegab

Joe Oliver: Why equalization no longer works

Like father, like son: Liberals could put Canada on track to run $90B in deficits over first mandate, bank study says

Future is now: Renfrew County using drones to help first responders: find hikers, supply life jackets in dangerous waters, hazardous materials risks, size-up situations

James Mennie: Trudeau, ISIS and the "mistakes that come from kindness"

Thomas Walkom: With no end in sight, Justin Trudeau has expanded Canada’s war against ISIS; making it look more like the Afghanistan mess Harper inherited

Toronto: Ontario now offering incentives up to $14K for people who buy electric cars

‘Flashing warning signs’: Canadian markets bracing for ‘dramatic’ Bank of Canada action — and a recession

Matthew Fisher: Trudeau needs to stop ISIS with force, not with boasts about distributing blankets

Ottawa: First Nations Chief blasts airport security for doing their job

New Brunswick: As politicians gloat about climate ‘leadership,’ Saudi Arabia’s oil is dumped in Canada

Jennifer Wells: Is Mogo a fintech company to concern big banks?

London: Ontario government wants Toronto-Windsor high-speed rail proposal by October, MP says

Ujjal Dosanjh: Our new ISIS mission is a moralizing swipe at our Allies

Jen Gerson: The ebbing of the Notley revolution carries lessons for Ottawa

Cochrane: Alberta unite-the-right group aims to bring Wildrose, PCs together

Ottawa: New mission without warplanes will mean greater risk for soldiers of death and wounding in firefights, says Canada's top general

Matt Gurney: Canada’s new ISIS mission offers worrying signs that our foreign policy is in unsteady hands

White elephant: Ontario finally smells coffee, says failed Union-Pearson Express can't continue at current 8% ridership level; considering lower fares, commuter use

North Battleford: First Nations sue Ottawa for failure to protect 'rights' to oil and gas outside reserve lands

Andrew MacDougall: Cut the campaign rhetoric … because it's 2016

North Bay: Nipissing University must consider significant downsizing due to changes in Ontario Govt funding says audit

Andrew Coyne: Now a word from our Prime Minister on Canada’s new role in Iraq and Syria

John Ivison: Don’t be fooled by the spin — Canada is not playing its full part in battle against ISIS

Jeff Sallot: Trudeau’s ISIS strategy is high-risk — and largely political

Toronto: Ontario spent $600K on pension plan ads during federal election, while laying off nurses

Ottawa: Why did Canada sell 43.3% of its official gold reserves in January?

Jenni Byrne: How the Conservative Party can avoid the political wilderness

Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll: Support for Alberta’s PC party skyrockets at the expense of NDP, now in third place

Calgary: Luge track operator likely not liable for teenagers' deaths says lawyer; dead twins had worked there last winter so knew risks, protocols

Tom Parkin: Trudeau spurns NDP votes he once courted

Eric Reguly: Human-smuggling network extending into Canada uncovered

Washington: Toronto lawyer outlines security risks of Syrian refugees to U.S. lawmakers

Michael Den Tandt: Trudeau could do with a little less 'sunshine'; "still operating as a gregarious, eager-to-please newcomer" as country careens without firm hand on tiller

Tonda MacCharles: Liberals back CSIS in torture lawsuit; despite previously voting in Commons against CSIS in same case

Seen from abroad: Self-inflicted economy, security woes dent popularity of Canada's Trudeau

Calgary: 17 year-old twin brothers identified as teens who died in bobsled crash at Canada Olympic Park

Motherisk: Canadian lab spent 20 years ruining lives

Rona Ambrose: Trudeau doesn't get what drives our economy

Kelowna: Conservatives' expansion of advance polls and voting hours led to 74% increase in advance voting in 2015 election; critics had alleged voting was being restricted

Andrew Coyne: Trudeau's first three months in power big on symbolism, short on substance

John Robson: Finance ministers should study New Brunswick Liberal Govt, and do the opposite

Michael Den Tandt: Delay-prone Liberals should be wary of ‘Mr. Dithers’ tag’

Joe Oliver: Canadians should beware the consequences of climate change … policies

Victoria: End of Great Bear Rainforest grizzly hunt to cost First Nations $$ millions

Vancouver: LNG Canada delay marks new blow to B.C. hopes

Edmonton: Trudeau backs away from "absolutely" election pledge on First Nation veto

Teary eyes: ‘This is home away from home’: Céline Dion, all of Las Vegas pay final respects to René Angélil

Consequences: Lowe's buy of Rona for $3.2B may be first of low-Loonie bargain takeovers by American firms

David Akin: Finance Minister Morneau’s serial missteps costing him credibility

Regina: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says Trudeau should show federal economic leadership and champion energy sector and Energy East pipeline

David Krayden: Trudeau is on a collision course with Defence Minister Sajjan

Change of tone? Brison warns public service bargaining must be ‘realistic’ in face of deteriorating economy

Toronto: Detailed, graphic testimony kicks off trial of Jian Ghomeshi; former CBC radio host faces life sentences over multiple charges

Michael Den Tandt: Liberal government’s new pipeline hurdles show Trudeau feels untouchable after election win

Ottawa: Trudeau still campaigning, CBC citizen questions get softball answers

Quebec: Liberals ignore local concerns, OK oil trains to resume travel through devastated Lac-Mégantic in 2017

Erin O'Toole: Trudeau shows worrying disregard for Canada's economic diversity

Toronto: 2 dead, 3 injured in downtown College/Spadina overnight shooting

#Oopsie: Tories say Liberals just repaying 'union bosses,' blast ineligible campaign contribution

David Akin: Liberals gut Conservative union accountability rules

Rex Murphy: An environmental review process is an organized procrastination

Montreal: Men arrested in Quebec child porn bust worked as teachers, scout leaders; grade 3 teacher suspended with pay

Eight victims: 32-year-old Edmonton man convicted of "horrific" and "brazen" sexual attacks on women handed 12-year prison sentence

McBride, BC: "Very large" avalanche kills 5 snowmobilers; 3 separate groups caught in slide

Contrary to Liberal claims: Canada continued surplus in 9th month of 2015-16 fiscal year in November; still $400M in black

Peter Foster: Trudeau turns the pipeline game into all snakes, no ladders

Les MacPherson: In the new Ottawa, Canada’s signature means nothing; our reputation further eroded by change in government

Robyn Urback: Free Dan Smith, Canada’s wrongly-jailed cat-feeding retiree

John Ivison: Canada needs Trudeau to be a cheerleader for pipelines, not a referee

Media sleeping on job? The Twitter trial you never heard about: Toronto man found guilty of harassing MP Michelle Rempel

Ottawa: Chiefs from B.C., Manitoba and Quebec reject Liberal pipeline reform; say weren't consulted

Toronto: 4 police officers charged with perjury, obstructing justice; "We will not tolerate any bad behaviour," new Chief Saunders says

Ottawa: Conservatives gave priority to refugees from persecuted Syrian minorities; ones not admitted to Lebanon and Jordan refugee camps due to high risk there, too

Ottawa: Canadian Blood Services to defer donations from travellers to Zika areas

Injustice: Retired Gatineau man with cane, Dan Smith, 65, jailed over unpaid cat fine

Paul Wells: Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days; some patterns have been set; Ministers talk to media anonymously, afraid to be quoted; trouble abounds and surrounds; from free-falling oil to terrorism, to shots in feet, the Liberal Govt faces both external and self-inflicted woes

Toronto: Court appearance today for Premier McGuinty top staffers Laura Miller, David Livingston in Ontario Liberal gas plant case; charged in December with breach of trust, mischief

Winnipeg Free Press editorial: Trudeau needs a little more self-discipline

Montreal: Police bust pedophile ring in Quebec in raids that extend to Toronto

Ottawa: Man, 41, charged with threatening to kill female reporter during live broadcast from Byward Market

John Robson: Liberals are fooling no one with flim flam on Pacific free trade

Michael Den Tandt: Time for Liberals to stop the platitudes and start governing

Toronto: Ontario pension plan going full steam ahead toward 2017 launch — just don’t ask the cost to run it

Ottawa: Elections Canada opens loophole that gives third parties unlimited writ-period robocalls

Barrie: Police chase leads to discovery of 2 homicide victims in driver's home

Kangaroo court: Canada discriminated against aboriginal children says human rights tribunal; simply because provinces spend more on social services

Déjà vu: Top aboriginal chief to Canada's Trudeau: Words are easy, take action

1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Its 440 recommendations were ignored by Chretien and Martin Govts; Harper Govt began implementation, including recommendations on transparency, education and self-government

Ottawa: Ambrose tells Trudeau to get Coderre under control as Montreal Mayor threatens national unity with anti-pipeline stance

Publisher pulls plug: Metroland kills Guelph Mercury newspaper, founded in 1867, releases all staff

University of Toronto News: Canada was snubbed at ISIS talks — and we deserved it, U of T Professor says; “Liberals played shabby electoral politics with a matter of immense international importance”

Toronto: Peter MacKay won’t rule out Conservative leadership run — or playing NHL hockey with Leafs, if opportunity arises

Indecisive, and trying to have it both ways: Canada to sign that it agrees to terms of TPP, but not approving deal says Minister Freeland

Toronto jury: Police officer James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder in streetcar shooting of knife-wielding Sammy Yatim; not guilty of 2nd-degree murder

Incoherent in Ottawa: Liberal honeymoon could end with anti-ISIS mission

London: Oil tumbles 3%, but stocks hold ground; Canadian dollar trading lower again

Ottawa: Tories, NDP to press Liberals over pipelines, environmental rules

Boessenkool & Speer: Conservatives are in a solid position to win again, thanks to the Stephen Harper decade

Robert Fulford: How can we stand aside as the world falls to poisonous totalitarian beliefs?

Rex Murphy: The PM’s handyman complex; "there is in this government’s dismissal or underplaying of the value and intelligence that goes into resource development, a strain of disdain for the ordinary, the common, the tried and useful"

Andrew Coyne: Trudeau digs a hole for himself in Davos

Kelly McParland: Denis Coderre preaches myopia in Montreal

Don Braid: Alberta smiles at Canada, Canada snarls back

Terry Milewski: From here and abroad, Justin Trudeau faces demands to keep up ISIS bombing

Montreal: Hydro-Québec sends 200 workers to help during U.S. storm

La Loche: Victims identified; two young teachers and two young brothers; male, 17, charged with 4 counts of 1st-degree murder

Gary Lamphier: Is Trudeau 2.0 set to unleash NEP 2.0 on Alberta?

La Loche: Killer murdered his two brothers, then a young female teacher in rampage; 4 dead, 2 injured

updated Saskatchewan: 4 dead in La Loche school shooting; remote Dene community of about 3,000 people 600km from Saskatoon in shock

Toronto: Man found not guilty in precedent-setting Twitter harassment trial; victory for freedom of speech against PC bullies

Ottawa: November retail sales surge on new car sales

Davos: Trudeau calls on heavily indebted countries to borrow and spend heavily on infrastructure; advocates reckless spending his father used to drive Canada to edge of bankruptcy in early 1980s

Purchased at supermarket: Doctors warn about parasite in raw fish after tiny, toothed worms found in Calgary man

Ottawa: Inflation in Canada ticks up to 1.6% in December on higher food prices

"I told him to stop his political blabbing": Husband of Burkina Faso victim says he hung up on Justin Trudeau

Calgary: Canadian Pacific Railway to cut 1,000 jobs in 2016 on lower shipment volumes

Three want pause, one wants slowdown: Now 4 Canadian cities say overwhelmed by Syrian refugee dump

PBO: Faulty Liberal guesstimate means tax changes to cost Canada an extra $100M per year

Ottawa: Canada's manufacturing and wholesale sales post gains in November: StatsCan

Bank of Canada: Canada needs five years to adjust to commodities rout

Not unlike Chretien and Martin experiences: Harper relations with Supreme Court not especially antagonistic, study finds

More Trudeau shuffles: Michael Wernick new Clerk of the Privy Council – for now

Vancouver: Canada rejects Iraqi man's refugee claim because he was a senior official under Saddam Hussein

Constitutional issue: Toronto Distillery Co. challenges Ontario rules that force it to sell liquor at mark-up for LCBO

Non-serious government puts Canada on margins: Canada's exclusion from anti-ISIS meeting 'predictable': Conservatives

Media rationalization continues: Postmedia cuts 90 jobs, merges newsrooms in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa

Washington: IMF downgrades Canada’s economic outlook

Abu Dhabi: Libyan-Canadian Salim Alaradi charged in UAE with two counts of supporting terrorism, lawyer says

Times Colonist editorial: New assisted-suicide law requires caution

Court's 'personal exemptions' puzzles Minister: Has Supreme Court tried to usurp role of Parliament? Jody Wilson-Raybould says she doesn't know

Vancouver: Stanley Cup riot of 2011 cost $9M

It's all about them: Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau shows lack of judgement, and singing ability, as she unexpectedly bursts into song at Martin Luther King event

Ottawa: Liberals' waiving of travel costs for Syrian refugees created 2-tier system

Independent First Nations Senator: Patrick Brazeau hospitalized, lawyer says; found 'badly injured' at his Quebec home

Ottawa: Bank of Canada faces key rate decision Wednesday: To cut or not?

More bottlenecks: Ottawa joins Vancouver in asking Liberals for a break from refugee influx

Double blows: High rent, union rules blamed for closing of Toronto-area Goodwill stores

Loonie falling too far and too fast, damaging public and business confidence: ‘Currency instability’ now a serious concern for Canada; do Liberals have any plan?

Couillard: Quebec will not 'bow' to terrorism; 7 lost to killers in 2 days

Ken Boessenkool & Sean Speer: Why Kevin O’Leary is wrong for Conservatives; needs less Ayn Rand and more Edmund Burke

No refund of 40 days' salary: MP Seamus O’Regan says he’s ‘40 days alcohol-free’ and returning to work

$4.24 Billion: Suncor reaches deal to buy Canadian Oil Sands with sweetened offer

Push-poll? Kevin O'Leary and Peter MacKay get similar support for Conservative leadership, but both outweighed by 'undecided' in very early days of replacement process

Quebec: Premier Couillard says Burkina Faso, Jakarta deaths strengthen resolve in terrorism fight

Ottawa red tape puts business and jobs on hold: NewLeaf discount airline postpones service, will refund tickets

But has 4 mortgages: Once ensconced in Stornoway, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair now living out of Ottawa hotels

Ouagadougou: Four Quebec family members and two friends among dead in Burkina Faso terrorist attack

Budget tight: Toronto Star announces layoffs in tablet experiment, closes printing plant, outsources printing

Matt Gurney: Canada's Syrian mission isn't broken, so the Liberals can't figure out how to fix it

Fred Kerr: Kevin O’Leary is merely saying what investors are already thinking about Notley (with poll)

Indonesia: Quebec resident killed in deadly terrorist attack in Jakarta for which ISIL claimed responsibility

Ottawa: Trudeau picks close allies as ambassadors to U.S. and UN

Capacity roadblock: Refugee arrivals to Vancouver paused as agency scrambles to find housing

Luqman Ahmed: Here's why terrorism is able to thrive in some countries

Ottawa General: Hospital battling MRSA outbreak among newborn babies in intensive care

Financial Post: As oil and loonie spiral, is it lights out for Trudeau’s ‘sunny’ economic ways?

North Troy: ‘Camouflaged Canadian’ nabbed at U.S. border with sled full of $1.6M in smuggled drugs

Because new government still non-functional: Supreme Court agrees to extend deadline for right-to-die law by four months

What to do, how to do it: Cabinet will hear from ‘deliverology’ guru as retreats to isolated NB resort to sort out priorities

Catherine Swift: The big infrastructure rip-off

Part-time Cabinet Minister: Environment Minister Catherine McKenna turns off her phone at night; job and country come second

Saved by security guard: ‘I felt helpless’: Ottawa teen tells court harrowing story of gang sex attack at bus stop

Ottawa: Police heap pressure on Canadian crime family by seizing $1.4M in properties

Calgary: Sinking oil prices: Winners and losers

Guelph: 12 horses perish in another Ontario barn fire

Toronto: Canadian dollar dips below 69 cents U.S.

Montreal: René Angélil's death draws strong response from fans, friends; Céline Dion’s husband, manager dead at 73

Yael Berger: Who is Justin Trudeau meeting with? Obama releases a detailed schedule online. Wynne sends itinerary to media daily. Trudeau’s meetings? Listed as ‘private’

Vancouver: After arriving in Canada, Syrian refugees still stuck in limbo; settling them in Canada's most expensive cities?

John Robson: Why trust a government that can’t build a bridge?

Chris Selley: Honest questions over Syrian refugees aren’t racist, they’re a reasonable concern

Toronto: Loonie closes below 70 cents U.S. for first time in nearly 13 years

$2.65-billion deal: Key things to know about Shaw’s deal to sell media division to Corus Entertainment

Ottawa: Hydro One pulls plug on wonky smart meters in rural areas; "finally", says Randy Hillier

Cuts out middle man: Bombardier scraps $1.75 billion of jet orders in sales shift

Bloomberg: Canada dollar set for unprecedented plunge to 59¢, top forecaster says

Toronto: Canadian dollar sinks below 70¢ as oil dips under $30

Calgary: Security video captured bar attack by two Muslims; lives saved by quick-acting bouncers, aided by luck

Toronto: Construction manager gets prison in scaffold deaths

Toronto: As loonie slides, price of produce expected to rise

Charlottetown: Liberal MP sends envelope of pot back to sender, instead of calling RCMP

Over-subscribed: People paying their way to front of line in immigration program?

Frank McKenna: Immigrants should be required to live in Atlantic region to boost population

Lawrence Martin: Lack of a leadership rival boosts Mulcair’s odds of survival

Carol Goar: Sixties Scoop: Ugly stain on Canada’s aboriginal record; another vile nanny state failure

Australia: Canadian helicopter pilot dies in Antarctica deep crevasse fall

One lane now open: Nipigon River Bridge, Ontario's most expensive, and defective; why is there a single such link for whole country?

Toronto: Small group of expensive patients account for most health spending; spread among age groups

Kingston: Vandals target both Liberal MP and organizer of Sir John A. Macdonald commemoration on his 201st birthday

Ottawa: Canadian man captured by Taliban five years ago freed

Journalist, novelist, poet: George Jonas dead at 80

Toronto: Ontario tire recycling fees fund boozy board dinners — AND eye-raising donations to Ontario Liberal Party

Ottawa: Liberals open to broad security revamp, or none, Goodale says; in charge of public security but doesn't have a plan

Ottawa: How the LAVs Canada is selling to Saudi Arabia compare to jeep-level Canadian Forces vehicles; Trudeau called 8-wheeled LAVs 'Jeeps' during election

Vancouver: Syrian refugees pepper sprayed outside welcome event

Zerohedge: The death of the Canadian oil dream, a firsthand account

Joe Warmington: Feds must help free Canadian pastor from North Korea abyss

Joe Oliver: The Loonie’s fall from grace

Ottawa: Trudeau advised by civil service experts to deepen ties with Saudi Arabia, brace for change in Iran

Peter Foster: TransCanada’s Keystone legal action may lead to airing of real state of climate science

Kelly McParland: Canada's last Conservative Premier is also its most popular

Durham: Ajax public school teacher charged with luring young teen

Ottawa: Liberals drop ball on assisted dying committee, despite December claim it was 'urgent'

Barbara Yaffe: Ignore First Nations at your peril, says chief; in extortive warning

Regina: Saskatchewan Premier tells 115 inmates refusing to eat how to avoid prison food — don't go to jail

After stumbling start: How will the Trudeau government handle challenging economic environment in 2016?

Manitoba: NDP MP Niki Ashton seeks Elections Canada probe of Churchill-Keewatinook Aski vote; more votes than voters, partisan electioneering by EC officials alleged

Helsinki: Maple Leafs' prospect Kapanen scores OT winner as Finland defeats Russia for world junior crown; Canadian fans added lung support to home team's fans

Ottawa: Legalizing pot in Canada will run afoul of global treaties, Trudeau warned

Devastating of elite horses: State-of-the-art training facility destroyed by fire was one of a kind

Puslinch: 43 racehorses die in Ontario stable fire

Joe Warmington: Seamus O’Regan lucky to not face same scrutiny as Ford

Ottawa: Liberals to allow rejected refugees from listed countries the ability to appeal at full public cost, long and expensively-delaying their deportation; reverse Conservative decision to give refugee claimants single public hearing

Ottawa: Troubled rookie Liberal MP Seamus O'Regan takes break from new duties as elected official to enter alcohol-related program

Want to re-build own country: Why 7 out of 10 Syrian refugees decline Canada’s resettlement offer; Canadian funding help for refugees in Jordan has been more important

Toronto: Ontario Liberals quietly gave University of Toronto big funds for MaRS collaboration with wealthy corporation to add tenant to boondoggle building

Margaret Wente: Who wants Trudeau’s electoral reform?

Toronto: City issues extreme cold weather alert for next two days; temps to hit -16°C in GTA, lower in far-flung suburbs and rural areas of southern Ontario

More needed in theatre? CF-18 combat jets busy striking multiple ISIS targets in Iraq

Dan Brown: Proportional representation aids extremism

Justice? 'Toronto 18' convict granted day parole so he can go to graduate school

Mark Sutcliffe: Grits managing perception, not fiscal reality

Quebec: 50,000 ducks die in fire at Brome Lake Ducks in Eastern Townships

Doug Saunders: Move over megaprojects, here come the teraprojects; along with teracorruption

Gwynne Dyer: Sex slavery past obliges Muslims to condemn ISIS

Kelly McParland: For a taste of Trudeau’s 2016, see Rachel Notley’s 2015

Warren Kinsella: 10 reasons it’s wrong to change electoral system in the way change is being proposed by Trudeau Government

Calgary: South Korea re-opens Canadian beef imports

John Ibbitson: Conservatives vow to block electoral reform without referendum; hope that Liberals will "come to their senses"

Theya culpa: McCallum admits that Liberals will miss revised 2015 target by two weeks; had repeatedly mocked and insulted those who said it couldn't be done

Bloomberg view: Canada's new government makes its first big mistake

Lorrie Goldstein: Why carbon cash grabs fail

#Fail: Liberals on track to miss already-reduced refugee target by nearly 4,000 people

Drake Fenton: Governing by 'political will' and broken Liberal refugee promises

Montreal: La Presse stops printing weekday editions after 131 years

13 seconds: Earthquake detectors gave UBC researcher heads-up on quake

Canadian victim: Bill Cosby arraigned on charge of aggravated indecent assault

2016: Debt reduction Canadians' top financial priority: poll

M4.7 hit near Victoria: Vancouverites shaken awake by overnight quake

Matthew Fisher: Time for a reality check on Canada’s generosity toward refugees

Randall Denley: The buy now, pay later strategy is bad government

Liberal smoke and gears: Too much 'make believe' in Syrian refugee program, former top bureaucrat says

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Ontario webcams

CBSN - CBS News streaming

WCBS880-Radio New York City

680News-Radio - Toronto

Toronto Trafficams



CTV News



WDIV-TV - Detroit

WBZ-TV - Boston

WFXT-TV - Boston

NBC-TV - Los Angeles

KTTV-TV - Los Angeles

KABC-TV - Los Angeles

KING5-TV - Seattle

Channel 4 - London, UK


Fox News video

Sky News video

CNN video

LiveLeak videos

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Canadian Live Weather Radar Links

The Weather Network - Canada

Canada Lightning Activity -- map

Canada Weather Warnings -- text

Canada Weather Warnings -- map

Canada Current Weather -- text

Canada Current Weather -- map

Canada Weather Network
Current Weather

North America ~ Current Temperatures

Intellicast Local Weather Maps

Canada ~ Yahoo Current Weather

Intellicast Canada Weather


WEATHER without the hype

Whiteley, UK weather details

Univ of Washington - Weather Data

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NWS Radar - U.S. Mosaic Full Resolution

Multi-maps ~ WeatherBELL Analytics

NWS Radar - Great Lakes

NWS Radar - North East

NWS Radar - South East

NWS Radar - Pacific North West

NWS Radar - Pacific South West

NWS Radar - Southern Plains

NWS Radar - Buffalo, NY

NWS Radar - Binghamton, NY

Agriculture radar weather

BBC Weather Time Machine

U.S. weather blog

U.S. Severe Weather & Flash Flood Warnings

Intellicast Active Storm Track

Intellicast Current U.S. Weather Map

New York City weather

National Weather Service - Main

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