Health alert: Understanding the connections between alcohol and breast cancer

Global News: At least 44 dead after bus hurtles down cliff in southern Peru

Rich Lowry - NY Post: The Russians didn’t do anything to us that we weren’t already doing to ourselves

Global News: Kirstie Alley criticized by Olympic curlers after she calls sport ‘boring’

Jacob Sullum - NY Post: Russia’s trolls were barely background static in the 2016 campaign

Henry Olsen - City Journal: Trump, Twitter, and the GOP’s improving poll numbers

The Hill: Dopey Russian ads didn't swing voters — federal coverups did

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: It’s time to believe tipsters when they warn us about maniacs

Global News: Let teachers carry guns, say 2 Republican lawmakers including Columbine survivor

CBC: UN expresses 'outrage' over bombardment deaths in Damascus suburbs; worst daily death toll in 3 years in rebel-held region eastern Ghouta

PC Magazine: Samsung Squeezes 30TB Into a 2.5-Inch SSD

NY Post: Trump endorses former rival Mitt Romney for Senate bid

CTV News: Guitar-maker Gibson fighting for survival

Global News: Former employees of Russian ‘troll factory’ back U.S. indictment

Caught again - Reuters: Russian team in shock over latest Olympic Games doping scandal

National Post: Trump slams FBI for failure on Florida shooter tip, says 'too much time' spent on Russia

The Guardian: Five killed in Dagestan church shooting; women shot dead in Islamist attack on Orthodox church in North Caucasus region

Global News: Benjamin Netanyahu warns Israel could act against Iran’s ’empire’

CBC: Who's that commanding stares from North Korea's Olympic troupe? Only Kim Jong 'Um' — satire and fury as Kim Jong-un lookalike tours the Olympic grounds

CBC: Russian athlete in Pyeongchang suspected of doping violation

AP/Global News: 66 dead after Iranian twin-engine TurboProp crashes in southern mountains, killing all aboard

CNBC: Stocks close higher, post best weekly gain since 2013

AP/CBC: Florida Governor demands resignation of FBI Director after agency admits it got detailed tip Parkland high school shooter-to-be had 'desire to kill'

CNBC: Russia's political disinformation group had about 80 tech employees, DOJ indictment says

Neil MacFarquhar - NY Times: Meet Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian Oligarch indicted in U.S. election interference

Alternet: Rod Rosenstein: Americans listed in Mueller indictment were 'unwitting' pawns in Russian meddling

NY Post: Trump to visit the families of Florida massacre victims

NBC New York: 'No collusion' — Mueller indicts 13 Russians accused of election meddling; charges include conspiracy, wire fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft

Daily Caller: Mass layoffs at IJR, leaving future uncertain

NY Post: Deputies called to suspected shooter’s home 39 times over seven years

Miami Herald: FBI apologizes, says it failed to probe tip on school shooter Nikolas Cruz

NY Post: Spared student says Parkland killer warned him: ‘Things are gonna start getting messy’

NPR: Oxfam Chief asks forgiveness for sexual exploitation by aid workers

NY Post: Police transcripts reveal frantic search for Florida gunman

Washington Post: U.S., Turkey return from brink, aim to ‘normalize’ ties

CTV News: Suspect confessed to Florida school attack: Sheriff's report

Debra Heine - PJ Media: Sharyl Attkisson explains the origins of the 2016 'Fake News' narrative in TedX Talk

Fox News: Trump condemns Florida shooting as act of ‘hatred and evil,’ vows to ‘tackle’ mental health issues

Fox News: Nikolas Cruz: A portrait of the Florida 19-yr-old who killed 17

Press Democrat: First blood test to help diagnose brain injuries gets U.S. OK

AP/Star Tribune: Florida governor vows to keep mentally ill from getting guns

Parkland - Miami Herald: 17 dead, 15 wounded after expelled student shoots up Stoneman Douglas High in Broward County

updated Fox News: 17 dead; Florida Senator Nelson says "Many people have been killed" in high school shooting in Parkland, in South Florida

CBC: Minnie Driver quits as Oxfam ambassador after paid sex in crisis zone scandal

Dallas Business Journal: $10.7B set aside in U.S. budget to buy dozens of Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter

Laura Barrón-López - Washington Examiner: Democratic super PAC warns Trump's approval is rising

Salena Zito: Democrats' biggest liability wears 4-inch heels

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: The Trump, Clinton scandals are claiming a lot of bodies — at FBI and Justice

Politico: Poll: GOP gains on generic ballot, Trump approval ticks upward

Baltimore Sun: One injured in shooting at Fort Meade, SUV stopped at NSA security gate

AFP/Digital Journal: Macron boots French media from presidential press room

CNBC: North Korea is an increasing threat despite charm offensive, warn top intelligence officials

The Local: France sticks by plan for new compulsory 'national service' for young people

Fox News: Susan Rice's Inauguration Day email raises new questions for Comey

Miami - CBS News: Derek Jeter to critics: "We're trying to fix something that's been broken"

Metro: Marks and Spencer and Visa could pull support for Oxfam amid sex scandal

Fox News: California teacher who slammed military refuses to quit, but is condemned by city council

Lee Smith - Tablet Mag: Was Christopher Steele paid by Russian Oligarch and Putin ally Oleg Deripaska? New information casts the dossier he allegedly authored in a new light

Jon Heyman - FanRagSports: Bombshell lawsuit filed against Levinson brothers; paints ACES as a "rogue agency that reaped millions of dollars in fees by cheating the game of baseball"

Daily Caller: Democrats’ Farrakhan problem just became a campaign issue

NPR: This man has freed hundreds of Yazidis captured by ISIS. Thousands remain missing

Globe and Mail: Russian pilots’ failure to turn on heat led to flawed speed data

Reuters: U.S. to push for 'reciprocal tax' on trade partners: Trump

Reuters: ANC orders Zuma to step down as South African President

Moscow - Toronto Star: Russian plane crash caused by pilots’ error on speed data, investigators say

Daily Caller: Virgin Islands bounced National Guardsmen’s paychecks while using federal disaster money to pay a DC lobbying firm

CTV News: South Africa's ruling party demands that Zuma resign

CBC: Surge in global oil supply may overtake demand in 2018, says IEA

CBC: Trump wants business to take over space station from NASA by 2025

Reuters: Walgreens in talks to buy AmerisourceBergen: WSJ

Daily Caller: Michelle Obama official portrait doesn't look anything like Michelle Obama the former First Lady; people are underwhelmed, puzzled

Vanity Fair: CNN, despite Trump Bump, prepares for dozens of layoffs

Global News: Oxfam’s sexual abuse scandal in Haiti prompts CEO’s resignation

Toronto Star: ‘Are you a citizen?’ To U.S. Border Patrol, the Canadian border is 100 miles wide; under a 1953 federal regulation, they question and detain American citizens travelling well within U.S. boundaries

CTV News: Marijuana's 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes in U.S., says B.C. researcher

updated Fox News: Donald Trump Jr.'s wife and two others hospitalized after opening envelope with white powder; powder determined be "non-hazardous" by police

Reuters: Tech, financials lead Wall Street 1% higher in early morning trading

Business Insider: Stocks are making another big rebound after a volatile week

Fox News: Microsoft goes after Windows 'scareware' that tries to pressure you for payment

Reuters: Trump budget plan to seek funds for border wall, infrastructure, opioid treatment

Fox News: Miles from Winter Olympics, three Americans remain detained in North Korea

Business Insider: Trump has revealed a $1.5T plan to repair America's infrastructure — here's the most dangerous bridge in every state

Bloomberg: Trump unveils long-promised $1.5T plan for upgrading U.S. infrastructure; 53-page report details plan

Reuters: Comcast mulling new bid for Fox assets depite Disney deal: sources

Tablet Mag: How CIA Director John Brennan Targeted James Comey

Paul Sperry - RCI: CIA Ex-Director Brennan's perjury peril

Business Insider: Criminals in Europe are laundering $5.5B of illegal cash through cryptocurrency, according to Europol

NY Post: North Korea is already using the Olympics for propaganda

Fox News: Scam hijacks Google Chrome browser, tries to get your personal data

Radio Free Europe: Russian plane was 'intact' when it hit the ground

USA Today: Grand Canyon helicopter crash victims identified; tourists from the UK

NY Post: NBC dumps Olympic analyst amid fury at Korea-Japan comment

The Guardian: Haiti demands Oxfam identify staff who paid sex workers

Esquire: Silicon Valley's tax-avoiding, job-killing, soul-sucking machine; why Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google must be broken up

CBC: OxyContin maker Purdue says it will stop marketing opioids to U.S. doctors

Wayne Allyn Root - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Scandal deepens for top Democrats

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Peeling back the layers of Hillary Clinton’s deceit

Express: 71 dead as Russian passenger jet crashes outside Moscow

Salena Zito - NY Post: Here’s another industry Amazon is killing off

USA Today: Nunes memo exposes Obama abuse of power

Olympics - Reuters: Games organizers confirm cyber attack, won't reveal source

Politico: Draft White House memo would speed up infrastructure project permitting

The Hill: Backing Israel, WH warns Iran to stop 'provocative actions'

Financial Times: Israel says it dealt ‘severe blows’ to Syrian and Iranian forces

Investor's Business Daily: Americans overwhelmingly believe the Obama administration spied on Trump, want Special Counsel: IBD/TIPP Poll

Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review: Grassley-Graham Memo affirms Nunes Memo — media yawns; We need a full-blown investigation of how the FISA court came to grant warrants to spy on Carter Page

NY Times: Liberals wanted fiscal stimulus. Conservatives delivered it.

Detroit News: 18 killed in Hong Kong double-decker bus crash

Toronto Star: Israel shoots down Iranian drone, launches ‘large-scale attack’ in Syria; loses F-16 to massive anti-aircraft fire from Syria, but pilots safe

CNBC: Amazon reportedly launching a delivery service for businesses; FedEx, UPS shares slide

Global News: U.S. Congress votes to end 5.5-hour government shutdown after passing budget deal

Politico: Prominent California #MeToo movement lawmaker Cristina Garcia investigated for sexual misconduct allegations; multiple male victims

CNBC: Stocks are setting up for a rebound after Dow plummets 1,000 points, entering correction territory

Politico: Former Cato Institute employees describe years of harassment by founder Crane

Global News: California girl scout sells more than 300 boxes of cookies in front of weed dispensary

Fox News: Democratic Sen. Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch lobbyist in effort to contact dossier author Christopher Steele; in one text to the lobbyist, Warner wrote he would "rather not have a paper trail" of his messages

CNBC: Cramer explains the rapid sell-off: 'When the market’s not trustworthy, no one buys'

Victor Davis Hanson: Why FISA-gate is scarier than Watergate

U.S. News: Storm to clobber U.S. Midwest with snow, wind and frigid temps

Scott Rasmussen: One major difference between 2010 and 2018

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Govt revenues climb 5.2% in first month of GOP tax cuts

Editorial - Bloomberg: SpaceX stuns the world; even without customers, the Falcon Heavy is a milestone in American spacefaring

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Grassley-Graham criminal referral confirms Nunes Memo’s explosive claims Of FISA abuse

The Hill: Uranium One FBI informant makes Clinton allegations in testimony; Moscow routed millions of dollars to America with the expectation it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton's charitable efforts while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quarterbacked a “reset” in U.S.-Russian relations

Conrad Black - New York Sun: Trump starts Year Two in a far better position than Democrats imagined

Karen Tumulty - Washington Post: Taking back the House will be harder than Democrats think

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Far more children in America than previously thought may have fetal alcohol disorders

Motherboard: Key iPhone source code anonymously posted online in 'biggest leak in history'

CBC: Former Bangladesh PM Zia sentenced to 5 years in prison in corruption case

The Guardian: Spread of breast cancer linked to compound in asparagus and other foods

Daily Mail: Adam Schiff sent his staff to try and collect 'classified materials for the FBI' after Russian pranksters told him Putin has naked blackmail pictures of Trump

Politico: Congressional leaders reach budget deal; agreement would raise stiff spending caps and help stave off a shutdown

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Scheming, speculation behind scenes as Democrats push their intel memo

Syracuse: FBI lovers' newly released texts: Obama 'wants to know everything'; what did Obama know and when did he know it?

Sky News: Viruses raining down from Earth's atmosphere, say scientists

Fox News: U.S. Air Force B-52 drops record number of guided precision bombs on Taliban; part of a 96-hour air campaign that struck training facilities and sources of Taliban revenue such as narcotics

AFP: South Africa's ANC 'divided' on Zuma's fate

Channel NewsAsia: Iran-backed Iraqi groups urge full U.S. withdrawal, hardliners threaten attacks

Indianapolis - AP: Police: Suspect in Colts player’s crash death an illegal immigrant who was deported twice

WNYT: Massachusetts orders utilities to lower rates after Trump tax cut

Victor Davis Hanson - National Review: The ticking memo: "It is also clear from the contacts between Mr. Simpson, Mr. Steele, and representatives of the DOJ and FBI, and the employment of Ms. Ohr on the dossier team, that there were conflicts of interest at best, and, at worst, collusion between Obama DOJ and FBI officials and the de facto contractors hired by the Clinton team to find ways of disseminating supposedly embarrassing information before the November 2016 election."

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Answering 3 key questions about the House memo

Paris - AP: Amazon to pay France $250M in back taxes

Detroit News: Super Bowl truck ad with MLK’s voice draws criticism

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: The GOP memo proves the ‘deep state’ is real

Wayne Allyn Root - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democrats are holding a losing hand against Donald Trump

Vatican City - AP: Despite denial, Pope got abuse victim’s letter

Siegel, Epstein - City Journal: The Nunes Memo: Just an opening act; landmines left behind by the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign might soon start detonating — on Democrats

NY Post: Feds investigating why Amtrak switch was set in wrong position

London - AP: British judge to rule on Assange bid to get warrant dropped

Roger Kimball - The Spectator: I wanted Ted Cruz to be President, but Donald Trump is working

Editorial - Orange County Register: California payroll soars, pension hole deepens

Julian Zelizer, CNN Political Analyst: Trump may be making a comeback; Whether it's 42% or 49%, the fact remains that his approval rating is increasing. And Democrats are seeing some slippage in the generic ballot

Robert Marston: Sex-positive icon Betty Dodson courts #MeToo-era controversy: “If you’re going to drink yourself into a stupor, you’re just up for grabs.”

NY Post: Florida ready to take in New Yorkers seeking tax shelter

James Robbins - USA Today: Nunes memo exposes abuse of power

Frankfurt - AP: ECB experts: US tax law could erode Europe’s tax base

The Guardian: Trump: Schiff and senior Obama intelligence figures are 'liars and leakers'

NY Post: Amtrak conductor killed in crash was worried about rail safety, sister-in-law says

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Joe Manchin's world of hurt following SOTU

London - AP: Alleged UK hacker wins appeal against U.S. extradition

Global News: Philadelphia fans set fire, damage property after Super Bowl win

San Jose - AP: Broadcom raises Qualcomm bid to more than $121B

Euronews: Paris attack suspect faces trial in Brussels

CBS: 2 dead, 116 injured in South Carolina Amtrak crash; New York to Miami run

NY Post: A male backlash against #MeToo is brewing; it's been called “a frenzied extrajudicial warlock hunt that does not pause to parse the difference between rape and stupidity”

Ben Stein - The Spectator: Thank God that Trump won; and three cheers for Devin Nunes

CBS: Cellphone radiation linked to tumours in male rats, U.S. Govt study says

Ari Fleischer - The Hill: My experience with Andy McCabe: No criticizing James Comey allowed

John Daniel Davidson - The Federalist: House Intel FISA Memo shows just how politicized the Obama Administration had become

Chris Swecker - Fox News: Shocking FISA memo reveals how Comey disgraced an honorable FBI

Bruce Robinson - American Thinker: Identity politics and the end of meaning

John Kass - Chicago Tribune: Democrats melt down over Nunes memo and enter the Upside Down

Editorial - Wall Street Journal: A reckoning for the FBI; the House memo reveals disturbing facts about the misuse of FISA

Roger Simon - PJ Media: Why did the Democrats lie so baldly about the FISA Memo?

NY Daily News: Pentagon acknowledges Russia is developing a 'doomsday' nuclear-armed torpedo

David Harsanyi - The Federalist: FISA abuse memo proves the need for an independent investigation; until then, no one will be satisfied

AFP: Iran arrests 29 women as headscarf protests intensify

Independent: Bitcoin price plunge: Falling cryptocurrency value highlights new fears around digital money

The Week: The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke' The RNC has nearly $40M

Detroit - CBS: Michigan Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence caught playing Candy Crush game on phone during State of the Union address

Politico: GOP defies FBI, releases secret Russia memo to partisan fury; 'Congress will do whatever they're going to do, but I think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country,' the President says

CBC: Arrests fail to stop Iranian women from raising hijabs in protest

Fox Business: Economy added 200,000 jobs in January; wage growth best since 2009

Medicalxpress: Cancer 'vaccine' eliminates tumours in mice, researchers find

The Hill: Monmouth Poll: Trump approval rating jumps 10 points

Tennessean: Married Nashville Mayor, a Democrat, admits affair with married head of her security detail, says she won't resign; is #MeToo a one-way street?

Global News: Massachusetts man married 6 women to evade U.S. immigration laws: prosecutors

LA Times: San Francisco will wipe out thousands of marijuana convictions dating to 1975; nearly 5,000 felony marijuana convictions will be reviewed, recalled and re-sentenced

NY Times: Twitter 'followers' vanish amid inquiries into fake accounts

Global News: Grid girls gone: F1 to no longer use models on starting grid

Philip Cross - Financial Post: Trump is determined to raise wages his way. It could work; President is characteristically not waiting for the Phillips-curve theory that a low unemployment rate eventually will boost wages

Tim Stanley - Telegraph: Trump is a pragmatist who aims to make America great — at any cost

CNBC: Pay gains during Trump's first year in office best since the Great Recession

Marc Thiessen - Washington Post: Trump’s speech nailed it. Let’s see what he does now.

Global News: North Korea cancels invitations for foreign media hoping to cover military parade: reports

Stephen Gordon - National Post: It's not that cryptocurrencies are crazy. They're just not that useful

CNBC: Democrats try to rain on Trump's economic victory lap

Sportsnet: Mike Fisher coming out of NHL retirement, returning to Nashville Predators

Colby Cosh - National Post: A 'right to be forgotten?' Leave that bad idea to the Europeans

CNBC: Influential GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, will not seek re-election; says will "return to the justice system"

WP/National Post: U.S. top general says military is able to destroy 'most' of North Korea's nuclear missile infrastructure

Peter Principle - Toronto Star: Employee who sent Hawaii false missile alert had job performance issues for years but kept position; worker believed drills for tsunami and fire warnings were actual events, and colleagues were not comfortable working with him

Fox Business: Fujifilm to take over Xerox, combined into joint venture

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: State of the Union proof that this is now Donald Trump's GOP

CBS News: 75% of viewers approve of Trump's first State of the Union address - CBS News poll

Washington Examiner: Trump endorses paid family leave in State of the Union speech

Fox News: 'Americans are Dreamers, too': Trump extends ‘open hand’ to Dems on immigration, touts tax cuts, warns North Korea

CBS News: Trump signs executive order to keep Guantanamo Bay prison open

Washington Examiner: 'Our new American moment': Trump calls for bi-partisan co-operation in year ahead

Politico: Hispanic members unload on Democrat leaders at 'tense' meeting

Washington Examiner: Trump on hot mic says he will '100 percent' release Devin Nunes FISA memo

NY Post: Trump pitches immigration overhaul to divided Congress during first State of the Union

Jerusalem Post: Senior Hamas official dies after allegedly shooting himself in the head

NY Post: Trump honors North Korea defector during State of the Union

Washington Times: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue ‘designated survivor’ for tonight's State of the Union

Reuters/Global News: Mexico could allow U.S. air marshals to carry Taser stun guns on flights

AFP: Best friends' brains light up the same way

Fox News: Trump to proclaim ‘New American Moment’ in State of the Union address

Australian Financial Review: Facebook just banned ads for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Adam Schiff’s versions of events are frequently false or missing key details

Washington Times: Arizona Congressman asks police to check IDs of all guests for Tuesday’s State of the Union address and not give special treatment to illegal immigrants attending as Democrat 'guests'

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Wages, Obama economy's weakest link, now surging under Trump

Militarydotcom: U.S. Air Force’s 33,000-pound bunker-busting Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) receives an upgrade

Washington Times: Hawaii worker who sent false missile-attack alert is fired; emergency management leader resigns

Australian Financial Review: Shinzo Abe interview transcript

Fox News: Hawaii worker who sent false missile-attack alert is fired; emergency management leader resigns

Zero Hedge: FBI Director Wray "shocked to his core" by FISA memo, McCabe 'removed' next day, more heads to roll: report

Reuters: U.S. cloud-computing failure could spur up to $19 billion in losses: Lloyd's

Reuters/National Post: Despite sanctions, North Korea exported coal to South Korea and Japan via Russia, reports say

AP/CBC: U.S. issues 'Putin list' of Russian politicians, oligarchs

NPR: Worker who sent Hawaii false alert thought missile attack was imminent

AP/CBC: Yemen PM, cabinet members could seek refuge with Saudis amid separatist attacks; South Yemen separatists, backed by the Emirates, have seized parts of Aden

Korea Herald: PyeongChang 2018: Joint Korean women's hockey team to move to athletes' village ahead of schedule

Fox News: House Intel votes to release controversial FISA surveillance memo to the public

CNBC: Exxon Mobil to invest $50B in U.S. over 5 years, citing tax reform

Fox News: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe 'removed' from the bureau

Washington - NY Post: Rubio fires chief of staff over ‘improper conduct’ claims

AP: 11 Afghan troops die in ISIS attack on Kabul military academy

Wayne Allyn Root - Las Vegas Review-Journal: FBI went to great lengths to plot against Donald Trump

Ruth Marcus - Washington Post: Hillary Clinton: #MeToo, meet #SoWhat

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: How Donald Trump, America's salesman-in-chief, won over CEOs at Davos

NBC News: Turkey hopes its huge 'Istanbul New Airport' will become world's busiest when it opens in October

AFP: In Detroit, Motown nights are reborn

AP: German automakers face heat over tests on monkeys, humans

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Sorry, skeptics, Trump’s tax plan is actually working wonders

AP: Bruno Mars crashes rap’s big party at the Grammys

Joel Kotkin - Orange County Register: A year into Trump’s peasant rebellion

Victor Davis Hanson - American Greatness: From conspiracy theories to conspiracies

NBC News: Trump’s State of the Union theme: ‘A safe, strong and proud America’

NY Post: Victims of bike path terror attack file $600M suit against New York City

Terry Moran - ABC News: Analysis: It’s the 'economy, stupid'. And right now, the Trump economy is blasting off

South Africa - NBC News: Drought-hit Cape Town to set up disaster operations HQ amid water crisis

Independent: Strava fitness map 'accidentally revealed the location of secret military bases' by tracking soldiers' movements

CTV News: Keurig buys Dr. Pepper Snapple, creating a beverage giant

Politico: Sessions pledges to depoliticize Justice Department

NY Times: The follower factory; Everyone wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it. Inside social media’s black market.

Jim Hanson - Fox News: No, Russia didn't work to elect Trump -- It works to divide Americans, with the help of Democrats

CBC: Putin critic Alexei Navalny arrested after call for election boycott

Toronto Star: Afghanistan officials raise death toll from Kabul suicide bombing to 103

CTV News: Trump letter to African leaders: Tillerson to make 1st visit

BBC: Saudi billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal freed after paying settlement

Kimberley Strassel - Wall Street Journal: Operation 'sabotage the memo'; what are Adam Schiff, the Justice Department and the FBI trying to hide?

Sharyl Attkisson - The Hill: As walls close in on FBI, the Bureau lashes out at its antagonists

Kyle Smith - NY Post: New film accidentally exposes Team Obama’s foreign-policy naivete

AP/CBC: 95 killed, 158 wounded in Afghan car bombing; attacker used an ambulance to get through security checkpoint near consulates

NY Post: Clinton thanks ‘activist bitches’ in bizarre video

CTV News: Relations between Trump, global elites seem to thaw at Davos

Editorial - San Jose Mercury News: Stop the California bullet train in its tracks

Washington Times: Salvaging the legacy of the FBI

Ed Rogers - Washington Post: Democrats are coming unhinged over the Trump economy

Andrew Cohen - New Republic: Judging Larry Nassar: why Rosemarie Aquilina’s handling of a serial sex abuser’s case was so problematic

AP/CBC: Trump plan offers citizenship path to 1.8 million illegal immigrants; legal status for so-called 'Dreamers' would be revocable for criminal behaviour and national security threats

Wesley Pruden - Washington Times: Trump crashes the gasbag party at Davos

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: What to expect from the House intel memo on surveillance abuse

CTV News: 39 dead, 131 injured in South Korea hospital fire

Nick Bilton - Vanity Fair: “This is serious”: Facebook begins its downward spiral

Wayne Allyn Root - Las Vegas Review-Journal: The fix was in. The 2016 election was rigged — and Donald Trump won anyway; the revelations about to be made public will shake this nation to its core

Byron York - Washington Examiner: 'Hide the ball' — On Capitol Hill, growing frustration with FBI secrecy

Toronto Star: ‘I don’t have the DNA for it’: Oprah rules out running for President

Business Day: Trump threatens to pull aid to Palestinians if they don’t pursue peace

ABC7 Chicago: Blagojevich PR man one of 4 Americans killed in Afghan attack

Buffalo News: Number of refugees moving to Buffalo plummets under Trump

Libya - Boston Herald: Death toll now 33, with 47 wounded in twin car bombings in Benghazi

Fox News: Trump fires back at Schumer: 'If there is no Wall, there is no DACA'

Detroit News: Poll: Majority of Michigan voters back pot legalization

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: The FBI is looking guilty as hell in Russia probe

CBS News: Wray makes changes to senior leadership team as Trump keeps up attacks on FBI

NY Post: Disgraced FBI agent had doubts about Mueller probe

Rachel Stoltzfoos - Federalist: Politico botches basic fact in hit piece on Christian HHS staffers

Howard Kurtz - Hollywood Reporter: How 'Trump Trauma' is crippling the news media

NY Post: Mom turns in son accused of carjacking after seeing him on TV

Richard Manning - Fox News: Why FBI's 'missing' five months of texts is worse than Watergate

Marc Thiessen - Washington Post: Democrats just got rolled. They can blame Barack Obama.

NY Post: "Multiple" Americans were killed in Kabul hotel siege that left 28 dead, including the 6 terrorists

AP: U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis: Turk offensive in Syria is disruptive

CTV News: Del Toro's 'Shape of Water' lands a leading 13 Oscar nods, one short of record

Florida - NY Post: Border agent arrest of illegal Jamaican aboard Greyhound bus triggers outcry from fellow travellers unfamilar with authority of border/immigration officers

National Post: Team USA's Olympic uniforms will include jackets that self-heat for up to 11 hours with phone-controlled American flag heating element

AP: Ottoman instincts? France, U.S. urge Turkey to show restraint in north Syria

Global News: Neil Diamond quits touring after Parkinson’s diagnosis

Patrick Buchanan - Sioux City Journal: Will U.S., Turkey clash in Syria?

CBC: Volcano eruption near Japan ski resort kills 1, injures 11; snow-covered Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupted around 10 a.m. local time

National Post: North Korea re-schedules military spectacle to one day before Winter Olympics opening

Washington Post: Hawaii Governor couldn't correct false missile alert because he didn't know his Twitter password; the Democrat says he has taken steps to ensure it won’t happen again -- he has now saved Twitter access info on his cellphone; why didn't he use the phone?

Amity Shlaes - City Journal: Growth, not equality; American history shows that expanding the economy benefits everyone

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Schumer listened to the resistance — and lost badly

AP: Border changer? Turkey shells Syrian city as it pushes into Kurdish enclave

Economic Times: Narendra Modi makes his Davos debut seeking bigger global role for India

Byron York - Washington Examiner: What's next in the investigation of those missing FBI texts

NY Post: Trump praises "even Crazy Jim Acosta of Fake News CNN" in shutdown victory lap

The Hindu: Narendra Modi addresses World Economic Forum plenary and says India a positive, growing force in world driven by democracy, demography and dynamism

AP: Senators strike a deal re-opening government after 69 hours, Trump signs

Channel News Asia: Puerto Rico to sell off crippled power utility PREPA; went bankrupt befor hurricanes

NY Times: Trump slaps steep tariffs on imported washing machines and solar products to protect American jobs

Bloomberg: 'Schumer Schurrender' as Democrat Senate leader learns his attempt to smear Trump with shutdown is a non-starter, despite media spin

Jeff Sessions - Washington Times: Trump’s merit-based immigration system

AP: Schumer blinks, Democrats finally align on plan to fund government, end shutdown

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Russia scandal? The left knows of the real one

AP/Houston Chronicle: Mexico posts its highest homicide rate since record-keeping began

CTV News: German nurse already in prison charged with 97 more murders at hospitals

Washington Times: Democrats reject last-minute deal; Republicans schedule Monday vote to re-open government

Fox News: Newly released texts between ex-Mueller team members suggest they knew outcome of Clinton email probe in advance

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Congress seeks answers after FBI claims texts missing in Trump-Russia probe

AP/CBC: Philippine volcano explodes, authorities raise alert level

The Hill: FBI suspiciously 'unable to preserve' some text messages from agent removed from Mueller probe for anti-Trump bias

Record: Newly commissioned U.S. warship, USS Little Rock, stuck in Montreal harbour due to abnormal ice conditions after December commissioning in Buffalo

Daily Caller: Obama mocked Trump’s political ambitions. Trump spent his first year dismantling Obama’s legacy

Kathy Barnette - Fox News: My take on Trump's first year as an African-American mom and veteran

David Harsanyi - Federalist: What the Schumer shutdown tells us about modern Democrats; minority, majority, process, or norms, it doesn’t really matter. Democrats believe they should always be in control

Reuters/CBC: Casualties unknown after 4 gunmen attack Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel

Matthew Continetti - Washington Free Beacon: Team Obama still hasn't learned the lesson of 2016

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: The Trump economy, one year in: A success by all measures

The Hill: Blink: Gutiérrez says ready to give in on wall

The Hill: Shutdown fight turns ugly as both sides dig in

Sara Carter: A Bombshell House Intelligence report exposing extensive FISA abuse could lead to the removal of senior government officials

AP/CTV News: 2 Americans, 2 Canadians abducted in Nigeria freed after concerted police manhunt

Schumer shutdown - AP: Geysers yes, Ellis Island no: Some U.S. parks open, some not

Susan Page - USA Today: A consequential president: Trump's tweets have overshadowed the impact of his policies at one year in

Stephen Gutowski - Washington Free Beacon: Massachusetts sends letter to licensed gun owners demanding they surrender bump-fire stocks; how will they reach the criminal gun owners?

The Hill: Trump touts 'unprecedented economic success' in Women's March tweet

AP: GOP, Democrats show no sign of retreat on shutdown’s 1st day

Frank Bruni - NY Times: Donald Trump’s radical honesty; NYT columnist's backhanded compliment slathered in the bias that motivates his bosses and co-conspirators, blinding them to reality of public understanding

Montecito - AP: Mudslides take heavy toll on immigrants serving posh town

Newt Gingrich - Fox News: "I have known nine presidents, beginning with President Richard Nixon. Of those nine, the only one who was as effective as President Trump in his first year was President Ronald Reagan"

AP: The Latest: Trump calls shutdown a ‘present’ from Democrats for anniversary of his first year in office

Rich Lowry - NY Post: The ‘Trump is a despot’ crew is the real threat to democracy

AP: In run-up to shutdown, an erosion of trust derailed talks

Pete Saunders - Forbes: What Amazon's HQ2 shortlist tells us about what the company is looking for

AP: IOC says North Korea to have 22 athletes in 5 Olympic sports

San Jose Mercury News: How Amazon’s 20 HQ2 contenders stack up

Jerusalem Post: U.S. to convert existing Jerusalem facility into Embassy for 2019 opening

Marc Thiessen - Washington Post: Democrats need to do their job and make a deal

Catherine Herridge - Fox News: GOP lawmakers demand that 'alarming' memo on FISA abuses be made public

Editorial - LA Times: A year in, Trump distracts while his appointees sledgehammer the government; Left Coast self-appointed eggheads still don't get it, the Obama Presidency was a disaster

Guardian: Mother and daughter shot dead while immunizing children from polio in Pakistan

Mollie Hemingway - Washington Post: I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I am now. I thought he would govern as a progressive, but boy was I wrong.

Global News: Pope accuses sexual assault victims in Chile of slander

Editorial - Wall Street Journal: Judging the travel ban — and judges; the Supreme Court agrees to hear the judiciary v. Trump "The Justices have a chance to rule on the legality of Mr. Trump’s ban but also whether judges can ignore the law merely because they loathe Mr. Trump and all his works"

Jeff Bergner - Virginian-Pilot: The vanishing Obama Presidency; gone with the lecturing, hectoring wind

AP: Trump’s first year in office has been a can’t-miss drama

Daily Caller: Congressman says has been "made aware" of "credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border" related to Las Vegas massacre

CBC: Zimbabwe politician jailed during Mugabe era among 5 killed in U.S. helicopter crash

LV Review-Journal: Court claim puts attention on Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend

Daily Mail: Cannabis users are more likely to feel deceived and alienated by others, study finds; increases connectivity in the brain regions associated with psychosis

Fox News: Manhattan DA raids Newsweek headquarters

Business Insider: The House just voted to avoid a government shutdown, but the plan could still crash and burn in the Senate

NY Post: Under the new Trump standard, why wasn't Obama impeached?

CNBC: IBM shares fall despite first growth in 23 quarters

Larry Elder: Under the new Trump standard, why wasn't Obama impeached?

Washington Times: Obama’s doctor says Trump is in excellent health, killing the liberal dream of his ‘incapacity’

CNBC: GOP education task ahead: Polls find a lot of Americans haven't heard of new tax system or its details but assume it will hurt them anyway

Joel Kotkin - City-Journal: Can the Trump economy Trump Trump?

Bloomberg: Intel has a big problem. It needs to act like it

Christopher Buskirk - USA Today: While Trump's critics keep talking, Trump is fulfilling his promises

CNBC: Trump says his border wall stance hasn't 'evolved,' and insists Mexico will pay for it

Bloomberg Businessweek: Are you missing out on the great market melt-up?

CNBC: Cramer calls Apple's $350B investment in the U.S. economy a 'modern-day Marshall Plan'

Bloomberg Businessweek: Tesla’s Model 3: Slowest. Rollout. Ever.

CNBC: GE shares drop to 6-year low below $17

NBC: Snow on ground in all 50 U.S. states for first time since 2010

Bloomberg: U.S. jobless claims plunge to lowest weekly tally since 1973

Toronto Star: Emirates to buy 20 Airbus A380 aircraft in $16B deal

CNBC: Trump hasn't made the dollar great again, and he apparently likes it that way

CBC: Strong winter storm blasts northern Europe, killing at least 2 and grounding flights

Fox News: President Trump reveals winners of his ‘Fake News’ awards; host website crashes due to traffic volumes

Bloomberg Businessweek: This army of AI robots will feed the world

CBC: Ex-CIA agent's arrest means the U.S. has been 'blind in China' for years, says another former CIA spy

Daily Mail: NASA says February 4th asteroid fly-by at 107,826 kmph will safely miss Earth

CNBC: Apple says it will contribute $350B to the U.S. economy over the next 5 years

Axios: U.S.-Canada council calls for more support for female business owners

More Trump bump - Reuters: Apple plans second U.S. campus, to pay $38B in foreign cash taxes

CTV News: Meteor credited for bright light, noise rattling Michigan

ABC: Donald Trump scored top marks in Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, here's what he was tested on

CTV News: Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees temperatures hit minus 67C

CBC: 2 Koreas to form 1st joint Olympic team, march together in opening ceremony

CTV News: Optimism in Iraq fuels revived interest in classic cars

ABC News: North Korea to send 230-member cheering squad to Olympics

Sydney: $260B ‘cryptocalypse’ as crypto currencies plunge 30% amid fresh China, South Korea fears

Washigton Examiner: White House doctor: Trump scored 30 out of 30 on a cognitive exam he requested; first time any President has been scored on Montreal Cognitive Assessment; will media apologize?

Salena Zito - NY Post: Nothing's changed: Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America

AP: U.S. withholds $65M from Palestinian aid programs

AP: Tax law brings big paper losses, long-term gains to U.S. banks

Victor Davis Hanson - National Review: President Nobama; Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy

Fox Business: Facebook's major news feed revamp could exacerbate fake news

AP: Nestle selling U.S. candy business for $2.8B

Leia Klingel - Fox Business: GE faces big charge: Is a break-up next?

Andrea Peyser - NY Post: The #MeToo movement has officially jumped the shark

Reuters/Fox Business: U.S. oil industry set to break record, up-end global trade

Jeffrey Lord - American Spectator: The reflexive racism of the American Left

AP/Fox Business: With a $6B charge comes new thoughts about GE's future

Rich Lowry - National Review: In infamous meeting, Trump spoke of attracting Asian immigrants

CBC: Leading Serb moderate in Kosovo gunned down, spurring police manhunt; Oliver Ivanovic was considered a key politician who maintained relations with NATO, EU officials

Reuters: Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies tumble on government crackdown worries

Bloomberg: China escalates crackdown on cryptocurrency trading

Reuters: Vancouver meeting focus on pressuring sanctions as Koreas once again explore detente

Toronto Star: Colombian suspension bridge under construction collapses outside Bogota, killing 10 workers

Reuters: India's oil imports in 2017 surged to a record 4.4 million bpd

Fox News: Leah Remini defends fellow ex-Scientologist Paul Haggis, suggests Church of Scientology is behind rape claims

Bloomberg: NAFTA trio to gather in Davos as negotiations resume in Canada

Jack Cashill - American Thinker: Obama, Trump, and the silliness of Spielberg's The Post

BBC: Black Death 'spread by humans not rats'

Carl Golden - Asbury Park Press: Promises, promises: Bumps in the road await new NJ Gov. Murphy

Editorial - NY Post: The Martin Luther King Jr. we knew 50 years ago

Ryan Saavedra - Daily Wire: Dick Durbin has a history of lying about private White House meetings

Daily Caller: Daily Beast writer who resigned after first caught, plagiarized more than once

Selwyn Duke - American Thinker: Time to repeal the disastrous 1965 Immigration Act

Washington Examiner: Tax cuts drive business back to the Motor City

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: It's time to sort the good from the bad in the 800,000-person DACA bloc

David Marcus - Federalist: Do Americans still believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?

NY Post: This town is proof that Trump’s wall can work

Indian Express: ‘Danger of conflict between Pakistan, India growing’ claims Pakistan daily

AP: Pakistani army says Indian fire kills 4 soldiers in Kashmir

Breitbart: Donald Trump’s support among Blacks has doubled since 2016, amid racism claims: polls

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump may be digging himself into a hole

U.S. Dept of Justice: Uranium One indictment; 11 counts related to foreign bribery, fraud and money laundering scheme

Fox News: Hawaii emergency officials say ballistic missile threat alert was a mistake

Business Insider: Julian Assange has just been granted citizenship in Ecuador

Fox Business: Wall Street rises again to record highs with oil prices, earnings optimism

Benny Avni - NY Post: Here’s how Iran’s protesters want Trump to help

Piers Morgan - Daily Mail: Trump seems saner as his critics get crazier

Wall Street Journal: Economists credit Trump as tailwind for U.S. growth, hiring and stocks

Editorial - NY Post: It looks like Trump got through to ‘Little Rocket Man’

Project Veritas: Twitter insiders say some users are censored by limiting who sees their tweets; so-called 'shadow banning' has been rumoured for years

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National Post: Leaders express admiration, sadness for Billy Graham, dead at 99

In this June 27, 1954 file photo, Evangelist Billy Graham speaks to over 100,000 Berliners at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany. Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, has died. Spokesman Mark DeMoss says Graham, who long suffered from cancer, pneumonia and other ailments, died at his home in North Carolina on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. He was 99. ~ Werner Kreusch AP

Mississauga - CBC: Patrick Brown appeals to grassroots supporters at enthusiastic PC
leadership campaign event; throws down gauntlet, flanked by loyal candidates and MPPs

Toronto Star: Helicopter assessing Mexico quake damage crashes; 13 on ground killed

Mexico’s Interior Department said that the helicopter was carrying Secretary Alfonso Navarrete and Oaxaca state Gov. Alejandro Murat, who were evaluating reports of damage from the powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake, before their helicopter crashed, killing 13 and injuring 15, all of them on the ground. ~ Patricia Castellanos AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Reuters: Strong Mexico quake cuts power and damages homes; no deaths reported

updated USGS: Huge, mid-depth M7.2 quake hits 2km SE of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico

Buildings are reportedly shaking in Mexico City from this huge quake. ~ USGS map

updated CBC: Patrick Brown registers to run in Ontario PC leadership race

'I filed my papers': Patrick Brown wants to join Ontario PC leadership race.

U.S. Department of Justice: Text - Indictment of 13 Russians

BBC: Russians charged over U.S. 2016 election tampering

CBC: 'Startlingly high mortality' among single dads in Canada

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: Key accusation against Patrick Brown false,
CTV News now admits; should Brown be reinstated as PC Leader?

John Robson - National Post: Stoking fiery division
over the Boushie verdict doesn't show you care

Sportsnet: Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth retires after 36 seasons

Stephen Brunt - Sportsnet: Call it 36: a tribute to Jerry Howarth

Health issues force broadcasting legend Jerry Howarth to pull the plug after 36 years. His voice will be missed by millions of Canadians and other baseball fans around the world.

National Post: To avoid defections, North Korea Olympic
athletes kept under 24-hour guard, including pee breaks

Climate Depot: Record snowfall amounts pile up around the globe

Pyeongchang, South Korea - AP: Wind, ice & cold are making this Olympics too wintry

CTV News: Olympic roundup: Veteran figure skating team wins Canada's first gold

Toronto Star: Massive job losses in Ontario followed minimum wage
hike on January 1st; record 50,900 part-time jobs lost in the province

NY Post: Olympic Games officially kick off in PyeongChang

Fireworks go off during the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. ~ AFP/Getty Images

Global News: Hundreds of aftershocks rock Taiwan hampering rescue efforts

CBC: SpaceX's 'Starman' misses Mars orbit, heads to asteroid belt

CBC: Dozens missing after M6.4 Taiwan quake leaves buildings tilting precariously

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, centre back facing, is briefed Wednesday at the site of a collapsed building from the earthquake that hit Tuesday night in Hualien, southeastern Taiwan. ~ Taiwan Presidential Office

The Verge: Spacex Falcon Heavy launches Tesla roadster to Mars as most unique
payload ever; lands twin boosters, but loses core rocket to miss triple landing

TOP: Actual shot of the mannequin named 'Starman' in the Tesla Roadster driver's seat on its way to Mars. BOTTOM: SpaceX nailed the twin booster landings but lost the core Falcon rocket when it separately hit hard, at sea, when only one of three rockets re-ignited to cushion landing.

Channel NewsAsia: Philippines crushes sports cars in Duterte graft warning

A bulldozer crushes luxury vehicles, including vintage 1960s Corvette in the foreground, at a ceremony at the customs yard in Manila on February 6, 2018, after they were seized for being smuggled illegally. ~ Ted Aljibe AFP

Toronto - CBC: Ontario PC Leadership candidate Caroline Mulroney
says she brings 'different kind of experience' to Queen's Park

Caroline Mulroney says she may be a political rookie, but she will bring "a different kind of experience to Queen's Park" if she's elected not only as an MPP but as leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives. Mulroney is up against two retired veteran politicians -- former MPP Christine Elliott and former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford -- for the party's top post, which is vacant following the resignation of Patrick Brown. "I've been working for 20 years in law and business, I started a charity, and I've been doing that while raising kids," Mulroney, a mother of four, told CBC News on Monday morning. She has the support of fellow PC candidates and current caucus members, she said, and has been out knocking on doors as part of her campaign for the York-Simcoe seat. She is also expected to have an experienced war room: former federal Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Lisa Raitt confirmed to CBC News that she will serve as one of Mulroney's leadership campaign co-chairs. ~ CBC

Daily Mail: Scientists say the Earth's magnetic field could be about
to flip upside down. And some fear the results will be devastating

High-tech monitoring equipment is showing multiple signs that the Earth’s magnetic poles are about to flip, thanks to changes in the swirling liquid iron core at the heart of our planet.

Location, location, location: Small trailer lots at Paradise Cove,
set on a 200-foot bluff in Malibu, go for $2M or more

The Paradise Cove bluff overlooking Paradise Cove Beach. Mobile home lots offer weekend life that's simple for those who can afford it. Neighbouring Malibu trophy houses sell for up to $65M. ~ Google

AP: France warns travellers of snow and ice after serious floods

CBC: Pilot killed after Syrian rebels down Russian warplane

A picture taken Saturday shows a rebel fighter taking a picture of what has been identified as a downed Russian Su-25 fighter jet, near the Syrian city of Sarqeb, southwest of Aleppo. ~ Omar Haj Kadour AFP/Getty Images

Fox News: 'FISA memo' de-classified and released to public; says slanted dossier paid for
by Hillary Campaign was used to allow Obama Administration to spy on Trump campaign

Calum Marsh - National Post: Twenty-five years later,
movie 'Groundhog Day' remains a grand ode to self-improvement

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Mulroney name has some cachet,
but will that be enough to propel Caroline into PC leadership role?

Caroline Mulroney is not the first political neophyte to attempt a bid at party leadership. "If she does run, there will those who will serve her campaign out of loyalty to her father, Brian. Others will be drawn to the many qualities that make Caroline Mulroney a promising political neophyte." Lawyer. Mom of 4. Corporate experience. Natural leader.

BBC: Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle

The Maya city of Tikal was found to be just a fraction of an immense hidden metropolis. Researchers have found more than 60,000 hidden Maya ruins in Guatemala in a major archaeological breakthrough. Laser technology was used to survey digitally beneath the forest canopy, revealing houses, palaces, elevated highways, and defensive fortifications. The landscape, near already-known Maya cities, is thought to have been home to millions more people than other research had previously suggested.

CBC: Groundhog Day 2018: Mixed signals and a near escape' — Shubenacadie Sam, Quebec's Fred la marmotte on early Spring team; Wiarton Willie, Punxsutawney Phil not

Winnipeg's Wyn the woodchuck on its inaugural Groundhog Day on February 2, 2017.

CTV News: Clash of the groundhogs: Conflicting predictions pop up; albino Wiarton
Willie says six more weeks of winter, but Shubenacadie Sam predicts early Spring

Fox News: Amtrak train carrying lawmakers to GOP retreat
hits 18-wheeler at level crossing at 70 mph; one dead in truck

Front of train that hit 18-wheel garbage hauler with three people in the cab, one of whom is reported to have died. Train was filled with Republican elected members, their spouses and media when it slammed into loaded truck that was stalled or stuck on a level crossing. Some elected GOP members on train have whiplash and concussions according to Rep. Jason Lewis who was on train. Elected officials who are doctors served as first responders. ~ photos by Rep. Jeff Denham [top] and Rachael Bade, Politico

Barbara Kay - National Post: The #MeToo court of
public opinion needs some ground rules, fast

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hugs his wife, Chirlane McCray, at a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. in Brooklyn on January 20, 2014. ~ Seth Wenig AP

Danny Lam - The Conversation: How Donald Trump
is retooling politics for the 21st Century

CBC: Why Canada is the next frontier for shale oil; massive fields, mostly in Alberta, could rival the richest U.S. deposits; already accounts for 8% of total Canadian oil output

An aerial view of one of Seven Generations Energy's drilling operations in the Montney, a huge deposit in Alberta. Together, the Duvernay and Montney formations in Canada hold marketable resources estimated at 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 20 billion barrels of natural gas liquids and 4.5 billion barrels of oil, according to the National Energy Board. ~ Seven Generations Energy

The Hill: Axios: Trump admin mulling rapid-build of national 5G network

Terry Glavin - Ottawa Citizen: Party time in Davos while the rest of the world burns

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Top secret CSIS reports
shed light on tracking homegrown jihadists

IJC: Lake Ontario level up again; outflow cutback in early 2017 led to flooding
that cost U.S. and Canadian individuals, businesses and govts $$ millions in damages

Lake Ontario outflow volumes are up in 2018, but so is the lake level, even higher than 2017 when it flooded for 4 months causing massive damage. The reduced outflow volumes in 2017, due to a controversial International Joint Commission policy enacted after predictions of flooding, indeed led to mass flooding that continued from May until August, with Lake Ontario levels remaining higher than usual into October. The previous policy, from the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, had seen mild flooding in only 1993, and only briefly, in June of that year. Some of the information on the graphs above is misleading, because until the Seaway opened in 1959 there was only limited control over the lake level. By letting out more water in January to April period, the lake can more easily handle high run-off volumes and increased precipitation, as it did prior to 2017. The information on the lower graph shows the potential for flooding again if higher outflows aren't instituted due to higher than usual January lake level.

Andrew Coyne - National Post: 'An attractive place to invest.'
Are you serious, prime minister?

AP: Tsunami warning cancelled after Gulf of Alaska quake

CBC: Tsunami warnings on Alaska/B.C. coasts after large earthquake in Gulf of Alaska

The magnitude 7.9 earthquake prompted tsunami warnings tsunami along the Alaska coast and down the B.C. coast.

Huge M7.9 quake hits Gulf of Alaska, 280km SE of Kodiak

Shallow, 25km quake hit at 4:31 EDT along the Aleutian arc, which extends approximately 3,000 km from the Gulf of Alaska in the east to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the west. It marks the region where the Pacific plate subducts into the mantle beneath the North America plate.

Kabul - Stars and Stripes: At least 4 Afghans and 14 foreigners dead as
bloody hotel terror siege ends after 16 hours with Taliban attackers killed

Smoke billows out of the top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. Taliban gunmen stormed the hotel Saturday night, leading to a stand-off with Afghan security forces that lasted into the afternoon Sunday, with gunfire and blasts echoing down from the hilltop luxury hotel to where crowds had gathered to watch the siege play out. ~ Chad Garland Stars and Stripes

Conrad Black - National Post: There can be no real justice when everyone is a victim

Royal Canadian Mint to Australia: Destroy $2M worth of poppy coins or hand them over

An Australian $2 Remembrance Day poppy coin. ~ The Royal Australian Mint

Real Climate Science: Fakest year on record at NASA and NOAA

What was actually measured versus what was reported shows the high-level climate fraud at play to sustain the false narrative of anthropogenic global warming. NOAA turns very cold regions to warm, and areas of no data to record hot. The magic of data tampering and fake data.

LA Times: Flu death count in California jumps

A military-grade medical tent is used for overflow flu patients outside the emergency room at Loma Linda Medical Center. ~ Gina Ferazzi Los Angeles Times

Driving: Montrealer makes fake car out of snow to confuse police

Officers left a ticket – not for a fine, but with a note that read “You made our night hahahahaha :)”

Financial Post: Bank of Canada raises rate to 1.25%, but cautions on NAFTA

Korea Herald: Agreement on joint Olympic hockey team unprecedented for Koreas

CNBC: Bitcoin drops below $10,000 with $30B of value
wiped off in a day as cryptocurrency sell-off deepens

Roger Kimball - American Greatness: Friedrich Hayek’s enduring legacy

Nile Gardiner - Telegraph: It’s time to admit Trump’s foreign policy has been a triumph

Principia Scientific: Solar cycle to cause a ‘Mini Ice Age’ as early as 2020: Study

A bombshell study, led by professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University, suggests that in the next few years Earth will enter into a cooling phase that will set off a series of events leading to a mini ice age. Researchers came to the somewhat alarming conclusions by creating a mathematical model of the sun’s magnetic fields. According to the models, there will be a “huge reduction” in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053. This will cause global temperatures to decrease—drastically. The temperatures will plummet to levels not seen since the 17th century. As IFL Science reports, the future predicted activity of the Sun has been likened to the Maunder Minimum. This was a period when the Sun entered an especially inactive period, producing fewer sunspots than usual. This minimum happened at the same time that conditions in Northern America and Europe went unusually icy and cold, a period of time known as the “little ice age.”

AP: Intel underfoot: Floor sensors rise as retail data source

RCMP link Ontario man to website, home of 3 billion hacked accounts

Global News: Should charges be laid against Toronto girl for hijab cutting lie to police?

Toronto Star: Hijab scissor attack against 11-year-old did not occur: Toronto Police;
"events described" by alleged victim were fake news

CBC: Thousands in Philippines flee, brace for 'hazardous eruption' of volcano

Globe and Mail: Internal CSIS document details 'mega trends'
set to alter economy, society, security

LA Times: Urgent alerts about deadly mudslides came too late for Montecito victims

StudyFinds: Breakthrough Study: Virus injected into
blood attacks brain cancer, stimulates immune system

CBC: Shallow, massive M7.6 quake off Honduras; tsunami warning for Caribbean

Korea JoongAng Daily: Two Koreas plan military talks, another hotline restored

CTV News: North Korea to send delegation to Winter Olympics

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, third from right, and head of North Korean delegation Ri Son Gwon, third from left, with their delegations meet at the Joint Security Area or Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone in Paju, South Korea, Tuesday, January 9th, 2018. Korea Pool

Financial Post: Winter brings out the best and worst of life on the farm

CBC: Liberals re-launch family reunification lottery despite angry backlash around 'immigration fiasco'; flood of emails, letters show outrage over random selection process

CBC: Astronaut John Young, who walked on moon and flew 1st space shuttle, dead at 87;
Young was in space 6 times in the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs

In this April 1972, John Young salutes the U.S. flag at the Descartes landing site on the moon during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity. NASA says the astronaut, who walked on the moon and later commanded the first space shuttle flight, died on Friday at 87. ~ Charles M. Duke Jr. NASA

Robert Fulford - National Post: Social media no more a nemesis to democracy than books

Rex Murphy - National Post: Too frigid for global warming?
This is why they rebranded it ‘climate change’

Mist, caused by very cold weather above Lake Ontario, as seen from Toronto. ~ Ernest Doroszuk Postmedia Network

The Street: Dow finish above 25,000 for 1st time; S&P 500, NASDAQ also hit new highs

CNBC: Powerful blizzard hammers U.S. Northeast, snarling travel

C-c-c-cold: Live chill map shows desperate, deadly cold blanketing U.S. and Canada

CTV News: Who's affected by computer chip security mega-flaws — you & everyone else

CBC: Security flaws in virtually all phone and computer chips
'one of the worst CPU bugs ever found'

Hardware fail: Meltdown and Spectre flaws in modern CPU
architectures allow access to passwords and sensitive data

CTV News: Newfoundland snowmobilers rescue moose buried in deep snow

"We knew the moose was stuck really good," Jonathan Anstey said in an interview on Wednesday. "He tried several times to get himself out of the hole, but he wasn't getting anywhere." Anstey said the moose appeared to have gotten stuck in a bog hole and was trying to climb out, but its hind legs seemed to be firmly planted in the snow. He said some members of his group grabbed shovels and walked around to the rear of the moose, where they figured they would be safe from the animal's thrashing. After a few minutes of digging, Anstey said they had carved out a path behind the moose, and one of the snowmobilers rode up to the animal to coax it to turn around. "The moose actually realized it had footing on solid ground and managed to pull himself out of the hole."

NBC: At least 48 dead after bus plunges off cliff in Peru

Rescue workers at the scene after a bus careened off a cliff in Peru on Tuesday. ~ Guadalupe Pardo Reuters

Terry Glavin - Macleans: The uprising in Iran: ‘This is what revolution looks like’
The ongoing protests are more than an economic revolt.
Could the darkness that descended upon Iran in 1979 soon be lifted?

Fox News: Kim Jong Un orders biggest-ever ICBM to be launched
on North Korea's 70th anniversary, defector claims

CTV News: 99 inmates on the loose after prison riot in Brazil

Dartmouth - CTV News: Crowd rescues stranded whale at Rainbow Haven beach

Konrad Yakabuski - Globe and Mail: Justin Trudeau: A disengaged Prime Minister

CBC: Demonstrations held in Toronto in support of Iranian protests

Ottawa Citizen: It's so cold, even parts of Niagara Falls are freezing

Visitors take photographs at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Friday, December 29, 2017. ~ Aaron Lynett The Canadian Press

NBC: With brutal cold here to stay, Trump shows empathy and extols
the virtues of global warming; fake news brigade strikes back as people suffer

NY Times: Even sharks are freezing to death: Winter rages and the nation reels

CBC: Passenger saves Ontario Northland bus after driver passes out on Hwy 401

Climate Change Dispatch: 7 new papers forecast global cooling, another mini Ice Age soon

BBC: The U.S. land lost in Canada; the Northwest Angle
is the northernmost point of the continental U.S.

blogTO: Extreme Toronto cold spell breaks 57-year-old record

Toronto harbour, hard frozen earlier than usual.

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Ross Ayotte - Two Row Times: Holding Wynne accountable; incompetence and broken promises

updated Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Ontario PC Leadership race details

Global News: Expect longer border waits after marijuana legalization, CBSA report warns

CBC: Child reported missing as car submerged in Grand River west of Grand Valley, Ontario

Toronto Star: Trudeau denies Indian politician’s allegations that Canadian ministers are Sikh separatists

CBC: DNA technology used to sketch mother of baby found dead in Calgary dumpster

CTV News: Grand River flooding: Brantford under state of emergency; 2,200 homes evacuated

CP/Global News: Patrick Brown claims insiders trying to derail his bid to reclaim top Ontario Tory job

Mohammed Adam - Ottawa Citizen: Patrick Brown was accused in public. He has a right to defend himself in public

CBC: Thunder Bay PC candidate endorses Patrick Brown for leader

Jerry Agar - Toronto Sun: Amazing that some think Brown has no right to defend himself

Windsor - CTV News: Windsor PC candidates show 'full support' for Patrick Brown leadership bid

Globe and Mail: Trudeau, Wilson-Raybould draw lawyers’ ire over remarks in wake of Stanley verdict

CP/CTV News: Former reporter Young wishes her 1980s sexual harassment story was irrelevant today

City News: Brown won't be at Ontario legislature Tuesday to take his seat: report; he'll be on campaign trail, like the other leadership candidates

Backgrounder — Globe and Mail: Ontario Liberal insiders paid millions in publicly funded deals

CBC: Boushie verdict fallout sparks allegations of threats, harassment; online doxxer Dyck plays victim card

Forum Research: Poll: Half of Ontarians now say they support the PCs

Hindustan Times: Justin Trudeau’s ‘unusual’ India visit raises eyebrows, criticized by Canada watchdog; "This is an enormous waste of taxpayers’ money since it appears that so little of substance will be accomplished"

City News: World record score puts Virtue, Moir in prime position for gold

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Randy Hillier's statement makes Brown ONPC coup allegation ring true!

Toronto Star: Record numbers of Ontarians joined PC Party under Brown; membership went from 12,000 to at least 145,000; those supporters create his return path to leadership

Times Colonist: Vancouver Island receives wintry blast; thousands without power

Jonny Wakefield - Edmonton Journal: Gerald Stanley verdict reignites simmering rural crime debate

Agra, India - CTV News: Controversy rears head as Trudeau foolishly involves Canada in explosive internal Indian politics during trip

CBC: 'Slippery slope': Opposition mounts to Canadian media's plan to block piracy websites; critics fear plan could lead to rampant internet censorship

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: PC leadership rivals float 'irresponsible' policy changes: Brown; Party membership made the policy and voted it in to platform in November

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Brown accuser won award from CTV; friend of reporter, former co-worker; no disclosure by broadcaster

Mississauga - CBC: Chaotic shooting leaves vehicle on its side, with bullet holes, on Highway 401; "We certainly do not want to have gunfire happening on the highways" — Police

Marco Vigliotti - The Hill Times: Patrick Brown gaining support "from all corners of the political world" since re-emerging to challenge sexual harassment allegations, says advisor Mills; including MPs, MPPs, new and veteran PC candidates and Party rank-and-file

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Jagmeet Singh has lost momentum and faces a skeptical reception at the NDP’s convention

Ronald Zajac - Brockville Recorder and Times: Brown adds drama to Tory race

Tim Naumetz - iPolitics: Rink boards lone legacy of $8.1M ‘Joly’s Folly’ on Parliament Hill

CTV News: Mulroney, Ford not ready to lead Ontario PC Party: Elliott

Rex Murphy - National Post: Brown runs to replace himself as PCs race to debase themselves

CTV News: Former staffer says she was sexually assaulted by Ontario Liberal legislator: Lawyer

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Well, there's $950M we didn't need to spend

Sudbury: Sudbury PC candidate Troy Crowder backs Patrick Brown in leadership bid

James Wallace - Toronto Sun: Patrick Brown passed lie-detector test this week

CBC: Ex-leader Patrick Brown expelled from Ontario PC caucus; meddling overreach by Interim Leader Fedeli?

CBC: Canada won't be 'impulsive' responding to U.S. tax cuts, Morneau says

CTV News: Flu season appearing to grow in Canada, new numbers show

Toronto Star: Two NDP riding associations want to put ‘socialism’ back in the party constitution

Huffington Post: Caroline Mulroney also open to Patrick Brown running for Ontario PCs if he clears his name

Tasha Kheiriddin - Global News: Ontario PC leadership debate upstaged by ‘Patrick Brown Show’

Toronto Star: Senate deal to vote on pot bill on June 7 means no sales before August

John Snobelen - Toronto Sun: It's simple, Ontario needs Caroline Mulroney

Global News: Ontario PC leadership candidates quiet on Brown’s claim his resignation was politically motivated; Granic Allen cements her outsider status by insulting and attacking Party members

CTV News: Sun Life Financial to add medical pot option to group benefits plans

Toronto City News: Resignation was sent out 'without my permission': Patrick Brown; still legally the Ontario PC Leader?

CTV News: Global News cuts nearly 80 jobs, mostly in TV

National Observer: Caroline Mulroney gets support, raises nearly half a million dollars in 9 days from 983 individual donors

Chronicle Herald: Global moves Maritimes anchor desk from Halifax to Toronto

CBC: Two new senators from Ontario named to upper chamber

Toronto Star: Patrick Brown suing CTV over sexual misconduct allegations

CBC: Canadian home sales, listings slump in January with arrival of new mortgage rules; monthly home sales through the MLS system declined by 14.5% in January

CTV News: Nor surprisingly, Liberals and CTV both deny any involvement in anti-Brown conspiracy

Sohail Gandhi - Huffington Post: Caroline Mulroney is exactly the ‘Political Outsider’ Ontario needs

Global News: 3,300 Shaw employees take voluntary buyout

CBC: New information raises questions about allegations against Patrick Brown; people connected to alleged incidents contradict elements of accusers' stories

Global News: Patrick Brown says he is the victim of a ‘fabricated political assassination’

CBC: B.C. Liberals' Ben Stewart wins Kelowna-West byelection

Sportsnet: Canadian speedskater Kim Boutin threatened after bronze-medal win

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: And just like that, Patrick Brown has turned the tables

Toronto Sun: Patrick Brown rips CTV, challenges accusers to press charges

Financial Post: Ontario’s 50,000 job losses kick off Wynne’s anti-business backfire

The Guardian: How Canada became an offshore destination for 'snow washing'

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Half of prospective Boushie jurors were Aboriginal, says member of jury pool; many recused themselves

National Post: Without consultation, while still ignoring 440 recommendations of 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Trudeau suddenly planning new approach to Indigenous affairs

Puzzle - CBC: Toronto firefighter believed missing found 'alive and in good health' in California; Constantinos 'Danny' Filippidis, 49, went missing from Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York February 7th

CTV News: Truck driver rescues moose calf buried under snow in B.C.

David Millard Haskell - Vancouver Sun: Criticism of religious groups is good for religion

CP24: Tory says he plans to put pressure on provincial leaders to commit to funding relief line

Windaction: Wind farms at beauty spots linked to slump in visitors

CP24: Feds to table budget February 27th as Canada faces trade, competitiveness uncertainty

CBC: Canada's Lawes, Morris win mixed doubles curling gold; Winnipeggers are Canada’s first 2-time Olympic curling champs

National Post: 'It could have been me': Some farmers say they are easy targets, donate to Gerald Stanley fund; 'We have a problem here. It's not a race problem. It's a criminal problem'

Global snowing - Windsor Star: In less than a week, Windsor plows through half of its snow removal budget

Global News: Trudeau’s inappropriate comments on Boushie case may have ‘tainted’ a potential appeal process: lawyer

Letter - Windsor Star: The trouble with #MeToo is swift public judgement

CBC: Senate shoots down senator's illegal plan to use office budget for harassment victims' legal fees; budget is for office expenses, not whatever she wants to spend it on

Halifax Chronicle Herald: Stoffer’s wife defends him amid accusations of sexual harassment

CBC: PC leadership hopeful Christine Elliott considers running in Cambridge: sources

CTV News: Former PM Kim Campbell says sleeveless dresses 'demeaning' for TV broadcasters; blew 1993 election, now a fashion expert?

Andrew Coyne - National Post: A carbon tax is coming, no matter what Ontario PC candidates say

Liberal incompetents - CBC: Hydro One sale will lead to long-term cost to the province: FAO; Gov't could have saved $1.8B if it had taken traditional route to fund infrastructure

CTV News: While Trudeau fiddles — New U.S. trade shot: Duties weighed on pipe product from Canada and elsewhere

Meagan Campbell - Macleans: Meet the woman who crafts Justin Trudeau’s image; communications director in Trudeau PMO, Kate Purchase’s job is to make her boss look good. It’s getting tougher.

Globe and Mail: Rise in Toronto subway suicides takes a toll on TTC staff

CBC: Support for Patrick Brown grows, but his future remains uncertain; still an MPP, still a nominated PC candidate

Colby Cosh - National Post: Gerald Stanley being tried by his peers isn't a bug, it's a feature

CBC: Three injured in massive Mississauga plaza blast that has displaced about 50 people, fire chief says

John Ibbitson - Globe and Mail: You and I can question the Stanley verdict – politicians should not

Toronto Star: Dropping Brown has helped Ontario Tories and hurt Liberals says Campaign Research poll

Globe and Mail: Can Caroline Mulroney pull it off?

National Post: New allegation: Former House page, then 18, describes Peter Stoffer ‘planting a big kiss on me’

CTV News: 'There is a difference' between medical and recreational marijuana, patients say, which federal Liberals don't get

Toronto Star: How Ontario Tory leadership front-runners took a 'shortcut' to the political stage, in a very short leadership race

CBC: Chris Stockwell, former Ontario Speaker and Cabinet Minister, dead at 60

USA Today: Canadian snowboarder who was in coma last year sends emotional tweet after winning bronze

Lorne Gunter - Toronto Sun: Boushie didn't deserve to die, but activist responses aren't the answer

National Post: Trudeau putting judicial independence at risk with Boushie comments, lawyers say

BACKGROUNDER - Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: Gerald Stanley trial: Witnesses have conflicting, changing stories about Colten Boushie's shooting; Two people in SUV with Boushie on afternoon he was fatally shot in vehicle admitted to lying in police statements. One also said he lied under oath during Stanley's preliminary hearing.

CBC: Former soldiers camp out in Ottawa to demand respect, better services

CBC: Former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown blasts accusers in new Facebook post

National Post: N.S. Tory leader to be chosen at October convention in Halifax, five candidates: 2 women, 3 men

André Picard - Globe and Mail: Belief in powers of ‘wellness’ shouldn’t extend to man convicted in son’s meningitis death

National Post: 'He can run again': Ontario P.C candidate Christine Elliott suggests hope for Brown if he can clear his name before elections

James Wallace - Toronto Sun: Due process casualty in Brown scandal

CBC: Father convicted in son's meningitis death a featured speaker at Wellness Expo

CBC: Iranian-Canadian academic's death in Iran prison a 'profound tragedy,' says Alberta prof

Times Colonist: Iranian-Canadian dies in custody in Tehran after crackdown

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Evolving resume of PM Justin Trudeau

National Post: Caroline Mulroney pledges to make up for billions in carbon-tax revenue by cutting government waste

David Coletto - Abacus Data: The next 10%: Reflections and data on how the Conservatives can grow

Global News: Canada’s mixed doubles curlers win 4th straight at Pyeongchang Games

Jim Coyle - Toronto Star: For Caroline Mulroney, networking began as a kid at 24 Sussex

Toronto Sun: 'Absolute lies': Patrick Brown refutes sexual misconduct allegations with facts

Toronto Star: Ontario NDP Leader Horwath puts chief of staff on leave over alleged response to complaints of groping in Manitoba

Chronicle Herald: Another allegation against Stoffer surfaces

National Post: The world's laughing at Canada's 'peoplekind' political correctness. Lighten up

Toronto Star: Tories overturn two controversial nominations, as they clean house in post-Patrick-Brown era

Chis Selley - National Post: The middle ground solution to Ontario PCs’ carbon tax problem

Adam Radwanski - Globe and Mail: How Doug Ford gets to play by his own set of rules in Ontario PC leadership race

Greg Lyle - Hill Times: The Conservative dilemma: moral victories or political victories?

Adrian Humphreys, Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Sexual misconduct allegations against Stoffer sets off soul-searching by NDP over treatment of women

CP24: Legal pot on track for July but actual retail sales may take longer; Liberals use doubletalk to explain conflicting stories on legal launch

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Shifting provincial winds buffet Canada’s energy ambitions

Global News: Andrew Scheer says 2019 election represents choice between ‘free or unfree’ Canada

Globe and Mail: Aecon raises red flag about opponent of its sale to Chinese state-owned firm

CTV News: Canada lost 88,000 jobs in January in what was the steepest one-month drop in nine years

Toronto Star: Trudeau motorcade involved in multiple injury crash in California

David Pugliese - National Post: Philippine president cancels $234M deal for Canadian-made helicopters: ’There is always a condition attached’

CP24: Fourth candidate announces intention to run for leadership of Ontario PC Party; Tanya Granic Allen third woman to seek role

CTV News: Canada's opioid crisis spreading to smaller communities that struggle to cope

Toronto Star: With remains of six victims found in Bruce McArthur case, police anticipate more charges

CTV News: B.C. coroner calls for changes after six people die while whale watching

Global News: Mysterious missed calls on cellphones part of worldwide scam

CNBC: Trudeau pitches Silicon Valley investments in Canada; oddly plays foosball with high school students

CTV News: B.C. and Airbnb reach tax collection deal to help fund housing and tourism spending

Toronto Star: Toronto to host first of two Ontario PC leadership debates; TVO host Steve Paikin will moderate

Molly Roberts - Washington Post: Forget ‘peoplekind.’ There’s a lot more wrong with Justin Trudeau.

Martha Hall Findlay - Globe and Mail: On Trans Mountain, Trudeau needs to become a leader for all of Canada

Vinay Menon - Toronto Star: For the sake of peoplekind, Justin Trudeau needs to shut his mouth; forget climate change, terrorism, potential war or a volatile stock market. The biggest threat to Canada right now is our leader’s mouth

John Ibbitson - Globe and Mail: Powerful men laid low by the hour: #MeToo remaking society literally overnight

Toronto Star: It's still early, but Christine Elliott has most caucus support in PC leadership race

John Ivison - National Post: On resource development, Trudeau risks repeating the sins of his father

Windsor Star: Ontario's businesses feeling vulnerable, report says; "price of electricity, taxes and increase in minimum wage are combining to make them jittery"

Kingston Whig-Standard: Former Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown breaks silence, says 'truth will come out'

Piers Morgan - Daily Mail: How dare you kill off mankind, Mr. Trudeau, you spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist

Ottawa Citizen: Ontario proposal to allow cannabis consumption in hotel rooms could jump-start pot tourism; but don't smoke tobacco

CBC: Canada's trade deficit widened to $3.2B in December

Andrew Russell, Stewart Bell - Global News: Ontario Liberals stand behind candidate who was reprimanded for professional misconduct in 2013

CBC: More customs facilities, in more places: Canada, U.S. plan expanded pre-clearance

Bloomberg: Bombardier sees sales pace picking up after winning Boeing suit

Éric Grenier - CBC: New polls show same basic result: Ontario voters don't like Doug Ford and as leader he would hand election back to Premier Kathleen Wynne; "unlike with Elliott and Mulroney, most voters have already made up their minds about Ford and will be hard to budge"

iPolitics: Caroline Mulroney touts change for Ontario Tories in first campaign event

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Trudeau's gaffes are no joke

Eric Worrall - WattsUpWithThat: Canadian Environment Minister predicts ice-free Canada; Don Cherry points out the stupidity of her claims

Global News: ‘Time of rhetoric’ on NAFTA is over: David MacNaughton

Financial Post: Businesses sitting 'on their wallets' amid NAFTA uncertainty, but deal possible by March: Canadian envoy

Huffington Post: Secret 'bureau' of Prime Minister’s Office handles harassment complaints; set up last October

Toronto Sun: Scheer-led Conservatives gaining voter momentum: Forum Research Poll; Conservatives 43%, Liberals 38%, NDP 12%

Flare: Two of the frontrunners for Ontario’s PC Leadership are women — and that’s a big deal

Toronto Star: TVO investigating sexual harassment allegation against host Steve Paikin by former fringe mayoralty candidate Sarah Thomson; Paikin will stay on as host of its flagship current affairs program, The Agenda, over the course of the investigation

North Sydney - CBC: Cecil Clarke becomes 3rd candidate to enter Nova Scotia PC leadership race; joins MLAs Houston and Lohr

Globe and Mail: New BC Liberal leader pledges to fight NDP over Trans Mountain pipeline

Toronto - CBC: Man arrested and charged with second-degree murder of Tess Richey; victim was found by mother, not police

Breakfast Television: "It's Official": Caroline Mulroney enters Ontario PC Leadersip race

CBC: Federal Conservatives revamp candidate vetting with question on sexual misconduct; first Canadian political party to do so

James Wallace - Toronto Sun: Caroline Mulroney the real deal

Toronto Star: PC candidate Rod Phillips withdraws from leadership race to back Caroline Mulroney

Chronicle Herald: Caroline Mulroney to officially join PC leadership race Monday: source

CBC: Andrew Wilkinson elected B.C. Liberal leader

National Post: How Bruce McArthur went from small-town sock salesman to accused serial killer

CBC: Veteran MPPs Clark, MacLeod say they won't play favourites in PC leadership race

Global News: Former soldier talks about why he challenged Justin Trudeau on military veterans policy

Toronto Star: ‘Canada turning its back on me’: Trudeau faces more heckling during Edmonton town hall

Toronto - CTV News: Former city councillor Doug Ford holding rally to kick off PC leadership campaign; but is it legal according to the contest's rules?

Global News: Helicopter crash in Quebec kills 3 people

CBC: Another Liberal band-aid solution to a crisis; Ontario pledges $187M to ease hospital crowding next year

Toronto - CTV News: Subway service in city's west end resumes after investigation into vandalism

Global News: Ex-PM Stephen Harper explains why he let Rick Dykstra run amid sexual misconduct allegations

Conrad Black - National Post: What happened to Patrick Brown was outrageous — but also an opportunity

Huffington Post: Claude-Éric Gagné, Justin Trudeau’s Deputy Operations Director, resigns after investigation of harassment allegations; on leave since November

CTV News: Former B.C. Premier Dave Barrett dead at 87

CBC: Caroline Mulroney has name, resumé and backers but leadership race will be decisive test

Financial Post: Trudeau talks a good game on gender diversity, but hasn't made the hard choices to do anything about it

Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star: B.C. pipeline faceoff underscores Justin Trudeau’s climate-change contradictions; naive to think reducing carbon emissions is cost-free

CBC: Erin O'Toole takes pass on Ontario PC leadership, endorses Christine Elliott

Global News: Justin Trudeau shuts down hecklers, orders them to leave

Globe and Mail: Canada’s peacekeeping contribution reaches new low despite Trudeau’s promises

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Voter trust issues abound with Trudeau

Toronto Star: Former MPP Christine Elliott quits Liberal patronage post to run for PC leadership

Trio - CBC: Caroline Mulroney confirmed to join Elliott and Ford in Ontario PC Leadership race

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Christine Elliott to join Ontario PC leadership race; friend of candidate Doug Ford, she lost in two previous leadership attempts

Twist - CBC: Barry Sherman's cousin fails lie detector test over allegation of plot to kill Honey Sherman

CTV News: Barry Sherman’s cousin makes explosive allegations in Toronto couple’s death

Toronto - CBC: Extreme cold weather alert issued for Toronto ahead of temperature plunge tonight

Chris Selley - National Post: Everyone take a breath — Ontario’s PCs have chosen a reasonable path to picking their new leader

CBC: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announces investigation into harassment allegation involving MP Erin Weir

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: The web of politics is a tangled one

Neil Macdonald - CBC: Guess who will pay for Ottawa's infrastructure scheme... who else? Liberals have reportedly been promising big investors a dream: lots of return, not much risk; non-Liberals need not apply?

Ontario PC Party: Official Leadership Rules - membership, March 8th the last day of electronic voting, new leader to be announced Saturday, March 10th

CBC: 'It is heartbreaking': Violence at Winnipeg nursing homes causes 500 injuries to residents in 2 years

CTV News: Man, 18, shot by security officer in Maniwaki courthouse after scuffle: BEI

CBC: Liberal Senator Colin Kenny resigning months before December retirement date; appointed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1984, he has faced questions about his conduct in office

National Post: 400 bottles of wine on the plane: Federal Liberals have boosted 'limitless' free booze consumption on government flights since taking office

Global News: Conservative leader set to unveil first economic policy

Tristin Hopper - National Post: Declaring itself a 'near-Arctic state,' China to build a 'Polar Silk Road' off Canada's north

iPolitics: Erin O’Toole ‘not ruling out’ Ontario PC leadership bid

Global News: What happens to your brain when you Tweet while watching TV? More engagement

Rex Murphy - National Post: The prime moment Jordan Peterson's 'gotcha' was heard around the world

Hill Times: ‘Just the start’: more stories of sexual harassment expected to rock political Ottawa, say observers

Global News: Suncor to introduce driverless haul trucks on oilsands sites

Hill Times: Green Party launches investigation into Elizabeth May after Hill Times, Toronto Star report on allegations of workplace bullying; but investigator not seen as "independent" by complainants

Global News: Canada’s GDP up 0.4% in November – enough for a March interest rate hike?

CBC: Federal Conservatives out-fundraised Liberals in 2017

Global News: Canada’s 3 major grocers committed Competition Act crimes in bread-price fixing scandal say court documents

'Trump bump' continues - Globe and Mail: Value of NAFTA shown stark, as Canada's economy ‘firing on all cylinders’; best growth in six months

John Robson - National Post: #MeToo is born of real anger, but anger makes a poor master

CBC: In age of attack politics, Ontario's PC Party turmoil shakes up election plans for Liberals, NDP, and they complain

CTV News: $1.1B lawsuit alleges horrors at Canada's 1945-1981 'Indian hospitals'

John Ivison - National Post: Here's what Caroline Mulroney brings to the party, if she runs for Ontario PC leader

CTV News: Super moon, lunar eclipse, king tides to combine for powerful event

Global News: Election offence charges laid against former Calgary school trustee candidate for claiming she was a Canadian citizen when she wasn't

CBC: NAFTA 'did not happen by accident,' Mulroney says during defence of trade deal in Washington

Global News: Police seize planters from more GTA homes where suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur worked

CBC: Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli and MPPs Lisa MacLeod and Monte McNaughton announce they won't run for party leadership

Global News: Zero tolerance on sexual misconduct: Alberta Opposition leader Jason Kenney

Toronto - CBC: Hockey players take to King Street to send message pilot project is 'a mess' that is crushing decades-old downtown businesses in pusuit of a few minutes off a transit ride

Kingston - CTV News: Queen's University graduate student charged with poisoning fellow student

Andrew Cohen - Ottawa Citizen: Patrick Brown affair shows we're entering a world of metaphorical mob rule

Financial Post: Canada could pay a steep price for ‘progress’ in NAFTA talks; "cost-benefit analysis of holding out for something that looks like a clear win is different now than it was a year ago"

Toronto Sun: Cops found man tied up on accused serial killer's bed; broke surveillance stance to save next victim
Ottawa - Toronto Star: ‘Crisis’ of harassment on Parliament Hill, Liberal Minister and other MPs from both parties warn

Hollywood Reporter: Canadian TV programming innovator Jay Switzer dead at 61

Global News: Nearly 500 Manitoba homes without power Monday night as temperatures expected to drop to -35°C

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: Ontario's PCs investigate candidate's physical-intimidation claim against MPP Randy Hillier

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Parliament’s MPs brace for a sex scandal of their own

Toronto Star: Leaside couple in shock as planters with human remains found at their home

Christie Blatchford - National Post: For the accused men overtaken by the #MeToo tsunami, there is no recovery

CBC: 'A step forward': NAFTA Round 6 talks wrap up in Montreal with some progress

CBC: Doug Ford says he will run in Ontario PC leadership race

Global News: Suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur accused of murdering 5 men: police

Windsor Star: Chambers of Commerce warn of dangers of increasing duty-free allowance for U.S. e-commerce

Edmonton Journal: Edmonton woman faces death threats after alleging sexual harassment by Kent Hehr

David Pugliese - National Post: Canada's CF-18s, first purchased in 1982, to fly until 2032 as new fighter jets expected to be slowly phased in

Global News: Canadian engineers apply software fix to Canadarm 2 replacement hand

Toronto Star: U.S. tax reforms could be more damaging to Canada than NAFTA pullout, business groups warn

Globe and Mail: Ontario restaurant owners say minimum-wage hike forcing them to cut, alter menus

CBC: Canada not invited to anti-ISIS coalition meeting in Paris

Toronto Star: Ontario Tories clean house after Patrick Brown era

CTV News: Doug Ford says he is considering entering Ontario PC leadership race

Toronto Star: Ontario PC Party turmoils in early days of leadership race; Phillips and Mulroney said to be building teams, Raitt and Baird say they aren't running for leader

CBC: 'I will fight for this province': Scott Moe to replace Brad Wall as Saskatchewan Premier after tight race

Toronto Sun: A palace coup: the 48-hour struggle to win control of the Ontario PC Party

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Barry Sherman's ex-biz partner knew 'from day one' couple was murdered

Toronto Star: NAFTA talks ‘moving in a slightly more positive direction,’ Canada’s chief negotiator says

CBC: Next Ontario PC leader 'will not be me,' says MP Lisa Raitt

CBC: Barry Sherman duped by convicted fraudster say court papers filed on last day he was seen alive

Rosie DiManno - Toronto Star: I don’t care if Patrick Brown was a randy womanizer

CBC: 2nd ballot spot could be key to victory for Saskatchewan Party leadership vote today; political scientists predict 3, possibly 4, rounds of ballot counting

Ottawa - CTV News: Federal NDP leader Singh to tie the knot in Brampton, Mexico ceremonies

CBC: How Patrick Brown's downfall reveals the challenges of vetting candidates; political strategists say parties can only do so much: it often comes down to trust

Toronto: Ontario PC Party to hold leadership election on March 24th

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Did cops mislead, bungle or capitulate in Sherman 'murder' probe?

Toronto - CBC: Billionaire couple was murdered; Barry and Honey Sherman deaths a targeted double homicide, police say

Financial Post: Bombardier ITC victory means U.S. market now open for CSeries planes built in Quebec; duties totalling 292.21% imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce won’t be applied

Montreal - CBC: 'Reason prevails': Quebec celebrates as Bombardier dodges sky-high U.S. tariffs; wins fight against Boeing at U.S. International Trade Commission

News1130: Bell Media suspends CTV reporter over online allegations brought by former employee

Hamilton Spectator: Al-Hasnawi’s family launches $10M lawsuit

Toronto Sun: Brown’s down, who’s up? Potential successors to lead Ontario PCs

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: What part did Ontario Liberals play in Patrick Brown’s downfall?

Toronto Sun: Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli named interim PC leader

Toronto Sun: 'He is the victim': Patrick Brown's sister rips allegations

updated Toronto Star: Post-Brown resignation Forum poll: PCs 42%, Liberals 27%, NDP 23%; premature straw poll shows wide-open leader race

Alan Carter - Global News: Ontario politics goes boom amid Patrick Brown sexual misconduct allegations

Christie Blatchford - National Post: What happened to Brown is fundamentally wrong. Every man in the world is now vulnerable

Chatham Daily News: Citizen groups say several large wind developments allowed to use older standards

Global News: Vic Fedeli pitches PC Party leadership candidacy after Patrick Brown resigns

Editorial - Ottawa Citizen: Politicians in the era of sexual misconduct allegations

Global News: Competition Bureau sues Ticketmaster for inflating prices with mandatory fees

CTV News: Canada's Chief Military Judge faces three charges, including fraud

CBC: Ontario PCs face a fork in the road as they look for Patrick Brown's replacement; full membership vote or go into election campaign with interim leader

CBC: Sport Minister Kent Hehr resigns from Trudeau cabinet amid sexual harassment allegations

Rosie DiManno - Toronto Star: Patrick Brown’s downfall an affront to fairness; a man ruined, on the word of two anonymous complainants whose allegations have been accepted as facts

Ottawa - Sportsnet: Senators, NCC reach ‘preliminary agreement’ to redevelop LeBreton Flats; construction of new Senators' arena in $3B development not expected to start for 2+ years

Toronto Star: New gas plants under scrutiny in wake of trial; much-delayed Napanee plant unlikely to be finished this year despite construction ramp-up after original contractor fired

CBC: Hospital overcrowding crisis caused by more than just flu, says Ontario Health Coalition

Globe and Mail: Ontario PCs to appoint interim leader Friday in wake of Patrick Brown sexual misconduct allegations and resignation; MPP Vic Fedeli throws hat into the ring

CBC: Man arrested in attack on teen in Winnipeg bus shelter tried to run down officers; Joshua Zachary Snakeskin went on crime spree after release from federal prison on weapons charges

Randall Denley - Ottawa Citizen: Brown's exit isn't the end of the Progressive Conservatives

CTV News: Who could replace Patrick Brown? A look at potential candidates

Global News: Kent Hehr, federal Liberal cabinet minister, accused of sexual harassment in Alberta

Andrew Lawton - Global News: In today’s climate, it doesn’t matter if Patrick Brown is guilty

Peterborough Examiner: Brown right to resign, says PC candidate Dave Smith as area politicians react

Robyn Urback - CBC: Patrick Brown's exit could actually leave the PCs better positioned to take on Wynne

Kelly McParland - National Post: Brown's darkest hour has let the sun shine for Ontario Liberals

Windsor - CBC: 'Disturbing allegations' against Patrick Brown won't change election plans, says Sarnia-Lambton MPP

CBC: Halifax craft brewer loses legal battle against NSLC 'tax grab'; Unfiltered Brewing had opposed mandatory fee to sell beer or give away samples on its own property

Adam Radwanski - Globe and Mail: Ontario Tories have little time to make sense of what Patrick Brown left behind; who to lead? Vic Fedeli, Caroline Mulroney, Rod Phillips, or even Christine Elliott? platform tweaks?

CBC: Uncertainty from Bank of Canada; Don't know if Canadian interest rates will rise again this year: Poloz

National Post: Thunder Bay police chief found not guilty of obstruction and breach of trust

British Columbia - CBC: 3 Comox Valley high schools closed after RCMP say there are signs one campus 'is not safe'

Popular Science: There's still a piece of Canada stuck to Australia; It's hot down here, eh?

Toronto: Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown announced his resignation at about 1:30 am after sexual misconduct allegations made in a CTV News report Wednesday night; PC Party will meet to determine path forward with election scheduled in 5 months

CBC: Liberal dirty tricks? PC Leader Brown denies decade-old alleged sexual shenanigans: 'These allegations are false. Every one of them,' Brown says at surprise news conference

Jennifer Wells - Toronto Star: How Justin Trudeau missed his moment at Davos; should have explained how Canada will define itself on the world trade stage

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Drop the progressive trade schtick

Ross Ayotte - North Bay Nugget: Government tax haul big winner of minimum wage hike; cutting taxes for lower income workers would have helped more, but this way govt coffers reap sudden 30% windfall

Kingston Whig-Standard: Rural growth curbs decried; Liberals trying to "tell people where to live" based on what's convenient to provincial government

Detroit News: Canada to spend $20M fighting Asian carp in Great Lakes; but since sampling began in 2012, no Bighead, Silver or Black carp have been captured in Canada

Sheryl Saperia - National Post: A fast way to keep extremist influence out of our schools

L. Ian MacDonald - iPolitics: Welcome to Montreal, NAFTA negotiators. Now get it done.

CBC: Union-backed pro-Liberal group fights Ontario rules limiting spending on election advertising; demands right to again spend more than political parties

Bloomberg: Canada will stay competitive after U.S. tax cuts, Morneau says

Tasha Kheiriddin - iPolitics: Forget ideological purity tests — and scrap the Canada Summer Jobs Program

iPolitics: Canada's NAFTA negotiator meets with supply management sector after TPP deal reached

CP24: Liberals to end community mail box conversions, but won’t restore door-to-door

John Ivison - National Post: Kellie Leitch not seeking re-election, doubles down on doing MP's job and her passion for improving lives of young as "paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and getting children back on playgrounds”

Ottawa - Hill Times: Lobbying spikes in ‘wild card’ Senate as groups target new Independents

CTV News: Golden handshake: Montreal paying $4M to outgoing politicians

John Ibbitson - Globe and Mail: Liberals break another promise, decide a year late to do nothing with Canada Post except replace management, with Liberals, no doubt, charged with task of finding savings after they failed to do so

Editorial - Weyburn Review: Is Pierre’s son a dictator?

Davos - CBC: NAFTA's uncertain future hangs like dark cloud over Trudeau's self-promotion trek to World Economic Forum where it's all "I, I, I" instead of assurances about modernization and continuance of Canada's critical U.S. trading relationship

CTV News: Will Canada's TPP announcement kill NAFTA? TPP news suggests Canadian trade negotiation left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing; "This could not be a dumber move at a more important time" says spokesman for Canada's Auto Parts Manufacturers' Association

Toronto - Global News: Metrolinx says it was target of North Korean cyberattack

CBC: Hack alert: As many as 100,000 Bell Canada customer info files hacked; follows theft of 1.9 million Bell customer emails 8 months ago

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Man accused of 7 attempted murders leaves Toronto 'horrified'

Windsor Star: Toppled tower leads to MPP Monte McNaughton calling for moratorium on wind turbines

Jenny Agar - Toronto Sun: Does anyone believe Wynne didn’t know?

Globe and Mail: Canadian industries split on new 10-country TPP trade deal; dairy farmers and major part of Canadian auto industry oppose; car groups cite unfinished NAFTA negotiations and say TPP contains separate and now potentially conflicting rules for foreign content

Toronto - CBC: Gunman who killed Ontario Mafia figure also shooter in 'targeted' Vaughan slaying, police say

Global News: Alaska earthquake triggered very small tsunami but B.C. is very lucky: expert

Reuters: Trans-Pacific trade pact to be signed in March: Japan

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Liberal email saboteur should sing like a canary

CBC: Canada and rest of Trans-Pacific Partnership agree to revised text: reports

Laura Jones - Financial Post: Regulations cost businesses $36B a year — and owners are telling their kids being an entrepreneur isn't worth the costs

CBC: Ontario landlords push for right to ban cannabis smoking by renters; "It can cost $5,000-6,000 to get the smell of marijuana smoke out of apartment walls and floors"

Peter Shawn Taylor - Financial Post: Wait... taxing carbon leads to economic growth? Some people actually believe this nonsense?

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: Conviction of McGuinty's former chief of staff not Ontario Liberals' worst loss of the week

CTV News: Man faces 48 charges in string of Toronto shootings

William Watson - Financial Post: Trudeau used to celebrate our 'freedoms,' now he attacks them

Scott Thompson - Global News: Another Liberal scandal, another costly ‘mistake’

CBC: Dont't get sick! Windsor Regional Hospital sites well over capacity, long ER wait times expected

CBC: Cara, owner of over a dozen major restaurant chains, including Harvey's, Swiss Chalet, St-Hubert and Montana's buys 106-location steakhouse chain The Keg for $200M

updated Port Coquitlam - CTV News: No injuries and massive fire now extinguished at CP Railyard in B.C.; train hit ethanol tanker truck which exploded

Global News: York Regional Police, Hamilton police to hold joint press conference on homicide links

Ottawa Citizen: School buses cancelled in face of thunder, lightning, ice pellets, freezing rain

Montreal - CBC: Freezing rain closes schools, cancels flights and makes for treacherous commute

John Ivison - National Post: Whole progressive trade agenda seems more focused on winning left-of-centre votes than on securing trade deals

CTV News: Nik Nanos: Voter euphoria for Liberals on wane as faith in their policies falls

CBC: Political posturing casts sour tone over Montreal NAFTA talks

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Private investigators in Sherman case share police penchant for leaks

CBC: Liberal MP says abortion clause in summer jobs program 'not right'

Chris Nelson - Calgary Herald: Canada's the stage for Trudeau's acting aspirations

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Modern-day 'progressives' have destroyed the word for 'Progressive Conservatives'

Andre Marin - Toronto Sun: Brown's minimum wage position has been 'consistent'

John Michael McGrath - TVO: The numbers are in, and the Liberals are in trouble

Globe and Mail: Ontario homes for disabled ‘in real trouble’ because of minimum wage hike

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Conviction in Ontario gas plants scandal is a victory for common sense; The judge said what looked like an attempt to destroy documents possibly 'dangerous' to the Liberal govt was borne out by 'compelling circumstantial evidence'

John Ivison - National Post: Interest-rate hike could turn aspirational voters away from Trudeau’s Liberals

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: Who’s helping more people, Kathleen Wynne or Trump? (Hint: it’s not Wynne)

CBC: Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by multiple killers, private investigators believe: source

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau's stubbornness over summer jobs application defies common sense

CBC: Police search homes in Scarborough and Madoc, Ontario, tied to murder of 2 men

Kevin Donovan - Toronto Star: Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, sources say

Patrick Brown reaction: “Sadly, the gas plant scandal is just one example of the consistent pattern of political corruption by this Liberal government. Now that the case has reached its completion, we are fearful of what waste and political corruption the next Liberal scandal will reveal.”

Toronto - CBC: Liberalgate: Judge terms gas plants evidence destruction explanations "implausible" and characterizes tactics as "dishonest"; how long will top Liberal found guilty spend in crowbar hotel?

Breaking - Toronto: Liberalgate: McGuinty Chief of Staff David Livingston found guilty in gas plants cover-up trial; his deputy, Laura Miller, found not guilty

Montreal Gazette: Red Fisher, legendary chronicler of Montreal Canadiens, dead at 91

Editorial - Globe and Mail: In Canada, abortion is a right. But so is criticizing it

CBC: Twitter account created for Canada's Health Minister last summer is costing taxpayers more than $100,000 a year in salaries and overtime; so far only 250 tweets

Windsor - CTV News: Huge wind turbine breaks in half in Chatham-Kent

Rex Murphy - National Post: No summer jobs for you! And other decrees from Bishop Trudeau; What shallow hubris engenders the Prime Minister's view that he has the authority to undo citizens' religious and moral beliefs?

Toronto Star: Three men charged in Lac-Mégantic railway disaster found not guilty after jury deliberates for 9th day

Toronto - CP24: Police have evidence of four murders in Church-Wellesley investigation: source

CBC: Bonuses, performance pay for government executives rose in Trudeau's 1st year

CBC: NAFTA uncertainty could be pausing business investment in Canada, Morneau says

Marco Vigliotti - Hill Times: Conservatives surge to within three points of Liberals in newest Nanos poll, though may be too early to decipher trend

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: The dangerous progressive ideological civil war raging in the U.S. and Canada

John Ivison - National Post: Liberal foot-dragging on prostitution law may lead to Charter challenge

BBC: Facebook selfie showing murder weapon helps convict Saskatoon killer

Michael Campbell: Two years ago Martin Armstrong’s Computer Model predicted the Trump Presidential win and the Brexit vote. Then came his accurate Bitcoin prediction...

CTV News: Suspect charged with murder in disappearance of 2 men from Toronto's gay village; say there could be more victims after denying there was a serial killer

National Post: Canadian, U.S. hostages in 'good spirits' and kidnappers have demanded ransom: Nigerian police

Hill Times: Watchdog petitions federal court to kill Liberals' improperly made appointments for lobbying, ethics commissioners

CTV News: Toronto only Canadian city on Amazon HQ2 short list; up against 19 American cities

Toronto Star: Unifor announces split with Canadian Labour Congress over workers’ right to choose

London - Global News: Regular season of play can cause brain changes similar to concussion: Western researchers

CBC: Quebec's minimum wage to increase to $12 in May

CBC: Wynne shuffles cabinet to replace retiring veterans before election

CBC: 7th Day: Lac-Mégantic trial judge exhorts jurors to try to agree on verdict

Ross Ayotte - Bay Today: Ontario Liberals' minimum wage increase really a tax grab

Toronto Sun: 5-yr-old schoolgirl killed by runaway SUV was a cancer survivor

CBC: Priorities: Liberals miss deadline to resettle 1,200 Christian survivors of ISIS rape, genocide due to airport closure, they claim; Yazidis say Erbil airport would not have been a problem if government had acted faster

CBC: Left-wingers say NAFTA's Chapter 11 dispute mechanism too costly for Canada at $314M; no alternative viewpoint sought by CP news agency or CBC

Paul Vieira - Fox News: WSJ survey: Bank of Canada to raise rates Wednesday

Hamilton Spectator: An attacker did not cut her hijab, police say. But why did the TDSB let the girl face the cameras? Plenty of finger-pointing, but lying girl and tale corroborating brother made vile racist claims against a non-existent Asian attacker that went completely unchallenged; for example, how would an attacker know she wore a hijab if it was covered by a winter coat hood and he was attacking from behind?

Vancouver - CTV News: 15-year-old innocent dies; was in car with parents when hit by stray bullet from brazen street gunfight; targeted victim also dead

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Toronto celebrates Canadian fan Dr. Martin Luther King

Blackburn News: Fiat-Chrysler chief says Windsor is key for current and coming models

Toronto Star: Liberal paper reports wage increase is increasing childcare costs; conveniently fails to note PC election platform includes 75% refund of childcare costs

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Liberals foolishly poke the bully in U.S. trade snit

CTV News: Police say Brighton, Ontario fire that killed couple in their 60s was homicide

Global News: Alberta man going to trial to fight ticket for flashing high beams at sheriff; police car headlights were very bright

Tarek Fatah - Toronto Sun: A hijabi hoax that fooled Canada

Global News: China and Russia can throw all the shade they want at North Korea summit: Canada

London - CBC: Western University researchers discover link between brain disorders

Global News: Explosion hits near Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology

Stephen Gordon - National Post: The Liberals don't want to admit their fiscal math isn't working

Toronto Sun: The fake hijab attack provoked real outrage; was school board an accomplice to fraud? Why would two children lie so brazenly to police and media? Here's how it was reported before it was revealed as fake news...

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Margaret Atwood is a blood-drinking monster?

Margaret Atwood - Globe and Mail: Am I a bad feminist?

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